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Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! The browser version sometimes doesn't recognise when you press buttons so you have to refresh the page, also the T is drawn wrong in the browser version as you pointed out, but I didn't find out how to fix it .

Nice concept, and well executed! I had fun playing the game and the puzzles were well designed! I love that you made them so that they teach you along the way! I would only recommend that you added the ability to speed up time. Also it would be nice if the restart button reset only the comrades and not the flags. Overall very good game, nicely done!

I had a lot of fun with this! Very cute game with a unique concept! I love the look of the gnomes, and the sfx are great as well! Great work!

I really like the menu design and the animations, as well as the pixelated 3d look of the game! The concept is good and I like the details in the game! The gameplay was a bit repetitive and a bit slow. Also it was difficult to consume bodies as they disappeared quickly and you couldn't get to them because of all the other enemies.

Thanks! The plan actually was to make something change as you proceed. I intended to make it so that the pairs you had to connect would change every n points, but I figured it would be too much to make in such a short period of time.

I love the feel of this game! The combination of sfx and visuals fit together really nicely and make the game very satisfying to play! I had fun playing, but I got bored after a while. I would recommend some way to make the game more difficult so that you can play it over and over again trying to beat your highscore. Overall I really liked it, nice work!

Thanks for the tip! I guess my intention was to make the game difficult, but I could add a difficulty level to choose.

Thanks! Haha yeah that was supposed to mean two MORE arms, I guess I should've made that a bit more clear.

Thanks for the tip! I've struggled a bit with making the text sound effect not be annoying and the music was a bit rushed so it might've turned out annoying.

I really like this game! I love the art and the overall mood! The gameplay is very simple, but fun and well made! My only complaint is that I don't see where the monsters will spawn. They just appear at the begginning of every wave so you don't have time to get to a safe spot. Overall all really loved this, nicely done!

Nicely made game with good graphics and audio! I had fun finding the possible combinations, however it was a bit confusing at times.

Really well made and polished game! The puzzles are well designed (took me longer than I'd like to admit...) I really like the physics of the viruses, they are really satisfying to control! I would only recommend a restart button on the keyboard instead of having to click something on the screen. Overall really good game!

This was a very fun experience! I love the sound effects, and the sense of humor!

I actually had a lot of fun playing this! The concept is really cool and the gameplay is clean and fun! I like the sound effects a lot, they are very satisfying! Nice job!

Good suggestion! I'll try it out!

Really well made game! It looks and feels absolutely amazing! The spinning DNA molecules look so good! The concept is clever, simple and fun! All I have to say is well done!

Very fun game! I like the concept a lot and it was well executed! The game is funny and clever and I love the fast pace! The only issue I had was that enemies got stuck or couldn't fit through certain gaps which made them way easier to kill.

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No I didn't update. HTML is weird so it might've been caused by that. Thanks for the info though!

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There shouldn't be an empty space... Might be an HTML bug :( I had that error when trying to export to HTML, but I thought I fixed it. Do you get only 1 empty space per game?

I like the attention to detail when it comes to the graphics! The blood cells flowing in the background, as well as the cell walls are really nice! The graphics are overall all pretty good and I also liked the music! I would recommend adding some sound effects to make a larger impact on the gameplay. The idea of the game is good, but some things felt a bit off. For example I really didn't need the 2 special attacks or the dash. Perhaps you could make something to force me to use those. Also the enemies have a really short attack range which makes it way to easy to kill them. Overall great graphics and music, and fun gameplay, pretty solid for a 48 hour prototype!

Nice take on the theme! I love the graphics and audio, the funky music is great! It took me a second to understand what I had to do, but when I got the hang of it, it was pretty fun!

The game looks really nice and I love the cutscene! The music and sfx are pretty good too! There are a few bugs, like the audio becoming louder as soon as you go to options, but they don't effect the gameplay so it's fine. I would recommend making each item have some different way of using it. Also a bit more feedback would be nice when you lose health (screenshake, player knockback or animation for example). Overall nice game with a great sense of humor!

Nice idea! I can see this mechanic be used in a lot of interesting puzzles! This is obviously a very early prototype made in a short period of time so it lacks some better graphics and audio, as well as content, but the idea is clear and I like it!

You're so talented! These small games are so good and have a lot of character! This one is no exeption, very fun!

Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Very cute game! Simple little "story", I liked it! The pixel art is amazing and I am also amazed with the amount of animations you made! The music is also nice and relaxing! Well done!

Very fun FPS game! It felt very polished and satisfying to jump around and shoot enemies! It was a bit difficult to see what was going on in the levels at times, so it took me a while to beat them. However, I had a lot of fun!

Well diserved win! The mechanics are unique, the graphics are cute, the sound effects are great! I love the music as well (inspired by Baba Is You?). The game is really fun and the sense of achievement is incredible when you beat a level (especially that last one :D) Great job!

Lovely game, I like it a lot! The story is nice and sweet and depicts friendship nicely! The graphics are amazing, it almost feels like it isn't low rez! The music and sound effects are also nice and the music cutoffs are well timed! Loved it, nice work!

Thank you!

Pretty fung game with nice visuals! The driving feels nice and gives those Mario Kart vibes! Crashing into a wall is a bit annoying though, as it launches you up and you can't do much about it. I think that you should either make recovering a bt easier or make the opponents randomly crash into the walls as well.

Loved this game! One of my favourites so far! Very simple mechanics and great level design! It really made me think a lot, and I played for quite a while! I have just one suggestion: please add an undo button :)

Thank you! Keep trying, you'll figure it out!

Very fun game! It is really nice looking and very simple to understand! It is pretty easy for now, and pretty much anything you do is good, but it was still a lot of fun! Nice work!

Really fun gameplay! I like the graphics and the background in this game a lot! I feel like the gunshot sound effects should be a bit louder and more relevant.

Fun game! Very simple idea and very well executed! The graphics are very simple, but the little touches like the lighting and trail behind the player are great! My only complaint is that the UI isn't within the 64x64 restriction.

Thank you!


Thank you!