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Thanks for playing! Too bad about the bankruptcy :(

If you're going to try again, then I'd suggest to watch your spending in the beginning. You don't need to build offices or get the best furniture or hire a bunch of people right away. Get some projects going first and try to have some income before expanding.

For future versions I hope balance the game better to make it so it's harder to overextend your company like this early on.

Thanks! You can also overpay and underwork them, but I don't think it's the route that most players take ;)

Music from the game

Great video! Thanks for playing! Very much appreciated!

We're glad to hear that you like the game! Still can't promise any launch date right now, but I can at least say that we have a plan. We'll announce it as soon as we can.

Thank you! Very much appreciated!

Thank you so much!

Thank you!

Thank you! The game is not made with Unity and unfortunately the engine we use does not natively support Mac.

Thank you! We weren't expecting that, but we're honored and moved that the game was received so positively.

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What a genius way to tie the gameplay with the resolution. Most creative idea I've seen in this jam so far and a very enjoyable little game. 

Awesome stuff! Really does remind me those old NES or DOS racers and is just as fun too.

Fantastic! Very fun fun to play, good tutorialization and some really clever puzzles.  Designing levels at this resolution must have been a real challenge. Also, always nice to see functional setting in these tiny jam games.

Thanks, glad to hear it. The aim was certainly to make something with a positive vibe. And I definitely plan to develop it a bit further after the voting, but I think it will still stay a prelude at the moment. I did think of adding a collage of tiny adventure scenes as an ending cutscene and who knows maybe it'll grow into something bigger one day.

Thanks! Making little animations is probably my favourite part of creating games, it always feels so enjoyable and rewarding to draw those.

Thank you! And yes, sassy animals are always the best.

What a great jam game! The amount of polish and attention to detail you have managed to put into this with only two weeks is simply amazing. Excellent visuals, catchy music and very solid gameplay. Max points from me.

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The atmosphere was great in this game, really immersive and had a certain feel of tension. I did find the font a bit hard to read at times and that probably lead to some confusion at times about what I'm supposed to do, but got through it in the end. Good work on the game!

Awesome throwback to old school dungeon crawlers - simple, but engaging and effective. Tried to wing it and fumble my way through, but nope, had to go old school with it myself and started mapping it out :) Very enjoyable and nostalgia inducing.

Such a clever idea for game. Really loved the variety of mini-games. It's very easy to pick up and start playing, but can get very challenging at times. Great to see some new life and purpose injected into good ol' pack of cards.

Loved it! Well written, some really nice graphics and music, good humor. One of my favourites from this jam for sure.

Thank you! Appreciate the play and comment.

Thank you! It's really cool to see people enjoying it.

Thank you! The 90s games certainly were an inspiration for this. Yeah, the sound effects were the last things in the to-do list. Sadly, we  only had the time to put in a few, but the game definitely needs some more.

Thank you for playing and commenting! The AGS engine, while a bit dated in some aspects, is still an excellent tool for creating pixel art games, so that really helped me with the resolution restrictions. I do plan to add bit more content after the voting period and make it a little longer.

Thanks for giving it a go and leaving feedback, much appreciated!

Well, it was pretty nice till it lasted. Graphics and music were both charming and a visual novel/shop managment crossover sounds like it could be really fun. Hoping to play a more complete version in the future.

I love turn based strategy games, so this one was quite enjoyable. Simple, but effective visual style and a solid base for a combat system. Would have really liked some more skill options maybe and some mood setting music. Also, there didn't seem to be a way to see your characters stats. But in was fun, great work!

I'm really impressed with the scope of this game. Loved the exploring and the general feel of the game. The sort of semi-auto combat took a few battles to understand, but after that it worked pretty well for me, especially thanks to all the spell upgrades. Very enjoyable, great work for a two week jam.

This was pretty fun and enjoyable. Graphics are charming and the gameplay is quite engaging and challenging as well. A very solid jam game!

Is there an end goal or do you simply beat up as many as you can? I got to over 60 before I was mauled down. I do like the minimalistic aesthetic, looks very stylish. With a few more locations or a simple progression system it could be a pretty sweet beat 'em up.

Doesn't really seem to adhere to the resolution restrictions and looks real blurry at times, but otherwise a decent little jam project. Congrats on getting a game out!

Really liked the uniqueness of this. The procedural generation fits it well too, gives a lot of replay value. Very enjoyable, especially with that chill music.

Always fun to hear voice acting in lowrez games. It's a good way to get information across and deliver a story,  since there's barely any room for text. Some of the guards seemed pretty unpredictable, so it got rather intense at times. Well done!

A very nice little jam game. Solid mechanics, fitting music and a good variety of challenges. Got way too difficult for my poor little brain and reflexes though :)

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Well, considering how smooth and alive you managed to make that 10 pixel tall character, I'd say that's pretty skilled :) I'll be sure to check the gama out again after the updates.

Hey! Thanks for playing and commenting! I think it will always stay a prelude to an imaginary adventure, but I'll certainly add some more stuff that you can do and interact with.

Thanks! Sure will! Been a member of the AGS forums for years now and all my other little adventures are up in their database.

Thanks, that's great to hear, since  I did  put most of my time and effort into the artwork. Should have probably cut a couple of those animations and used that time to implement a few more puzzles.

I'm amazed by how much content there was considering the time limit. A very enjoyable game, plenty to explore and discover. Combat felt pretty nice as well, especially the boss fights. Well done!