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This is...wow. Was genuinely disappointed when it ended. 

I'm very glad you enjoyed!

This is super cute. Looking forward to seeing future development on it.

The idea is very interesting, but the game window seems to be larger than my desktop. I can interact with things just off screen, but I have no idea what they are. Yours may be another I have to rate via watching stream archives.

Hah! I love the idea of having to debug a game while you are playing it.

So the windows executable technically loads, but it just says "no game" with a balloon. Yours may be another game I'll have to find through stream archives if I have time.

Yeah, I'm having the same problem. Thing is, I *only* have a laptop available to me. If I have time, I'll try to find it in stream archives though.

Love this idea, super meta and quite amusing. A lot of the references are lost on me because I've never played the games being parodied, but still enjoyed it.

You may have a career ahead of you as a dev commentator. ;)

Not really sure if there was a goal, or just clicking stuff. Still, the idea is amusing. Managed to make the fps crawl by just spamming stuff in one location too, which made me chuckle for whatever reason.

An interesting idea. Never got a handle on the controls. Weird controls can be cool, but it's often helpful to give a bit of pointer in the right direction. Did manage to get past the H with rapid fire spam clicking, but I have no idea if that was the intended method. After that, I have no idea what I was supposed to do.

Enjoyed this a lot. It's exactly the sort of game that I'm terrible at, but will keep trying anyway. Didn't manage to beat even stage 1, but I had fun.

One suggestion, that I probably ought to make to everyone but am mostly bothering because I don't plan to delete this one, is that it'd be really nice to have an exit button. The game defaults to fullscreen, so I have to use alt-f4 to leave.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Love the idea of the game falling apart as you get hurt.

Not really sure how to play, even though there's a tutorial. I can place flags, and I can place radars, but beyond that I have no idea. An interesting concept though.

Not a lot to say, just that I enjoyed this a lot.

I hope so too! Just, you know, making sure to take care of yourself too ;)

Thanks! It's certainly a cycle I know all too well lol

Yeah, definitely a slower paced game. Something I was sorta going for, but I know it's not everyone's thing. Glad you liked the meta! <3

Wasn't able to actually collect any of the ducks. Not sure if that was a bug, misunderstanding on my part, or intentional part of the meta. But the art was nice and the commentary amusing.

I'd really like to play this, but I'm having the same error as Itooh below. I'll try to see if I can find a stream archive of it though, so I can at least rate.

It's an interesting idea. Not really sure what to do though. Definitely could use backspace support.

Loved the tone and humor. Enjoyed what I played very much, although it kinda locked up on me after equipping the Bard's outfit. Will probably want to try again on one of the download versions instead, but what I managed to do I enjoyed!

Fascinating idea. Curious to see how some of the "not yet implemented" ideas would have functioned. Not 100% sure the method I used in one area was "legit", but I did manage to beat it anyhow.

This was very fun!

I do wish I could speed up the dialogue. I read pretty fast and tend to get a little frustrated staring at text I already read thirty seconds ago. Related, there were a few occasions during cutscenes where Maryo would pause in talking/moving long enough that I was briefly concerned something had broken.

One actual bug - on fighting the boss (first boss? I did not manage to complete the game), I died and the camera did not recenter on Maryo. I'd respawned entirely off screen too.

Overall, absolutely loved the humor, and the platforming felt very solid. And I emphasize that last point - platform physics are tricky, and these felt really good. Definitely planning to play again later when I'm more awake, and seeing if I can beat it. ^_^

Yup, definitely a flappy game. Never actually played the original, funnily enough.

This is well put together and quite fun. I found pretty much all of the alternative modes to be much easier than "classic" mode, I must say.

Thank you! <3

I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

Glad you liked the meta commentary. Funnily, the original idea was just having you watch your energy as progress filled automatically, and the shape matching was put in because it's simple but still takes just enough brain power to distract you from the clock/your energy. lol But I'd definitely like to expand on the idea for the shape-matching gameplay in a future game. I think it could be a lot of fun, maybe with a point system instead of a progress bar, or something.

The energy loss is actually exactly steady. It drops at a set rate per minute, it's just that during the day I've sped up time so you don't have to sit there for twenty minutes waiting for it to be night again. And you found the exact strategy I had in mind lol It could maybe use a little more balancing, but I aimed to have it that if you got about eight hours of sleep, you'd start the next night with close to the energy you started with the previous night.

And yes, clearing the board gives you extra progress. The particles came about precisely because I was trying to draw attention to, and encourage, it. Doesn't seem to have been as obvious as I'd hoped though. lol

Thanks for playing!

A very intriguing concept! And probably way more fun of an experience than the real thing.

I was a little confused about the bars at the top - on my first playthrough one of them emptied and the game ended, but there wasn't much indication what causes them to go up or down. Still, an extremely enjoyable game. It feels very well put together, the art style is great, and a few of the achievements made me actually laugh.

Had to reload a couple times and swap browsers to get the background to load, but it's a really cool idea!

Enjoyed this a lot, and am a little impressed you managed multiple mini arcade games that actually felt like it. I will say that I found myself just parking on the A button and just controlling the other guy. Also the music would stop looping after a while. But very fun game nonetheless.

This was a really cool twist. Very enjoyable.

Glad you liked it. Yeah, it was a toss up what point in the day to start the player. Settled on what I did because I thought people would be more confused if they started and couldn't interact with anything yet. But it does leave you a little blind as to what the day is like.

Glad you liked it! <3

Yup, it's supposed to be near impossible if you let yourself get too tired. The only way I could think of to represent that brain fog when you neglect sleep. Glad you found it interesting.

Yeah, letting yourself wake up early is a feature I probably should have added.

Lol, it is sometimes. Hence why I keep it a hobby at the moment.

I can't seem to get it to work in the web version, or the windows download. Although the windows download automatically goes to full screen and I can't figure out how to make it not.

It told me to select my unit and place them on the map, and logic says that means "click unit, then click on map" or "click and drag unit to map", but both did nothing, and neither did clicking anywhere else or hitting every button on my keyboard just in case.