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Yeah... Perhaps you're right but it is a pretty common mechanism to drop from platforms. Example games are Ori and the Blind Forest or the Will of the Wisps, Katana ZERO,  and many others.

Thank you!

There workarounds it if you're willing to hack away a little with the terminal. Google is your friend to find the solution.

Sorry... I can't do much about it. Mac OSX security blocks everything that is not signed and signing this game is a cost that I can't handle.

Unfortunately, the new Mac security requirements make it pretty hard to achieve for me. Sorry about that.


Seems like your browser may be unable to support this game. You can perhaps try to use another browser.

Not likely. Some did but not that many. The number of views is pretty small.

Due to life, I started around 11 days early but I'm counting the days to make sure of using only 31 development days.

Hope that's alright.

If they complain, I'll take it down.

No rush :) I was just checking out other Godot games. I was pretty impressed by this as your first game with Godot. Please carry on making more.


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Hi CyberGNeticS! Thanks for checking out the game. Interestingly you're not the first to complain about the controls but in our testing, we had no issues at all with controller (I tested 2) or keyboard. Can you provide a few more details on which control method and device you're using?

Really well done! Congrats!

Absolutely wonderful!

huh... thanks... this is the submitted version... sorry.

Conceito brilhante! Adorei

Outlines de facto! Obrigado por experimentares o jogo!

True... That first shovel was a poor choice... I wanted to have the player scout the bottom of the world to find it but should have thought of a better solution.

You're pretty close. Yep... Our hero is one of the Rick Dangerous baddies from level two but the real inspiration for this game is actually a much older game... Chuckie Egg, for the ZX Spectrum.

Thanks for checking out the game! Maybe one day I can work on this a little further. For now, the gamejam edition is all there is and, as usual, time ran out before more could be made.


The amiga was one of my favorite gaming platforms of all time though it was the 500. Your choice of a... hum... 300... was interesting :)

A great idea for a conversion! That was a pretty neat entry and I had a ton of fun. I somehow doubt that the Atari 2600 would ever be able to run a game with an off-grid pixel style. Nevertheless, it is an insignificant nitpick. Well done!

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Very nice game. Such a sweet character. I loved it! The egg-based control is pretty sweet ubt a little nitpick was that I busted the egg on the first jump and was unable to progress. Of course, a quick run against the spikes solved it but it would be nice to not have to do that. Other instances of this happened across the game but those could be easily polished out. Overall, a pretty solid entry.

This game is incredible. Unbelievable for a weeks work! I hope you manage to further develop it to a full game.

Really good art and feel. Well done!

Oh uau! This is really fun! You absolutely nailed it on the satisfaction meter! Well done!

This is such a great idea! The conversion is flawless and the possibility of removing the CRT effect is most welcome. This is a game that I would totally get commercially.

An awesome conversion! The atmosphere is totally Megadrive.

Controls are sweet, graphics are awesome and the playthrough is very rewarding.

Nice! Thank you so much for giving it a try!

Cheers! Thanks for trying it!

Thanks for checking out the game. And no. There are no third party assets in this game.

Cheers! Try to find the toy shovel.

That's pretty much it David. Thanks!

Hi! Thanks for following! The update was really nothing. I only changed the webpage to not start the game immediately and instead wait for the players to begin the game if they wish to. Happy holidays!

Thanks! I'm using godot and I'll try to implement something similar to this!

Hi everyone! I'm a bit of an idiot regarding this sitelocking mechanism so here are a few questions:

- Is there a procedure to perform to protect one's html5 game or does the autolock actually run automatically?

- My game (dracunite for the lowrezjam) has been stolen by a bunch of sites... So... I was assuming that if the autolock is working automatically... It no longer is or these sites found a workaround it. Is there anything I can about it?

thanks for any help!

And the culprits I found on the first page of a google search...

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Its totally possible from either above or below. Throwing bombs is totally a thing and... Don't tell anyone but, two bombs can be better than one.

Probably... I never really tested in linux... Just trusted Godot's export.