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I really like this! The atmosphere is great and it's just short enough to leave you wondering. Well done.

Thank you!

Might be fun some day to write something in my "outline style" XD I agree some of them are pretty funny.

Glad you enjoyed! Definitely hoping to get the rest of it written soon.

You're welcome! Just doing my part. :) One of the best parts about these jams is the other devs around who get it.

Hah, sorry about that. Well, at least it's out there in case anyone else has the same thing happen. XD

And I enjoyed the rest of what was there, thanks for updating! <3

(1 edit)

Happens right after the intro text while it's trying to load up the map. I'll download again and see what happens.

Edit: Totally uninstalling and redownloading fixed the problem. Might have downloaded incompletely or something.

>_> Sorry >_<

Awesomesauce! Plan to check it out soon. :D

Hehe. The place where I work only closes for christmas, and I've always found the bizarre quiet of the place being empty to be equal parts fascinating and creepy. I'm hoping to channel the old Goosebumps "choose your own scare" books and have the first choice branch off into two separate but related storylines, maybe with more people involved. Glad you enjoyed!

Cool! Just wasn't sure. Definitely like the atmosphere you've got going.

Kinda a surreal setting, I like. And the art is nice too. I reached a point where things just kinda...stopped happening, so I guess it was an ending?

I really appreciate that! I really enjoyed working within Twine's structure, and it was nice giving my rhyming dictionary some use after all these years lol

Hoping to actually finish it by christmas

Oh man! This is probably one of the most surreal gaming experiences I've ever had.


Ooh, this is dark. I like it.

This is really great. I love the writing! I'd love to see more, but I seem to have hit a point where the same cutscene keeps repeating and no more ghosts show up. But like, I actually care what happens to this character, and that's an accomplishment itself. Well done.

The combination of Bitsy and Twine is really cool. Well done!

Thanks! And this was a fun thinking challenge, so thanks for hosting!

Visually, this is lovely. I'm...not very good at it though. I enjoyed feeding the gator. It'd be nice if there was a way to restart within game if you lose all your lives, but at the moment it seems like you need to exit and reopen. Also, it'd be nice to have a way to exit the game other than alt-f4.

This is a fascinating concept. The timing on it feels a little weird, but it's overall entertaining!

This is really cool. I really appreciate that there was a tutorial level, as I'd have been totally lost without the opportunity to practice there.

Nice idea! I love the story of a musician trying to bring peace between totally different civilizations.

One note, occasionally the white text would overlay the bright places in the background and be unreadable.

First off, the art is gorgeous. Second, it's a really interesting concept.  Kinda challenging to keep track of everything, but that's not really a bad thing.


Thank you!

I'm glad you like it. :) I'm sure there's some sort of game potential here. But I also think the world kinda needs more bizarre almost-like-a-game-but-not-quite experiments too.

I'm glad you like the concept! It was one of those ideas I had to give a try, even if it wasn't really a game.

It's an intriguing concept, and it definitely feels good to get the answer right on the first try. I think most people have covered my critiques so far. The biggest one is that it definitely needs some sort of win screen - even just a room with no music at the end and a wall texture saying "You win". 

Interesting idea! Took a while to get the hang of not being instantly shot to death on first seeing an enemy, but once I figured it out I had fun! Mostly just ended up peeking into rooms in time with my gun rhythm and spraying the room with bullets...but it worked!

And that's ok. I'm just excited by the concept :)

Musical chairs! Nice and to the point. I love that the losing characters just kinda sprawl out on the ground. Makes me giggle every time. I see that you're still working on the game, and I hope you do. :)

I'd like to check the game out, but do I need to download all the individual wav files along with the jar, or...?

Definitely a cool idea. Apparently I have terrible rhythm though. Anything more complicated than a simple beat and I'd basically insta lose. Still, I love the idea and if you're thinking about expanding on it I'd love to see.

This is a really clever idea. I gather that the ball stopping moving near the middle of the music is because you're still working on it? Hope you get that finished soon, because I'd love to keep playing it longer.

Love the art and music. The platforming feels solid too, which is a real challenge. Found myself getting frustrated when platforms would disappear just because I stood in one place too long while getting my bearing, but overall well done.

Love the art, and the music is quite nice too. Really more of an experience than a game, and I mean that as a compliment. Didn't really understand what I was supposed to be doing with the composing part and gave up (assuming that wasn't just the end of the game), but overall an enjoyable experience.

I love that there's two of me in there now. XD

A classic idea done well. Not sure what the second bar on the character is for (some sort of stat level up?), but I love that as you upgrade the weapon you get different sounds. Made it into the spider levels. I might suggest dropping the volume down on the squeak sound, just because it's a little sharp as is. Also it seemed a little strange the coined dropped pretty far away from each spider. But those are nitpicks. Overall, a good job.

Challenging! But not in a bad way. Overall, straightforward and very well done. Also I'm impressed with how many levels you got built.

This is excellent! I love simple ideas that are executed well, and this is definitely one of them. The music is synced perfectly, and the art is great. Well done!