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AWESOME! Really loved this - everything worked really well! Great graphics which work really well at the res, brilliant gameplay, lovely music! The music did get a little repetitive after a while, but didn't detract from the excellent puzzles. Love the addition of enemies. One of my favourite games of the jam. I made 10 teas!

Thank you very much for your kind comments! Hopefully will expand on this, not sure if I would keep the low res though! Lol! Very true! I'll need to fix that in  the story somehow... Cheers!

I love that you made an old school manual to go with this! That's dedication! Very cool game, enjoyed this! Vert reminiscent of classic RPGs with an interesting mechanics. An in game walkthrough of the combat system would be useful.

Awesome! Amazing what you have done with this - great graphics, atmosphere, audio and gameplay. Only issue for me is the keyboard layout - the left shift felt in a weird place. Well done!

The graphics are amazing! Great work! Works very well at this res. Could do with more variation in combat and gameplay.

Thanks! Checkpoints definitely a good idea - I really dislike having to start games from the beginning, you lose sense of progression! I intended to create save points dotted around the level but ran out of time!

Thanks! Yeah, apparently it's "coyote timing" (or just lazy coding on my part!). I'm going to work on it post jam as ran out of time!

Thank you, glad you had fun!

Thanks for playing and the comments!

Thanks! Yeah, completely agree, To start with I wanted to give 1 life and respawn at point of entry to the room, but I ran out of time...

Thanks for the nice comments, and thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

Good game! Nice platforming action, nice graphics and music. Felt a little too fast for me at this res - made the jumps a bit difficult to land!

Thank you! Yeah, the collider may have been a bit bigger than it should have been. It's probably just a tad too difficult which needs improvement! Cheers!

Thank you very much! The intention was to downsize all the sprites to make max use of the res, so am glad that worked!

Thanks for playing! I think I need to so some work on the difficulty.

Really enjoyed the story and message of this game. Very interesting how the environment stays the same but is different with each of the time zones. I thought the atmosphere was really effective and liked what you had done with the effects etc. Well done!

Well done for getting all the orbs! Thanks for the feedback and completely agree with you. I didn't playthrough enough before submitting so there are a few issues with enemy placement and stuff I think.

Thanks, very kind of you! I'm glad that part of it was a success as was a key aim for me! Cheers!

Thanks for this! Good point - something I'll definitely look into. The dimming of the sprite also isn't visible enough I think. Will look into it! Cheers!

Thanks for this! Yeah, totally agree and a few comments about it! I wanted to make it quite hard (playing a lot of classic retro games lately), but took it too far... The res isn't very forgiving! Cheers!

Thanks for playing and the feedback! Yeah, I think you're right. I didn't have a chance to properly play through before submitting and so there are a few issues with the jumps and enemy placement. I'll look into it for an update! Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, it is possible, but really difficult (more difficult than I intended...). You are right - there isn't enough variation with the jump through platforms, making them brighter a great idea! Cheers!

Great game! Thoroughly enjoyed this and all aspects work really well. Music is great, graphics suit really well (reminded me of a top down Thomas was Alone in a way) and enjoyed the gameplay. Great work!

Nice game! I like this sort of game and thought the art was very cool. Music is good. Would love to see more of this! Enemies were too easy to beat/avoid though - harder enemies, some more variation and maybe traps as well as monster would be very cool to see! You have the beginning of a nice puzzle game here!

This is very cool! I liked the concept of this an awful lot and think the simple graphics are extremely efrfective. Kinda tetrisy - didn't feel like a low res game at all but something pretty complete! Music and effects really work. Just could do with a little more direction and some more variation - definitely something to develop!

This game is absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous art work, lovely animations and really love the colour scheme. Reminds me of a classic megadrive platformer! Music lovely and fitting for the game. I felt the player was a bit too floaty but it did help the smoothness at this res. Combat was cool but could do with a bit of further development, main gripe being that they took too long. The slowness of the camera meant I fell into spikes a few times. Well done, great game overall with a few minor and easily sorted issues!

Nice game! Very cool art work and I do like a top down style rpg!

Really nice! Particularly like the atmosphere, the non-text story and the graphics. The death screen was very nostalgic! I also got a little lost and a bit confused about where I was going but other than that great stuff!

Really nice work - loved this! Really nice atmosphere. Minimal but everything really readable. Good level design. My only complaint would be the keyboard and mouse controls, but that's a personal preference thing (I don't think mouse and keyboard...). It seemed to glitch a little when switching screens or respawning - not sure if that was intentional but I really liked it and added to the atmosphere!

Great game - well done! Particularly impressed with the opening scenes - I thought they really set the scene and were a lovely touch! I ran out of ammo and couldn't work out how to get more. Really enjoyed it!

I thought this was great! Really reminds me of old games! Very impressive you managed to fit in all of the elements! The viewport for the player was effectively smaller than 32x32 worked brilliantly! Love the amount of detail you managed to get in and a levelling up system etc. My only gripe is that it's very easy to get lost in these kinds of games - a map would have really helped - even if only a small portion of the map, where you had already been or needing to press a key to open. Loved it!

Nice! Good mix of gameplay, minimal but really fitting graphics and good audio. As others have said, would be really good to see this developed further. There was a nice puzzle feel to it - particularly the first 2 levels where the limited space made you think about your path. The 3rd level seemed easier despite being bigger as there were more areas to hide.

Really good! The small sprites worked really well at the resolution and I really liked the gameplay. Very cool animations and everything was really smooth! I had issues at first with the controls - on linux and trackpad the 2 finger tap wasn't registering as a right click for some reason so used a different pc. I use a laptop a lot which isn't really conducive to keyboard and mouse games for me. Also got confused when I went off screen - would be good to constrain the the screen itself. Music was excellent. Well done!

yeah, I understand! A short camera pan would probably help! You could modify beyond the 64x64 - your game would work better in landscape for a bigger field of vision. Personally I think 16x9 is the aspect to go for when not constrained by the jam - so you can extend while keeping it low res to 128x72 without much work. That’s what I’ll probably be doing!

ahh! I see! Very cool!

Absolutely brilliant! Loved every single part of this (I think it may be the game I wanted to make!). The graphics are brilliant, great game design, music and sound effects fit perfectly. I really like how each screen is self contained. The little details all add up as well - the environment animations, the different attack animations, feedbacks etc. It felt like the cracked blocks were breakable and could have led to secret areas - maybe health or some sort of power up? The axe mechanic works really well and adds another level to the game.

Excellent job!

Good game! I enjoyed this a lot! Graphics were really good, though I found the background a bit confusing and made the spikes a bit difficult to see. The camera movements made the graphics glitch a little and some of the text wasn't have great definition - would have been better with out anti-aliasing. If the fighting was developed further (e.g. different attacks, maybe a block and duck attack) it would make the fights more exciting. Great!

Really like the look of this - good use of the shader. Wasn't quite sure of where I was going or what I could interact with, something to interact with early on would really help! Good stuff!

Very good doom-alike game! Enjoyed the gameplay and graphics particularly - worked really well at this res!