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From a gameplay perspective, this is my favorite game of the Jam that I've tried so far! Really fun, looks and sounds great, and a good challenge. The humor is a nice touch too! Sadly, the game ran way too slow on my PC once I reached the rain level. I would love an option to disable the particle effects so I could finish this!

Glad you liked the game and I'm sorry that your experience was not satisfatory due to the heavy game requirements. Out of curiosity, what computer is this? @JackLeHamster and @meatpudding also had issues but all the computers I tested it on were just fine. My development PC is pretty powerful so I usually try to test it on less powerful machines to figure out if adjustments have to be made. I had no problems on a 2016 macbook pro or a 2017 microsoft surface and these are not the most powerful.

I've got a Toshiba Satellite L75D-A. I think it's from around 2013. I have 8 gigs of RAM and an AMD-A4-5000 (1.50 GHz) video card.

So basically, it's not a gaming PC! :P

Oh... I see... I don't think your PC's that bad. I also tested it on a 2011 macbook air which is much less powerfull than yours and it was fine. Might be something else... 

Well... It might be a bit too late for this jam but I'll try to include some disabling options next time. It might be hard due to time constrains though so I don't think I can place it on the top of the list of stuff to do. It would nonetheless be interesting to have an automated way to determine the performance of the player's PC and adjust stuff correspondingly.

That's cool! Strange that it works on a 2011 Macbook Air, but not on my PC, maybe it has something to do with the OS... but I honestly have no idea.