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It’s too cool to end so quickly. In a state of frenzied delight, I demand the continuation of the banquet!

Thank you! Frequent pressing of the jump key allows you to climb even steep slopes. Red fruits give instant HP, if they are not picked, then you are completely healthy.

Clear and simple game. +1 for rust and +1 for raylib )

You do not need to collect money for gravitsap, the goal is to get to the boss and kill him with a fireball, and you will get enough money (see screenshot). Green gems and cat skins will allow you to quickly prepare for the final battle (1-2 days).

Thank you very much for your review! Feedback like this make me want to keep developing this game and make it worth post-jam revisiting. A major update is ready and waiting for the jam end. In the future, I plan to move to a high res fork.

What I liked: quickly figured out how to play, a short session does not let me get bored, the game size is extremely small (Raylib is cool). This is great, because there are games for half a gigabyte that I could not understand. A good start, congratulations!

Score 178. Very playable, but somewhat monotonous. Special respect for creating a game in pure C. If I were using Raylib, I would take Go lang binding.

Thanks for playing! I continue to develop the game, taking into account the feedback, and an update with a bunch of improvements will be released right after the jam ends.

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Thanks! Glad you went through to the end, despite the fact that I screwed up with the initial speed and upgrades cost. Never played Motherload, I’ll have to check it.

Fantastic game, 21 min of Morning Mood with intense struggle for survival completely made me forget about the jam limitations and even about real life. Definitely one of the best games of this jam. If it’s not a secret, which service did you use for the leaderboard?

Thanks for playing! The lore tells that bad guy with a gun once robbed an orbital shop, and the shopkeeper was very happy to see him (partially) again.

That’s it, I’ve been exposed. Ku!

Thank you for your kind words! I swear, the moving and digging speed will be increased.

An excellent roguelike! The time flew by unnoticed. It’s easy to figure out how to play (I never played Crypt of the Necrodancer). Background music is what it should be. Level generation is done right. I also noticed two technical issues:

  1. Godot .pck file size is over 500 megabytes, this is abnormally for this game. For example, my game has 1.5 megabytes.
  2. Something wrong with z-index in shot below:

This did not affect the ⭐️ rating in any way! Great game overall!

The best example of what a jam game should be: short, addictive and fun. All the pros have already been mentioned here before me, so I’ll just say: really nice game!

This game deserves to have more levels. And it looks very nice.

Thanks for the feedback! About fun: imagine a bunch of imps threw indestructible fireballs at each other, ignoring the player, creating huge pits and performance problems. I’ll leave this feature for another game ) Yes, the planet turned out to be very sad, so we leave it at the first opportunity without any regret 😉. Background music was originally planned, but on the last day I only managed to make short tracks for the intro, shop and the boss battle.

Thank you for the review! I looked at my game with a fresh look and yes, I fully agree that the speed of digging and movement should be increased. Looks like I’m a little retarded: this is not the first game where I am asked to increase the player’s speed )

My opinion is that pygame is good for learning, but not for gamedev. I recommend you to try Godot engine, its GDScript language will be easy to master if you have python experience. Congratulations on your first game jam!

A huge game, with a good balance of fighting and exploring. It takes a long time to assess the full depth, so I’ll have to come back later. And here’s another thing, I don’t know what it is, a bug or a feature:

On steep slopes, frequent pressing jump helps, so you can move faster and climb even a vertical wall. Thanks for the feedback!

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Making 6 pixels look like a frog is not an easy task, but you did it. And the rest of the graphics looks great. The game is simple, but it makes a good impression. Score: 338.

I had no idea that being a bat was so hard. In general, as have already written below, there is something wrong with the controls, although maybe I’m too old for this. Maybe the bat should fly а little faster and learn to shoot up and down. But anyway, the game leaves a good impression!

Cool! At first I didn’t understand anything, then I read the instructions and got carried away seriously. Good gameplay, beautifully drawn.

Liked this game a lot, such mechanics is very fascinating to me: a few years ago I abandoned a similar project. Therefore, I will share my experience: I suggest replacing squares with hexes. And of course, without jam limitations it’s more interesting to play on a large field.

This game is too good for low rez! I hope to see it in the top-10, and then in HD featuring all these colorful little guys. Outstanding work!

A jam winner lunges from the dark! I beat the game 2 times and I am irresistibly drawn to the third. 20 stars are yours.

It was a great pleasure to go through to the end. It is noticeable that the visuals are strongly influenced by Loop Hero, and the indirect control is also used very appropriately. The game leaves a very good impression.

I was attracted by graphics style in the screenshots and I was not disappointed! Great gameplay and true retro feel - you did it all right, congratulations!

Amazing game, all fives! I couldn’t tear myself away until the very end, the atmosphere made me forget about the low resolution. Very well done!

I speedrunned all three levels without hurt anyone 😜. Just doing what my dog would do in a similar situation. Let’s consider it a cool feature that violence can be avoided. A good little game, and the artist did the best job.

WOW! It’s a pity I didn’t lay a bunch of green gems right under the ship to reward such diligence! On the other hand, I’m glad to know that nothing has fallen off the screen. (You may be curious to know that an identical pit appeared under the villain’s ship on the opposite side of the world, because the same terrain texture is used there). Thanks for stress testing!

Thanks! Sound effects were generated using this wonderful tool: ChipTone and processed with Audacity. I’ll add credits to the game description with post-jam update.

The most accurate implementation of “Plants As Tools” theme! It has already been mentioned here that the field of view is very limited, this is perhaps the only remark. In general, a cool and very funny game and very cool pixel art.

Very addicting. It turns out that low resolution is not a problem for a pinball game. And sfx made me laugh, a brilliant solution!

A good combination of dynamic combat and relaxing shopping, I love this style of gameplay. And the best audio I experienced at this jam so far. Really nice game!

A simple, clear and enjoyable game, this is what many games lack here. Wish you to master Godot and make a lot of releases on it!

Really liked the visual style, especially the characters! The gameplay is on top, hooked for a long time. And it was very nice to find that progress is saved between sessions. Very good and special game!

Brilliant implementation of the theme 🌞! Pixel art done very well, really pleasing to the eye. In my opinion, 8x8 tiles are too big for this type of game, because sometimes it is impossible to guess where the jump will end. But cool game anyway!