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Thanks for checking out the game. I really appreciate it. I think that one may easily point out at least a dozen games over the recent years with the same style of graphics and atmosphere :). I never played Demon Tower but because of you have been checking out some playthroughs and it's pretty cool. I really must find the time to try night in the woods but at the moment breath of the wild has taken over my life :)

Again!!! Thank you so much for all your efforts. The viewports are poorly designed. They are definitely too large for what is required and I might take the time soon to size them properly. However, they are required for the effect of the flames so I can't just get rid of them easily. As for preloading as much as possible, absolutely! I just have no idea how to do that :)

Uau! Didn't realize it would be that bad. Thanks for the effort though.

Of course not! No problem!

I did sleep a "healthy" 5h per night during the jam. However, I did quite a few tricks to simplify the assets. The only real labor was on the main character, for which I made a ton of sprites. The rest were super simple with 2 sprites for the monsters and a basic tileset for the environment. Music was also very short with 5 or 6 notes in total and a lot of repetition. Most of the time was just coding the interactions and making the levels.

Hi! Thanks for the report. I really don't know why it happens and I've seen it on some computers but not others. Maybe it's the particles initiating but I'm not sure. It does not change when going from 1 particle to 1000 particles.

10 minutes is awesome! I was aiming for at most 2 minutes of entertainment :)


Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Uau! This was hard! But the effects are really good!

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A top-down shooter roguelike for the Godot Community game jam.

Help Theo find the Skrolls of Thermos using only a shield to deflect enemy projectiles.

This is a top-down shooter roguelike game made in about 72h for the Godot Community gamejam. It's mechanics are based on using a shield to deflect ice or fire bullets on a kind'of pong of death scenario.


Good design and the graphics were on the spot for the game. It was hard but the level of relief when ending a screen made it very rewarding. Nicely done!

This game was really fun! Found myself irresistibly cliking everywhere only to get more frustrated about not finding George!

Well done and good choice of graphics and sounds! 

Excelent graphics and music! However, it is pretty hard! That is NOT a bad thing... it's just me that's not that good of a gamer :)

Its a beautiful game! The graphics are amazing and the music is really good as well!

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Really good game! Well done!!! You totally mastered Godot!!!!

These things are just knit picking, really. It's a great entry.

Damn... This is hard... Best I could get was 23s. Great graphics and music as well!

Great first game. Heck... A lot better than my first game with Godot! I particularly enjoyed the graphics but I died profusely till getting it.

I love that design! It's the thing I struggle the most with. I would require much much longer than that for a similar level of interesting puzzle. Nicely done!

Good mechanics and would be very interesting to see a more polished version. I really like the zooming in and out with velocity. I might try to use that in the future. Unfortunately I failed to find easter eggs.

I think 35 should probably be internal temperature. Nevertheless, a good entry. I understood the need for slugish controls for having to plan ahead.

Really enjoyed the strategy of this. How long did it take you to design the levels?

Hi! I tried it again with F11 and it is much better. So here are 3 suggestions:

1. Include F11 instructions somewhere very clear in the game

2. When switching to full screen mode, it is probably a good idea to keep the scaling. Otherwise the visible areas in window mode and fullscreen mode will be different

3. Add some flocking mechanism to the enemies. Otherwise they just cump together,as in the screenshot below

Other that those, good work!

This was a really fun game! I had a blast trying to hit the 1tonne carrying birds, accidentally hitting the engine with a bomb and then trying to put out the fire! 

A good entry! Also impressive that you managed to squeeze in configuration settings. But the mouse control is not particularly easy on a windowed game. I kept having to go back to the window because of accidentally clicking outside it. Would it be possible to have a full screen version?

The visuals are pretty good. I especially liked the fractals. But it was hard to understand the objective of the game.


Thanks for playing it live! Always great to watch someone play the game. I kept taking notes all the time for future improvements :)

All comments are welcome guys. Thanks!

Thanks for the comment. Will try to do better next time.

I could have (should have) made some sort of lock mechanism that only opens doors when enemies are dead. Maybe in a post jam version

I thought it was fun to ram them with the shield... But that's just me ;) 

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Thanks for the comments. You do get more points for kills than for time though. Guess I could have made that more obvious.

Ops! I must have been blind! Sorry for the trouble!

Cheers! Same here! It's gonna be a tough weekend of ultra fast learning!

Was wondering if participants must make everything from scratch, compo style, or can use assets from other sources with permissible licenses.

I guess this one should be ok as well: beepbox

Thanks. Are the rules are then: 2 square wave channels, 1 wave channel and 1 noise channel?