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Uau! On the intro sequence alone you got me. The work that went into this is incredible! Very well done!

Sorry if it took too long. It's designed to finish in 7~8 days but it may take longer with some bad luck of the dice.

Thanks for checking it out!

I'm actually a highly efficient mutant ninja alien gamedev.

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for making the video!

I made a giant water-orange-melon and it was a ton of fun :)

Very nice art!

This is hilarious! Especially with a ton of room mates!

Hi! Can I ask you to add some instructions to your game page? I was a little confused to what to do :)

I've got you!

Cheers! I was a bit lazy to make multiple stages so ahem... placed them all in the same :)

Thanks! Most appreciated!

Thanks for checking it out.

Yeah... They are nasty. I'm working on balance to make it less devastating.

Yep. I should work a little on balancing it :) Thanks for checking it out!

Eh... I'll think about it. To me, using the mouse only for a button, without aiming is not intuitive though.


Glad you enjoyed it


Its all procedural generation... So I have only limited control :) But thanks for checking it out!

Thanks! Well.. I decided to prevent slashing and running at the same time due to laziness to the the segmented animations :)

That's a bummer... Can you provide more details?

Thank you very very much! I really appreciate that you took the time. I'll try to replicate this bug as well as one from a previous player and see what can be done.

Thanks! I assume that you are using an NVIDIA GPU? If so, are the drivers up to date?

If you have a little bit of time, can I trouble you into providing some more details about your PC? Configuration? GPU? Etc.?

I'm really sorry about that. Unfortunately, that seems to be an engine problem and there's not much I can do about it other than apologize for your pour experience with the game.

I'm afraid not. The current license only allows non-commercial use.

Thanks also for reporting. It is weird as I'm am able to run it without having to change the permissions on my mac. Nevertheless, I am still using Mojave 10.14.6, which may explain the issue.

Just tested it and it's working fine on my Mac. Can you describe your problem a little more?

Unfortunately, I've had little availability to test the MacOSX export. Will do so as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting

Correcao: Ja vi o problema... Penso que gamepad nao esta configurada corretamente... Infelizmente so da pra jogar com teclado.

Muito obrigado! Vou tambem ver o seu jogo assim que possivel.

Obrigado por experimentar o game e mais ainda por tirar o tempo para mandar o seu comentario. 
Mas o que quer dizer com "nao da pra atirar nas diagonais"? Da ultima vez que eu tentei o jogo dava pra disparar em qualquer direcao...

make sure the executable as the right permissions also


A very nice game and extra points for making it in C64! I'm a ZX Spectrum player myself but mainly because I could not afford the C64 :)

Ok... Took me a couple of minutes to fully understand that falling is part of the game itself. At least it seemed to me that it was your intention. If so, very original! Nice!

I would like to see more of this game! I really enjoyed the comic book aesthetic. But I think I may have found a bug when restarting the game as it seems it always goes to the death scene.

ouch! That's one more for the post-jam fix... Thanks for posting!

Obrigado por experimentares o jogo! Mais ainda por teres tirado o tempo para escrever um comentario.