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No it's a longish game. Did you have an issue? I admit it's not totally clear how to play at first.

Day 3. Did some pipes (I think of apocalyptic as also kinda industrial), and some trees.

This is why I always build a mockup first, then extract the tiles from it.

I did hit this exact issue today when working on tree tiles though. Built a few in a mockup, then tried to just copy paste tiles for corners and what not, and yeah, there was a couple bits where it didn't match over the seam. So it always sneaks in either way! :P

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Day 2. I added some more building types and colour options, working on open water, little rocket with silo animations and some craters. I also tweaked the water so it had a little angled perspective, less flat looking.

Hey! I totally forgot to submit to the last jam, though I wasn't very good with that theme.

This one's a little easier for me as I can make a tile-set which is something I'm alright at, and apocalypse/sci-fi is a lot more broad and the palette limitation is sweet.

So I'm going for a kind of Advance Wars style game asset; with the map tiles, units, with maybe also UI and a font. I only started today, but I'll try and post here each day til the end.

yeah the link is for the previous jam...

Naw, you get given tiles at starting at different angles but can't change them yourself. Probably a reason for this, I can't remember, haha.

I feel like this building is nigh on indestructible! >.<

I couldn't make it very far. Mostly struggling the get a feel for the controls.

I like the map and graphical style, gave me Morrowind cave vibes.

Everything certainly explodes.

Nice work!

Ah yes, once again I forgot to add any controls anywhere. My bad! >.<

Thanks for playing!

Ah, yeah the method of doing the physics is pretty brute force and just reads the canvas pixels. On my machine it was within a reasonable time but there are many factors that could screw it. And yeah the theme was meant to be there, then fell out, but I still wanted to finish something. :) Thanks for playing!

Gah I couldn't get past 9, I was getting too flustered, haha. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. But it's a really cool little game, nice job!

That's absolutely fine!

Yep. If anything, have a note/warning on your game page. Then if people play it it's on them. :)

GB Studio is a joy to use. Helped in part due to it's limitation I guess. Some key things about this project and how I did it:

The large character sprites are made up of many small sprites that I manually cut up and shifted about to fit, each assigned to an actor.

The tiles were drawn as whole scenes which I then measured the tile count of with and optimized from there. The tile count has to be under 192 or something like that. My main goal was to achieve the 3D-esque scenes.

Each dungeon is a large image made up of the smaller scenes and movement is done by shifting the camera around to each area.

The movement is done by using a small set of invisible triggers in the corner of "chunk" of the dungeon; when you move, it hits a trigger that moves the camera by a certain amount (basically screen width or screen height)

Thank you very much! I would continue it but I feel there's not much more I could add to this. The only art I did was the backgrounds and that's already close to tile limit, and the characters push actor limit too. It was very much a proof of concept. The only place I could see this going is if I could work out a nice way to do proc-genned dungeon layouts.

The mouse cursor was very laggy/slow, made it quite distracting. Having actually selected a building to place the mouse response is fine. So just something about that cursor.

Otherwise nice game, very similar to what I tried and failed to make. Mine was basically the squad combat, with no economy. So I'm glad you made this. :)

Ay I finished it. I did get to the point where I was wondering if it ever ended. So I would say it's a bit long. But I loved the art, lots of detail and things to see. Nice work!

Very cool game. Well polished.

Got stuck on the blue wall level as well, but because I accidentally got blue out before I realised what the walls were actually doing. And you can't restart if character has already left it seems?

Tricky game, but I like the concept. Good work!

I like this kind of game. It's a very slow start, but once you get going it's really quick to pick up new ships and more contracts. It does seem kind of arbitrary having the goal at 50 ships, as it's pretty easy to get your favour over 10 (up to 15 cap?), and there's not really anything to do with most of your ships at that point.

Can't knock it. Really well polished game.

Really cool, I enjoyed this a lot. I beat all 20 levels, they had perfect introduction to mechanics and then left you with enough of a challenge that wasn't overly frustrating. And I love the idea of the box you're in is also the box you're pushing around and how that incorporates the recursion theme, very nice!

I liked the idea. As others' have said the resolution was a bit all over the place, not sure it was intentional though and it's most obvious with the text.

Well I think I messed up a lot of peoples' commute. It was nice, and I had a little laugh just going at 200+ MPH. I really liked the audio when I noticed it.

Managed to get 6065 on my 3rd go. Is the little skyrise the last one or is there something beyond it? I don't recall even though it was 20 seconds ago, but I think I had 2 of those,;1 by trying, and the other by luck as I got a couple of the big houses to play straight up.

Very nice game!

I was dreadful at this, brain stopped functioning. I think it's partly that it's quite fast. But also I struggled to associate the icons. However I know this is a me problem because I had this exact same issue with a memory game thing I was working on recently, my brain overflows at 3 things, haha.

Absolutely beautiful game. Everything spot on, very simple but also rather challenging and great replayability. Awesome work!

Not entirely sure what I experienced, but I liked it. Nice little game where you just go with it and don't worry about it. Good work!

If there was a specific reason you wanted it as part of the jam then I'm happy to allow it with 1 contributor, rather than.... However many that is! Like I say, the main concern is unfair rating tampering. That many contributors also caused an issue with the submission page.

Disqualified. This is a very suspicious submission. Way too big a "team" for what I could see from the game itself, considering rating is submitters and contributors this would be unreasonably unfair on everyone else. Comments filled seemingly by bots.

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Yes, everything you said is absolutely correct!

It's very sensible to already have your page and an early build up. And simply update it as many times as you like until the submission period ends. :)

That being said, we do also take late submissions within reason for the very instance that sometimes unexpected things happen.

The game should be 64x64 (or less), but you can scale this however you like to fill the window/screen.

In GameMaker the easiest way to do this would be to use cameras/viewports or setting the application_surface to a size of 64x64.

I usually have problems when there's controls like this, but for some reason because they're on the mouse it wasn't so bad, haha. There was one bit I thought I messed up because I went too far with the fire guy, but actually he was able to get back and I managed to get to the end. I like the idea. I feel the physics could be a little tighter and faster paced as it took longer to move about than the puzzle was to solve. But still really nice game. *boing*

Really cool game. I found the collisions on everything a little annoying. But otherwise everything was pretty consistent and on point.

Yeah, as long as you can follow the rules of both jams then there's no issue!

Yes as long as you clearly mark/tag it it's fine. Itch already has in place age restriction so you shouldn't have to worry.

Yeah, you can use whatever engine and tools you like.

When it comes to the user being able to change resolution that's fine too. But your game should by default open at 64x64 (or lower). This is the resolution most people will play at in the jam context, so opening up in a higher rez will cost you in the ratings. For something like default splash screens that are higher than 64x64 and can't be avoided, most people will understand this and not hold it against you as long as the game itself adheres to rez restrictions.

I hope this helps answer your question!

Thank you for your comment. Yes, we limited scope in exchange for polishing what we was able to accomplish in the time. We will likely expand on actual game elements going forward with the project.

I really like the concept.

I'm generally not a platformer fan, and when I do play/make platformers I prefer a very rigid/responsive movement. Here the movement is very floaty and I found it hard to do what I was intending to do.

I feel a shallower difficulty curve would help a lot to better introduce the feeling & concepts without too much initial challenge.