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I didn’t finish too but I think I will publish my unfinished game for the Jam: “Gravitational Space Wizard”, a space ship explorer game, later. Maybe at the next “improve my game” jam. No, it’s not my jam :), but it’s not a jam that is concurrent to other jams, so I talk about it.

Hello, You have the jam “Improve my game” that is fine to continue or finish a Game. It happens every two month (this time at the end of Mars, I think). You only have to do a devlog, but you already started yours so it shouldn’t not be a problem :) .

Hey, What’s the news?

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Hello, it seems to be a good beginning. Idea to incorporate the theme: Collect demons DNA and Use demons DNA to improve your character.

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<SPOILER ALERT>First, Find a way to destroy the snow, you don’t need to destroy all the snow.Then Use double jump with the missile to avoid the boss and hit him at the same time, you Just need to have the good rhythm.SPOILER ALERT

Interesting idea. Maybe I will steal your idea one day but not this week. And joke apart, I will be happy to try your game with a friend if I can this weekend.


Really cool game. Love it.

I have beautiful assets on my PC but I am still at the prototype phase. See my wonderful spaceships prototypes. :)

“Improve my game” Jam is nice for that.It’s every 2 month. The next is in proximally 1 month.


Finally, it seems that most of the code works. Almost ready for new lines of code. Also almost ready for changing the assets (I am still using primary shapes :) )

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Robot that steal part from foes.Robot foes of course (or tank foes maybe). This ones are nice

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I think that he needs an idea that works with the theme :).

A shoot them up where you keep half of your bonus, weapons … after you death. Does the player choose what he keep? Is it random? Does the first enemy you kill become your ally? it depends of you.

Local scoring system can be an easy way to add replayability.

I am slowing improving the game each days, but no visible improvements yet. I will test at the same time several things:so I hope it will be fine :) . However, say us why is not going well? You have still 4 days left. You can even restart from the beginning with a more simple idea. Don’t give up now! If it’s bugs issue, you should join the discord to have help, it’s very efficient.

If you forbidden your character to come back it works. He will need to die to come back. However, how do your character will progress? In a zone of your dungeon your character can gain max health regularly. In an other zone he can regularly gain bombs or missiles or other ammunitions. And when you vanquish the boss of the zone you gain a new power. My English is poor so I can explain again a part of the text is needed.


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Thank You. Interesting advices I like them.

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You could also add a clone of the player after each death that follows the previous path so the player can collaborate with his own past.With a lot of clones on the screen at the end it could be fun.

Seems fine for me.

You should both also do the devlogs integrated in That gives you more visibility.

Very nice.

First chapter of my space game

I think that your music is cool too.

Hello, I like the YouTube video. Good job, especially for a first game.

Nice one. I also create “half wizard half warrior” builds. Strong and easy to modify.

They have a kickstarter since today. It’s 12 dollars to have the full game.

The same thing for me too.

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That create a path between conductive items (magic items that use mana or give mana) and between conductive items and manastones. The manastones are full of mana at the begin of each fight. Without manastone you can’t use the condictive items.conductive items and manastone need to be adjacent to each other.

Thank you! I read all the items descriptions twice without seeing that. So no bugs finally.

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Hello, When I fight since the first boss I have only 2 energy points by turn. Outside of fights I have my 3 energy points. Strange bug, didn’t have this bug on my first run (after the hotfix). It’s a run “from mattew” that have a bug.I still have the save file. I really enjoy your game by the way.

Nice game, nice art and visual effects. Good utilisation of the theme and limitation.

Nice first game, I really like the pixel art, good ambiance. Is it finished yet?

Hello, the only other regular jam like this one that i know is the “improve my game” jam. it’s every 2 month and they ask you to do a little devlog.

Good job on this game. Good and cute pixel art and good gameplay. The main character is really cute.

Nice and original game

I really like. The pixel art is cute. Really polished game: the puzzles are simple and original at the same time.