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thanks for the rate! Glad you liked it! About mission two... Forget about the enemy and just run around the purple planet... They will eventually all collide with it.

glad you liked it!

Very nice game! I really enjoyed the tunes and the graphics are to the point!

Probably nothing but AVG was complaining about the game file

Really good graphics! This game really nicely polished!

A strategy game for a jam... Very impressive!!! Well done! I really enjoyed the graphics!

Really good graphics and animation!

Amazing action!

Fantastic action! Impressive!

The sound is incredible!

Really nice graphics! Impressive for a couple of weeks work! Very nicely done!

Reminds me of the old Jetpac for ZX spectrum. I really like it!

Really good graphics and sound! Hands down, one of the best so far!

I really liked the graphics! Really nice environment with animated sprites!

Cool entry!

Nice entry! I liked the graphics but had some trouble controlling the ball.

Nice environment setting. And the music and sfx really help with it.

Uau! Very entertaining game! Kept me playing a lot longer than I expected!

Really good art! But I did miss some music to go along with it! Overall a very good entry!

Hard to control at first but after a while I managed to get the hang of it. Very good game!

Awesome animations!

Very impressive coding! Great game and an interesting back-story of Viana.

Much better now :) Thanks for the fix! Great game!

Glad you liked it! There are actually only 3 missions but I admit the third one may be a bit hard... The trick is to always search for fuel and let the alien drones die out.

Very nice animations and great use of dithering to increase the color shades. I also liked the 2D light but at some point it stopped showing.

Loved the graphics and music! Multiple tunes really help with setting the environment. Also, very good gameplay which made me want to come back, Well done!

Unfortunately,  it was very slow on my dying 2007 laptop... I'll try it later on a more powerfull machine.

I liked the concept! Nicely done!

The graphics are good but it seems a bit too easy. Looking forward to an improved AI!


Very very nice! 

Very good gameplay and really addictive! The graphics are really sharp and to the point, adding to the feel of the game!

Graphics are incredible!

Really good entry! Loved the graphics and music though the player is a little hard to control at first. It made keep trying and trying and I will probably be back to this game again.

Made with godot! Well done!

Very fun game! Amazing feel settings, music and sfx. Well done!

Very nice! However, the player seems to get stuck when moving all the way to the left edge.

very cool graphics!

Really nice!

Oh man... Thanks for checking it out!
I got myself an old laptop... Installed linux mint... Built a linux version and tested it... It should work now.