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Cheers! Appreciate the comment. Yes, I used a simple tilemap. And yes, I used shader magic for the reflection :)

check the executable hdpi setting

I think perhaps the most interesting will be crackshot. The code is on github. I hope it helps.

if I understand your castellano correctly... Sure! Knock yourself out

Thanks for checking out my little games... again and again! I really appreciate it!

As for the source code... Nope. I will not release it for multiple reasons but the two most important ones are: 1. There's nothing new with regards to code that I've already released with other games, and 2. I used really poorly written code that should not be used as an example for anybody.

Cool! Thanks for trying the game!

Thanks for the comment. I'll try to answer your questions one by one.
1. Where did I get the explosions
We made them.
2. How am I creating the glow
Moving lights
3. Sprite masks?
No... Lights
4.  How come the sprite change shape?
It does not... It just moves very quickly.

The game is not optimized at all... It's a game jam and there's often no time for those fancy stuff. I wish it was though :)


I used Godot

Thanks for trying out the game. I could not find myself doing lovey-dovey things... So I interpreted the theme for an action game. Hearts provide light for the levels and if you take them you will no longer be able to see much more than what's around the player character :)

thanks for trying the game! I used colored vibrating light masks everywhere to get that effect.

Nicely polished game! Well done!

I really enjoyed this game. The opening sequence did it for me :) Very nice environment and a great concept!

Really cool aesthetics! Nicely done!

I had no music at all, unfortunately. But other than that, I loved the concept!

Very cool game!

I was terrified!!!! Well done!

Very nice game!

Well done! The sacrifice mechanics is very well blended with the jam theme!

Very nice game! I really enjoyed the messages at the end/beginning of each level. It was an important detail that kept me coming back and fence off rage quitting :)

Thank you so much for trying my little game! I just published a new version with hopefully much improved platforming. But still... Your video is awesome and I truly appreciated it and the feedback!

Thanks! I'll consider it for sure! I've been following your games for a while now and they are always gorgeous!!!

The bushes are the key to survival :)

I mean Samurai Sam, TV Game Jam game :)

Oh... By the way... there is a dodge... Jump to avoid slashes.

You must be confused with Samurai Jack... Our hero is definitely Samurai Sam.

I've just released a new version with hopefully much improved platforming.

Thank you so much for trying out my game. That is an unfortunate and strange bug. You're the first person to report it and I have no idea how to replicate it. Can you give me some more details on your system? OS, GPU, etc?

PS: Your game is wonderful by the way. It's incredible how you pulled it off in such as short amount of time.

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yeah... I need to do something about the platforms. But thank you so much for playing and especially for taking the time to post here! Appreciated

Oh uau! He's not kidding around! Amazing work!!

sorry... This is a download only... What happens with the antivirus?

I see... That's a shame but understandable. Only a couple of weeks to make a game is often not enough for audio. Well done anyway!

Thor?!?!? Uau! That's a power name with an awesome background :) Does Thor have a link to his work?

it's always great to see your game plays. Thank you so much for doing this!

Thanks for playing the game! Unfortunately the boss has a tiny annoying bug that does not seem to happen very often. I'll fix it very soon! Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks for checking out the game on your stream!

Excellent design! As usual!

You've managed to produce an emotional game using simple game mechanics, sound and music. That is outstanding! Well done!

Thanks! I also tested my controllers on a mac and all were good.

Hum... I wonder how can I make those spikes clearer... I'm thinking I can replace one of the water jumps with spike jump. This would make it evident that there are spikes in that level... What do you guys think?