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You may be better off contacting the dev on Twitter or their Discord.

Yep. It has been used before in the jam, I'm afraid I couldn't track down examples for you though.

There's no limit, I think the record was like 20 or something! (I think it was a small community all teamed together)

That setting only effects the iframe size. Your web game will see this as the window/document size. So if your game has a 64x64 resolution, scaled up to 640x640 (such as scaling the canvas with CSS, for example), you would set the page settings size to 640x640 and it should be all good. If in doubt you can check out games from past jams and see what they do.

Yeah, you can have ideas and brainstorm and such. Preparation is good for enjoying the jam when it begins! We just ask you don't actually start putting things together until the jam starts, like; assets, game code, etc.

You should only be working on your game during the jam period. But you don't need to use a theme, no. :)

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So there is a provision in the FAQs for something like this:

  • My game is for web, can I add border art outside the 64x64 limit? YES! As long as it's part of the page and not rendered by the game.

So on the web you could obviously style the page around the actual game. There's also a provision for optional post-effects:

  • Can I use screen effects like CRT or scanlines that may exceed the actual 64x64 limit? YES! But, make sure it's optional and that the game itself is 64x64 before effects.

Interpret as you will, it's not like you'd get disqualified or anything. But other people rating your game might think differently, that's why we mention these cases. So technically even on a native build you could render the game in a GameBoy like view as long as that's not the default and is explicitly enabled by the user, then it's totally within the rules/recommendations.

The window never has to be 64x64, just the rendered resolution. You can stretch this to any size.

There's no strict theme beyond the 64x64 resolution. There will however be 10 optional themes, announced when the jam starts, so you'll have to wait for those ones if you want a theme! :P

Better is subjective. Ultimately, regardless of tools, you're the main driving force. So use what compliments your skills and knowledge best.

Generally yes, it's fine, as long as it's not game specific. Another way to look at it is to ask if other engines have that functionality out the box, and if they do then it could be seen as general purpose/non-specific code. Examples of code like that, which I myself have copied from other projects are; sprite/tile rendering, collision handling, audio, etc. Which I think covers you. :)

Submissions open when the jam starts. You shouldn't really be working on the game before that time. Some people create their game page when the jam starts and use it to release versions throughout the jam period and to host a devlog with it though.

I clicked a thing and money went down the toilet, where's my business degree?!

I spilled the water is all, definitely didn't wet myself.

OK, removed the animated title for now. The jam body was position absolutely to account for that animation, so when the submissions are listed directly below the flow is all wrong. We'll have to be more careful of that next time! Thanks for letting us know!

Oof, you're right as well! It's actually all browsers when not logged in!

I'll look into this right away.

Great snake-feeding simulator!

Hey I know this was a couple months ago but the issue should now be fixed. It's actually a FireFox bug, anything other than alphabetic alignment has these crazy offsets, so I changed all that and slightly re-positioned everything, haha.

It's safe to say that I didn't pass the test.

The skills I learned from this simulator will allow me to cut my GF's hair to perfection.

I certainly felt like a cannon, and it was liberating.

Fixed. Some issue with Date time returning a negative number for some bizarre reason, and this was messing with animations.

Apologies, there's a variable error in the game despite me not changing it at all. But I'll look into soon, I have to fix several of my games for similar issues!

Do it.

The jam is 10 days long.

Oh, sorry about this. I'll look into it when I can. Do you happen the have any custom settings for displaying text in your browser (just a guess, on the off change it's that)?

I played this for quite a while and still feel I didn't make much of a dent in the recipe book! Really good looking game.

You know what would be dope, is if you had to fullfill orders or something, and there's a time limit on them; so like you get the order, a couple of clues on how to make it, then you're left to work it out. It'd just add a bit of purpose and motivation. One could easily play this for ages if there was that little hook, "just one more quest" kinda thing.

Also, "Superlative Energy Drink", yes please!

"You have done poorly". Oh yeah, better than usual! :)

Yeah it needs some optimisation, it was rather difficult dragging items in to craft at any speed. And when I did get a bot out sometimes it just got insta killed by the enemy bots already at my base. TBF, I hadn't read the recipes at this point and was just trying things, so my bots were probably noobs!

I like the concept though!

I saw your message on DIscord but you left? If you upload your game, then send me the link through Discord or Twitter then I can submit it for you.

Awesome game, took me a couple of restarts to learn what I was doing. But after that it's all lovely experimentation. I'm pretty sure lightning on anything is OP, I spammed it either way! ;)

Really nice game. I also didn't know what I was doing until I restarted and built the assembler first, then it was clear. The concept and art you've nailed, I love it!

It seems you kept your category ratings, but lost overall rating and comments. Sadly I don't think there's a way to restore those. :(

If you can contact me on the Discord or on my Twitter I can give you a link to submit again, but yeah I don't know if your comments will remain or anything.

A lot of people have the same issue with native versions, and the solutions for things like Unity are rather convoluted. So I think even if they get it working naively, they just assume the web export matches even though it may not. There's a bunch of web games that run through Unity player and others that get it right though, and some where sometimes it's right and sometimes it's wrong. So could be a lot of things.

Really nice. As someone else mentioned there's a little Pokemon nostalgia here, but that's no bad thing. I got to the level where the movable boxes are in the shape of an X, and I could not solve it! :( But otherwise everything on point, really enjoyed it.

It's likely the player/web export of whatever tool the user is using. Maybe they just didn't fully test the web versions.

Fun! I lost unfortunately, got killed in the overgrown outpost. It was those stone crabs and the switches on timers previously that cost me all that health though. As you say, the limited space doesn't help when seeing what's coming, and I forget easily so I can't rely on me to remember enemy patterns! The art and AI was on point though!

Very nice! I love the style and audio. I struggled with the controls though, I knew what I wanted to do, but my brain couldn't coordinate, so that might just be me! :)

Bit weird to have started in the corner. It was enjoyable, some kind of goal would have been nice though!

I liked this, especially the hotdog hostage and bullet sim! I did notice some sub-pixel rendering on the bullet sim though, but I don't think it effected it really.

Anything drawn is subject to the resolution restriction, there's no exception for text. It's probably one of the trickiest things to implement well though!