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ALso holy hell you got rank 10!! CONGRATS


I literally spent a full minute and a half making it look in different directions while sitting. It looks adorably derped when looking up, a comfort in these troubling times. I've only known him for 5 minutes but if anything happens to him I'd cry.

Dog aside, I really enjoyed playing. Cheers!

Loved it. It's so well polished that I can see myself playing this in Timezone or something :D

Thanks! It's supposed to be like the invincibility star from mario, so it makes you rainbowy and invincible to all 'enemies' for a short period of time.

Thanks! It's supposed to be like the invincibility star from mario, so it makes you rainbowy and invincible to all 'enemies' for a short period of time.

Aye ok. Thanks!

Ah, ok then. Thanks for clarifying!

Do a couple of swear words for comedic effect count as poor taste?

Am I allowed to scatter a couple of swears here and there for comedic effect?

Thanks man. The description was made when I was on a sleep deprived caffeine induced spree, as that is when you make the absolute best decisions :")

I really enjoyed this one. The low res art only added to the gameplay, as it greatly improved the mood of the game (I was on my toes :'D). Awesome work, man!

I loved the cut scenes and the concept the most. I was pretty immersed the entire game. I'm looking forward to seeing what other games you guys have in store!

I literally have no words. I love it. The art is absolutely positively gorgeous, the animations are superb, everything is just dahdkahfkahdlfakjfh;adjgka

p e r f e c ti o n.

I remember I used to use the 'keep to the left' strategy a lot. Took quite a while but it worked like a charm :P

This chicken never skips leg day

Thanks bro, I had to remember how that sin cos tan math stuff worked to make things wavy :'D (I should make it go 420/420 next time-)

Thanks man, I appreciate it. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it :'')))))

Man, this reminds me of the days I used to play candy crush, cept that I find this one extremely engaging. I love the gameplay and concept, it's definitely one of my faves! Nice job bro!

I absolutely loved this one. You guys managed to fit a turn based RPG in such a small space without making it feel suffocating (are you god himself???), with graphics to die for and great music to compliment it, to boot! Great work guys!

I enjoyed playing this little gem, and the low resolution only added to how good it was. Cheers!

I enjoyed both the art and the gameplay. It was very well polished for something done in two weeks, and I loved the art style. It was rather laggy for me, nevertheless I still enjoyed it.

I never thought I'd see a 64x64 iso come into existence, props to you bro. The colors were so vibrant yet they mesh together really well. I loved the design, and the interface. Overall a lovely game.

I found this pretty fun. It reminded me of the games my dad introduced to me when I was younger. My terrible sense of direction bit me in the arse for this one, but I enjoyed playing. Cheers!


Haven't tried it in Wine yet, as the last time I tried using Wine my old laptop crashed. This one's faster than the last tho, so I'll try.


I loved the atmosphere, the concept, everything. The lowres style only added to how awesome it was. The art? Gorgeous. The music? Beautiful.

I really enjoyed this game. It has a cool concept, and isn't as cutthroat as other shooter games I've played.

I commented on the actual project page instead of this one (whoops), but I really enjoyed it. (5/5 for the no res :D).

Dang, I like this concept. I feel like it was executed pretty well, even without the finishing touches you didn't get to make. Keep up the good work, man!

ajshakjhkjah I can't open it on linux :")). I'm pretty sure it tured out great, though!

It boasts an astounding 20 IQ.