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Well, never say never. It's not in my plans at the moment, but I'm not going to say I'll never consider it either.

Please stop spamming the comments with these requests. This comment section is for bug reports only.

Yeah, I haven't added the ability for PotT to send other characters to detention yet. That will be in the finished game.

Keep in mind, with the tape, Baldi may still enter the principal's office by chance. This is especially likely to happen if he was already heading towards detention. When he passes by the room, he may randomly decide to enter, even if he doesn't actually remember you were in there.

Baldi isn't but all the others are. Baldi was getting trapped on the conveyor belt too easily so I made him immune to it until/unless I find a good solution.

Interesting... Can you share some of your PC specs? I haven't heard of anyone else having this issue.

Baldi is invited to the parties too! That's why it can be risky to try and get one of the items during that event.

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Thanks for the report!

Oh man, I thought I had fixed this when I released the game... All the NPCs except Baldi disappear when you reach the third exit, and I realized that if Gotta Sweep despawned while you were being swept it wouldn't get rid of the slowdown effect.  I thought I had fixed this issue, but I guess not. I'm so sorry your run was ruined. I'll fix this though, thanks for reporting it.

What are your system specs? Those features work fine for most other people.

Also, make sure you didn't accidentally turn the voices volume in settings all the way down.

Thanks for the report!

I did check, the flooding and the conveyor belt do effect other NPCs. The only exception is Baldi isn't effected by the conveyor belt as he was getting stuck on it too easily.

I'll fix the other stuff. The swinging doors have been giving me a lot of problems!

Hold shift (Options on Mac) when launching the game to change the fullscreen settings. It might take a few tries to get this to work.

Did you try both the 64 and 32 bit versions? (Assuming you're using Windows). If your PC is 32 bit you won't be able to run the default (64 bit) version.

Thanks for reporting these bugs!

Hold shift when you launch the game, and a window should open that allows you to select full-screen.

Have you tried enabling "Run as administrator" in compatibility settings?

Press and hold shift when you launch the game to open the settings dialogue. There you can switch to full screen.

I'm not sure yet. I didn't want to confirm anything one way or the other as I haven't made a final decision yet. I'd love to release the full game on mobile, but if the classic version has shown me anything, it could take a lot of work. The full game will have a lot more stuff compared to the original game I'll need to account for if porting to mobile as well.

I'll look into that. The test room uses a different script for movement, so it doesn't necessarily mirror changes I make to the main control script.

Yeah I don't have a clue what that is, thanks. I'll go ahead and report it.

Yeah, I considered adding it in, but I found it to be a bit too buggy in Birthday Bash and I'm not really sure how to get it to work right, so I decided not to add it to the original version.

I had to get rid of the automatic setting because it just wasn't working well across all devices like I hoped it would. It was appearing unplayably small on some tablets, so I figure the best compromise would be setting it to medium by default and letting players decide what they wanted from there. I may still tweak this a little bit more though, thanks for the feedback.

You're right, there's a quirk with the item button (Due to the bad structuring I used when I made the game) where it loses it's reference to the item slots every time I make any change to the mobile controllers. I forgot to re-connect it before pushing this update. I'll fix it soon, thanks.

The first version is exactly the same, just with slightly worse performance. Don't worry, you're not missing anything not being able to play the first version!

Thanks for letting me know, it's been fixed!

Have you tried going into the controller setup in the controls menu? If some of the buttons work, you should be able to use that menu to assign the sticks and the other buttons as well.

Ah, that's actually a good idea, I'll put that on my to do list. Thanks for the feedback!

You need to select an extraction option that doesn't use WinRAR.

Yep! It's just not ready to go live yet.

Yeah, that's pretty common with new programs like this. You should just be able to hit "Run anyway" and get past it.

Yes! I'm just waiting on a few things before it goes live.

You need to right click on the "Baldi's Basics Camping" file, and click "Extract all..." Then click "Extract." This will create a folder with the game in it, and it can be played there!

The full game would have plenty of new characters!

You need to right click on the "Baldi's Basics Camping" file, and click "Extract all..." Then click "Extract." This will create a folder with the game in it, and it can be played there!

No, the full version of the game, once finished, will probably cost about $10. That price isn't final though.

The full version will only be able to get made if the Kickstarter is successful! :)

Yeah, I didn't make the mobile version, it's a bootleg...

What? If there is I didn't realize. I'm assuming it's some slang I don't know about? Let me know what it is so I can remove it ASAP.

This as a mod is fine, but you're not allowed to call it Baldi's Basics v1.3.3. It creates a lot of confusion because your mod isn't, and won't ever be, official. Please change the name of the mod to something else.

Uh, I never said that. There's nothing illegal about this since the copyrighted material has been removed and there's no infringing trademarks, but that doesn't mean I'm cool with it.

I've noticed the Windows Defender false positive issue (Defender tried deleting the file that was a build straight out of Unity, not just one downloaded from the internet, which is insane). I've sent the file in for review; hopefully they'll get it fixed soon.