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Escape From HuwanView game page

Submitted by JackOatley (@f_oatley) — 3 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline
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Authenticity (use of resolution restriction)#534.6884.688

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Did you work in a team?
Pretty much alone. But I asked my friend Francis to help with some original music near the end.

Was the resolution a challenge?
I resorted to almost no extraneous text. Tried to rely on a self evident/straightforward story. As far as art goes I often struggle with humans and animals, etc... I mean, the humans look human but I'm not so sure about the "gorilla"! The view distance I solved by positioning camera between the player character and the cursor.

What did you learn?
My main goal was to stress test my IDE, GameBeans. Certainly the room editor could use improvements, as placing as many walls as there are in this game was rather tedious!

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I like the concept, game doesn't take itself too seriously, I would have liked more juice when the player gets hit or when the enemies get hit by bullets but an easy to follow and straightforward shooter overall.


Nice entry, Jack! The controls felt really good and the amount of enemies to get through felt just right.


Very cool! I really like the lighting effects and the controls--the way the camera followed the cursor a little was a nice touch. The screen shake does feel a little jarring--I think at this resolution, it's hard to make it smooth enough to not be. I enjoyed the last level, where I was taking out the enemies one by one until I started feeling overwhelmed and panicked and blasted my through to the exit!


I thought this was a very cool little shooter! The character and weapon controlled very nicely in my opinion and the music fit rather well.

My two observations, however…

First, the shake when firing the gun felt extreme to me. Usually shakey cameras do not bother me, but it was kinda getting to me after a little while.

The second was, it would have been cool to have a little timer or score or something a little extra to try and beat. This isn’t a big issue… the game works very well without either… but I just thought it’d be a cool little addition.

Wonderful game! Great work!


Cute visuals! The screenshake for every single shot felt a little excessive and dizzying to me though


I love the screenshake and the lighting effect around both the pointer and character. It definitely channels Nuclear Throne in a smaller resolution. I'd like a bit more feedback on enemy deaths and player hits, but the core of running and shooting feels really solid.


Very short, but pretty fun. I like the camera movement and the way the game feels dynamic. It would be nice if you added some visual/sound effects for taking damage and also for hitting enemies.


A bit short, but very fun to play! I thought the gorilla looked a bit like the Tasmanian Devil haha. I was also looking for a way to free my fellow gorillas, it would be fun to see them running around causing chaos :P


Very fun to play, I just missed some effects when you hit the enemies and I think the camera was a bit too shaky for my taste, but very good game!


This was a fun little game!  I escaped! :-)


The game was fun to play! I found the intro funny, and I think that mostly avoiding the use of text was a good design decision (and it makes sense in this case, since you play as a gorilla). I like the lighting and camera recoil effects; they add to the atmosphere.

Nice game!


Fun and relaxing, glad that there is no blood. Great camera solution!


Nice game. Although, I found a funny bug in it that allows you to shoot without clicking left mouse button.


Thanks! Yeah I think that's when you click, move the mouse out of the canvas, and let go. It doesn't recognise you ever let go. Not much to do about that I don't think, as runs the games in an iframe.