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Thank you, I’m glad you seemed to enjoy the game :)

A very nice little RPG game. I’ll be honest, for me, even reading through the manual (which is a nice touch, by the by) I didn’t quite grasp the combat mechanics, so I kept getting killed in the cave.

That said, the game ran well, the graphics were clear, and the sounds and music worked very well, in my opinion.

Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, I know I went a little overboard with the dialog. Live and learn, lol, but that’s why there’s a way to skip it all :)

Excellent game! Very polished. Wonderful graphics with very fitting music and sound effects!

I loved this little Terraria-like game! Very well made. Solid mechanics, great controls, and very nice music. Probably would be a hair better with some sound effects, but still, excellent game!!

Hey! I’m going to say this upfront… I run on Linux and, when I attempted the game via WINE, for whatever reason, the game lost “grasp” of the mouse whenever I was holding left button to steer the sub, so, sadly, that made the game near impossible to play for long.

That said, what little I did see of the game looks beautiful. Everything was clear, even at such a low resolution, and the controls made sense. That said, for me, when I could steer a little, the controls were inverted on BOTH axis for my comfort level, so, even if I could have played longer, the steering controls would have driven me crazy without any option to invert them.

Again, beautiful game from what I did manage to see!!

If you can’t tell from my icon, I have a little pug myself, so I definitely had to give this game a try… love it! Simple game, but, while playing it, I could truly see this being my little girl running to try and catch up to me :D

Wonderful game!

This is a wonderful game! Simple to understand, with some great visuals, and a fun little tune playing over it all! Great work!!

Yeah, I was debating about making the lighting spell brighter and/or bigger, but I hid at least one secret location in every map (with two secret maps that can be found through the game), and didn’t want a light bright enough to give things away. I wanted something that could be used to find the switches. Sorry it wasn’t really helpful over all, but I’m glad you enjoyed the game regardless!

I’m glad you enjoyed it! As for the dialog, lol, I definitely should have tried making it clearer… it could be skipped completely by double pressed CTRL on the keyboard or B on the controller.

This game definitely hearkened back to the old arcade racer games. I thought it looked great, and the controls were very easy to get my head around, and the game all around felt good. Great work!!

Oh! I wasn’t aware there was an intentional slow motion system! That may very well be what I was experiencing, in which case, the game was probably running just fine! :)

Hey… I really like the idea of this game! I really like the teleportation mechanic. Really cool idea for a runner game. For me, though… I was playing this through WINE on Linux and the game REALLY slowed down whenever a missile was on the screen, so it was nearly impossible for me to get into a rhythm enough to play for long, I’m sorry to say. Graphics and sound were really nice, though. I think if I wasn’t getting the dragging, that music would have really helped keep me in the action!

Thank you, I’m really glad you liked it! Godot is the best, IMHO, lol!!

Nice! A game I can understand without much effort… and still suck incredibly hard at! Excellent work!! Easy to play. Generally easy to read! Very solid game! Couple thoughts though… it feel unfair in the card shuffling game that the timer is going while waiting for the cards to shuffle. I felt like I was supposed to be interacting with the game and missing something at first. Also, in regards to the timer, it feels like it goes a little fast (which may sound like me complaining about how bad I suck at the game). Perhaps if the timer were to start off slower and speed up more and more as you win various games?

Over all, small nitpick to an otherwise really nice game!!

As far as the dialog goes, I know. I tried fitting in more but between the small resolution and, by the time I was adding the dialog, the cramped time frame, it was what it was. That said, you can skip dialog by pressing ‘CTRL’ or the ‘B’ button twice!

Thank you very much for trying the game out!!

I thought this game was rather peaceful. Wasn’t exactly sure what I needed to do the first couple of times, but I think I got it on my third go around. That said, I think it might be a little broken because, on the third try, I placed Waste, Culture, Culture, Energy, Energy… and I just kept advancing without having to do anything else. Culture and Energy both maxed out and never dropped and Waste remained stable. I kept getting grant after grant and never had to build anything else.

I love the esthetics! Great work!

Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I’m happy the Mac port worked!

Thank you, I’m glad you liked it

Lol… actually, there is a what to skip the dialog. On the keyboard double press ‘CTRL’ and and on the controller double press ‘B’. That will skip the entire dialog. The particles are handled by the CPU but because I needed two different particles to interact with each other and the environment is a specific way that I couldn’t figure out how to do with the built in system. I’ll have to see about the HTML5 build. Never tried it :)

To be fair, I don’t usually read the description page. So, perhaps everything was explained there.

I thought this was a really excellent game! Graphics were really nice, and meals are a bit challenging. I love all the little background elements too! My only issue is that it wasn’t clear exactly what I needed to do. First try I threw stuff in a pot and it went bad… over cooked I guess, but I wasn’t even aware that was a thing. The second attempt I just tried making a meal from the book, which I did, only to learn I was supposed to make a specific meal! I didn’t quite understand that.

Once figured out though, this game was very very charming! Excellent job!

Thought it looked and sounded rather good. Controls felt solid and the feedback when hitting an enemy was really good, to me. I was confused in the beginning though because, in my mind, red is bad and blue is good, so I kept going around and hitting the babies(??) instead of the mice and wolves.

Lol, the ‘guide’ just might have their own agenda… who can say? I’m very glad you enjoyed the game, and I’m glad the font was readable. There were times I doubted it :)

Very solid game over all. Mechanics are pretty strait forward. That said, I kinda wish there was a sprint button. Not really needed in this little game, but I just had an overwhelming urge to “press sprint” when I was spotted!

One other observation… as the enemies had a light cone, I assumed they couldn’t see beyond the light cone, but in the third level, I saw they could see across the map, regardless of the cone length. If the enemy was a little faster or dangerous in some other way, this might have been unfair… at least, in my humble opinion.

Very cool game. In the browser, though, I was getting this strange effect where I would jerk forward and/or slow down quickly at random times… like game lag. I was playing at full screen. Didn’t try it in it’s normal resolution though.

I thought the game looked and sounded really nice! For me, however, it didn’t control very well. For reference, I use Linux, so I was playing through WINE. The game ran fine, but the window did not grab my mouse and I couldn’t increase the size of the game window itself (no maximize button in the top right).

If the controls had worked better for me, I think this would have really enjoyed exploring this creepy environment!

I really like the idea. game was executed very well! Sound was decent too. Good work! :D

I never played flappy birds… and I know why now. I really suck at it! Lol! I thought the graphics were very appealing with the lighting on the player square. The audio fit well too… though, I think this little game could have used a little music. The only issue I had… and I’m not sure if it was me or not… but it felt like collision was happening just a frame too early. I don’t think I ever saw my square connect with a surface. I don’t have any doubts that it DID collide, just that I never saw it, and that kinda threw me off a bit.

Beyond that, nice little game!

This game is pretty awesome! I like how the colors allow the player to affect the world. I also like that there are instructions for how to play in the game… that said, those instructions seem to be in a weird place. When the game started I went to the right (as that’s where the character starts off facing) and I made my way to the color purple… but then I found a save spot, and the text just says “use save to heal”, but no instructions on how to use it. I pressed every key on my keyboard but nothing was working. I skipped that save spot and went back to the left and in the next level I found all of the instructions, including how to use the save spot. It’s just unusual (and to me confusing) placing as I will have encountered a few things that this level later explains.

My other minor criticism is enemies don’t really react to getting hit. Everything functions right, but, when I hit an enemy it would sometimes continue to move right through me and hurt me.

Over all, I thought this was a very good game! :D

Oh wow! I love this! It looks and sounds gorgeous and I love being able to swap between 1st person and platformer to solve movement puzzles! That was great!

I will say that, I did not go read the game’s page before playing, so I was unaware of the dual nature of the game for a while, so felt a bit lost at first. Still, absolutely beautiful!

Also, +1 for Godot! (I have a soft spot for that engine!)

I’m not very good with racing games, and the car I chose off the bat felt a little sluggish… that said, I think this is a really excellent game! Definitely something to come back to and play several times! Excellent work!!

So… I’m going to start by saying I’m a Linux user! Graphically, I thought the game looked beautiful and I like that there’s the potential for a lot of replayability with this game.

I tried using the controls as described on the games main page, but they didn’t seem to all work (or, at least, for me). Keyboard-wise, I don’t think the ‘D’ key worked consistently so, I kept going to the left and had trouble going to the right.

When I tried playing using an XBox controller, things seemed to work better, however, I would walk in front of a computer and something that looks like an exclamation point would appear, but I press the button that is supposed to be “hack”, but nothing happened. Also, when trying to aim up (at turrets), my gun seemed to just keep shooting strait. Not sure if I misunderstood the intent of the red dot (I assumed it was for aiming), but turrets always won.

Still, I can definitely see this game has some great potential! Great work!

I thought the game, for what it was, was very well put together! I will admit that I didn’t actually read any of the description or control explanation on the game’s page, but was able to figure it out fairly easily… though, a little in game guidance may have been of some help. To be honest, I thought it was a complete enough game that I was a little surprised when the opposing side wasn’t AI controlled… though, I know full well why, lol. One thing I may add is that (maybe I just couldn’t hear any), but a little audio may have been nice, at least during “attacks”. The first couple of times I attacked, I thought I messed something up because I didn’t notice any form of feed back. Also, I wish there was a way to cancel an action… for instance, I would choose to move a character, to then want to not do that and choose a different action, but I couldn’t, and that character’s move was wasted.

All in all a wonderful game! Great work!

Thank you very much! I appreciate you playing and I’m very happy you enjoyed it. I agree with you about scaling. To be honest, on my computer, the game starts up and scales itself to my screen automatically (it’s more to due with my window manager) and, as such, I didn’t think about the scaling so much. I’ll try to work something out in that regard for the next time I do the LowRezJam.

Episode Five! Where ramble a little about audio and menus and lament the waning time remaining! Magelusion - LOWREZJAM 2020, Menus, Audio, and Other Such Details

Oh! And, while I’ve stated this on my blog, I forgot to mention here…

If anyone’s interested in checking out the source, I have it posted on github

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Episode Four! Where I admit to having a problem!

Magelusion - LOWREZJAM 2020, I’ve Got a Problem

I definitely hope you get something playable and released! This looks great so far and I’d love to try it out!

Hey man, this is looking so freaking awesome! I know what one of the first games I’m going to be rating when the jam ends!!