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Okay I have uploaded an additional build titled 'HellStar_Squadron_v1.01_altSync.exe' with a fix that should hopefully resolve this game speed issue. Thanks so much for your patience while I hunt down this bug! Let me know how this version goes for you :)

One more quick question, is your monitor refresh rate greater than 60Hz?

Steam keys should be up now!

Steam keys should now be available to all itch buyers! :D

Thanks for the heads up and the video! 

Just a couple of questions, are you running the v1.01 build? And what OS are you on?

Thanks! I am in the process of requesting retail keys for itch buyers now! Will update when available for users :)

Terribly sorry! I had uploaded the wrong build. Should be working now :)


The year is 207X AD. The galactic government entity known as Paradise is at threat from a terryfying, demonic rebellion! Join the HellStar Squadron on this epic adventure as you dodge wave after wave of bullets, shoot the demons back to hell, and save the galaxy in this fresh, retro-inspired arcade shoot 'em up/bullet hell experience! 

 - Three playable characters/ships to commandeer!
 - Eight cosmic stages to blast your way through!
 - Big bosses with heaps of bullets and explosions!
 - Retro arcade experience including CRT shader and TATE mode options!
 - A jammin' chiptune soundtrack!

The galaxy needs you. The HellStar Squadron awaits.



Fantastic game with a beautiful style. One complaint/feedback: I messed up my first slingshot in the tutorial and couldn't access another ghost :( It might also be worth considering putting the ghost jump mechanic on a separate key to jump as I also accidentally used my ghost numerous times and had to backtrack to get a new one which was a little frustrating. Overall I loved it though!

Awesome mechanic and style! Needs to be longer :D

Thanks so much for the slow-mo videos, incredibly helpful! 

Alright so first bug. Yep pretty clear what is happening there, not collision checking in that state like it does for the slide. 

Second bug: yeah okay that is weird. The loop code in general is quite poor. I am prototyping some new systems to replace it that will be more extensible. There are a few band-aid fixes I do have in mind though that should hopefully address this issue for the demo at least.

Third bug: Seems to be a result of going from the grind state straight to the lock attack state. This may affect how the player's collision mask is changed between states. Will have to dig into this one a little further.

Just need to catch up on a few other things and responsibilities RN so it may take a few days to a week to get the next update up. But it will come :)

Thanks again dude, you rule!

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Thanks for checking out the new build. Again, really sorry. Thought I had that respawner  bug covered :(  Note, you can just walk past that section if you want to continue playing the game, as it is the only part in the demo where the respawners are used. Also some other users have noted the loop exit can still be a bit funky; and attacking while in the fast roll in an enclosed space can get you stuck. Overall performance is better this time around though.

Will be working on fixes again of course, you'll just need to give me a few days to a week as I have a few other responsibilities to catch up RN :)

Hey guys, just put up v0.13 which has a number of fixes in regards to the clipping/collision issues. Thanks again for your help here and the videos you provided! Let me know how you go with v0.13 ;)

So sorry you had such a poor experience with the game. I am a solo dev working on this independently , and it is my first project. That said, any feedback I can get here from the community on itch is invaluable. I have been hard at work on improvements and I just put up v0.13 that aims to address the clipping and collision issues. If you wouldn't mind checking it out, you can let me know in here if your experience is better or if you have any more issues/feedback.

Much appreciated!

Great playthrough, thanks so much for checking out the game :D

Thanks for the heads up! Working on it :)

Dang. Appreciate the videos guys. Working hard on pretty much a complete refactor that should stop the issue from occurring, so stay tuned for that one. In the meantime, any videos/descriptions of the issue happening, share them here so I can study them :)

Thanks again for the footage, very helpful! Update v0.12 is up which features changes to the collision checking system and should prevent this bug from occurring. As always, feel free to let me know how you go :)

And I caught your video as well! You're very good at the game haha. Helped me spot a few of the bugs too! Thanks for that :)

Hmmm okay. I think it's an issue with the target lock state. Will test and start working on an update. If you have any more problems, you can keep me updated in here :)

Like you glitch out and you've got zero gravity? 

Huh. Well I'll keep an eye out for it, and if you catch anything else feel free to post it here :)

Yeah you can stream/record, no probs :) Super useful to me when fixing these issues ha!

When you got stuck beneath the world, was it after you attacked one of the orange rocket enemies? They were having some collision issues that I I fixed in the latest build. 

Thanks for the feedback honestly! 

Just pushed a new update that should fix the controller issues you're having. If you can redownload and try it out, let me know how it goes for you :) And yes you may have seen the art in some games before as I am using CC0 graphics and music from

Hi spriteguard, thanks for the feedback!

Just pushed a new update that should address this issue with controllers. Redownload if you are able and let me know how you go :)