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Great play! Thanks for doing this. BTW, you nearly beat the game!

I spent so much time trying to fix that shooting through wall issue. I'll give another crack at it at some point.

Good suggestion, i didn't think about that

The art is gorgeous!

Glad you found it fun.

About that space ending, well to be honest I just wanted a nice ending :-P, but still, here are a few theories that could explains what happens:

  • First of all, pulling the trigger is what makes you travel back to the future. So after killing Hitler, you would be landing in a reality that no longer exists, while in the second case you're just existing in your new reality.
  • If you're still not convinced by the first explanation, I got another one ;-). For now, you just kidnapped Hitler, but until you kill him, there's no confirmation that his rise to power would not happen. What if you decided to drop Hitler back in Germany a few years later?... (I can't imagine what a Hitler with alien knowledge could do!...)
  • Ok, that second one is pretty weak. But here's the last theory:  Perhaps your existence was never linked to Hitler's rise to power, but just to the fact that Hitler grew up to adulthood. You can draw your own conclusions from there...

One of those explanations is the one I had in mind when I made this game, but feel free to come up with your own ;-)

I'm glad you liked it. As far as I'm concerned, there's no really a wrong choice in this game. Aside from the space ending which is more like easter egg, the three main decisions would be to kill, not kill, and refuse the mission. All have bad consequences, but it's up to the player to decide what's they would choose.

Good idea mixing words and the home theme, to convey a story and have some platforming gameplay. Now I know ascii platformers have to be rigid because the pixel size is pretty much a whole ASCII character, but I would really love for someone to make an ascii game with a smooth gameplay.

Thanks, I liked your commentaries. This game is more of a test of morality, and there's no real right and wrong answers, but just different consequences to what you do. There are a few more endings possible though, in case you're interested...

I drew each letter to show dialogs in game, but realized a bit late that I can't really fit that many letters on the screen...

But oh well, just rolled with it. ;-P I just can't use any long words.

I picked 64x64 because that seems like a good middle ground between graphics quality, and the amount of work I have to put to draw something nice. (At 128x128, it'd be very painful.). But I then realized one caveat.

I wanted the size 480x480, but later realized it makes each pixels 7.5x7.5 squares, which isn't right. The only dimensions with multiple of 10 I can get is 320x320, too small, and 640x640, too big.

so I ended up making the size 512x512, which isn't a nice multiple of 10 but the size's ok.

4, but I'm in the process of making one of them a bit easier to discover, because it's tedious and forces you to repeat stuff.

Hint: The third ending happens before time travel.

Nice job. By the way, there are two extra endings, but they're a bit difficult to get :-P

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In this game, you might reach the ending, but either way, you will lose something. That's why it's a moral dilemma.

J'ai vu ton site et joué à quelques jeux. Tu as de l'imagination!

I'm the one behind the game, not behind the mask :-P

What a fun clever game!

Great homage to the original E.T game

I actually played a minute of your game in my last #metagamajam let's play video:

Nice art fitting the game and the story. This is a game with an interesting philosophy.

Your game is one of the mystery games in my last #metagamajam let's play video:

This is quite promising, I like the art style in that last part. I hope you get to develop this further!

Check out the video I made on it.

Interesting concept. I got stumped for a while on that last puzzle! You should make sure the game is resizable, because I was playing on a very tiny screen. Still very enjoyable!

Check out the video!

Unique retro art style, nice humor and tons of minigames. What can you ask for?

Check out the Le'ts play video I made!

Great game with funny dialogs! Too bad I got stuck at the end, so you might want to check that out.

Watch the video!

Great game, made me very nostalgic of that particular 80's game, but this was even cooler because Daisy could shoot while jumping, and turn into a banana :-P

Please check out the let's play video here:

Nice collection of mini-game in a portable device emulator.

Check out your game in my let's play video!

Very nice graphics and funny voices.

Check out your game in this video.

Who can beat my high score of 300 clicks before giving up?!

Your game is in my Let's Play video. Please check it out!

Here are my videos, featuring:

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Stay tuned, there's more to come!

Very interesting. I was pretty exhausted when doing this Let's Play, so I'm glad I was able to reach the end. The quick time camera effects worked out well.

Your game is part of my Let's Play video. Check it out!

Very nice idea. I feel I want to use that idea as a debugging tool for my game next time. Would have liked to be able to hack the game a bit more, and do fun stuff like giving myself superpowers or something.

Your game is part of my Let's Play video. Check it out!

Very funny game. I was surprised to gain karma after letting humans mate with pelicans. How revolting!

Your game is part of my Let's Play video. Check it out!

Oh wow, I couldn't understand this game at all. Was that the point? :-) I liked playing around with the controls though, it'd be nice if something changes when you interact with them.

Your game is part of my Let's Play video. Check it out!

Nice game! But can you actually defeat the dragon? I couldn't figure out, and it kept mocking me!

Your game is part of my Let's Play video. Check it out!

Nice game, made me wait forever for it to load!

Your game is part of my let's play video. Check it out!

A solid platform game you got there, with nice graphics. I think I would have liked the jumps to feel a bit heavier, it felt a bit floaty.

Your game is part of my let's play video. Check it out!

Very cool game! Really got that Super Meat Boy feeling, with all that splattered blood sticking around. Also, it's fine to discover new mechanics as you play.

Your game is part of my let's play video. Check it out!

Hey there, nice game, reminded me of those sleepless nights trying to make a game for GGJ.

Your game is part of my let's play video. Check it out!

Interesting concept, having 3 games in one screen. I like that each game has its own laws of physics.

Your game is part of my let's play video. Check it out!

No worries, I'm sure you can find other streamers with Windows

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