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Hey! Thank you very much for trying out my game! I greatly appreciate it!

Hey Frozen! Thank you very much for trying the game!

I really appreciate you giving the game a try! Thank you, very much!

Pretty good for a game done in 6 hours! Very clean. Player movement is satisfying! Very good! … Definitely easy, though. I found a spot and camped it. Just kept hitting my targets until my time eventually wore down.

I loved this game! So simple! I have to admit, I almost rage quit during the last three levels, but I managed to do it and beat the game!!! Excellent work!!

Hey… sorry it took me a while to respond. I wanted to try your game first and my weekend had been busy.

Regardless, than you very much for trying my game! I’m glad you found the terminal and puzzle solving entertaining!

Sorry it took me a few days to try this game out… Aesthetically, I this thing game is quite lovely and peaceful! The environmental effects fit wonderfully.

While I love the grapple mechanic in general… I feel the gliding mechanic bothers me. After playing for about 20 minutes I think the issue came down to a disconnect in the controls for me. I can grasp the “Hold Space to Glide” part, but the needing to use “A” and “D” to turn while gliding breaks with my expectations. When I go for a glide, I totally expect to be able to move my mouse to turn. As my brain is constantly trying to figure out why I can’t move, though I’m moving my mouse, I’m loosing altitude and by the time I remember what I’m doing wrong, I’ve lost too much height. Similarly, going into glide mode seems to force my view downward. While I understand a glider does not go upwards, it almost feels like it’s forcing the downward view and I loose sight of the grapple point I’m aiming for.

I feel the glide mechanic irks me more as I can freely use my mouse to turn when grappling. So, I finally gain some altitude and I’m trying to line up the next grapple point, but I’m falling, so I go to glide and between the downward view and now needing to remember to use “A” or “D” to steer instead of my mouse, I loose sight of my goal and I hit a wall or a tree and I fall, having lost all momentum.

I think it would have been easier (for me in any case) if both the grappel and glider kept the same control scheme. That is to say, let them both use the mouse to look. That’s what my brain is used to. Swapping between using the keyboard to turn and using the mouse (especially when these two mechanics are supposed to be used interchangeably and quickly), I fail more than I succeed.

Don’t get me wrong, for the (short) durations when I can keep these two mechanics locked in my aging brain, the sensation of the movement is wonderful! But, sadly, that happens far too infrequently for me.

I managed to make it to and through the first cave, out the top to the open forest valley. After that, because of my difficulty with the mixed controls, I just couldn’t make it out of the valley. I keep hitting a tree or a rock, killing my momentum, and it takes me forever to get to a height when using either mechanic is actually fun (trying to get off the ground is difficult. Grappling a tree or one of those rock ledges takes sooo long to bring me up and I feel like I get stuck in the geometry too much).

Over all, I think this is a lovely game, and it could be so very satisfying, but I just can’t get the key movement system down to get very far.

Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate you giving the game a try!

I’m sorry it crashed on you. Sadly, that bug popped up in the final hours of development and I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure it out. It was affecting me when interacting with the circles. If it’s crashing on the enemies… well.. hell, that’s an even bigger mystery! Thank you for that feedback!

I totally understand your issue with the passcode. To be honest, that whole system was a last minute addition because it was taking me so damn long with the bad guy that I was worried that, even for a jam game, just running around killing ninjas was going to be sub-par. That said, while I think it works fairly well, the terminal isn’t exactly fool-proof, so I apologize for that.

Again, thank you very much for giving the game a try!

Thank you very much for giving the game a go. I’m very sorry the game froze. I’m curious, did it freeze during your first attempt at fighting, or had you fought some bad guys prior to the fight that froze? Also… do you happen to know if you were near one of the pulsing circles? (Because, one of those was giving me a hard crash. I thought I removed it, but I’m wondering if I missed it and you may have stepped on it while you were fighting?)

Over all, I really enjoy this game. The mood is, to me, very cozy and quite fitting for this time of year and the terrain is varied enough to be quite enjoyable to explore.

That said, some of the mechanics either confused me, felt off to me, or I never quite figured out.

Initially, I was walking towards a star and, as I approached, the light from my torch made a wall visible as I approached. Honestly, the way it presented itself, I thought the game was glitching out (as in, it was failing to properly render the wall in the first place). Eventually, I decided on the opinion that the effect was intentional… but it felt out of place. No clear warning that that was to be expected. Not a huge deal, if that was, in fact, the intent, but I’d be surprised if I’m the only person who initially thinks it’s a bug.

On one hand, I like the idea of only being able to jump when walking off a cliff… on the other, the effect constantly felt off to me. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Perhaps a feeling of not quite having control? The issue, for me, was even more pronounced while standing on the moons(??). I did love the Mario Galaxy-like effect of walking on those moons, but jumping on them was very awkward.

Finally, I was never quite able to get my head around the lantern. In the description it was said I could use it for melting enemies, but the first time I tried I got no indication it was even working. Later, as I played, I tried again, and I defeated the enemy with the lantern, but I’m not sure if I did it wrong the first time, or I just didn’t do enough damage or anything. Maybe some feedback from the game when an enemy is hit by the lantern?

Over all, though, a very charming game the shows a lot of work put into it in the time aloted!

I played this game on a stream of mine. If you are interested in my time with the game, here’s a link to the stream :)

Quite enjoyable wave shooter. While you admitted to not having the time, this definitely could have done with a little audio… even if only a single music track.

Regardless, I thought the enemy AI was pretty good (save one fellow who ended up stuck in the level geometry and who I was unable to rescue by releasing him from his moral coil).

All in all, very nice game! I ended up playing this on a stream the other day. If you are interested, you can watch me play it here :)

I found thing game to be rather charming. I’ll admit, I didn’t quite understand everything I was supposed to do.

One thing I didn’t understand was the purpose of the fruits. I figured out I could pick them, but didn’t know if that was a good thing, or a bad thing. Even when I did pick the fruits, what was I to do with them?

I liked the idea of the insects and being able to swat them (swatting them was actually quite enjoyable), but I didn’t notice if they were even dangerous. I assumed they were, but in the beginning a couple insects were “eating” the main plant (because I didn’t know I had a swatter for a while), but I didn’t notice anything being “damaged” or regressing in any way. I eventually found the swatter, though, and swatted the bugs because… well… they were bugs and I had a swatter.

Lastly, I really liked the slow growth of the central plant. It was a really cool effect, in my humble opinion… but I wasn’t sure if I was meant to climb the plant or… Yeah, wasn’t sure. Nor was I particularly sure how to keep it growing. Was I supposed to only water the center plot the stalk was growing from, or did I have to maintain the fruit plants as well (I attempted the latter).

I think, with a bit clearer explanation of what needs to be done, this could be a very nice little relaxing game!

I was streaming while playing this game. If you are interested in how it turned out, you can watch the stream here :)

Shiz… if that’s the case, then that’s a bug. I’ll have to take a look.

To be fair, though, if it accepted the code, it basically gives you a message saying “thanks for playing” (but a bit more long winded)

In the first level or the second? Were the digits in the right order? Did you enter it like… passcode(“1234”)

Thank you very much! I appreciate you gave the game a try! I very much agree with your suggestion of the pen pad. To be honest, the “terminal” component (and the passcode mechanic by extension) only entered the game less than 24 hours before I submitted the game because I was loosing so much time to making the singular enemy in the game, and I happened to be working on that terminal as a side project, so it was a readily available system for me to use, lol.

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I absolutely loved this little game! And I do mean little!! I was constantly amazed that you managed to get this game in at about 13mb (uncompressed)! I get the graphics are simple and all, but it’s not often I see a game keeping a low byte footprint! I am curious what engine you used for this game, or was it custom?

I am a sucker for simple, yet pleasing visuals, and this game has some very nicely presented visuals! It’s very cool to see what can be done with even just some cubes presented in the right way!

Movement felt a little slow at first, but then felt very natural for the over all environment. The baddies were easy, but still challenging in their own way. I was totally taken off guard by the fact my pistol had limited ammo. In hind sight, not sure why I was surprised when my ammo ran out, but I was, and being chased with no ammo in hand was rather intense!

Honestly, I don’t have any criticisms for this game. I thought it was great and executed amazingly! Excellent work!

I streamed my time with the game. If you’re interested in watching, it can be found here.

Wonderful entry!! This game has some great atmosphere and whatever method of procedural generation is being used, in the time I had with the game, presented me with a very enjoyable experience. I’d say this game is very Lovecraftian in feel!

There were a few things I that niggled at me while playing. The biggest one was around jumping, climbing, and ladders. While I say this is the biggest thing that niggled at me, bear in mind this didn’t kill my enjoyment, but… while I love the fact the game has the ability to climb over ledges, the game seems to give priority to ledge climbing over just jumping. There were a couple times I was going to make a jump that I felt I could easily make, but that just was interrupted and the ledge climb occurred instead, even for “ledges” that were only at knee height. My thought would be, maybe only engage the ledge climb if, after a jump reaches full height, test to see if a ledge is nearby and [i]then[/i] trigger the climb.

Ladders also felt a little off. Having to “use” the ladder to attach feels a bit strange. Being able to automatically grab on if you walk directly into it may feel smoother. I say not knowing the time and technical constraints you were under. As I said, these issues were ultimately very minor.

One last thing is, perhaps the game could use one or two more monsters (or, [perhaps there are and I just didn’t find them). I only ever encountered two types in my play through. I thought both were cool (especially that eye on the black-ish blobby body), but a few more I think would add to the tension!

Over all, with a few tweaks and a few extra monsters, this would be a very enjoyable game even for a small price, in my humble opinion!

I did stream my time with the game. If you are interested, you can watch it here :)

Very nice game! A simple mechanic that was executed well! I really dig the idea of generating levels based on the music being played. I tested out a track of my own as well, and the process was rather smooth!

One thing that bothered me a little was there wasn’t much indication of where enemies were coming from, and, as such, I think I died a couple times because I was being attacked by an enemy from behind, but never realized it. In fact, I believe I had one run where I died without ever getting any score, most likely because an enemy was behind me killing me.

Another thing I noticed was while the procedural generation being based on the song is a great idea, the generated levels, at this point, all have very much felt flat. Not many features were generated. I’m very much impressed by any form of procedural generation, and what’s in the game works well, but it just felt flat over all.

Regardless, the game runs very well, and is enjoyable to play to try and get that high score. I also really liked how easy it was to add my own songs to the game with very little work!

I know I messaged you about this, but I did stream my time with your game. You can watch it here if you’d like.

I really dug the visuals of this game, however, I encountered many issues that, ultimately, brought the game down for me.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m still only running on a GTX 1050 Ti, but, however the visuals are being rendered, my system seemed to be having a hard time of it. I suspect there’s a number of shaders and/or post processing effects that my older hardware struggles with. I felt like I wasn’t getting much higher than 20ish FPS while running the game. With all of that said, I think some options to reduce or disable some of the heavier effects might have made this more enjoyable.

Another issue I was seeing was when I walked into a wall, two things seemed to happen. First, I would clip ever so slightly into the wall to the point of seeing the void just on the other side of the polygons. Second, all movement just seemed to stop when I hit a wall as if I hit glue. There wasn’t any slight sliding effect like I would typically expect in an FPS movement mechanic.

Finally… and this may have been due to the accumulation of all of those other issues… I could not seem to get the hook-n-swing mechanics to function (at least, as I would expect them to). I understood there was some movement involved in getting the hook to work (as in, I couldn’t just stand there and expect the hook to take me to the air), but I couldn’t get the feeling of how that worked. I thought running was involved, but that only seemed to work a couple times (and only initially. I couldn’t make it function consistently). Other times I think I’m about to get it to work, but then I hit a wall and it all fails.

I did stream my attempt to trying the game. Here’s a link to me trying the game if you’re interested.

Over all, I really liked the look of the game, and can see it would be a very enjoyable game of just swinging through the environment… but for me, I just couldn’t get it to work quite right.

Hey! I did, in fact, play your game on a twitch stream I did this evening. Here’s a link to it, if you’d like to watch. I will be posting a written version of my review on your game’s jam entry page before the end of the day tomorrow :D

For what it ultimately a classic and simple game mechanic, this game is really nice! The music is very charming and adds some wonderful ambiance to the setting. Though, I suppose it’s a simple effect, I really liked how the character moved. He was very fluid! I was also really impressed this game even came with a day/night cycle that fit in, mostly, very very well! Nice power-ups and a solid challenge curve, in my humble opinion.

There were a couple things I noticed…

With the day/night cycle, though very nicely done, once full-on night hit, it was very difficult to see. It wasn’t a huge deal given the leaves had a nice outline and the night time didn’t last that long, but it did get to me a little bit.

Not sure if this was intentional or if it’s a bug, but, there were times that leaves falling near the left side of the screen would actually fall into the shed, and automatically count to my score. Now… I shouldn’t look a gift point in the shed, but just figured I’d mention it.

I didn’t really notice any change in speed with the speed power-up, to be honest. Perhaps if the power-up granted more speed for less time? Not sure. I knew when I picked up speed, but the change was so slight, I never noticed if the power-up was permanent or temporary.

Lastly, when the screen comes up saying I progressed to the next level, the “Level #” at the bottom-center of the screen doesn’t immediately change. I think it only changed after another message took it’s place (like when breaking a streak, or getting hit by an acorn).

Other than those little issues, which were really mild, this game is great and very well put together!! Excellent work!!

No worries! I thank you for the heads up regardless :D

I have no idea about how the client works, as I only use the website. On the website, there is a Linux exclusive download (which is in .tar.gz format) and a Windows exclusive download (in .zip format). Perhaps the client only handles .zip filetypes? (I’m pulling that out my backside).

I just downloaded the Linux download and double checked… it is definitely the Linux build.

I can assure you, the Linux build is most assuredly a Linux build. I do my work on Linux and that is the first build I run.

I test the Windows build (which is it’s own, independent build) via WINE.

Is there an error you are encountering?

I will admit that, as a game written for a jam, TacCom was not as fully tested as I would have liked, but I know that, at least as far as the machines I’ve tested, the Linux and Windows builds run.

Very cool game! I can definitely see this being fleshed out into a deeper puzzle game!

This is a pretty fun little game! My only real issue is the gravity change mechanic. Switching is easy, but I think the falling speed should be tweaked a little. Most of the time I fall so far from the platforms so quickly that I loose. Other than that, though, pretty solid game!!

This is a really cool game! Would have loved to have tried the coop; unfortunately I don’t have anyone to play with at the moment. I really liked the hand drawn look of the game! Is this effect done by a shader? It’s awesome!

The levels definitely get challenging! I will admit I got a bit frustrated when I died in the later levels having to go through the whole level again. Perhaps a bit of a checkpoint system?

In any case, great game!!!

Thank you very much for playing my game, I really appreciate it! I’m sorry the platform got stuck! I never encountered that in my play threws. Those rotating platforms have no collision with anything other than the player. Also, sorry about the door on the first level. I realized very late that there wasn’t a system for the player to simply quit (and, technically, there isn’t for level 2 or 3), so I put that door in as a quick escape. LOL! Not quite as sorry for the trouble with the level 3 platforms, though… but the checkpoint system is a fair suggestion! Thank you!

Thank you very much! I’m really glad you enjoyed the game and I appreciate you giving it a play! :D

Thank you very much, I appreciate you giving my game a try and I’m very glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately, by the time I got to level design, it was exceedingly late for me and I didn’t get as much time to balance everything in the levels. I explicitly reduced the slope a character could walk up to prevent some easy victories, but it does turn out that caused more issues (like getting stuck) that I didn’t foresee. :)

This game has some solid potential. The ideas and presentation are very solid. I think there’s some balance issues in the game, though.

I think the player should start with a little more money than just $5. Being able to put out only a single turret isn’t really enough, even in the opening part of the game. The station does not have that much health, the laser doesn’t do that much damage, and it can’t cover enough space, even with control over the spin of the rings.

The best I was ever able to manage was three lasers on the outer ring before the station was destroyed, simply because I couldn’t get the ring to spin fast enough.

There was a point where I was able to do better than that, but it was because there seemed to be a bug where the game did not end after the station’s health hit -1. At one point, the screen was almost filled with asteroids all exploding on the station, but it sat at -1. I had plenty of money at that point, though.

Over all, I think this game could be really enjoyable, but I think there needs to be a better balance between money, asteroids, and station health, in my humble opinion. Still… great work for two days! :D

Very nice game! It looks great and plays very well!

Not exactly sure of the speed-up mechanic, though. As the game stands, there’s really no point to it (other than for an impatient gamer). If the level had a timer of some sort, then I can see the speed-up mechanic being more useful! Maybe to beat the levels countdown, or maybe to beat your previous level time… either way, there’s nothing pushing me to use that particular mechanic at the moment.

Still, very well made game! Great work!!!

This is a really cool platformer! The rotating balls for attacks is pretty cool and does add a nice challenge (grumbles at the bees)! I really like the effect for the kill! The little zoom-in, camera shake, and sound effect in combination made me smile! Wonderful game!!

Very awesome game! Love this twist on asteroids!

My one little gripe is that the shields rotate with the ship! When I change my ship’s facing, the shields rotate relative to the ship, which, I think, is kinda unfair! I love that you can rotate the shields as well, but they should not be effected by my ship’s movement, other than position in space… of course, this is my personal opinion.

Wonderful and challenging game!!

I am blown away by the visuals in this game! Wonderful use of lighting and that scene transition shader (I assume it’s a shader) is amazing!!

I’ll admit I only got about 7ish levels in, but, I was questioning the importance of the fuel. I get that if the fuel runs out, I loose, but, there really wasn’t any level where I felt at risk with that fuel… colliding into an asteroid field, yes, lack of fuel, no. I was thinking the whole fuel thing could probably be dropped without any loss of challenge to the game. There may be later levels I just didn’t get to where the use of fuel is more pronounced, but from what I saw, not so much.

Absolutely amazing game!! Beautifully done!!

This is a really challenging game! I can see this being considered a “rage” game (that said by someone who doesn’t normally play rage games), but the difficulty, I think, is very fair! There’s nothing that comes as a surprise and the controls are simple to understand!

I quite enjoy how the asteroids spin when you shoot them! It’s a small touch, but it adds just that little extra to the game! Excellent game!!

Beautiful game! The controls were fluid, the music was fun, and the over all presentation was excellent! The top were amazing! I wonderful and original use of the assets!! I also really liked the speed lines. I know it’s probably a really simple effect, but it does really accentuate the sense of action in the game.

I do wish there was some way of knowing how much “health” I had. There’s obviously a mechanic where the tops break due to being hit, but given that I have no idea how much damage I’ve taken, I’m never really sure if it’s a good idea to go for the kill, or hang back. This causes me to hang back probably more than I need to.

The health bar wouldn’t need to be exact either. Maybe just show parts of my top coming off to represent damage, then, as I regain health, those parts can fade back on.

Beyond that, this is an amazing game! Well done!!

I think is this a very awesome memory-style game! The ambience is great and the mechanics are simple and effective. I love how the flora springs into existence as the tile flips over!

A very minor nit-pick… I think some timing needs to be improved over when the path tiles flip over. A lot of the time Ben is already traversing the tile before the tile even finishes flipping over. Once, Ben walked threw the tile as the tile was only at about 90 degrees. It looked off.

Over all, the above did not affect the game play in any way. Wonderfully made game!! Great work!

A very decent little game! There is something morbidly appealing about smashing asteroids the with bodies of spaced astronauts!

I think my biggest issue with the game is the astronauts do not act as projectiles until after I fling them. I kinda understand the point, but at the same time, I really wish I could just grab an astronaut, and just spin them around me until an asteroid wanders too close. I’m sure the challenge of the game wouldn’t be effected much by this little addition!

Over all, though, very nice game!

This is a really cool puzzle-ish platformer! It looks great and all of the mechanics work as expected and feel really polished!

To be honest, I was kinda sad when I beat the last level! I was getting so in the grove (barring all of the times I tried hugging those spikes) and I really wished I had a handful more levels to play!

Excellent game and well done!!