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for sure, you have not seen many... But thanks for the kind comment.

This was hard for me (non-native English speaker). But typing slowly I managed to get into the feel of the game. I wish there was more to the story though :)

Thanks! The difficulty does escalate if you play long enough. My bad for not adjusting the difficulty curve appropriately. Thanks for checking it out.

I think you used more than 3 colors on this game.

Yay! Another Godot project!

This is a really technical project! It even includes an FPS counter.

This is another game/experience with lots of atmosphere. Thanks a lot to the music. So nicely done!

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the game. Nicely done!

Very well done! A bit hard to control the character though... It felt like the jump height depended on the horizontal speed, which was a bit weird at first. After getting the hang of it, it was ok.

Really sweet little game!

thanks for the kind words!


Are the games to be based on a full episode or just one scene of the TV show, like the Movie Game Jam?

Here's a test on something I'm working. However, it's 8 frames for idle and run, instead of just 3.


It's looking great! I would suggest leaning the character forward and moving shoulders as well, if possible.

Uau! I loved the mechanics! This is really good!

Cheers! I really have to start thinking of gathering all these platformers into a unified game... The united games of securas!

Hey Kanetsu! Thanks for checking it out and as always for the amazing persistence :)

Thanks for the kind words but most of all, for giving the game a try!

Cheers! This one is really crude though... I stretched my effort to the limit to keep with the deadline.

If you don't mind me asking... What did you use to make the music?

This game has an amazing feel to it! Music, art and gameplay are on point!

This game is really well done! Super sweet characters and an oddly stressful experience. I found myself jumping on my chair when humans suddenly enter the field of view. Very well done!

Very good game! It's pretty hard to get over the bees though... Outstanding art and music! It's pretty engaging!

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Windows often panics when it sees my games. Zombie bunnies can be quite scary. Do you have any details?

No guarantees though. But it was generated on my laptop and I regularly run anti virus.

Cheers! Donations are not required. This is all for good fun!

Cheers! Thanks for playing it. In response to your questions:
1. Controls are bad because of my crappy programming
2. You can pull the issue yourself. Beware that this was made on the now very very old 2.1.4 version.

I've open the source a while ago. Enjoy:

thanks for trying the game. I really appreciate it and even more for taking the time to write a comment. I still could not replicate this bug. Hence, so far I've been powerless to squash it properly. But I'll keep trying.

Super addictive! Well done!

shucks... Now you got me embarrassed... Thanks for the kind words!

I have a life outside of gamedev... That life calls for me all too often.

Cool! Thanks for posting!

Cheers! I really appreciate you making the video!

Partly due to your amazing art! Thanks again!!!

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He he he! That last part is a little bit challenging :) Thanks for giving it a shot!

Thanks for trying out my little game. Appreciated!

Awesome! Glad you had a good time with it. That's what it's all about!

I'm currently travelling in China and for some resaon, can't upload my project for this jam... A rain animation creation tool

Any suggestions to handle this would be greatly appreciated!