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OK, I've been crushed and devoured a few too many times today! There's a lot of paths to explore, most, if not all of them end very badly! But it's funny! And I love the aesthetic of the "crudely" converted images, so old school! :P

Fun little game. Quite tricky when you realize EVERYTHING knocks you back. I only managed to get to a score of 8! :)

Adorable graphics, and I loved the completely unnecessary use of physics when filling the bowl! :P

Very simple game really. I love the animations! The sound is very quiet though, I originally thought it didn't have any. >.<

Great game, and was fun to follow your progress on Twitter. Though playing it I have to say the screenshake is too intense, to the point where even if I had a plan laid out and could previously see what I was doing, the screenshake would make it too difficult to act. Like if you have 2 "beams" coming down one block apart, screen shakes hides the safe space. I had no problems with the controls though, once you learn them its fine, and it's a good use of minimum input. I got a score of 74.

Great and polished game. My sanity wouldn't hold past the snake dude though!

@Guard13007, it rounds the value down, and removes the decimal places when it comes to drawing the text. If it didn't then it wouldn't fit in the box. It's only really an issue in the early thousands, after that you don't notice it.

Cool clicker! Ideal idler!

All the subtle animation make this rather nice to play, could have done with a bit of sfx though.

Great looking and great sounding game. Though the clicking aspect seems to do little but progress time by a fixed amount, with no actual incremental factors? Will be interesting to see it evolve, and see if clicking in the long run becomes a hindrance without auto-clicks and increments.

This version is different than the one I played before, this time I got a perfect snake and didn't crash and burn the game. :P The auto clicker feature is awesome, watching all them snakes go! What would be awesome is to somehow visualize the neural network so as your snake are learning you can watch it grow.

I was playing the web version. I would have liked to have played it full screen as some of the text is tiny! And I never take damage, the enemy always "MISS"? Took me a while to understand what you meant by "jump", I was going room to room to get back out, lol. I liked the graphics, but I will say there's a lot of unused space and they graphics themselves are tiny.

I really like this concept. I'm going to leave this one running to see what's at the end. Really good progression, from clicking to automating everything. Great idle game. Audio I find didn't fit very well though, so I turned that off early. I like the graphics and the entire visual representation of everything.

I think there was a lot of untapped potential in this, Nice concept, light versus dark. The problem was it's limited to the text, with no visual representation of what you were doing.

I like this game. Though it's more an incremental than it is a clicker. I'd prefer if it was more fast paced though, maybe clicking just to speed it up, lol.

Thanks for all the comments. Just to note though, the final bird upgrade is meant to break the game lol, if you read my devlog you'll see this was by design. The issue really was that I made it too easy to get to that point, ie; balancing. Even in my tests I always hit the birds before I could get all the leaves.

The game came 30th, thank you to everyone who rated and commented! I appreciate it. :)

The art and writing is great. It's a shame some bits are missing, like the professor. And no audio is a bit of a let down (same for a lot of the games). I finished with Lina and Inky-Trinks, she had me at cookies!

I like the combat system, reminds me of SM's Pirates! It could be a lot clearer though. Decent graphics and audio too. Good game!

Really nice puzzle game. I think throwing the ball would have been more intuitive/fun, but I managed. :) Could have used something at the end to wrap it up rather than just putting a key in the door and it saying complete... Even if it was just another chest in a room where that happened, it'd feel less rushed. Nice art, but lack of audio.

I couldn't seem to beat the boss? Does he just have A LOOOOOT of health or something? If he does then it could use some feedback and interval actions. Decent game other than that though. I like the audio.

Very simple and very fun game. Would be good if it got more difficult though, or more variation in the waves.

This is cool to just mess around it, I was shoot for a bit then ramming, then exploding. It's pretty neat, even if it is lacking a game mechanic. Looks really nice too, and the sounds are pleasing.

I like the concept, but it's tricky to play, for me anyway. I found the menu quite awkward. Took me a while to grasp what was going on, and I don't think I won once though I did get to the other end of the field, lol.

It's a great looking game and the customisation feature is really neat. I don't think I'm very good at it though, too much reliance on remembering the map for me. :)

I walked of the edge of the world while chasing the big red blob in the sky.

Got to over 22,000 score which I don't think was bad! It isn't displayed long enough after defeat. I liked the mechanic of your shot count degrading, cause you get to 3 and it's easy for a while, then you panic when you're back to 2! Neat little game! :)

Pretty decent time killer. I probably didn't play strategically by just ramping up fire-rate lol, but it was fun. Looks ok, actually, I like that you can see the rocket trails. Neat game!

The ending is a bit silly, lol. I didn't figure out the levers first time round, they looked like keys or something. Combat felt a little finicky, but required tactic which is good. Otherwise reasonably short and fun and decent graphics.

I was barely able to go 12 jumps in a row on my one lucky streak. There's like the tiniest amount of time you're able to jump. I didn't feel like I was doing anything different between my good jumps and the fails. It annoyed me before I could get to a fun bit.

It took 36 babies to paint the wall, and partially the floor, which is good to know as I'm actually doing my kitchen that color.

Took a while for me to get used to! I only got as far as sector 6. And my best combo was 12. I really liked the game, very challenging. Good art and sound, I like the little character's poses. I didn't like the font on the menu though, it's not very clear or consistent. Nice game!

It's a very basic game. If you just added a little bit of progression it'd be a lot better, for example as time goes on there could be more/faster asteroids. As it is I don't think there was any progression and it didn't seem to be going anywhere and I couldn't lose. Otherwise pretty solid jam game. Played web version.

1180 as final score, in 2.30 mins, but at least I know that's bad! :)

It's a good, short, challenging game. Great jam game! I had no issues with the audio.

Thanks for all the good ratings everyone. I didn't expect to get much for theme (admittedly, I started the game with the wrong theme in mind). But, given that, I'm surprised to have gotten forth! Thanks!

It's a very good looking game and I like the sound design. I actually played it twice, the first time I collected all the sticks, then instantly finished the game at the end, so I never saw the quest, which is why I played the second time to see if there was a quest, and there was. So I was expecting a bit more to happen! But yeah, great style and consitency!

Good looking game. I got to half-way through wave 3 before a fast bot got to the end conveyor and I dropped the box on the wrong belt! It gets a little repetitive as there's no added variety as you progress (from what I saw), only gets faster. I like your credits screen, how did you find so many people with the same name?!?! 0.o

This is really cool. But sadly there's no audio? Anyway, it's very simple and clean and I like it. :)

I'm going to be doing an Android version soon, I'll fix the button issue then, as there will be some changes to controls anyway. Still, apologies for those getting it. :(

I think I hit my head on distance planet. It's pretty neat, if only I could fly!

Also, I saw Uranus! 0_0

It's a bit annoying that I respawn at sea after I die on land, and sea battle do get a little tedious. I like the ocean scrolling effect, that's pretty neat and the graphics in general are really good, as is the audio.