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Could you give me some details to which browser and OS you're using? Because those keys do work (Chrome, Firefox, Opera on Windows or Linux)... :/ Maybe if you're using IE/Edge or Safari (or Mac in general) there may be issues as those are relatively difficult to support, and difficult for me to test personally.

I assume you meant line-wrapping? I'm on Linux Mint and was using the default notepad which I usually don't, but it has an accurate word counter, lol. But it saves by default with different line-endings. I've now fixed this and re-uploaded, thanks for the spot! :)

A very simple game, but well executed. Graphics and sound fit very well. The controls a little bit faffy; swapping tools could just be one key, and digging direction could be based on last movement direction. Cool game! :)

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Nice tutorial, haha. As you say, the AI could do with some improvements; make them more trigger happy, I don't think they landed 1 hit on me. :P Otherwise nice simple wee game!

Great art. But feels empty, though I guess that's what you get when Nobody's Home. You really hid that torchlight well. :)

Really liking the minimalism, and the experimenting involved in learning a puzzle. As mentioned already, one of the things that kept tripping me up was the physics. Also, it's not really clear what the exit/finish point is.

Ah, that would explain it, I did play the web version. Running Chrome on Linux. It wasn't all the loops, some seemed fine, and tbh, I didn't notice them looping, they're good sounds.

Oof, I'm terrible at time trials. The only thing I'm worse at is time trials with precision platforming! >.< Regardless, I enjoyed it when I got used to it. Really great graphics and sound, and simple controls! Awesome!

Yep, I certainly fell into the "well this looks easy, OH NO!" category. Very nice game. I would have found it relaxing if not for the music, which starts to really grating after a while. But really fun otherwise, I'll likely be back to finish it! :)

Really nice! Got a touch of Proteus about it! I actually didn't want to stop exploring, I feel there's a story to uncover here, especially those big egg things, whaaaaat, I wanna know! Graphically, it was a bit noisey, but at no point did that seem to stop me understanding the environment. Only thing that really bugged me was some weird sharp tone sound on some of the worlds.

Fun little game, with lots of little things to learn as you go. Nice graphics and sound. As has been mentioned though, the camera is really weird, very shaky and sensitive (maybe I was using it wrong?), could be better if that was handled by keyboard?

Really nice concept. Could be expanded a lot too, like building multiple masks that have some given operation done on them, and ultimately you have to reach a certain final result. Would be a great learning tool for devs who don't practice these concepts, heh!

Nice little game. :)

Love the aesthetic and mood of this game. I wouldn't say it was hard, but sometimes a little unclear, like the sword is really small so I was waiting longer than I should for enemies to come to me, lol. There was a few glitches, jumping up against the edge of a ledge gets you stuck, slime falling on your head gets you stuck in the ground below, odd stuff. Nothing game-breaking, I was able to find a way out, yay! Otherwise very nice, rounded game, enjoyable!

Nice little game with a lot of variety and experimenting involved. Controls well. I died a lot. :)

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Really awesome game. The auto aim, and the footprints go really well into making this just about having fun, and not frustrating over getting lost and aiming (without mouse). It's very completionist friendly, rewarding the player well for clearing the whole level before moving on. It's just really good. And awesome music.

Personally, I was never short of ammo, but health... I gained an extra heart at one point but couldn't fill it. Ended up dying the second I walked through a door (usually go in guns blazing, but this one already hit me before I noticed.)

There's a lot of things to do in this game. I like the little surprises you can find, like the ability to swim without your ship, the joy of a tentacle hug, etc. And I never wished for sound effects more than the grog drinking game, I think that would be epic! :P

Only got to level 5 before I couldn't take much more, haha. When I saw it I thought it'd be a nice simple game where you just join the pipes, then I find out I have to switch 5 pipes at a time! At least I only had to get to the end, for a while I thought I had to stop the liquid spilling out as well, after the end. It's a really cool concept, but I feel it should be introduced more gradually with earlier simpler puzzles.

And I don't know why I'd suggest making this harder, lol, but something I was thinking while playing was that maybe the liquid could speed up the less pipes it's got to fill? Like, if it hits a dead end early, it fills faster elsewhere. So it's like a fixed amount of water entering the whole system.

Really cool game!

Really liked this game! I completed it without realising I had a map, maybe why I found it a little tedious at times going back and forth for power to clear a room of enemies when that room didn't even lead anywhere, haha. Really nice atmosphere and concept, execution on point all round.

Also love the dedication at the end of the credits!

That was an experience, not weird at all :P I felt like I was missing something though, I found a blue key that I could pick up, but I didn't know what I could use it for! Really good atmosphere!

Well, my 2016 LRJ entry ended up on mobile after the jam , at which point I just increased the resolution width. I guess my advice would be to do the simplest, clearest thing during the jam, than change it for specific platforms after.

Not as per the generally understood rules of the jam. You could try it though, explain your reasoning, and the voters might go easy on you! :)

As internationalfish says, there's no harm in prepping yourself and your tools for the jam. If you consider that a lot of people won't have to. For example; people using Unity, GameMaker, etc have very little prep as all the tools are integrated, compared to those not using IDEs who have to sort out all sorts of dependencies, libraries, build systems, etc. Things like that shouldn't have to be done to any specific jam time, if they was you'd pretty much end up doing the same thing again for every jam.

As for starting early, you could do that even for a themed jam. But at the end of the day, there's no prize, only the fun and challenge you have while doing it and the sense of achievement at the end. Yes there's some friendly competition, but there's nothing to "win", so if you "cheat", well that's just on your conscience because no one else is going to know and/or care accept you. :)

Most of the FAQ is related to this:

  • Can I scale the screen/window? YES! As long as the game resolution of 64x64 is maintained.
  • Can I go lower than the 64x64 resolution? As per previous LOWREZJAMS, YES!
  • Can I go higher than the 64x64 resolution? NO. That would just defy the point of the jam.
  • My game is for mobile, can I include controls outside the 64x64 limit? YES! As long as they are just controls.
  • My game is for web, can I add border art outside the 64x64 limit? YES! As long as it's part of the page and not rendered by the game.
  • I want to use Pico-8, which has a resolution of 128x128, what do I do? There is a mode, called "mode 3" that sets your game to 64x64, I don't know much about it but this is how to set it: poke(0x5f2c,3). And here's a source reference
  • I want to use LIKO-12, TIC-80 or [insert other fantasy console here], but I CAN'T change the resolution to 64x64, what do I do?  In this case, YES you're allowed to clip the screen to only use 64x64 or lower, and leave the rest as empty (preferably black) space.
  • Can I have a higher window resolution if it's only to maintain a certain aspect ratio? Like above, YES, but make sure it's blank space. For example; most engines will do this anyway when going fullscreen, rather than stretch.
  • Can I use screen effects like CRT or scanlines that may exceed the actual 64x64 limit? YES! But, make sure it's optional and that the game itself is 64x64 before effects.

So you can have borders, but they have to be black (essentially empty).

But also, these are just the most frequent cases, if you feel these points don't cover your use case then ignore them and do it anyway! Leave the people to judge the "authenticity" of your use of the resolution limit, as they will the rest of the game anyway! :)

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Heh, yeah! But hey, that's the "nature" of procgen, you define the possibilities, not the result. :)

Thank you! :)

You can use any tools/programs, as mentioned in the FAQ. The resources section is just things that have certain stuff set up for you, I will add more if/when people put them forward! :) I'll reword that section though, so it's clearer!

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Thanks. it'll definitely evolve some more over time. And ya, there was an idea to craft beacons, that you could place and reference later, and it'd tell you general directions and such. Didn't quite make it in, but will do in the future cause then you can find your way back to places you know. :)

Thank you for checking out and reviewing my game, I appreciate it. And yeah, there is a wee bump of a learning curve, luckily with HTML5 having the controls and guide on the page is convenient. I do however plan to include an "advisor" style tutorial in the future.

Really cool game! I got 30 kills! Picking stuff up was a bit awkward, having to mouse over and press E. But once I got the things I wanted I was grand, haha. Bounce balls and rockets = OP. :P

Thanks. And yeah, it's a culmination of a couple ideas I've had for a while, so I knew mostly what and how I wanted to make it. For example, I knew the map would be big, so I have it, and things on it, generated from bitmaps. I did the same thing in my other game "Minoan" which is very similar.

Both great ideas, I'll implement them when I get round to updating it. Yeah, the AI is actually rather basic, but it works in the context of gaining score through trade (because it tends to take random, usually longer, routes), and it has some random elements to the point where the first few decisions it makes can define its behavior for the rest of the game.

Nice simple game. Makes me wanna play Spore, but I know I'll get bored after the cell stage, and this is basically the cell stage, haha!

Yes, hopefully you guys can finish it, that name is just too good to not finish it!

Really nice game. Sadly I found loads of diamond blocks but I don't think they're mine-able without a gold pickaxe? And I didn't find any gold at all. The controls could definitely use some work, and correct feedback animations would help. The crafting works nicely, though a bit tedious when you want to craft multiple things, like food, you have to fill up the boxes again 1 by 1. I'm aussimhg the map is generated, causes it's quite large and I found villages, I think I found a door or something (looked like a diamond padlock on it), but couldn't break it. I had to quite because it started slowing down a lot, it was raining and I think there was a ton of instances at this point.

I like the Nuclear-Throne-esque gameplay, with the generated levels. I found the crafting a little weird though, heh, I managed to make some stuff, got me a shotgun! But some things didn't have a tooltip so I wasn't sure what they were, let alone how I could use them. I never got to upgrading the engines. Looks and sounds good though, I'll have to try and beat it another time! :)

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I also couldn't get it running, web nor Exe.

OK, works now! I like the concept of creating your own combos. Though I'm not sure I can kill enemies other than knocking them off the map? And what's the blue ball for, I got that to 0 health and it just recovered.

Yep, those worked, haha. Thanks!