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Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed my little game. Lockpicking it's sort of a "sound" puzzle. You must find the sweet spot (there is a sound cue). It was intended to feel like you are actually lockpicking, so I hid the "puzzle" and made it entirely by sound. I might change it to make it more clear though. The ending of the stage is something that I'm still figuring out. I'll be updating the game with more stuff if you are interested in giving another try. Thanks for the feedback, it's really appreciated!

Thanks!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm polishing the game, and adding more stealth mechanics. This first level was intended to be to learn the stuff. I'll be trying to add more levels with more challenging stealth parts in the days to come. Thanks for playing!!

Oh boy! That's a bug I didn't see coming. I'm sorry for that. The audio cues for the lockpicking are there, maybe they aren't that loud. I figured that the sounds might get annoying if they are too loud. The game is intended to be very sound based (I'm just about to add some sound listening mechanics for the rooms). Thanks for playing, I'll be updating the game as much as possible!!

Thanks for trying it!! The feedback is appreciated. The bears that are sleep walking don't notice things because they are too sleepy, there are going to be more challenges, like an insomniac character that will notice and alert the police and other characters like that. I hope to be able to add them soon!

I uploaded a fix, it should be working! I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

I uploaded a fix, it should be working! I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Oh! I see, it also happens on Mac, I'll fix it as soon as possible.

Oh! I'm a Mac user and didn't notice it. I'll fix it as soon as possible

Fun game!! I liked the guitar that sounds everytime you send someone to hell !!

I uploaded an update of the game (removed the space reset button and added a menu for that). Hope you like it!

Just released an update with more castles and new enemies!!

A little late but updated the game with some of the ideas from the Walker game. Thanks for the suggestion as it feels a lot better with the changes!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm changing the reseting option to avoid random resets. I'll be posting an update soon!! I'll keep you posted!

Thanks!! I'ts short indeed... didn't have enough time, but I will be uploading an update with more content anytime this week. Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for the fast reply! Unfortunately, the game still crashes. It's not the "unidentified developer" thing, it does show the GM logo, and then crashes.

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Congratulations! although I coulnd't play the game as I'm a Mac user. Maybe in the future you'll release a mac version or html, I'll love to try it out!

Thanks!! Makes me very happy that someone noticed the details!! That game "Walker" has some neat ideas to implement (like the deepness in the level which solves the problem of so many little soldiers on screen). Thanks for taking the leap! 

Couldn't make the game work. I reloaded several times.

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Thanks! It's my first entry to a game jam!

Couldn't play the game. I'm on Mac OSX 10.9.5. The game didn't even start.

This is the second game I play from yours Daemon vs Demon being the first! Fun and great games!!