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Jack Le Hamster

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Created a new topic Keyboard controls

For the controls, here are the options:

  • 1 single key mapped yo the keyboard SPACEBAR
  • 4 keys mapped to the keyboard arrows (they can be used for anything you want, but map them to the arrows)
  • A controller (preferably xbox)
What about 4 keys mapped to the keyboard arrow + SPACEBAR. Is that an option?


Oh wow! His graphics blow us out of the water!

Created a new topic I'm going to FINISH SOMETHING!

I'm doing another Jam, but there's not much activity there.



Well, I know I will, regardless on how finished the game is 😛


Created a new topic How is everyone's doing?
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Everyone still on track? I wouldn't mind an extension on the deadline.

Yeah, I need a way to download the song. For the battle theme, weekend would be good, like Sunday.

Excellent tune! Really does seem to fit the penguin theme!

I might need one extra song for the battle mode. Not sure if you have time to do that, but if you do, it doesn't have to be very long but it should loop.

Thanks for sharing this!

Let's hope I can turn this into a game ;-)

Looking to incorporate music from JeremyStaceyMusic

I'm in Utah and the weather is freezing right now. I'm thinking i might make a game about penguins and polar bears

Hi Jeremy,

I'd love to have some of your chip tunes for my game

I don't really have a game yet though, I've been stuck working on the engine, and I haven't even come up with the game's theme yet. If you have some idea you can throw around, and some music available, I could use that for inspiration.

It says on the main page:


This jam is now over. It ran from December 13th 2016 at 1:00 AM to Tomorrow at 1:00 AM. View results


Created a new topic IOS and Android release!

The game got released on mobile!

Check it out:



Replied to MatthewF in Are you stuck?

I tried it, and it seems to work. The code should be cat, bunny, owl.

Replied to MatthewF in Are you stuck?

Actually, there's some point in the game where you meet a special character, which gives you more hints if you talk to her. You can find that character by travelling between the two furthest planets.

Replied to Norefund in Are you stuck?

You don't really need to wake up Foufou, just get the pitchfork behind him. (the items you need are not far from that scene).

The credit card is somewhere in one of the house in downtown Metrozen.

Replied to ogrera in Are you stuck?

You just need better items and level up to beat experiment, there's really no trick.

Yah I haven't gotten around to fix the bug with Handsome, I'll get to it.

I actually added that spell for no reason, because I needed a spell to fill in for lemon, so it might have glitch. I'll try to fix that.

Somewhere in the countryside area.

Smooth, simple, very nice!

Hum yeah, it's a glitch. Ok, if it doesn't bug you I'll leave it.

The game should be fixed with the latest update. Thanks for letting me know!

Are you sure? You can't fight the tree again?

I thought I made it possible to fight the tree over and over. If not, I need to fix the game ;-/

Replied to Gary77890 in Welcome!

Thanks, very glad you like it! I'll try to make more adventure games in the future.

The ingredient is a fruit that you find, somewhere close to home. You probably haven't reached to the point you can use the amulet yet, it's somewhere in the pyramid.

Alright, I'll give a hint.

The answer is somewhere in Metrozen

Created a new topic Are you stuck?

There's no walkthrough for the game yet, but eventually there might be one. Feel free to discuss hints about the games.

Created a new topic Any suggestion for the game?

Feel free to share any suggestions you have for the game. If it's big features, I might not be able to change it, but I can use the feedback to improve future games.

Created a new topic Welcome!

Welcome to the discussion board for Dobuki Epic Journey. Feel free to leave comments here.