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There will be more! :D

Hello Kwago! Double submissions are okay, as long as the game fits the spirit of both jams you're submitting to!

Yes you can! Community » General » Game Jams · Created a new topic 32-Bit Jam

Back to 1997! Created with the intention to get more people excited about making games inspired by late 90s aesthetics, is a month long 32-bit Jam :) This jam is for any project that looks like it belongs in the mid to late 90s. It's the perfect opportunity for developers and artists interested to dabble in 3D to have their first stab at it, as simple 3D visuals are part of the aesthetic. Full 2D submissions are also allowed, as long as they still feel like they belong in the same graphical era. Check out the full rules at the link below:

Really cute design, I loved the mechanic of having a companion robot that helps as an additional platorm sometimes! 

I love the long legged little dude! Also that box art is just perfection, way to go the extra mile!

I won the jackpot! 100 coins! Wohoo!

Amazing implementation, lovely graphics and great choice of color palette, lovely game :)

This game is so much fun!!! Lol this is such a great concept! The battles are tough but very fair, the controls are just excellent, music is really great as well.... This is just excellent all around!

This is so cool!! Really lovely submission! I'd love to see a version of this with more vertical resolution, maybe a wonderswan port? :) 

This game is so much fun, also the graphics are absolutely impeccable!

The characters are very cute and expressive, really fun VN :)

Thank you for streaming our game!

Thank you so much!

This game is AWESOME!

I wasn't able to play this myself because I don't have access to a windows device at the moment, but I did watch it get played it on Twitch and it was a lot of fun! The character art is really cool and I just love the entire concept :)

Took me a while to understand how it works but once I did it was really fun! Super interesting twist on Minesweeper! Like others have commented, I could really see this game doing really well ported to smartphones :) 

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This is REALLY cool! The writing was funny and I loved the enemies that look like classic Space Invader dudes, very nice touch! 

Pretty difficult but fun, makes you want to keep playing to get a level just right! I would really like an expanded release of this after the jam  :) Also really loved the background music, really impressive that you made it all yourself!

Thank you so much! The camera following ranged attacks was definitely on our todo list, but we ran out of time! :( 

About the difficulty, you really need to keep recruiting people in every level in order to have a team capable of taking on the next! If you fail to recruit at least a couple of people in each level, I would recommend retrying that level, even if you've cleared it. You're pretty much guaranteed to get rekt on levels 5-7 if you haven't built a solid team by then. There is however an exploit that you can use to save yourself If you haven't built a strong enough team and you got far: If you recruit someone and then you end up failing that level, you still get to use the recruited person in your retry.

This is really so excellent! I love the aesthetic, love the background music and the gameplay is tight! I would love to see some more levels!

Really nice puzzles, I love how you seamlessly fit the puzzle gameplay into the ingame world!

Excellent art direction, good job!

This is so relaxing! I'm seriously impressed at how you made full 3D graphics work at 64x64 pixels!

It's a really fun concept and OMG the sound effect when leveling up is just too perfect! 

Very difficult but fun to play! The color palette reminds me of the original Gameboy!

Thank you so much!

I played this for waaay too long lol, really nice take on a classic!

Thank you for the comment! The mechanics are rather simplified in order to not be overwhelming with the small size, so I suppose it's actually a good introduction point for people with little to no experience with the genre :)

It took me a little bit to find out you could press spacebar to change the world, but when I did i was like WHOA! Really cool implementation of the parallel world theme!

Pokemon and Persona were the inspiration for that! :D

I think it's the best compliment ever to hear from someone who's not normally into the genre that they liked the game anyway!! <3

An amazing metroidvania with tight controls! I love how you delineated different areas with different color tiles, this really helps me stay oriented and keep track of where I've been/where to go!

Thank you so much Cody, your entry is also amazing!! 

Solid puzzle entry! 

Really cool to see some pico-8 projects, the flame character is really adorable!

Thank you so much, really appreciate it!

This has a distinct cyberpunky feel to it, I just love all the subtle animations in the environment!

You can race as a HOTDOG in the end!