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Yes, we added an extension!



Join our Discord and ask for some tips there, we promise we won't bite!


This jam is meant for games created specifically for it, if you would like to work on an existing project, we will have a 32bit spring cleaning jam coming up next year :)

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We have plans to update the controls soon, but for now the game is best played with a Dualshock controller hooked up!

It's totally fine, but we advise you save a snapshot of your game right before the jam starts. When you submit your game to the jam you will be asked to submit your improved game and also your pre-jam version. This jam is ranked, and one of the criteria for judging will be based on how much progress was made during the actual jam period!

Hey, Spring cleaning jams have no theme prompt!

Normal maps were not really yet a popular thing in games during the late 90s, so to keep within the jam theme it's best to avoid them!

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Any submission inspired by games of that era is very much within the theme of the jam!

Yes they are! From the jam rules:

3D mixed with 2D, Fully 2D, Fully 3D games are all allowed. For fully 2D games we encourage submissions that feature sprite transformations, transparency, full color sprites and other features that were not yet possible with (most) 16 bit consoles!



This is really unique and interesting! The feeling of progression through upgrades and unlocking levels is extremely well done!

Pretty terrifying! 

This game is an awesome love letter to MGS!

Remi is such a cute character, I'd love to see his world getting more fully fleshed out post jam!

This was really creative, text adventures are awesome!

Loading bar is getting stuck at about 90% for me :(

Hey Igor! The streams are indeed being announced on our Discord server! Some games were already streamed (and are now available as VoD on Rook Rules' Twitch page). More games will be streamed this afternoon!

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Yes, there will be one next year! There will probbaly be another one this year still, around december! :)

Sorry, the jam is meant for projects that were created specifically for it during the jam period! You are more than welcome to links us to your game on our Discord server however, we'd love to see it!

Hey,  we've actually added the files on our Discord server, you can download them there, look for it in the #Announcements channel >

Hey that's a great idea! We are going to export the obj file and put it up for download on the Jam page later tonight!

3D mixed with 2D, Fully 2D, Fully 3D games are all allowed. For fully 2D games we encourage submissions that feature sprite transformations, transparency, full color sprites and other features that were not yet possible with (most) 16 bit consoles!

It really depends which platform you are trying to model your game after. N64 games for instance will have more polys and lower resolution textures, while PS1 games will have fewer polys and higher resolution textures. If you want you can hop on our Discord and let's have a chat about it!

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The themes were decided by an open vote that took place on our Discord server, so the results were known and there was no way to keep it a secret. As for the jam period, we go by the honor system. There are no prizes to be won in this jam, we're all just having fun and challenging ourselves :)

Further, our rules are pretty flexible and chill. For instance, we allow the use of pre-made art assets and if you are going the homebrew route, you're allowed to get some boilerplate code up and running before the jam even starts, with the rationale that this will leave you at roughly the same starting point as someone who is using a modern engine like Godot or Unity once the jam period actually starts. This creates a fairer playing field between homebrew and games made with modern engines. 


Amazing graphics and voice acting too! I agree with Skeletim, I hope this project keeps going! :)

Cool entry! One thing I kept thinking was that it plays a little bit like Super Monkey Ball, with the way the level tilts and the robot can't stop its momentum sometimes. Have you ever thought about putting your little robot guy inside a gacha ball? I think that would tie in nicely with the current game physics! :D

Holy crap this is excellent.... And scary! Great job capturing classic RE vibes!

This was really cute! 

The sprite scaling effects are pulled off very expertly on this, and the game is very fun to play! 

The flat shaded polygons look really cool, really reminds me of Virtua Racing! To make it look even more legit, I'd recommend removing the transparency effects (including shadows) and fix the resolution at 320x240 without any anti aliasing, it will look 100% like a Saturn xgame!

The new character model looks a ton better!

Great looking art, tight gameplay, and the bullet hell genre definitely takes me back to the 90s! And yea like ASFunAsFun said, the UI in particular is so excellent!