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Great to see a uke themed game! Charming hand drawn pictures at the intro and good arcade style fun!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I agree with you. You can speed run it in about 2 minutes when you know how it plays... I stayed on the easy side of difficulty - my last game was too hard and I think I made this too easy. If I develop this further, this would be a tutorial level type thing and quite easy. I was working on more enemies who were a lot tougher but ran out of time. I’ll work on it!

Excellent game! Seems to fit the resolution perfectly - nothing seemed to small and out of place, great controls, brilliant little shmup! Well done!

Fair play for the upfront confession! Still liked this - it's like a platformer crossed with space invaders! Made me very happy! Shame about the resolution thing...

Cool game! Worked quite well, and a good base. I think the level design could be improved - I wasn't really sure where I should be going and the insta-death was a bit harsh! Nice work though!

Great little game - looks like a great starting point! Really loved the little details - rain outside the windows and the tiny pixel art pictures hanging on the wall! Too short, and movement could be faster - or add a way to run. Would love to see this develop!

This looks great! I can see you had difficulty producing this from your notes, and it's not much of a game at the moment. However, what is there looks brilliant - really love the art style. I'm not a huge fan of mouse/key combo movements as I'm mainly a laptop user, so might be worth investigating purely keys as an alternative control scheme. Would love to see what you do with this!

Liked this - very scary and some nice touches (when using the flashlight on certain things). 

Really nice start and demo - would love to see this continue! Love the look, combat looks like it will work nicely, inventory system etc - all good stuff!

Really good and well executed - I'm a sucker for a dungeonbash style platformer though! Things I would like to see improved - there was a bit of "jitter" to the sprite when moving. Not sure if much can be done about that at this res but maybe turning off the camera lerp. Also, with such a high jump it was difficult to see what you were coming down onto. Maybe a double jump mechanic would help rather than the single massive jump? Great game, really enjoyed it!

Solid game, very difficult and with some really lovely pixel art / animations / gore! Works really well with the limitations.

Good twist on a classic. Simple but effective!

Enjoyed this one! Good arcade style action with a psychedelic background!

Aha! My bad!

Haha! Very cool! Enjoyed this, though had no idea what I was doing or what was going on... Didn't even realise what team I was on first play, but soon worked that out! Lovely character!

Good stuff! Enjoyed this - good platforming action! Great graphics - like the ultra small player!

Wowser! That was tough! Good game - I enjoyed! Controls are good - though I'm not a fan of mouse/key combos (probably as I have a laptop...) and another control method with a fire button and just shoot in direction facing. Graphics are good and a bit different to most - gives them a nice character. I would definitely like to see what you do with this as  a very solid foundation!

One of the first games of the jam I played! Good job - good clone and fits nicely! 

Brilliant! Loved this one - great art, brilliantly executed, an exercise in minimalist/non language story telling. I love that each level/chapter is quick - it feels really rewarding to finish this. A couple of tweaks to improve this - more variety would be good and I found the boss a bit easy while using the axe - once frozen I just battered it while it couldn't do anything... Lovely animation and use of the res limitation - probably my favourite game of the jam so far!

Love the look of this - really effective and looks great!

Cool! I love a mini metroid! Basic mechanics worked really well. Totally agree with the other comment regarding different colours - I wasn't sure why the platforms were hurting me at first! Good game!

Solid game - I enjoyed this! Some tweaks to gameplay and controls could help - I didn't seem able to kill the little spider things and jumps were a little less intuitive than expected at this res - long press for higher jump makes it feel a little less responsive. I also noticed a few instances of texture bleeding (the lines between sprites) - can be a very annoying issue with Unity and pixel art games. Apparently the trick is in how you pack the sprites.

Very cool - love the style and the evil priest/monk enemies! Seemed very difficult - everything was going fine until I went into a room with a load of them and a fireball throwing one and got toasted! 

Cheers! Yeah, totally agree. I started the jam thinking I was going to make at least 5 different enemy types, weapon upgrades, metroid style powerups and changes... Then I spent 48 hours trying to work out a problem with the first alien AI and realised I'd missed a "this" in the javascript... Ran out of time - but definitely a future plan if it come to it! Thanks for the review!

Great little game - really good seeing a board game style thing in the jam. Art style and jam limitation actually really suits it and gives it a lovely charm. It was a bit easy, but this would fit with a tutorial type level. Improvements to enemy AI or maybe different piece types (maybe you can include a dragon who can has a different movement pattern or can attack without surrounding pieces) at higher levels could give variation. You could have a story/campaign mode... Really enjoyed it - also a multiplayer option would be good!

By the way, congrats on making it to the end! Wasn't sure if anyone would make it and see that!

Thanks for the detailed feedback! Really helpful! I completely agree about the map. The maps were actually a very last minute addition - I wanted collectible data files which gave a bit of back story but ran out of time so added the maps as an alternative. I may well develop this further after the jam and sort a load of these things out!

Thanks! Yeah, there were a few things that were pretty poorly executed as I simply ran out of time to work them out! The dark screens were one of these - I wanted the animated text and had to end on a blank screen or it went weird... It's something I'll look into post jam.

Good game, great art! Very harsh - kept getting killed by the first enemy and was a bit annoying that it wouldn't restart automatically (maybe I missed a key to press?) so I refreshed the page everytime. Great animation and great use of the limitations!

Good game - and extremely difficult! Might be good to ease the player in  a bit more gently with a couple of tutorial levels or easier ones. Good graphics. As others have noted, the music doesn't fit the game but is ok.

Enjoyed this a lot! Would be good to have more landmarks to help map - I tried to follow the red grass after getting lost the first time, but then couldn't find another key and quickly couldn't work out if I was going forward or back... Love the art work and the colour scheme though - really effective at this res!

Very cool and interesting - played out differently than expected and has a few new ideas - very well done! Format really suited the 64x64 res too.

Great game, really well executed and fitting for the res and style of the jam. Very polished and enjoyed the game play. I thought the transitions between screens was a bit too long - e.g. moving left and right - and didn't seem to fit the game play. Sometimes a little unforgiving too - I often had to restart levels after a minor mistake - like pushing a block a little too far. Excellent entry.

Lovely little game! Very much a casual/arcade/mobile feel to it - making achievements or in game upgrades to get bigger scores might be something to explore. Loved the graphics and animations - really impressive what you achieved with so few sprites!

Cheers! Yeah, was hoping it would make the player think rather than just wade in. I may well develop this one further!

Thanks! I was aiming for a survival horror in space vibe - hoping I managed that to some extent. Also was trying to make a shooter more thoughtful. Think I was less successful at that and needs further refining.

Really pushes what you can achieve in bitsy in my view - really well done and definitely a departure from most bitsy games I see. Loved the art style!

Brilliant entry, really well thought out and polished. Gameplay, graphics and audio all excellent. The parallax background didn't look good at this res and would probably be better static or less busy. The levels seemed to go on a bit too long as well, found it a little repetitive at times. Excellent work though - the points above would only refine this further!

Enjoyed this one, but like others, couldn't get past the room you fall into. I'm not a fan of first person at this res, but you managed to make it work. Feels like an updated original DOOM game!

Brilliant game. I have to say that I generally don't think first person games work very well at this resolution as part of the fun is seeing something in the distance to explore and tends to be difficult to make out. I like how you made the sword "twinkle" to get around this. Very impressive and retains the pixel art definition. Great audio too! Works well as a demo and would love to see it further developed.