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I love this! Such a beautifully crafted world with so many strange and interesting things to discover.

Thank you!!

Thank you!! The tutorial I linked above does a really good job of walking you through it step-by-step

Hey, I absolute love these, they're adorable! There's some really neat shader tricks I picked up reading through the code. I actually tried to adapt a few planet shaders onto ray-traced spheres in Unity:

Nice work, really enjoyable game! Feels very polished, fun, and the narrator has adds a lot of personality (especially with the zoom shifts)

The visuals are super slick! Super juicy animations and particle fx. I liked the light puzzley elements mixed in with the platforming. The controls felt just a little on the slippy side for my taste

Nice work, I had a fun time playing this! Appreciate the gentle introduction. The shadow effect added a neat visual flare. Being able to snag bugs on spikes (and figuring this out without the game explicitly telling you) is a fun mechanic

Wow, absolutely nailed the arcade aesthetic! Really impressive polish, and fun to play, very nice work to you all

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Lovely artwork, the characters are soo cute! I like the backgrounds too, the lend a very pleasant atmosphere to the game

Nice work! It's fun, feels comfortably balanced, and has got some 100%-daily-vitamin-C JUICE. Nice variety in enemy designs too

Nice little game! Very pleasant arc to it--hunt bunnies, collect wolf buddies, defeat the hunter. I wish the controllable wolf used the same run animation as the other wolves--the walking animation doesn't seem to match your move speed.

The artwork is a little disjointed in style, but I really like the character animation and background colors. Very wholesome mission to the game :) I might make the hit boxes on the spikes a little smaller though, personally. 

Looks like you've got quite a list already, but here's mine if you get to it!

Lol thanks, but it feels more like a "the more you know the render pipeline, the more you understand how little you know the render pipeline" kind of thing. I've but glimpsed the eldritch horrors lurking in the underbelly of the game engine

Learned how to use heck out of Unity's render textures, sprite masks, and layers to create a split-screen game on top of a 3D background, with in-game cameras to boot. I love when you try something that feels super hacky it works perfectly.

Also pixel fonts in Unity. Although I'm not sure I learned about them so much as thwacked it until it worked lol.

Nice work! Really nice artwork, especially the background. I love the teammates- the way the little friends trail you around has a nice feel to it. The shooting speed felt frustratingly slow, though

Nice work- really neat concept, creative take on the theme, and well-designed puzzles. Slick aesthetic, but the post-processing is a little intense.

lol nice work! Love the concept, the art and animation is super slick. The level design was a little difficult though- I couldn't make it past the three-bottle-jump spiky tower. 

Super fun game! When you escape from the petri dish it's a real "whoaaaaa" moment. The gameplay is fun and has a really satisfying katamari-like feel to it, but the progression felt a little slow

I love that you can stand on top of the other character. Nice peaceful vibe to the art style, too

Thank you so much! Haha, Lemuria was my first jam--pretty messy, as I remember it

A really creative concept, the music is great, and I like the character designs!

Haha if you're talking about the 3D math, it's mostly in -- sorry, it's a little messy. I worked off a few tutorials but relied a lot on this one: Figuring out rotations was the hardest part (but important to making the ship controls feel natural!). I wound up using matrices and referencing quite a bit. And tbh a lot of it was trial and error--I still don't know how or why some of it works.

Cute little game! Took me a couple tries to get to the end.Those are some some speedy ghosts :)

Wow I got WAY too sucked into this game, well done! Frantically watering and harvesting your plants is incredibly fun, and I felt like I was making difficult choices--I learned the hard way to upgrade your well BEFORE taking on a new plant. RIP Pepo :(

Wow what a polished and well-designed game! I love how the mechanics work together to create careful choices and encourage experimenting with different tactics  Really nice ramp of tension through the game loop too. Definitely manages to capture that panicked "everything is falling apart, hold on for a few more minutes" survival horror feel.

Neat concept, I really enjoyed this game! Impressive number of levels for a jam, and all challenging in unique ways.  Really nice polish too- love the stripey transitions and level intros.

Thank you! Very much what I was going for

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What a lovely little game! Reminds me of the Redwall books

This was entirely too relatable haha. I love all the little details that flesh out the protagonist's life, and the artwork is gorgeous

Well done! Very fun game play and polished graphics, especially for your first game. It took me a while to figure out what makes your score go up--I had assumed the particles trailing the satellite were just decorative, and it wasn't until I'd started over a couple times that I realized what was going on

This is adorable! And fun. My cat was knocking things off my desk while playing it, is that hard mode?

Wow, the art and animations are amazingly polished!!! I love the cat dance and the underwater scenes. The day/night cycle is a cool touch too. The mini-game took awhile to figure out- I almost gave up on it--glad I didn't, because this game really is enjoyable. Maybe consider adding instructions to the game page? Although I think a couple more context clues would go a long way (like if the fish reacted a little when the hook was in sight, or if something flashed on keypress to make it clear you should tap instead of hold up/down).

Well that was emotionally devastating. Well done- I feel like its easy to overdo something as deliberately heartwrenching as this, but it felt so honest and genuine. If this is based on a personal experience, I hope you are well

Fun and challenging! The second-to-last level really had me stumped

This is REALLY cool. I love the environment art, especially all the little touches that hint at a story. The torchlight and the bugs hovering at the edge create an amazing sense of atmosphere. I do wish that you were able to see monsters coming from a little farther off- it feels almost unfair when your torchlight is low and they jump out of nowhere. Still found super enjoyable.

it took a minute to get the hang of the rules, but i had fun with it!

Very cool- love the level design, very metroidey and fun to explore

great atmosphere! i've never seen twin peaks but this is exactly how I imagine it

I like the graphics/animation! Bummer you didn't have time to use your own music, I'm really curious to see what you would have made :)