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Can I upload a new file (on top of the old one) if I found a game breaking bug in my game?

Thank you! Yep I did use Bosca (I'm not much of a music guy so it's the easiest tool to use)

Thank you! Yeah I thought about making something like that, but didn't really have the time.

Thank you! All those little gfx details were more sort of experiments to see how it would turn out. I personally like it, but I understand it might not be for everyone.

Thank you very much!

Haha thanks! Did you struggle with understanding the mechanics or was it difficult to beat the AI?

Thanks! There is a multiplayer (2-player that is) mode in-game.

Really fun and polished game! It's so small and simple, but works so well! You want to keep discovering things as you play which is great! Nicely done!

What a wonderful and creative game! I had so much fun playing this! The game is funny, entertaining, sounds awesome and is just overall great! Nicely done!

Thank you!

Absolutely loved this game! Very cool concepts and very clear what to do (but still not too simple). The amount of humor is just right, and the ending is great. You managed to put so many different mechanics and ideas into such a small game and it turned out fantastic! Really great job!

Awesome idea and good execution! The game is super unique and pretty fun, though a bit frustrating as you have to be extremely careful. I would recommend making the player a bit less bouncy and also adding some checkpoints to longer levels. But other than that, really great concept and a very good game! Nicely done!

Very short, but pretty fun. I like the camera movement and the way the game feels dynamic. It would be nice if you added some visual/sound effects for taking damage and also for hitting enemies.

Very cool concept, it works really well! I love the visuals of the game, they are very simple, but clear and look nice! The game is pretty fun to play, although it could use some more variety with enemies. Overall nice entry!

I really love the idea in this game! It really makes me use my brain and honestly I'm pretty bad at being fast at this... The game is well designed and I love that you added a little table that reminds how the logic operators work. This concept has a lot of potential and I really loved it! Nicely done!

Thank you!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Well this was a pleasant surprise! Everything about the game is really well planned and well executed. It's so simple and, but yet so clear. Nicely done!

Very sweet little game! The movement is incredibly well done and feels super smooth which is impressive considering the lowrez restrictions. The audio is really good, I love the sound effects, they are very pleasant. The game has a nice and simple story to it which is delivered really well. I wish it was a bit longer because I really enjoyed it while playing. Well done!

Very simple, but very cool game! It is very clear what you have to do and the game is packed nicely into the 64x64 graphics. I love the sound effects when you let the correct boxes through. Very nice little game overall!

Thank you!

Very cool concept and nice looking and sounding game. The platforming is quite difficult at some points, but also entertaining. I ran into a bug where the player kept moving right and nothing I did stopped him so I had to restart the game (it happened at the beginning of a level, so as I passed through a door).  

Very simple, but very clever concept! The difficulty rises nicely and the first few levels teach you the core mechanics well. An undo button would be greatly appreciated as it can be quite frustrating to have to restart the game on a longer level when you get stuck. Other than that, with some audio and polishing in graphics this could be a very good game!

Incredible game! The graphics are amazingly good and the audio is also perfect! The button mashing is super fun and the concept is really great! I do have a few minor complaints though. At some point the game becomes way to easy as you stack up health when non-worms show up. Also when you reach max health and get another extra health point you still hear the sound effect which is a bit confusing. Lastly the green attack took me a bit to understand and I still struggle with the timing and rarely get it right. However I had so much fun that none of those things really effected my overall impression. Brilliant game!


Very good concept and great game! You fit it into the resolution really well and made the game very interesting with so little. I got 5/6 endings and couldn't figure out the last one. Also there is a bug (ah the irony) where the bugs that you clear reappear when you close a window and reopen it. One thing I would add to the game is a few more sound effects for clicking and typing for example. Also I couldn't figure out how to exit the screen when you type the admin log in so I had to refresh the page. Overall great game, I really enjoyed playing it!

Thank you very much!

Awesome game, extremely addictive! The concept is so simple, but is really well executed and works so well! I found my self saying "I have to unlock the next color" over and over again and couldn't stop playing. Very good game!

Nice concept and very satisfying game! I got 95% on my second try and couldn't get more than that later. A few more sound effects and some music would be great. However it's still very fun so nicely done!

Feels like playing lowrez Happy Wheels. Very fun, fast paced and funny. The lowrez filter works really well and the game looks good. I would only recommend that you showed the level before starting it so I know where I'm going.

This game is pretty incredible! Very polished, feels great to play and manages to show so much in such a small resolution! Just great, well done!

I really like how the game looks and feels to play. The color that spatters on the ground is a really cool effect. A bit more diversity in the game as well as making it a bit harder would make it even better. Overall nice game!

Thank you!

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! The browser version sometimes doesn't recognise when you press buttons so you have to refresh the page, also the T is drawn wrong in the browser version as you pointed out, but I didn't find out how to fix it .

Nice concept, and well executed! I had fun playing the game and the puzzles were well designed! I love that you made them so that they teach you along the way! I would only recommend that you added the ability to speed up time. Also it would be nice if the restart button reset only the comrades and not the flags. Overall very good game, nicely done!

I had a lot of fun with this! Very cute game with a unique concept! I love the look of the gnomes, and the sfx are great as well! Great work!

I really like the menu design and the animations, as well as the pixelated 3d look of the game! The concept is good and I like the details in the game! The gameplay was a bit repetitive and a bit slow. Also it was difficult to consume bodies as they disappeared quickly and you couldn't get to them because of all the other enemies.

Thanks! The plan actually was to make something change as you proceed. I intended to make it so that the pairs you had to connect would change every n points, but I figured it would be too much to make in such a short period of time.

I love the feel of this game! The combination of sfx and visuals fit together really nicely and make the game very satisfying to play! I had fun playing, but I got bored after a while. I would recommend some way to make the game more difficult so that you can play it over and over again trying to beat your highscore. Overall I really liked it, nice work!