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Thanks for the warning. It should be fixed now.

I think that you can play with a gamepad, even online. But I'm afraid I didn't have the time to implement control rebinding.

I think that  I have to spend some time balancing the game an making some things more obvious.


Context is everything here.

Don't thank me for the checkpoints... Thank my wife/playtester... After two tries, she gave me "the look" and I implemented the checkpoints.

Mario... I'm thinking Mario without the control lag.

Thanks but I'm an idiot. You should check out real devs.


You got this

Very good comment! Thanks!

Glad I did! That's what this is all about

That's a pretty good time indeed! But I have developer privileges so I can't compete.

Cheers! I did use some premade stuffs. There's a list on the game description.

Nice! Thanks!

I killed the puppy... I deserve death!

This is very very good. Ready for production.

Really cute game! I loved the expression when dying :) The puzzles are nicely designed but I felt that they could be a little clearer. Nevertheless, it may have been my incompetence. 

The perspective was a really good touch on the game. Well done!

I felt like the gameplay was suited to the feel of the game. Slow and requiring intent with the grid motion. I enjoyed the fact that the game remembers all ones actions but I think was lacking by 1. some actions seem to have few consequences and 2. only being able to play it once. It would not be a choice that I would make although I think I understand why you made it. As a game, I did not appreciate this as much as I did as an experience.

Excellent for playing on the go. I especially like the playful colorful art. Very well done!

Thanks! There are a ton of reused items though I can't recall a specific one from a super short hike in particular, other than the character controller. In any case, there's a list of the main reused stuffs above, if you're interested.

Loved this! From the concept to the mood that you achieved. The juicy interface works very well to increase satisfaction of achieving a combo. I also loved the way that the game always tells you what you can do and never uses words. Its amazing!

Thanks! The cat????

And then I found about the slow motion and everything changed! Amazing!

Sorry about that. I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

So far, the most interesting game I've tried! Top scores!

I may have had a bug where I simply can't pickup a box. it cycles very quickly between picking up or not the but. So in the end it was very difficult to play. For this reason, I could not get past the "put it all together screen"

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Dang... This is hard! I could not go past the second stage. The scrolling simply puts me off I can never aim properly. After 30min trying I simply could not continue trying any further.

Ah... Dang. It is totally true! I was supposed to fix it but forgot!

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Oh no… Sorry for that. It should not be possible to get stuck so it’s my bad. Where was it so that I can fix it?

thanks! I really appreciate it!

Yeah... Perhaps you're right but it is a pretty common mechanism to drop from platforms. Example games are Ori and the Blind Forest or the Will of the Wisps, Katana ZERO,  and many others.

Thank you!

There workarounds it if you're willing to hack away a little with the terminal. Google is your friend to find the solution.

Sorry... I can't do much about it. Mac OSX security blocks everything that is not signed and signing this game is a cost that I can't handle.

Unfortunately, the new Mac security requirements make it pretty hard to achieve for me. Sorry about that.


Seems like your browser may be unable to support this game. You can perhaps try to use another browser.

Not likely. Some did but not that many. The number of views is pretty small.