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I've open the source a while ago. Enjoy:

thanks for trying the game. I really appreciate it and even more for taking the time to write a comment. I still could not replicate this bug. Hence, so far I've been powerless to squash it properly. But I'll keep trying.

Super addictive! Well done!

shucks... Now you got me embarrassed... Thanks for the kind words!

I have a life outside of gamedev... That life calls for me all too often.

Cool! Thanks for posting!

Cheers! I really appreciate you making the video!

Partly due to your amazing art! Thanks again!!!

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He he he! That last part is a little bit challenging :) Thanks for giving it a shot!

Thanks for trying out my little game. Appreciated!

Awesome! Glad you had a good time with it. That's what it's all about!

I'm currently travelling in China and for some resaon, can't upload my project for this jam... A rain animation creation tool

Any suggestions to handle this would be greatly appreciated!


Help our protagonist shoot off the evil robots on a alien landscape.

This is a shooter platformer for the Octobear game jam.

Unfortunately, this does require a relatively modern pc that supports OpenGL 3.3. Sorry about that but thanks for trying to run it anyway.

Good point! I may try to add some visual references in a future version. Thanks for the comment!

Cheers! Glad you enjoyed it.

Your wish is my command... Please find it in the downloads section.

Thanks for  testing the game! The continue should restart from the last respawn point and not exactly from the point you left. Is that what's happening to you or are you restarting from the start of the game?

Hi! Thanks for checking it out! I really appreciate all your comments and I'll revise the game accordingly.

Resurgent is much better... Go play that instead!

I'm sorry to read that you had a bad experience with this. The spike jump is possible but perhaps too hard.

I working on a revised version where this and other problems in the game are being revised. So I hope you come back to check out the revised version soon.

I any case, I appreciate you taking the time to check out the game and post a comment. It really helps. Thanks!

I'm the one who's sorry for you not having a good experience with this game. But thanks for at least trying to run it.

did you try to run the executable with the appropriate permissions?

Thanks for the comment. It's interesting the disparities between the dev's perception of difficulty and the REAL difficulty of a game. My bad for making it too hard at times.

Hey! Thanks for trying the game. It's all about the feedback for me.

Yes, the game can be unfair at times... Mostly for two reasons: 1. Design bugs 2. Design intentions and a 3rd one for free... real bugs.

I don't know which are you referring to but I hope it didn't put you off too much :)

Thanks for playing my game. Appreciated! 

Yep. There are some unsquashed bugs which I was unable to fix in time. Zombies stuck in edges is one of them. The small holes are a bit clunky because I was unable to increase the ceiling height in time. I also had some doubts about making that change only because the holes force you to take care and not simply run through that passage. I felt that it would be too easy that way but may be wrong. It was important that the player knew how to jump well enough to be able to jump through the spikes ahead.

This is a good fun puzzle game nailing the theme.

I actually never tried debian... I have no idea but I'll ask around.

Oh nice! Thanks for playing my game and producing a great video about! Much appreciated! Also... When dying, at the hands of a zombie vampire, one tends to become a zombie vampire as well. My bad for not making it clear... ;)

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Sorry but the camera really drove me off a bit. It's a good idea to give a cinematic feel but perhaps slowing down the camera zoom a lot and make it depend on the environment rather than the player control would perhaps help.

[Edit] A question... I played it on my browser and it had no sound. Is it the same with an offline version? If so, I will try this game again.

Sorry you could not finish this one. I hope you recover soon and finish it.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to trying AND making a video about it! Really appreciated!!!

So far, this game has, hands down, the best music of the jam.

Great fun and great tunes! At first I failed to understand the mechanics. After loosing (quite a bit) I realized that the arrows require the light to find the enemies. But after that, it all smooth.

Nicely done! Very complete set of controls.

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Beautiful art! Very nice! Unfortunately, it was hard to position the character with respect to the world. Maybe use some indication of their position, like a shadow.

Great fun following the damned vampire! I only felt like the sprites were a little too big and would prefer to see more of the world on screen. But then again, that's just cause I'm lazy and crap at playing games. Great work and well done!

This is a wonderful game that deserves further exploration. I really enjoyed it, especially the ending.

This game was hard as nails but great fun. The music was outstanding! Well done!

Perfect use of the theme and excelent ambient!