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My best work, I'd say.

This is only a little test. But I can quickly address the issue with the comments.

maybe use spaces?

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RND is tough... Just like tetris but worse. Sorry you had some unfortunate luck. I'll try to handle it in the future.

Squids are cute. But are they fish?

Try to replace the section on the left.

That's not a bad idea. I'll give it some thought.

Como assim? Pode sempre substituir os blocos.

There are a few but if I catch a new one, I can easily update the list.

I agree with you. I thought about making it... Then I thought that that is REALLY hard to make since you can have multiple strategies. Also, I remembered Tetris and I think that its important to embrase the randomness. Also... I was lazy to catalog everything.

Para aprender gamedev, a quantidade vale mais que a qualidade.

Muito obrigado!

Awesome that you liked it!

Impec! Ainda bem que gostaste.

Nice! Thanks for checking out the game.

Thank YOU for playing the game. Its what its all about! Hope you have a great time in France. Its a wonderful country.

Uau! I don't think many people reached that far. Thanks for checking out the game!

Thanks! I thought about the volume control but I had no time to do it as I was focused on more critical aspects of the game. But I get your thinking... In a game where music is an essential part of the game feel, there should be an in-game volume control. All I did was a setting to turn music on and off, relying on the user to adjust the volume of the PC.

Cheers! You should try the other weapons... The uzi gets rid of zones real fast and the bazoka does it in a single shot :)

Indeed... 2 Pixels are hard to see, I admit. And you're not the only person to mention this. I'll have to rethink it next time.

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Shooting is the answer! Just shoot the overlapping zones to oblivion!

Thanks for trying it. But there's really not much here... The whole spritesheet is 256x256 for the assets...

Thanks but end? This game has no end :) Its shooting baddies till infinity!

Thanks for trying out the game. Glad you liked it. The areas are kind'of supposed to make it hard since you have to shoot those as well as the baddies. This game takes a long time to balance.

I never tried to use a mouse to play a plaformer+shooter game... I have to try in order to get some sensitivity to that technique. In any case, thank you very much for checking out the game. Much appreciated!

Thanks for checking out the game. I should have placed some instruction to hold the fire button to purchase stuff. Alas it will have to be for the post-jam version.

Yeah... Apologies for that. There's not much I can do other than providing the binaries for download.

thanks for the kind words and I’m sorry that it took some effort to figure out the firing button. I have to update the website and include some instructions. I used a combination of animation player and tweens, depending on the case. If you let me know which one interested you the most, I’ll be happy to explain.

Thanks for checking out the game. The blur effect is made of 4 images that fuse together when the player finds the lenses. That’s how I implemented the limitation.


Yep. You got it.

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Should be up now.

Unfortunately, I could not run the html version on my Mac. So it took a while till finding a windows PC to run it.

- The variety of the enemies and their AI is pretty decent. Not much to mention here.

- I think that the control is perhaps too fast. Very fast jumps and high gravity without truly being a precision platform game.

- A map would really help though the game ends up being very linear It really have very little challenge towards exploration.

- The choice of the sprite size with respect to the screen size could be made better. Perhaps that is the reason why it feels like the character is moving too fast.

- The art was pretty bleak and I think that one of the rules was that all the assets were to be made during the jam. Regardless, it was difficult to distinguish different areas of the game.

- The boss was a bit repetitive and not the most intuitive but nonetheless playable.

Overall, a pretty solid entry with significant room for improvement. I look forward to a full version.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the amazing feedback. I hope I have some time to improve it on a post jam version.

Apologies for that. Urgent need to improve it on a post-jam version.

Thanks for checking out my game for those few minutes. I also checked out your game.

Without a mac build and with the html version crashing my browser, I was unable to play this game. Most unfortunate.

Thanks for checking out the game. There is variable jumping but there are also some too challenging platforming parts indeed. Hopefully, it can be improved post-jam.

I love it! Would balance the upgrades in a different way but I really like the concept! I suggest having more impactful and cheaper upgrades right at the start, to reinforce the sense of progression.