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Nice! Good graphics and humour!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, the collisions in the engine are not great - I wrestled with the engine a bit but couldn't work it out. Will try to figure it out post jam! Cheers!

Incredible! Beautiful graphics and great sound track! I got soundly beaten by the abyssal abomination... 

My only criticism is that the font wasn't easy to read.

Very good! Love the intro and the sound track, very evocative! Very hard though - reminded me of ghosts and goblins difficulty! Also felt that the main character was a little slow to move. Great game - especially for being done in 11 days!

Great game! Amazing graphics, absolutely stunning! good music and gameplay too! Was a bit too hard for me - as others have mentioned a bit more health at the beginning would be helpful. Well done!

Great game! I particularly enjoyed crashing through buildings and crates etc - and spinning around like crazy! Controls did take a little to get used to but thought that was part of the fun of the game. Very nice!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

Nicely done - very good old school Gameboy feel about it - really captures those old sprites and environments! Nice concept too!

Thanks for the detailed feedback! Yeah, I spent more time on the graphics than anything else and should have worked a bit more on gameplay, but hey it was 11 days! Agree on the slowness - and others have said similar. Will look into speeding up the player and optimising some screens post jam - gb studio seems to slow down with too much going on! Cheers!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, a few people mentioning it feels a little slow. I think its a combo of me setting the speed of the character as too slow and the engine slowing down when there's too much for it to handle on screen...

Nice! Just enough to keep you going and develop a two fingered tapping style! Enjoyed it!

That's an impressive amount of content created in the time! Loved it - great idea, riffing on a classic! Enjoyed the graphics and the audio too! Well done!

Hey! Thanks for the feedback!

Good game! I enjoyed this - good graphics and sound track. I found it a bit difficult due to the short range of the weapon and delay between shots - though that made me play more strategically. Nice work!

Excellent work! I love the graphics and music! I'd love to see this as a full game. I got a little confused making my way around the ship - the exit to get onto the planet could be a bit more obvious. Love the chilled and exploratory nature and the variety with the piloting section!

Thanks for this - well done! Thanks for the feedback too - really appreciated. There are a lot of improvements to make - it was a bit of a rush at the end and I was wrestling with GB Studio a lot. The game slows down if there are too many "actors" on screen which may be the problem - I used actors for the UI so would need to rethink it all a bit... Cheers!

Thanks for the feedback - really appreciated! Glad you enjoyed it and yeah, being able to play on a Game Boy is the whole reason for using GB Studio!


AWESOME! Really loved this - everything worked really well! Great graphics which work really well at the res, brilliant gameplay, lovely music! The music did get a little repetitive after a while, but didn't detract from the excellent puzzles. Love the addition of enemies. One of my favourite games of the jam. I made 10 teas!

Thank you very much for your kind comments! Hopefully will expand on this, not sure if I would keep the low res though! Lol! Very true! I'll need to fix that in  the story somehow... Cheers!

I love that you made an old school manual to go with this! That's dedication! Very cool game, enjoyed this! Vert reminiscent of classic RPGs with an interesting mechanics. An in game walkthrough of the combat system would be useful.

Awesome! Amazing what you have done with this - great graphics, atmosphere, audio and gameplay. Only issue for me is the keyboard layout - the left shift felt in a weird place. Well done!

The graphics are amazing! Great work! Works very well at this res. Could do with more variation in combat and gameplay.

Thanks! Checkpoints definitely a good idea - I really dislike having to start games from the beginning, you lose sense of progression! I intended to create save points dotted around the level but ran out of time!

Thanks! Yeah, apparently it's "coyote timing" (or just lazy coding on my part!). I'm going to work on it post jam as ran out of time!

Thank you, glad you had fun!

Thanks for playing and the comments!

Thanks! Yeah, completely agree, To start with I wanted to give 1 life and respawn at point of entry to the room, but I ran out of time...

Thanks for the nice comments, and thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

Good game! Nice platforming action, nice graphics and music. Felt a little too fast for me at this res - made the jumps a bit difficult to land!

Thank you! Yeah, the collider may have been a bit bigger than it should have been. It's probably just a tad too difficult which needs improvement! Cheers!

Thank you very much! The intention was to downsize all the sprites to make max use of the res, so am glad that worked!

Thanks for playing! I think I need to so some work on the difficulty.

Really enjoyed the story and message of this game. Very interesting how the environment stays the same but is different with each of the time zones. I thought the atmosphere was really effective and liked what you had done with the effects etc. Well done!

Well done for getting all the orbs! Thanks for the feedback and completely agree with you. I didn't playthrough enough before submitting so there are a few issues with enemy placement and stuff I think.

Thanks, very kind of you! I'm glad that part of it was a success as was a key aim for me! Cheers!

Thanks for this! Good point - something I'll definitely look into. The dimming of the sprite also isn't visible enough I think. Will look into it! Cheers!

Thanks for this! Yeah, totally agree and a few comments about it! I wanted to make it quite hard (playing a lot of classic retro games lately), but took it too far... The res isn't very forgiving! Cheers!

Thanks for playing and the feedback! Yeah, I think you're right. I didn't have a chance to properly play through before submitting and so there are a few issues with the jumps and enemy placement. I'll look into it for an update! Thanks!