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I absolutely adored every second of this game <3

moar pls

Love the concept and it controls nicely but it needs more game! XD

This was an absolute blast to play! The visuals are super impressive and the controls are incredibly fluid and intuitive. A+ entry :D  

Cute, fun and polished!

Really neat little arcade racer, super effective and fun animations too :)

Awesome! Now I can suck at Tetris in four directions :D :D

I love how you rendered this! Very clever and looks fantastic <3
Fun and fluid shmup gameplay too!

Lovely little game! Very addictive and iterates really well on the mechanics :)

Super addictive once I got a feel for the controls+physics! Slappin' tunes too

Absolutely fantastic! Definitely the most clever use of the theme this jam. 

Glad you were able to get it running and that you enjoyed it :D

Very solid little match-3 game! Loved the presentation, palette transitions on level change were a particularly nice touch :)

Really great audio and visual presentation and great "one-more-round" gameplay :D 

Thanks so much for this wonderful comment!  :D

Firstly, yes FE was 100% the inspiration. There's a little bit of Shining Force in there too, but mostly FE haha.

Units not being able to attack on their starting tile is indeed a bug, thank you for catching this one! I rewrote the pathfinding system from the ground up in the last 12 hours rather sleeplessly so I can see how this one slipped through! Hope to adress this in a post-jam update.

In terms of acheiving this in GMS: data structures, data structures and more data structures. You'll be relying on ds_grids a lot in particular. This is good because you can plan out a lot of this stuff in spreadsheets and visualize your code better. Setting up a backend of scripts that can easily add/remove/edit things in your inventory or map is a must. The first few days of the jam I didn't have much gameplay to show because all my time was spent just setting up these systems! A good dynamic menu system is also pretty important in an RPG like this as it's how the player spends most of their time interacting with the game.

Also if you are interested in the isometric stuff, this is a great article that helped me immensely:

uploads are currently disabled while voting is on, so unfortunately I can't fix right now. 

where did the game break for you? will definitely be doing an update post-jam

Thanks so much! :)

This was really fun, enjoyed it a lot!  Would've liked to have seen more words/objects that we could make with those letters, but I can see the scope getting out of hand quickly :D

Had so much fun with this one!  Not the most original idea, but it's wonderfully executed and presented. Could see myself sinking a lot of hours in a full game :)

Really clever take on the theme! Enjoyed my time with this one :)

Gonna need more than 5 stars to rate this for fun accurately...

Struggled with the controls a little at first, but once they clicked I was kicking wizard butt :D
Clever and unique idea, great execution, and some of the best art I've seen all jam! Loved it!

Great concept but the difficulty spikes straight off the bat with a frustrating lack of checkpoints. That floor laser right at the screen transition was super mean too :(

Presentation is A+ though,  really cool character design!

Absolutely adored this and would love to see it fleshed out into a full game :D 
All I'd add is perhaps a turn timer to give the player a quick reference.

Card games rule ;)

Beautiful presentation and atmosphere! A really clever and unique puzzle mechanic. Feel the connection to the theme may be a little too abstract, but overall a fantastic entry! 


And there is a sound toggle by the way, in the top-left corner ;)

Extremely high quality presentation :)  Had a few frustrations with the heart mechanic (namely losing hp on a missed throw), and in general the movement and collision felt a little off. Perhaps grid-based movement could work for something like this? 

Despite the bugs, the possession mechanic is fantastic and the game looks and sounds wonderful! Looking forward to an updated version :D

Awesome fun to play with my partner! :D  

Plus 5 stars for kitteh

Heck, taking some cards out of a regular playing deck will work  :)
And, thanks!  Glad you enjoyed it!

Go for it!  :D
It's a simple, 16-card deck. 

  • 5 x Blade (Red) (I to V)
  • 5 x Shield (Green) (I to V)
  • 5 x Magic (Blue) (I to V)
  • 1 x Holy (White/Yellow) (V)

I can send you the sprites if you'd like, but they're pixel art so they might not print very well... some plain colored, numbered cards will get the point across I think :)

Great little arcade experience!  Had a blast with this one and the visuals are great  :)

Very fun game! Played it twice just to get a better time  :D
Presentation is on point, and with some extra content this could make for a great mobile release!

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Incredible presentation, but I found the game a little lacking... Perhaps it could be broken up into levels or stages that progressively feature more and more floors and new tenants, and maybe randomizing the order of the rooms on subsequent plays could add a bit of replayability.

A simple game concept executed very well with great presentation!
Would translate nicely to touch-based controls  :)


Just FYI, clicking the key icon in top-right corner shows you the trumps  :)

Glad you enjoyed it! 

Currently working on this feature for the post-jam update  ;)

A game that makes math fun? Get outta here!  :D
Overall a really fantastic idea, execution and presentation!
Level 12 was mean though! haha

A game that makes math fun? Get outta here!  :D
Overall a really fantastic idea, execution and presentation!
Level 12 was mean though! haha

Really neat game! Loved the presentation :)

Just staying as a jam game for now! 
I've got a very busy 2021 planned, so as much as I'd like to expand this I unfortunately won't have the time. 
Thanks for checking it out though :)

Awesome feedback, thanks for checking out the game!
There is definitely a few bugs here and there, and some balancing to be done. Getting all the info to the player via the UI was definitely the biggest challenge. 

I'd like to do more updates on this, but 2021 is looking very busy for me so far! We'll see how we go :D