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Thank you. I made it in my own IDE as a "start to finish" test, so I'll likely be adding to it as part of that process.

So settlers now have to chop the trees to build a fire to keep warm. Due to lack of time, a lot less than I thought I might (but that's December for you!), I'm going to have to cut out the cool parts of the game and make it even simpler than I would have liked. New idea is to simply build the houses for the settlers to live in. You get points when a settler moves into a house, and lose them when a settler dies, houses can get full. Another idea is to get bonus points/events when you have 5 of the same card in your hand. I'll finish with something anyway... :)


I'm sure it's something you noticed, but I have to mention it because it disturbs me, lol: The jagged pixel edges on the sprites with non-right angles. The square looks perfect even when it rotates, this is out of place with the constant presence of the pixel edges of the triangle. It's like you're scaling the game up but letting it add the pixels. I would suggest either scaling it 1:1 (so square rotates with jaggies) or using primitives (preferable, everything is perfect). :)

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With respect, he didn't "spout nonsense". He didn't accuse anyone of anything, only stated his observations based on reports of software he had and that other users should exercise caution with ANY files. It's likely that he hasn't encountered the problem before. Those of us who have know how to solve it/ignore it.

Been a bit hectic recently what with Christmas and having to go visit fams and stuff. But I got some movement in on my people.

At the end there, looks like he's been at the Christmas wine!

That looks great! How you doing the level layouts?

Just a mockup atm, colors will definitely change!

But the idea is something similar the Reigns, but you can stack the cards to make the choice later and you get a visual representation of your "kingdom". So cards come in and you can chose one to "play". Depending on what it is can cause several things to happen. Like spawning people or buildings, or launching a bandit attack etc. You have to balance the good and the bad, pick too many good things and you may not survive the bad things you've been stacking up that you will inevitably have to play! The likelyhood of bad cards spawning increases with time, meaning you will always lose eventually. :)

Using my own web-based IDE to create the game. Started working on that in September, very much alpha stage, and this game will be a kind of soft-run of that. Also, a first for me will be using SVG graphics.

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I've been in much smaller jams that had a good Twitter presence. You don't have to use it personally, but for those of us that do use Twitter you need to have it on the page otherwise we can't engage because there's no common hashtag. People will be sharing stuff on Twitter anyway, the hashtag will just let other participants know where to look to see it. >.<

Created a new topic Twitter Hashtag

Twitter is probably the best and easiest way to share progress and be more engaged with game jams. Could you add a hashtag that we can use for the jam, itch.io allows you to set one on the jam page. Just #MinimalisticJam would be great. :)

2018. :)

It'll be decided in the new year. When it is It'll be announced here and on Discord. Don't clear your diary though, it's still a while to go!

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Took your time! Thanks for playing! :)

That category was more to do with the "use of space", which, given it is the point of the jam, makes it very important really. So, it will be staying but will likely be reworded to be clearer.

Also, on your point about anything less than full marks pushing someone back several pages, is simply not true. There was some complaint from individuals about being ranked under 100 in that category, and thought that was bad. Where it actually isn't, the majority of games got very high averages in that category, and it's just a matter of "you can't all be first." If you care enough, you can look at some entries and do the math and you'll see. One of the top 10 places, for example, is ranked 93rd in Authenticity and still has lower averages in other categories in which it's ranked higher. And the Overall ranking is based on your averages, and some magic with the number of ratings, thus the ranking of Authenticity doesn't really effect the final positions that much.

Ultimately, I think it's more about people being confused about how the system works, rather than the system being wrong. But I'm open to feedback, we got a while to work this out, after all! :P

It's a really neat effect. Some games are just rendering in 3d and down scaling it, that doesn't look so good. This method probably takes a little more effort, but the result is 3d-esque but super clear/not jaggedy, certainly worth the effort. I definitely want to try and use this technique at some point. I did already have an idea of the process, but thanks for the link, it never hurts to see how other people approach the same problem. :)

OK, so for those who posted their game here, try and play each others games and vote on your favorite. Just your favorite! You may make a new post! Whoever gets the most favs wins the coveted "very niche bragging rights" prize!

Other than that I hope you enjoyed the jam and that maybe these small challenges helped you along. :)

Thanks, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, experimentation and discovery was what I was going for with the buildings and the different combinations. I did plan to add achievements to reflect this. When I do an update next month, I'll add more buildings and get those achievements and other features in.

Thank you for your comments!

Yes, there is rules to road, and all tile placement. But it's handled for you, it should show green highlights in spaces you can place a tile.

Yes, I've heard a few issues with the inventory... I didn't have them during development but I will look into them! I plan to release a new version next month, so hopefully that'll fix all these things. :)

Sweet, this is awesome and has been requested a lot! Thank you!

Nice, simple, fast-paced action game. You can't go wrong with big guns and lots of bullets, really! :) I did wish the music was a little quieter during the voice over as I couldn't make out some of it, though both were really good and well suited. Very cool!

It is a nice game. Very weird choice of keyboard controls though (Alt, Ctrl, Shift). I ended up bugged out somehow (playing the fixed version), I got killed by wall spikes and was left on a blue screen with "SANDALS" written on it! >.< Good looking though, and very nice audio!

I definitely like the look of this game. and I'm a big fan of similar games. I wasn't so put off by the control scheme, more just the physics, it felt like it should be a little more responsive/arcade-like. And the land is quite distracting, everything looks so smooth and clean then you have these big squares of land. But, it definitely feels like a base for something greater. And I remember a post of yours on Twitter regarding layered sprites? The effect works really well and I'd like to know more about your method (or should I just Google, lol?)

Well, it's very good for a first jam game! I've been making jam games for years and still can't get the scope right, haha! I'll keep an eye out for future releases, then!

With surfing. ;)

Aye, it works now. I do like the aesthetic, nice colors. But yeah, not much to do, and no sound, etc. It would be nice to explore a more fleshed out world.

I lost because I tried boarding someone who must have been a bit more bad-assy than me. Fun wee take on this kind of game though. I've wanted to make something similar myself for so long now! The battles were my favorite part, but the world map felt a bit aimless. Decent and consitant graphics and sounds. I liked! :)

Yes, definitely needs keyboard controls for movement. For two reasons, first being that the path-finding can get you unpredictably killed, and secondly shoot is right next to move and 1 wrong click also gets you killed. Otherwise it's a good game, if you can resolve those issues I'd happily play it to completion! :)

I think it would have made more sense if your weapon was melee. Your sprite size doesn't allow much distance for the gun. And the AI guys jump everywhere, which I found odd. But decent graphics and audio.

You got the basis of a survival game here, the digging and building structures. But no ability to use them or survive, or fight back as the button suggests! But good prototype, maybe you'll turn it into something more? :)

Nice wee game, shame a lot of people won't have 2 controllers/2 players on hand. The graphics and sound were good, though a little rough they were very consistent! It's hard to make out the ships, and the thruster audio is a bit annoying, I know you don't need to hold it down but it's kind of instinctive to do so! Otherwise good game, perfect scope for a jam game, and good way to settle an argument! hehe.

Looks and sounds great! Took me a while to get the hang of it. I think I would have preferred mouse control, like move/angle towards to mouse, as that might feel more fluid. I felt the keyboard direction changing was a bit derpy, or maybe it's just me, lol.

Got a score of 284. I think it's good, you got the physics and the gameplay, and even the audio is good, but I think your graphics could have been better executed. Like the bullets are huge, and the planes are just rotated sprites that look all jittery and messy; if the planes were smaller and with fixed/properly drawn angles, and less distracting background (maybe with a little parallax), I reckon it's look a lot nicer. But good scope for a jam game!

I liked it a lot! Is it literally not possible to swing my sword up or down though? I had to run away to get a better angle on some enemies. But I beat it, it's really easy once you get armour, I finished with Scale Armour and a War Hammer! Also really nice graphics and music, and simple controls.

Nice wee game. Though when it ended my first thought was "that could have just kept going". Graphics and audio is nice, and the gameplay is easy enough to pick up once I went to the game page to learn how to start a wave. And I had an issue with the screen on the main menu, "play" was off screen at the top... But when I started the game it went to the correct size.

Great looking, great sounding and a great original concept. But yeah, as mentioned it's a little difficult to grasp at first. I'll definitely have to play this again and give it a much better go. Some introductory scenarios would go a long way here. :)

Nice introduction to the story and the overall objective, that was really nicely done. I found the game play a little to slow though, and the controls were fiddly. But very nice work!

You might be better of posting this issue in the Itch.io Forum rather than the Jam forum. I don't think it's anything I can fix.

The guilds are actually a barracks, so close enough. And it's one of those things that can just continually have stuff added to it, so when I have time there will be higher tier buildings!

Thanks, for the comment. And that's a really great idea about having negative tiles that expand themselves. I did plan to add workers and soldiers, that's actually why you can craft weapons and build a barracks/castle, but the idea was just to protect from rampaging barbarians. I'm already stuck into another jam atm, and have another one to enter after that. But when both those are finish I will be back to this to add in that idea lol!

Ha, I actually really like it. Because I know these assets from Kenney, and I used them myself once in a quick weekend challenge with a friend. They're just cuter shrunk down. And your version is more fun than mine was, I got 57 on normal! And the tones were a nice touch, almost musical.