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Wow thank you that means a lot! Great video btw :)

Thank you I'm glad you liked it! I'm not French though I am Croatian hahaha (also red white blue).

This is just amazing! The level of polish is incredible and it's just really fun! Excellent work!

This game is really well polished! It's very fun and the music is great! Overall great job I like it a lot!

The concept is really cool and the graphics ae great! It's also really fun to play! Nice game!

The screenshake is perfect and the idea is very good! Sometimes I felt like the collisions boxes were a little off though, but overall a nice game!

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

The gameplay is good and I like the spooky darkness! The music fits the theme really well!

Good gameplay and ball physics! It would be nice if you could move the camera around while not hitting the ball.

Nice game! Really fun to play and has nice graphics!

Great gameplay and a minimalistc style! It's so simple, but really fun to play!

Really nice graphics and good music! I love the colors and the overall look of the game! I found the jumping physics a little weird though, but it didn't affect the gameplay much.

I like the art a lot! The sound effects are also great and the story is nice! 

Nice art and cool music! It's simple and fun to play and the level up sistem is well balanced!

Thank you I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you very much!

The second file is the same game, but the enemy AI is slowed down. It is not needed to download both files!

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Thanks for the feedback! I didn't have time to give the game out for playtesting so I'm glad to hear some fresh opinions. I'll try and do something to fix the singleplayer in the future!

EDIT: Would the singleplayer gameplay be better if I slowed down the enemies movement?

Thank you very much!

My first game jam game One Enemy. It's an endless bullet hell game with only one enemy.

My first ever jam entry: One Enemy. It's basically a never ending bossfight.

My first game jam entry: One Enemy. Shoot the enemy as many times as possible and dodge it's attacks.

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing! There is an increasing difficulty, but I guess I made it too slow. Many people have already said the same thing. The enemy speeds up after every attack, but the problem is that this first becomes noticable at a score of around 150. Thanks for the feedback, I'll probably increase the difficulty of the game in the future!

Thank you very much I'm glad you liked the game! Well I'm glad my game wasn't flagged, but I it weird that this is the only game that wasn't flagged. Many of the games I've played so far weren't flagged.

Thanks for sharing! Great interpretation of the theme!

Played and rated! Fun game that could be expanded on!

Good game! The screenshake is great when you kill and enemy! The enemies attack a bit to often which makes the game quite difficult. If you improved the graphics a little bit this could be a fun mobile game! Nice work!

For some reason the game doesn't work for me :( . The menu screen opens up, but when I start the game there is only a grey area and a blue sky. Am I supposed to do something to start the game or is it an error?

Played and rated! Great coop game with nice pixel art and fun gameplay! Great job!

Great game with a really nice idea! I love the cute graphics and music! I played it on my own, but I'll play it with a friend as soon as I get the chance to! Great work!

Played and rated! Great and well made puzzle game! Liked it a lot!

Great game! Fun gameplay! I love that there are more solutions to each levels, so you can come up with your own way! The sound effects are great and the music is nice to! With added graphics and maybe some particle effects this could be a great game!

Played and rated! Really well polished and fun game! Great job!

Well polished game with good level design! The music is great and so is the interactive menu! The sound effects fit the theme well! My only complaint is that sometimes I went too far because I didn't time my stop well. I would suggest making it that you can move in one direction until you change direction rather than until you stop. This would make it easier to time your movement properly and not have o restart the level. However this is a minor problem I had and overall I liked the game a lot!

Played and rated! Fun and original game! Nice work!

The gameplay is original and well polished and juicy! It took me a little while to understand what I had to do, but when I did I had a lot of fun! It was a little annoying that the bullet wouldnt shoot when I went outside of the play area so sometimes I didn't have much space to shoot. Overall a well polished and fun game! Nice work!

Already played and rated your game 2 days ago! I left a comment and I liked the game!

Played and rated! Good game for only 5 hours!