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I use Godot

I've built this windowed version of the game. It should run on a small but resizeable window. Can you give it a go a see if it works?

I've never seen such a bug. Which OS are you using... If Windows, do you have windows scaling On?

A lovely game with really cool umbrella mechanics!

You probably need to find the dash engine to be able to use dash batteries :)

Thanks for checking out this little game. I don't think it's good enough for GDWC but I've been thinking of submitting something in the near future.

Thanks for trying out the game and especially for making all the lovely music!

It works! At least for the most part :) I think the 'export to' button is not doing much but everything else seems good to go. I'll do a proper test when I have a little more time available :)

yes please!

Was really excited to try this but the need for installation really puts me off. Sorry about that.

Outstanding art and I really enjoyed the provoke mechanic... That was very satisfying!

oh... you gave me tears... I loved it!

I loved the progression on this game. Graphics are right and the dialogs are excellent. Way to keep me engaged and play it for much longer than I would like to admit. Well done!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Yes he does!

Thanks for trying the game and even more for taking the time to post here! All those things are intentional... I like to create some hidden perks to reward folks that actually try :) Well done!

Cheers! Glad you enjoyed it!

Oh man... That's an oldie. Sorry for that. The game also requires GLES 3 which I'm not sure windows 32 support.

Hi! Thanks for the comment. I'm hoping to release a more complete version in the near future. At that point, I hope to include builds for all the desktop platforms.

I improved platforming substantially in the new version and made the big bugs a little bit harder to handle.

The controller support is not working yet. So for now it's only mouse and keyboard.

Looks like you're playing the old version. Perhaps the latest version can be more forgiving :)

Cheers! Appreciate the comment. Yes, I used a simple tilemap. And yes, I used shader magic for the reflection :)

check the executable hdpi setting

I think perhaps the most interesting will be crackshot. The code is on github. I hope it helps.

if I understand your castellano correctly... Sure! Knock yourself out

Thanks for checking out my little games... again and again! I really appreciate it!

As for the source code... Nope. I will not release it for multiple reasons but the two most important ones are: 1. There's nothing new with regards to code that I've already released with other games, and 2. I used really poorly written code that should not be used as an example for anybody.

Cool! Thanks for trying the game!

Thanks for the comment. I'll try to answer your questions one by one.
1. Where did I get the explosions
We made them.
2. How am I creating the glow
Moving lights
3. Sprite masks?
No... Lights
4.  How come the sprite change shape?
It does not... It just moves very quickly.

The game is not optimized at all... It's a game jam and there's often no time for those fancy stuff. I wish it was though :)


I used Godot

Thanks for trying out the game. I could not find myself doing lovey-dovey things... So I interpreted the theme for an action game. Hearts provide light for the levels and if you take them you will no longer be able to see much more than what's around the player character :)

thanks for trying the game! I used colored vibrating light masks everywhere to get that effect.

Nicely polished game! Well done!

I really enjoyed this game. The opening sequence did it for me :) Very nice environment and a great concept!

Really cool aesthetics! Nicely done!

I had no music at all, unfortunately. But other than that, I loved the concept!

Very cool game!

I was terrified!!!! Well done!

Very nice game!

Well done! The sacrifice mechanics is very well blended with the jam theme!