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Great little game! Really enjoyed this - reminded me of old zx spectrum games. Minimalist but effective graphics. Would be great to see this develop!

Great little game - really loved the art style! A few weird buggy things - odd jumps and stuff and I soon forgot which fingers were doing what with the extra keys being used! Really enjoyed this!

Interesting game! I like the style and am impressed this has been created with a fantasy console you have made! Like others I noticed a few bugs - randomly killed by blocks sometimes. I also noticed a weird thing where I would jump again after moving the grid down without touching any keys. Would be intrigued to see if you take this further - reminds me of a classic arcade style mobile game.

Nice art! It did feel like a bigger resolution game with a smaller window though - it was difficult to see around. Good feel and gameplay - could do with more variety.

Really good game - very much enjoyed this one! It became very hard very quickly - once the shooting things turn up it became more about luck than judgement for me

Excellent start - great art, music and feel to it! The font was quite difficult to read - difficult to make legible at this resolution. I would say that the text and content could be a little more refined for a text based game. I liked the humour! Would love to play this again when you work on it more!

Interesting game! The lowering resolution mechanic came as a bit of a shock when it kicked in and definitely made the game harder.


Really nice, like this one a lot! Very simple and easily picked up. I can see this being developed into something quite commercial with additional mechanics! Nice art, sound and feel in general. Really like the human aspect of it!

Man that's hard! Reminds me of metroid prime hunters mixed with classic Doom! Looks gorgeous, controls need a bit of work.

Nice, reminds me of the game "Home". Good graphics and music, controls work fine. This sort of game needs solid dialogue and story.

Very hard and very cute!

Nice, chilled out exploration game! Some nice relaxing music would really make it! I had the same maze again after the first mini game.

Like the graphics! As others, stumped by the red screen - would be really good to see what happens on following days!

Nice start! The shadow seems to be a bit too limiting (the resolution is quite limiting as it is) and shooting in certain directions was a bit problematic.

Great concept, brilliant art! Cool game, bit confused with what I was doing - maybe a micro tutorial to break players in?

Very unforgiving! I like the mechanic of reducing what can be seen, but maybe needs to be a little more available as it's very hard to get through the beginning! Really cool art and music though, works really well!

Love it! Great old school style! Very (old school style) difficult! Controls a little bit flaky but good job overall! Who doesn't love a classic action platformer?

Interesting game - would love to see this developed further! Love the graphics!

Completely hooked! Still not entirely sure what happened but the atmosphere and intrigue were spot on. Love the idea, like an interactive story.

I like the minimalism! Particularly like the bleepy soundtrack! The controls were a bit difficult for me though, really didn't like the jump!

There's something really beautiful about the simplicity of this game, the graphics and the audio! It's all really cute and childlike (without being childish). The bright primary colours really add to the appeal! Controls and game idea work really well (except doors...). Good work!

Quite cool - I like the graphics and the combat system. The music suits the game really well. Was a bit confused by simply not being able to walk any further left or right without warning (no wall etc).

Really nice! Plays really well, graphics are gorgeous, sounds really good. The game really feels like it fits the resolution - gives just the right balance of not being able to see too far ahead but retains playability.

Nice! Good idea, very cinematic! Controls were a bit confusing though. Looks good, like the perspective shifts.

Cool game! As others have said, seemed a bit easy, for the most part I was just tapping down and left and right a couple of times.

Oh man! Insta-death is soooo harsh! Really good job, controls, visual and audio all work really well. It's just so hard!

Neat! Nice mechanic. Felt a little rough around the edges but could be very cool with a bit of development! As others have said, on keyboard gun doesn't fire until key released, and it annoyed me having to jump to move - maybe let the player slide on the floor?

Really nice animation!

Cool! Like it, though the camera shift confused me a few times!

Nice idea! Very hard (though could be just me!).

Lol! More like this!

Very, very nice! Controls stumped me at first - maybe a walkthrough on the intro level would help? Really beautiful game with nice level design. Simple concept with level difficulty ramping just right!

Very cool concept! I like it! Good graphics and sounds. I agree with comments about controls, was a little jerky. Game play didn't feel as smooth as it could have, though the resolution has a lot to do with that!

Nice! I like it! Plays really well for a prototype, good visuals, controls work perfectly well! Would be good to see some back story and generally more developed!

Good little game! I also missed the exit first time - read comments then had another go! Definitely think you need a pointer to the door and an indication when the door is open. Fun game though and nicely bitesized (I'm playing games in my lunch hour...).

Genius story! Love it - very quirky! Great graphics, sound would really help. Couldn't double jump for some reason.

Very nice concept - great use of lighting! The idea could be developed further with a back story and maybe some help or clues along the way. Music would really add to the atmosphere! Love the minimalism!

Looks good and an interesting idea! I also couldn't get past the water but I like what I've seen!

Really great game! Really encapsulates the idea of the jam - a nice original idea, great graphics, simple mechanics. A bit of 8 bit music would really bring it to life!

Very cool! And tiny!