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Had a lot of fun with this! Found the first three table cliff challenging, but finally beat it by messing with the physics. Mildly frustrating, but in a fun way.

Heh, definitely a familiar experience. Gotta love those randomly varying data signals.

Love the idea. The rapid "insta-shot" the enemies have might be a little harsh, and I certainly second the wish for some feedback indicating which terminals I've gotten. Still fun to play, and quite enjoy the choice of music.

Interesting idea! One quirk - looking around with the mouse, my mouse would keep going off the game, making it kinda challenging to control. Might just be because I was using the html5 version though.

Took me a bit to get into the regex mindset, but a very fun game.

This was quite a bit of fun! Got kinda stuck on the last regular level and had to read through the comments here to get that shift was a thing, but really really enjoyed this. Would love to maybe see more levels in the future.

Excellently done. Had way too much fun causing chaos.

I actually DID manage to succeed. Once. I'm counting that as an achievement.

Excellent take on the what-if article. Clicker games are not my forte, so not much in the way of constructive comments here, but I definitely enjoyed it.

Glad you enjoyed!

I didn't want to go too close to the original game. It's one thing to make a game inspired by a web comic that's licensed under creative commons. It's a whole other one to tread too close to Nintendo intellectual property. That said, the main melody is what happened when I hummed the Katamari theme song and tried to match it visually. Obviously, the result is nothing like it, but it sorta works as a tune regardless.

Lol, nicely done on the 3d translation. 

Very challenging. Found myself getting rather disoriented trying to keep my clicks within the rules as the screen moved around. Might be better if it started slower and ramped up, but I do like the idea.

Game is definitely way too big to fit my screen. I know it's probably too late to fix that now, but something to keep in mind for the future.  I've yet to figure out a good method of dynamically scaling my games either, so I've just started building them at a size that's more likely to fit more screens.

Game play itself, couldn't really figure out what I was supposed to do. Jumped around a while. Slept in the chair. Game ended.

Really love the premise. Controls can be a bit challenging, but I love the random levels. Sorta reminds me of Chrome's "you are not connected to the internet" game where you have to jump over cacti. Art style is perfect.

Eep, I love this! Super cute and quite fun. I do find that I have to take multiple pictures of the same buns to get a score higher than a C, but still. Very nice work.

The art is cute and the music is nice. Found the controls for the travel portion kinda tricky, and I kinda had to rely on the cheat sheet to create anything. The crafting idea definitely has potential though.

Very glad you enjoyed it :D

That's an excellent point on the instructions. Will update those when I can. I'd say hoped the people right at the start would dart into the road and demonstrate quickly, but no guarantees there.

Definitely could have used some more sound effects. A lot of the fun of the original was the sounds of wanton destruction. I just kinda ran out of time.

The star reference is absolutely a reference to Katamari, but hopefully it feels fine even if you don't pick up on it. In the game, your dad/the king of the cosmos gets drunk and breaks all the stars. So you're tasked with rolling up objects to make new stars. When you succeed, the king of your ball to the sky as a new star.

The original had you on a timer, but also with better level design and just bigger levels in general. They had you relatively boxed in until you reached a certain size, than you could break through to new areas.

I wanted to do similar with this, but it wasn't really feasible with the setting I'd chosen. Because of the comic, you start at size "car", and the biggest things I could think of were trees and buildings. Would be fun to do some more experimenting with the concept.

Glad you enjoyed!

I wasn't really sure how to make the ball roll from a to down perspective. Something to think about though. 

Yeah, the game could probably use some clearer instructions. Glad you enjoyed it though!

Glad you enjoyed it!

oooh, I didn't realize you could connect to multiple. Need to try that. Maybe a visual clarification could be drawing a line from the balloon to your cursor, if possible? 

Adorable buns, and quite fun! Not much else to say, but I very much enjoyed it.

Ambitious idea for such a short jam! Enjoyed exploring and hiding caches, though I'm not sure how I feel about the goal being "get as far away from your caches as possible". I do like the idea of hiding them and trying to find them though. Not all games need a score/win component I guess.

Odd bug, but at some point I somehow managed to fall through the floor and found myself in an endless sky with some blocks floating in it. So there might be a cache stored at like -1000 somewhere...

Wonderfully evil. Absolutely love it.

Oh, one of my favorites so far! Didn't make it very far because it's just me playing, but I really enjoy the concept.

Clever idea!

Cleverly done. Really enjoyed that. I don't have anything more constructive to say, but I did really enjoy it.

Feel like this game could be really interesting given a bit of work. As it stands, it's a bit hard to feel like I'm really doing anything. The plane bit was kinda long, and it seemed like you were supposed to dodge birds, but there wasn't much of a penalty for doing so.  I do quite like the part still at the house where you could look around and look at stuff, even if you couldn't really do anything with them.

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Absolutely love this. I love "put things together and see what happens" kinds of physics games. Really hope you continue to tweak things and fix the things you meant to.

A suggestion - I'd love it if RP saved your max so you don't have to abort. I enjoy watching the squirrel fall comically down. It'd also be nice if balloons automatically exited "connection" mode after you've connected them, just because it's a little awkward and I tend to forget even though I know better.

It'd also be cool if you could save ship designs so you can modify them or try again, but that's more a request and I know that'd be too much work for a jam.

If you're curious, at the time of writing, this is my fav ship so far. It initially had balloons on top too, but birds took that out pretty quickly. Eventually birds got in and took me out, but I got over 200m before that happened. XD

Simple concept; done well. I do agree with the sentiment that the auto game over might be a little harsh, but it's still fun.

Interesting idea. Not really sure how to interact with it, but the music is nice.

Clever! I love the twist of using the instruments as actual weapons.

Thank you! Relaxing/peaceful is exactly what I was going for. Having the game start with the controls screen is a really good idea.

I'd probably pin all the music quirkiness on me. This is the first thing I've composed that's longer than a 20 second loop, and I'm still learning. The music actually is launched all at once, so the loose sync is probably from the still learning factor too, unless there's some quirkiness with the way the web version is loading music.

And yes, I'm very happy. Learned a lot this time around. :D

Oh man, I'm terrible at this sort of game. But very well done!

Simple concept, but well done! Had a lot of fun messing around and playing tunes.

Totally outside my skill level, but still a lot of fun. Love the visuals and how they're synced so well. Well done.

Very addictive... and very challenging. Well done