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Thanks Jack! Very odd! Yeah, it’s not an ideal situation but makes it easier to play square games on oblong devices! That’s probably something to do with it as phaser is pretty solid. I’ll aim for native phaser touchscreen controls for the update. Thanks again for taking the time to check this out for me!

Hey Jack, hope you don't mind - can you let me what Linux OS/version and chrome version you were using - I've tested with Solus and Chrome (not Chromium) and is working for me. Would be useful to track down the issue for an update, though am considering using Unity for compatibility.


Hey, thanks for the feedback! Sorry I didn't get a chance to rate/comment on your submission before the end of the jam - looks like you've done really well! Yeah, was aiming at those things and quite happy with how my game turned out, though a lot of improvement can be made in the future! Cheers!

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! The fisherman was a last minute addition which needs to be improved - I ran out of time in the jam!

I'm going to develop this further, including a possible 3d or 2.5d makeover in the near future, so I'm not going to endorse a remake at this point. There's nothing to stop you being inspired by it though - the base story is public domain! Thanks for your interest!


Lovely little game - great art, style and audio! Love the message! I found the isometric and the arrow direction a bit confusing (going at diagonals), but I always have that problem...

Thanks! Agreed on the loop! Glad you enjoyed exploring it!

Good version of a classic - well executed! At first I was confused by the key presses, it might help to indicate the number on the pipe icon, but then I thought this would be a good way to learn touch typing if developed in that way!

Thanks for the comments and feedback, glad you enjoyed it! Odd about the controls, to be fair I only tested on chrome/Windows so need to look into that but likely to be a phaser thing as I just used out of the box controls... Yeah, the music definitely needs more variety! Nothing of note in the orchard - I’d ran out of time and motivation by that point! Think I’ll definitely be doing an update, maybe extend the screen size or do a HD remake so will look into that and the other bits then! Cheers!

Very cool little game - I particularly liked the little touches like the and godot logos on the sides of the buildings! I also liked the 2d element in the buildings. Would like to see more going on here, more of a story and more to do in buildings - think this could be developed into a very good game!

Nicely made with a good feel to it and lovely low rez graphics. I love a good dungeon crawl and this was a good version of one. I noticed that if you walk into a room and immediately turn back, the camera took some time to react - meaning that you got almost to the other side of the screen before the camera caught up. Quite a minor thing and easy to fix, just make the animation a bit faster. Good stuff!

Cool idea and concept, can see this developing into an interactive story type format with small choices available to the player. I liked it!

Beautiful game - really well rendered and 3d done in a beautifully low res style which really fits the format - very cute and very cool! I did notice some jitter at the edge of the screen and as someone else said, this really needs audio. Lovely, would love to see this completely finished! Well done indeed!

Love the art, gameplay and music! Solid platformer, hard as nails! Really enjoyed this one!

Really excellent sprites and artwork! I enjoyed this one a lot! I think the controls could do with some work, the mouse controls were a bit awkward for me (on trackpad) and would be good to include keyboard buttons instead.

I really like the graphics style but not sure it works for this sort of game, maybe at a slightly higher resolution it would be easier to work things out. Very distinctive!

This is utterly gorgeous! Wonderful artwork and audio! I found the keyboard/mouse controls a little difficult (on track pad) and would help to have alternative controls (a keyboard button as well as mouse click to interact). Also found the hitboxes on the environment a little counter intuitive - couldn't walk through areas I wanted to. Amazing entry, would love to see what you do with this!

Beautiful! Great job - amazing art style and near perfect gameplay! I found the size of the enemy bullets a bit big for this sort of game, but still managed to avoid most of them! Really needs audio, but other than that, an amazing submission which really worked well at the res! Well done!

Beautifully made! Lovely graphics and gameplay! I'm not very good with wall jump games so could be me, but felt odd to be pushing into the wall when wall jumping. I also found it a little confusing knowing where the level ended so a bit more of an indication would help. A solid platformer!


Man, this is tough! Love the concept but found it a bit too tough! To be fair, I'm using a trackpad - I could see this working really well on touchscreen!

I loved the concept of this, nice sense of humour and use of text. It would be good for the text field to be autoselected, I spent a lot of time clicking there!

This looks really good - I was quite excited to see more as I tried this fairly early as well! You have some really good artwork here and I'm sure the finished game would be great!

Really interesting idea and would love to see this taken further!

Solid rogue-like - enjoyed this a lot! Looks like you've nailed the core mechanics, just a bit of polish would really help. I did find that holding a direction key would end up with glitches - freezing the game and firing actions/sound effects at once. Good game!

I liked this - needs more to it, but a great start! Love the graphics and sound effects, just needs a bit more to it!

Utterly loved this - amazing how much variety you managed to get into this and all worked really well. Graphics really fit with it and audio really added to it. Great sense of humour! Really well done! Only thing I struggled with was understanding what the lives were, but soon got that. Played this with a mate and both really enjoyed it!

Cheers! I was thinking of that and good to get feedback on it. I wanted to keep it as a flip-screen to see how it would work out. I think it's nice to contain everything in set screens but as you say doesn't feel too smooth. Thanks!

Haha! Thanks! Glad the song worked its way into your head! Wasn't sure if it would fit but think it turned out ok! Cheers!

Thanks for the feedback! I was thinking about doing that - the dialogue to trigger without clicking and I may well do so in an update, or maybe have it as an in game option. It would suit the game better but some of my motivation here was to introduce kids to classic rpg mechanics and controls, and clicking on stuff is a classic interaction. I think at least an exclamation mark should appear over Red's head when near an interaction. Cheers!

Interesting game! I like the concept and think a lot more could be made of this. I agree with things others have said - a little more hand holding at the start, keeping the player sprite on the screen and a more legible text would help this out as would audio. Would like to see what you do with it!

Thank you! It's tough getting all those words into a small space! I was committed to a "proper" version of the fairy tale so had to use the words written by Perrault as much as possible - fortunately it's short!

I enjoyed this and really love what you've done with extra limitations! I love the arduboy and this is a great example of the creativity it can promote. Really done well with the graphics and particularly the audion to convey a very clear game! Well done!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed playing!

Loved it! More variation and a few more interesting things happening and I could quite happily spend a while burning marshmallows on this!

Nice! I liked the concept and the game design - nice use of the resolution! The flamethrower was a nice touch! Like others I found the mouse/keys combo a bit difficult (I'm also on a trackpad), and found myself sticking to walls/objects rather than sliding along them which held me up a bit. The positioning of the player sprite dependent on where the mouse was is a nice touch - allowing you to look further in certain directions, but also confused me a bit at this res - I was placing the player sprite at the bottom of the screen and getting attacked from behind! Due to my difficulty with the controls, I tried racing through and it got pretty hectic pretty quick! Good game!

Great game! Really enjoyed the art style, the world design and the audio. Great job on making it non-verbal/text - really hard to do at this res! Also there seems to be a small trend for pacifistic/non-violent games in this jam which I really appreciate ;). I couldn't work out how to get the ring and noticed that the controls seemed a little unresponsive at times, but very minor complaints in a fantastically polished game!

Great game, very enjoyable and well made! Loved the graphics and audio. I enjoyed the game play, good puzzles which gave a good challenge. Love a pacifist protagonist!

No worries! As said, a really great game and these are minor issues! I totally understand where you’re coming from! It’s tough getting something done in this time and resolution, and bug tracking takes so long! Well done, post jam updates will just elevate it further!

Great game - very well executed. Love the sprites and the slime trail adds a little something! The audio fits nicely as well! The flying things were stupidly hard... Good game!