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Simple concept; done well. I do agree with the sentiment that the auto game over might be a little harsh, but it's still fun.

Interesting idea. Not really sure how to interact with it, but the music is nice.

Clever! I love the twist of using the instruments as actual weapons.

Wasn't totally sure what I was doing at first, but once I figured it out it was pretty cool. The boss fight is a nice twist on the game play too.

Thank you! Relaxing/peaceful is exactly what I was going for. Having the game start with the controls screen is a really good idea.

I'd probably pin all the music quirkiness on me. This is the first thing I've composed that's longer than a 20 second loop, and I'm still learning. The music actually is launched all at once, so the loose sync is probably from the still learning factor too, unless there's some quirkiness with the way the web version is loading music.

And yes, I'm very happy. Learned a lot this time around. :D

Oh man, I'm terrible at this sort of game. But very well done!

Simple concept, but well done! Had a lot of fun messing around and playing tunes.

Totally outside my skill level, but still a lot of fun. Love the visuals and how they're synced so well. Well done.

Very addictive... and very challenging. Well done

Heh, yeah, I completely missed that I could move platforms around. I think it's a brilliant mechanic though, now that I'm aware of it lol

Ah, I must have missed that then, thanks


Very creative concept. Also very tricky for me on my laptop touchpad. Possibly could use a "ramp up", and start a bit slower to let players get the hang of it before really throwing them in there. Definitely love the idea though.

Took me a while to realize that I could shoot the notes to get them out of my way. Agree that sometimes the note placements could seem unfair, but the different instruments you could sometimes grab did help a lot with that. Absolutely love the art style.

Love it! Short and effective, and a lot of fun. Music is enjoyable too.

This was a lot of fun! And not nearly as bad on a touchpad as IamGroot claimed :P The cassette tapes are so perfectly timed with the music it's crazy.

Wow! Very addictive lol

Very interesting concept! One suggestion: Maybe normalize the volume between the "correct" and "incorrect" sounds. The incorrect sound is really loud comparatively. 

The spinning records made this very challenging! lol, not a bad thing though.

lol, fair enough on the money. Perhaps the mouse sensitivity slider will make that part simpler lol

To be honest, I'm not really sure how you actually play. I've hit every button on my keyboard and clicked around, but nothing is happening.

Lots of fun! My two suggestions would be, 1) it'd be nice to be able to adjust mouse sensitivity as it's kinda stiff on my computer, and 2) maybe the ability to pick up money all in one pile, instead of having to shift a bunch of bills individually.  Love the idea of managing the shop though, and had a lot of fun wandering around and figuring out how to put things together.

Like others have said, the game is really easy. But it's still a lot of fun. Really enjoyed making my band play something, as opposed to just spamming notes.

Took me a little bit to realize that you had to click ON the enemies for it to count. Fun to play once you get the hang of it though.

Nice idea! Character could maybe use a bit more friction though. Kept sliding off lol Love the visuals of the colored blocks though.

I'll give it another try here in a bit

Love the concept. Lots of fun to play too! Even if I'm terrible at it XD

Love the idea. No real musical background though, so actually making scoring combos is really hard lol

Nice concept!

I like the idea. Feels a bit like the character's jump is delayed. Wasn't able to get past the second level because I couldn't manage to jump anywhere beyond the first platform. Not really sure what the bar moving across the screen was for, I'm guessing just to sorta visually indicate music? The graphics and audio are nicely done.

That's what I did, but for some reason nothing happened when I finished. It's possible I was doing it wrong though.

Thank you very much! I'm new to creating music longer than say 20 seconds. I'm glad people seem to like it.

Thank you! Atmosphere is the main thing I was shooting for this time around.

The corner bug is something I plan to hunt down and squash if I can.

Thank you very much!

It's fun to walk around and create notes. Not entirely sure how you clear a puzzle though.

Yeah, it's mostly just really almost transparent giant particles. Most efficient way? No idea. But it worked out, so I'll take it.

Yeah, unfortunate that I wasn't able to fully squash the "stuck in a corner" bug. It's funny though, it rarely happens to me, but I guess that's what happens when you're playing it over and over again and know all the jumps by heart. Glad you enjoyed the visuals and the control customization though.

Yeah, getting caught on the corners is a bug I wasn't able to fully squash. Limit, but not totally get rid of.  Something I need to continue to work on.

Glad you liked the music and visuals!

Nice idea. Hope you get a chance to keep working on it.

I'm rather terrible at this style game, but had fun with it anyway! Plan to come back to it in a little while and try again lol