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Thanks, I'm glad it could give you a chuckle! :)

It's intentional. But it was designed as a game over thing after everything else has been completed, so the user can crash out before leaving. The problem is one of balancing, it is too easy to get to the final bird level. You seem to have got most of the upgrades though, so you're as good as finished. As long as you enjoyed the journey, might as well blow up the destination. :)

I like this game. Though it's more an incremental than it is a clicker. I'd prefer if it was more fast paced though, maybe clicking just to speed it up, lol.




So I neglected to test this game in IE before today. So I had a lot of stuff to fix to make that work, from audio, to graphics, to minor mistakes that everything else handles fine but make IE cry (like clipping a sprite larger than it's texture, wouldn't visually break anything or be noticeable at all, but IE insists on throwing an unhelpful error at you.) Audio was a nightmare, using just JS, you have to overcome the fact that you can't play the same audio over itself, you have to create a new instance. I was cloning the Audio object, but IE just wasn't having it, so that needed me to create a new Audio object manually and set it's src. Then it wouldn't automatically pause or reset when it finished so needed event listeners just to make sure an audio instance knew it had finished itself (wut) so it could play again. Everyone knows IE is "special", but it still always throws something at you. >.<

Anyway, got it done with a couple hours spare. Hope you enjoy playing it!

And also thanks to Isaac S. Johnson for the music and audio.

Thanks. And yeah I meant that one. Good way to end a jam game, by letting the user break it as a finale. :P

It's not as painful as I expected, but it's the "Flock" button, get it up to max and it spawns 60 birds a second. Cool way to finished it off I think. :)

I missed a few days of devblog, I was otherwise busy. But today I got all the other buttons functioning, with tooltips. Here's a breakdown of what each button does.

  • Tree: Grows the next stage of tree, allowing more leaves.
  • Leaf: Adds a new leaf to the tree.
  • Apple: Grows a new tree (all trees follow the same stats, so this is essentially a visual multiplier).
  • Bird: You click birds for bonus points, this increase the points gained from that.
  • Sun: Increases the amount of life generated per leaf.
  • Cloud: Increases the amount of life generated per tree.
  • Clock: Increases the rate at which life is automatically generated (auto/idle clicker mechanic).
  • UNKNOWN: There's room for one more button, I'm not sure what it will be but I'm tempted to go down the same route as that neural network snake game on here and allow something that just insanely overwhelms the game in some way. Cause that's fun.
I also spent a lot of time on balancing. Which meant A LOT of clicking. But it's important to strike a balance between how much a user clicks to how far that clicking progresses them. At the end of the day it's a jam game, no one is going to take it too seriously or spend too much time on it. So I'll probably balance it biased to progression, while trying to maintain it's fun/interestingness.

    I forgot to post yesterday, doh. It's coming along rather well though.

    I added in palette swaps today, I'm doing it via directly changing the pixel data of the texture used as it hasn't proven to be slow or anything (the texture is only 256x256). The original colors, and my attempt at dithering there, were to try and make it look like silhouette on a sunset painting sort of thing... It doesn't really look like that, so the default palette will likely be different.

    I've added in button states, so it's clearer to the player when an upgrade becomes available.

    I'm going to be either making the cost boxes bigger, or tweaking the small font slightly as the text doesn't quite fit in there snugly when you hit the millions (M is always a big letter!) But the whole point of these idle clickers seems to just be about racking up those numbers into the quadrillions. :)

    Day 3+4:

    Today I got the costs and expenditure stuff in. And visualized the clicks/life per click. That is pretty much the core game there. From here on it's adding in the other incremental elements and adding art until the times up/I get bored. :)

    Day 4:

    I quite like that. And no the progression wasn't too slow really, I managed to play into the options and lag it to death without getting bored. :)

    And it's a good example of a learning system.

    (Edited 1 time)

    Today I done a bit of work on the user interface, which in turn is game play as well (being an incremental game all about the upgrades, etc). I also automated a lot of the code, so things like the tree sprites are stored in arrays now. So when it comes to tree sprite, leaf data, etc, it's all 1 number. Anyway, starting to look like something now. :)

    Day 3:


    Today was interesting. I knew at some point I'd need to put leaves on the tree, but how to do it efficiently? I can't draw animated sprites for each stage of the tree, I also can't write all their positions out, both those solutions would take forever.

    The solution I came up with was to draw certain colored pixels on the tree sprites where I want the leaves to be placed. When the texture is loaded, I extract it's pixel data and read it, building an array of all the pixel positions of that certain color on the texture sheet. I then compare all these "leaf positions" with the sprite positions and build an array of leaves relative to each sprite. I then overwrite the special colored pixels to restore the normal color, so it's all 2-colors again.

    So now, even on a huge sprite, I just plot green pixels where I want leaves and in the game I can draw animated leaves on it. I can also draw a variable number of the leaves, which is perfect for the "incremental" idea, and actually seeing your growth/progress.

    Here's what it looks like in practice, Day 2:

    I was going to rotate the sprites to animate them, but HTML canvas interpolates them when doing that (even though imageSmoothingEnabled = false! :/). But I think I prefer just this movement anyway, now I see it.

    1-Bit Clicker jam community · Created a new topic Orchard
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    • Notepad++
    • Paint.NET
    • Chrome

    The idea in this game is; from a mere seed, grow your tree and spread, become a home for other life and just generally keep doing that.

    This is based on an idea I had for a bigger clicker game, but it's been a while since I done a jam and I saw this one and thought I'd just do it. So I took the same idea and stripped it down. I knew I'd do pixel-art, I usually do and the theme/restriction lends itself to it.

    But I also decided to do this in just Javascript, with HTML canvas... Which really doesn't like pixel-perfect drawing, especially fonts. So I have to use images for everything, which required me to write my own functions for drawing text from an image/texture atlas. I'm drawing directly onto the texture atlas and defining sprites from the coordinates by hand, not the quickest way but it's been therapeutic thus far and just means less tools to juggle. :)

    I'll be adding to this the devlog daily.

    But here's what I got for Day 1:

    I'm going to make a sort of tower defense stlye game. Also going for the "Universal Understanding" and "Cross Continetal" diversifiers, and MAYBE "Sharing Is Caring" if Single player works out. :)

    Quick questions... Does no text mean no text even for my title logo? :P

    Didn't expect you to credit me for a suggestion there, but thanks lol. Good to see the implementation, it's a lot less distracting now the shadows don't appear when there's no light. :)

    Although, I found the menu harder to navigate now, you lock the mouse in, but the cursor is invisible at that point and you have to guess the keyboard controls for it.

    Let me know when you get that online scoreboard in! ;)

    Some screenies from today:

    There's also now 14 achievements, gamepad controls, HTML5 support, Intro credits, hotkeys for faster navigation and I've started on the help screens (will add in-game tutorial though if there's time.)

    Well, I added the first achievement today! Some will be basic, but if you want to unlock others you will have to try different strategies. At least that's the plan...

    Finally going to drag myself to bed, here's some screenshots from today, all about archers. :)

    They do have a melee attack as well, where they jab their foe with an arrow.

    I also worked on the AI for a bit, it can now save up to launch periodical fullscale attacks, and they will get progressively larger.

    Sounds cool! As for a win state, could always have a few options, some potentially endless games have life goals, such as amassing a certain amount of money. You could do that, and add it other more fitting elements like' Find X number of ports, Sail X distance, etc. Then the player could choose whether it's going to be a short game or a long game. :)

    Will that jam have a screenshots thread too? 0.o

    This looks really interesting, but what's the objective, I'm curious? :P

    - "64x64 is just too small for a game like this, everything just becomes an unclear mess."

    Well if you came to that conclusion before starting you could have avoided this issue. Preparation is nine tenths of the game dev law!

    I agree with Woldy, if you show us the issue someone might figure out a solution. Seeing as your game is 3d, could this not be fixed with a change of perspective?

    Some stuff from today. :)

    I just done a wee test for building upgrading:

    And some knights fighting:

    Reminds me of the original Sid Meier's Pirates! a bit. :)

    Replied to nadia in Screenshot Daily

    That looks awesome, looking forward to playing that. :)

    (Edited 2 times)

    Done some room transitions and the layout of the settings menu, including; music toggle, sound toggle and achievements button.

    The in game interface has full navigation now, some of the buttons still need to work and change based on conditions... But at least they're not exploding in my face because some other button isn't handled. :)

    EDIT: And now I added an earlier stage of the castle:

    Got in some character animations, derpy AI, fighting and some particle effects:

    Updated the graphics a wee bit, and got the parallax looking decent, I'm quite happy with my wee flags there. :P

    And you can use texture_set_interpolation( true/false ); to toggle it during a draw event.

    You can resize the GUI using display_set_gui_size( 64, 64 );

    Although you may have to run that code each time you go to a new room, GM can be very tempermental. :P

    Created a new topic Little Monster Font
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    This is a font I made quite a while ago for what was meant to be a Pixelly 2D Dungeon Keeper style game. I used it for the title logo for my jam game, and thought I might as well share, could be used for some text, though it is 8 pixels high.


    And this is my game logo created from it:

    It's correct, I think, just a little out of context at the moment.

    I got it semi-decent in the actual game section, so there will be improvement. :)

    Fair enough, if you're looking for PEACEFUL, then maybe check out Proteus... A wee 2D version of that would be pretty sweet. ;)

    I'm quite fond of the black and white. I made a whole game once, in color, then added what I called a "50s mode" that was basically black and white with a film grain and it looked so much better. :P

    Hell, add film grain to it. ;)

    I quite like this style.Maybe a simple shooter/bullet hell kinda thing, you have the screenspace for it. Basically you could just shoot in the direction you're moving and hold up to shoot upwards. And just horde increasing numbers of enemies into it and the player has to survive as long as possible. As your world seems broken up into screens you could count each screen as a level, and the player progresses by beating all enemies and then moving out, you can add random interesting things to look at on some of the screens (like monument or something, would add a little exploratory factor to it).

    Here's an update on my project.

    Created a main menu:

    The parallax will be slower on this menu, but there will be more animations, such as characters fighting eachother and such.

    Looks sweet, love the armchair and the... I'm going to say brandy... because I've got something similar in the cupboard. :P

    Lua is relatively easy. Love2D is just a very nice engine that uses Lua, it has really intuitive functions for the basics such as drawing, audio and what not, and it's easy to run the things you make. Yes you have to program, but it's a fun way to go about it I think. :)

    I'm using GM:S.

    But I'd highly recommend Love2D as well, especially if you're not into unwieldy IDEs like GM:S.

    I'd say GM:s is faster if you're familiar with it, but Love2D I think is more fun. :P

    And seeing as the GM community is down atm it may be easier to find help for Love2D.

    I was cleaning out my email when I saw an email about this jam, and it starting today so I decided to jump into it.

    Here's a concept image so far, I'll likely use most of it anyway. :P

    It's going to be a base attack/defense game.