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I guess this one should be ok as well: beepbox

Thanks. Are the rules are then: 2 square wave channels, 1 wave channel and 1 noise channel?

Created a new topic Any restrictions on sound?

Hi everyone! Are there any restrictions on sound?

That was hilarious!!! And you managed to break the game a bunch of times!!! I really have to sort out those bugs.

Good point! Will do.

This build is for windows 64. Are you running 32? AFIK, there are no dependencies.

Thanks for playing it!

Oh... I see... I don't think your PC's that bad. I also tested it on a 2011 macbook air which is much less powerfull than yours and it was fine. Might be something else... 

Well... It might be a bit too late for this jam but I'll try to include some disabling options next time. It might be hard due to time constrains though so I don't think I can place it on the top of the list of stuff to do. It would nonetheless be interesting to have an automated way to determine the performance of the player's PC and adjust stuff correspondingly.

Glad you liked the game and I'm sorry that your experience was not satisfatory due to the heavy game requirements. Out of curiosity, what computer is this? @JackLeHamster and @meatpudding also had issues but all the computers I tested it on were just fine. My development PC is pretty powerful so I usually try to test it on less powerful machines to figure out if adjustments have to be made. I had no problems on a 2016 macbook pro or a 2017 microsoft surface and these are not the most powerful.

It cannot die but it can be passed... timing is key

Cheers! It was a good play with good advices to improve the design. I already modified the game to follow some of your suggestions, including an attempt to balance the sound and music volumes.

Thanks for playing it! I also had a great time playing your game!

Awesome! Glad you liked it! And I'm sorry but bananas are part of life...

Thanks for checking it out!

Hopefully, I've managed to fix that in the latest version... Still to fix is the boss though...

Hi! The latest version should have fixed that bug... hopefully...

I've just uploaded an updated version that hopefully fixes this bug.

Thanks for playing it... I would very much like to include all the things you mentioned on a proper post-jam version. Adding feedback like warning the player about which tiles are about to sink and add more choices, different types of characters, a faster boat, more boats, etc, could actually make this game interesting.... I'll try harder next time.

Thanks for playing the game. Sorry... That's a known bug... Amongst others :) I'll try to fix it ASAP.

Oh uau! Thanks for taking the time to check out Daisy Dangerous and for writing the article.

Hey! Thanks for playing my game. It is indeed challenging and I actually updated it to be easier. The first version was perhaps too much..

Them bullets... Nasty! But a really good entry! Nicely done!

This is a really enjoyable game! You managed to make the player (at least myself) feel rewarded for finishing the levels! Especially that last one.

I played your games a couple of days ago but didn't rate at the time. Doing it now though.
I liked the interaction with the room items as well as the computer but for some reason I could not get past the third iteration. The instructions box was in front of the clock. I'm guessing I might be playing it in the wrong resolution.

When exporting, just export to Mac or Linux

Android and IPhone is also possible but more complex.

Thanks for playing my little game! Most appreciated!

Thank you so much for playing it! Again... I really enjoyed your video and amazed at your patience!

The art is really really good. Nicely done!

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Very nice game but for some reason I had no sound. Is there supposed to be any or is it something from my machine. Otherwise, really clever game.

[Edit] I messed up my laptop's settings... Sound is working now and its great!

You can build for Mac with Godot, even if running from a windows machine

I've done it! I've castrated my game... Now it's gone from a raging tiger to a fat pussy cat. All for you guys. Please enjoy.

sorry to hear that. I guess I might have made it too hard but the arrow is really just the basics. It gets a lot harder later and  there's more meta than that though

IMHO This is an outstandingly fun game. Strongly recommended and top on fun and humor for me so far.

This is a cruel though probably realistic depiction of the industry... Go indie is the main message. You can win on easy mode by crushing the community but the real challenge is hard mode. It's a very nicely balanced game with good visual and awesome audio, complete with toilet oriented sounds.

Really good pixel art and great game feel. The only problem I encountered was a crash when finding a bunch of bugs.

Really good concept! I absolutely loved it!

Thanks for the tips! Such a relief to get this one!!!

Uau! Thanks for all the feedback!

I tried to make it as challenging as the original... Most likely a bad idea for a jam game. I might revise this some time this week. The water was sort'of a last minute addition and I didn't worry too much about combining it with the pixel look. I'm not really a pixel art purist :) but I might also revise this. Hopefully the shader can be modified to remain within a pixel grid.

Again, Thanks a lot for checking it out.

cheers! I'll certainly keep it in mind!

Thanks for checking it out! That's actually a pretty serious bug since some of the puzzles depend on ducking right after stairs... I'll squash it after the Jam. Thanks again!