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Thanks! And yes... we are seriously considering a full release.

Great to know that! Thanks for dropping in a comment!

It might take a while but we're thinking about it.

Cheers! Glad you liked it!

dbarr found a workaround this: https://github.com/securas/Daemon-vs-Demon/issues/18

it's a known bug and I still had not time to squash it. Sorry for the trouble but thanks for checking out the game.



Yeah... You're probably right. The original idea was that the player must keep moving constantly... Like in a side scrolling beat-em-up. But perhaps that just makes it too hard. Thanks for providing the feedback though. I may revise this in a later version.

Very good concept! I hope you can explore this further!

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A nice game! Please check out my entry here: https://securas.itch.io/daemon-vs-demon

Nice game!

The nostalgia! Nicely thought of!

I played this more than I originally intended. Very addictive! Nicely done!

Very nice game. You should definitely develop it further.

Cool take on the game! Now I'm wondering if the ghosts are friend or foe :) You could really play around and develop this mechanic.

Really nice game! Great graphics and the music score kept me on point.

I wish my first game was this good! Nicely done! It's very engaging!

Cool game!

really good environment! Well done!

cool game!

really enjoyed it! Very goo game!

oh uau! This is really a great game! Well done!!! I really liked the environment, the music and all the explosions!!!

Cool game and made in Godot!

cool game!

Oh UAU! Thanks for taking the time to raise all the issues and pull requests. I'll adress them ASAP.

he he he... Thanks but I'm on JST. Very inconvenient.

Nice game! Here are a few suggestions to improve it :)

I was all alone :( Good concept though :)

I good start for a great game! I hope you continue this project.

Oh man! I really liked this entry. it game me nostalgia over two old ZX Spectrum games at the same time!!! Penetrator and jetpac! Well done!

Cool game with nice graphics! It's pretty hard though.

Very nice and original game! The animations are pretty good and so is the music!

Nice game! Great environment and good choice of music!

Uau! It reminded me of the old days! I really enjoyed the atmosphere.

The graphics and music are amazing and it has outstanding gameplay! Well done!

A good game! Would be interesting to have a two player version where one of the players is the turret.

The animations were pretty good and the overall style was really good! i hope you can work further on this.

Arg... Curly hair dudes got me! However, I had a good time playing this. Well done!

Nice game! I liked the originality of the idea and the sound! Nicely done!