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Обалденно сделано и музыка шикарно вписалась. Хочется X4 разрешения и хоть каких-нибудь боев, но может оно и не нужно.

Very cool! Exactly what jam games should be: short and fun.

I really liked it, just to my taste, the gameplay is for 5 stars! Eight levels flew by very smooth. The boss battle revealed the flexibility of the game mechanics. By the way, my game is also about pushing blocks, check it out.

Great idea and level design, difficulty is optimal. The undo function is especially pleasing on latest levels. Definitely 5 stars gameplay! By the way, my game is somehow related to the sokoban theme, so you might like it.

Great story, well done! I was hoping for a grenade launcher in the final, but it’s really better this way.

Thanks for playing! The game is mobile browser friendly (tested), so I did not upload the android build.

Simple but beautiful game. Did not take much time and left a good impression. Liked that it was turn based.

Very addictive and fun game, especially if you move on the beat of the music. Liked how the falling block cleared my way down.

Thanks! That’s exactly what I was worried about the most. So I forced my son play it without explaining anything to him. He got stuck on the 4th level (where is the key?), then on the 6th (where is the exit?), but eventually solved out. So I hope everything worked out.

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Triumphed with the second try, Moon is tough. Deep and very nicely made game! I’m not a FF fan, but I figured it out quickly thanks to the instructions. Music is just right!

Thank you very much for the feedback! I’ve never heard of a Penguin Puzzle. Initially this game was influenced by Pengo (Sega arcade), although after introducing match-3 mechanics and TBS system, there is little left of it.

Caught at last! My strategy was to avoid holes at all costs and use skills as soon as they were ready. Interesting idea, well done!

Thank you for your time spent and kind words! At “Blind Luck” a door is placed randomly under one of the four golden boxes (you can even sneak a peek at “exit_id” in the browser console ;)

Great game, played for about half an hour, barely stopped.

Cool puzzle, very unusual! There should be a longer HD version. The last level was especially enjoyable.

Very addicting TBS! Glad to meet this kind at jam. It’s more like HoMM with separate phases for movement and combat than classic XCOM with AP for all actions. I guess you might like my entry.

Impressing cat transmutation and very enjoyment game overall! How satisfied are you with Pyxel? It seems to be perfect for Lowrezjam.

Very scary! Just like in the Sinclair days. Great job, especially artwork.

Super fun game! It was pleasure to made it to the end.

Thank you! The first review is always the most valuable.

I admit, there are too much grind for a jam game. And about the resolution: subpixels were enabled for smooth scrolling after jam ends.

It’s too cool to end so quickly. In a state of frenzied delight, I demand the continuation of the banquet!

Thank you! Frequent pressing of the jump key allows you to climb even steep slopes. Red fruits give instant HP, if they are not picked, then you are completely healthy.

Clear and simple game. +1 for rust and +1 for raylib )

You do not need to collect money for gravitsap, the goal is to get to the boss and kill him with a fireball, and you will get enough money (see screenshot). Green gems and cat skins will allow you to quickly prepare for the final battle (1-2 days).

Thank you very much for your review! Feedback like this make me want to keep developing this game and make it worth post-jam revisiting. A major update is ready and waiting for the jam end. In the future, I plan to move to a high res fork.

What I liked: quickly figured out how to play, a short session does not let me get bored, the game size is extremely small (Raylib is cool). This is great, because there are games for half a gigabyte that I could not understand. A good start, congratulations!

Score 178. Very playable, but somewhat monotonous. Special respect for creating a game in pure C. If I were using Raylib, I would take Go lang binding.

Thanks for playing! I continue to develop the game, taking into account the feedback, and an update with a bunch of improvements will be released right after the jam ends.

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Thanks! Glad you went through to the end, despite the fact that I screwed up with the initial speed and upgrades cost. Never played Motherload, I’ll have to check it.

Fantastic game, 21 min of Morning Mood with intense struggle for survival completely made me forget about the jam limitations and even about real life. Definitely one of the best games of this jam. If it’s not a secret, which service did you use for the leaderboard?

Thanks for playing! The lore tells that bad guy with a gun once robbed an orbital shop, and the shopkeeper was very happy to see him (partially) again.

That’s it, I’ve been exposed. Ku!

Thank you for your kind words! I swear, the moving and digging speed will be increased.

An excellent roguelike! The time flew by unnoticed. It’s easy to figure out how to play (I never played Crypt of the Necrodancer). Background music is what it should be. Level generation is done right. I also noticed two technical issues:

  1. Godot .pck file size is over 500 megabytes, this is abnormally for this game. For example, my game has 1.5 megabytes.
  2. Something wrong with z-index in shot below:

This did not affect the ⭐️ rating in any way! Great game overall!

The best example of what a jam game should be: short, addictive and fun. All the pros have already been mentioned here before me, so I’ll just say: really nice game!

This game deserves to have more levels. And it looks very nice.

Thanks for the feedback! About fun: imagine a bunch of imps threw indestructible fireballs at each other, ignoring the player, creating huge pits and performance problems. I’ll leave this feature for another game ) Yes, the planet turned out to be very sad, so we leave it at the first opportunity without any regret 😉. Background music was originally planned, but on the last day I only managed to make short tracks for the intro, shop and the boss battle.

Thank you for the review! I looked at my game with a fresh look and yes, I fully agree that the speed of digging and movement should be increased. Looks like I’m a little retarded: this is not the first game where I am asked to increase the player’s speed )

My opinion is that pygame is good for learning, but not for gamedev. I recommend you to try Godot engine, its GDScript language will be easy to master if you have python experience. Congratulations on your first game jam!