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See how long you can last in a collection of card-based microgames!
Submitted by Kevin Hutchins (@khutchinsgames) — 4 days, 7 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#1064.5004.500

Ranked from 54 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Did you work in a team?
Just me! I had lots of fun trying to come up with different game modes I could implement, although I ended up not having as much time as I anticipated to finish the game.

It's also fun to try to make readable assets at this low resolution, and pixel art feels more approachable when the end result is so small.

Was the resolution a challenge?
The game I chose was a fairly natural fit at this low resolution, although at the lower difficulties the movement can look somewhat chunky as it switches between pixels.

I tried to limit myself more by sticking to a limited color palette, so it was interesting to try to work around that when I wanted to make cards fade out. I ended up using dithering to somewhat approximate a fade without making the card transparency. I think it worked somewhat well.

What did you learn?
I got some more experience working with the javascript/typescript game engine Phaser, and as a result got more assets that I can use between games.

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Such a clever idea for game. Really loved the variety of mini-games. It's very easy to pick up and start playing, but can get very challenging at times. Great to see some new life and purpose injected into good ol' pack of cards.


Fun game,it was hard to stop playing cos i want to see what game was next. Good micro games, was always my fault when i lost one. Audio suited it well .


Great combo of minigames! And the cards fit well on the low resolution, clever choice!


great gameplay, partly difficult to master in this resolution also because english is not my main language

congratulations on the game


Clever concept and very well polished. Great job!


Was ignoring this for a while (card games meh)... oh boy I was soooo wrong!  This is fantastic!  Excellent job on it!


I think this is the first collection of microgames I've seen for this jam, and it's setting a high bar! I will be playing over and over again to see if I can beat all the games.

I have to say that a big part of this is the music, which is far more exciting than I expected.


I have always wanted to do a microgame... game. But then it gets into the state of not wanting to just have to make a million different games. This game, however, does an awesome job of finding ways to make different games with a shared set of mechanics. These get hard after about level 13 or 15 and I started getting wrecked. A very good use of the 64x64 restriction, and the sound all fit quite nicely with the atmosphere you were playing with. Great job!


I gave this game top marks. Really not what I was expecting from a card based game, very successfully executed and good fun to play.


This was good fun to play and a lot of variation to the game modes.  I kind of want to see this as a mobile game.  I can see myself getting addicted to it! 


Clever idea! I really liked the different challenges. Well done.


Wow, it's like card based Warioware. Really impressive from both a code and low-res standpoint. Heck yeah man, great work!


i liked this a lot! I didn't play 50 games, but I'm impressed you could come up with that many! 


It's very funny! Really well done, so many different cute mini-games.


Nice! A game I can understand without much effort… and still suck incredibly hard at! Excellent work!! Easy to play. Generally easy to read! Very solid game! Couple thoughts though… it feel unfair in the card shuffling game that the timer is going while waiting for the cards to shuffle. I felt like I was supposed to be interacting with the game and missing something at first. Also, in regards to the timer, it feels like it goes a little fast (which may sound like me complaining about how bad I suck at the game). Perhaps if the timer were to start off slower and speed up more and more as you win various games?

Over all, small nitpick to an otherwise really nice game!!


I'm really impressed with what you did here! I love the minigames and the flow between them. I'll probably get back to this one later on! I adore the sound-tracks also. Did you make the music yourself during the jam?

If you want some constructive critisism, I would adjust the volume for some sfx and the win-fanfare. I would also suggest that you cut down on the words for explaning the rules, as it's kinda hard to read.

Great game all around!


I would've liked to make the music during the jam (it's a skill I don't have, but I'd like it gain at least a rudimentary understanding), but I ended up having far less time in the second week than I anticipated. It was probably for the best when it came to the quality of the songs in the game, but it was a bit disappointing to me personally. You can see links to the creators on the game page.

Your comments on the volume are noted, and I'll keep that in mind for when I update the game after the rating period ends. The intro rule text is also top of mind for me, as various people have had similar concerns. Thanks for your feedback!


This is such a cool idea.

Took my a while to get the gravity game is actually a flappy bird game.

Lovely design, audio and gameplay.


Oh and Phaser, I used that also. Never used it before. it's a really nice engine.


This is my favorite game of the jam so far. It's a great mix of fast paced mini games along with some awesome music and the animations are snappy even with the stipulation of the jam being Low Rez. 


I love how many unique games there are to play here. The pixel art is really good too and the game feels polished. Good job!


I love how addictive this game is despite its simple premise. This is the kind of thing I would play on my phone for long periods of time. I would love to see even more types of microgames be added to the game!

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