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Great insight. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

Great insight. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

Oh crap, I didn't realize the speech synthesizer is device specific. I have no idea how it'll sound like on other computers..

Yeah, I thought it was obvious this game had 4 endings. If you get tired of it, you can look at the solution in the "Dev log".

If not... well good luck. One of the ending was originally thought as an easter egg, so it's kinda hard to reach.

Actually, there are two endings where you survive.

What a neat idea

Hey, sorry for the glitch. I think this happens on all Windows machine. Should work fine on Mac.

you can shoot diagonally if you time it right

That's what you call emergent gameplay!

Pretty ingenious way to use  Bitsy!

That works in real life?

Lovely game with a cute art style. It's a bit short. Maybe with a bit of story added it'd be nice.

A very solid shoot-em up with many different weapons and even boss battles! I found once you get the triple green weapon, you can just chill at the bottom and dodge missiles.

I got to 2nd level, don't know how far it goes but looks pretty cool so far.

I really like the concept, but the game was  a bit confusing. I think if controls were a bit simpler, it would help (like don't mix mouse and keyboard, and perhaps, switching to the creature view can be done by going to a location rather than pressing a key.)

Thanks.  I believe a fun game should also have fun death scenes :-)

By the way the game is designed not to get you stuck, so you probably didn't screwed before.

I really like the gameplay and graphics overall.

Now the enemy encounter are too frequent. They got very annoying. But with a little bit less of that and some more story elements, this could be a great RPG.

Great graphics and music. The gameplay is fine but the controls should be a bit more accessible. You should have keyboard keys for the attacks.

The effects are pretty cool. I just wished the sprites were a bit less blurry or had more contrasts, and the text is hard to read.

It's a smart game, yet very simple to grasp. It has interesting gameplay.

Good job on it.

It's a smart game, yet very simple to grasp. It has interesting gameplay.

Good job on it.


With PiskelApp, I can pump out assets like mad!


The prequel already exists, this game is the sequel to Kill Baby Hitler!

It might be more obvious once the game is finished.

Thanks. I hope you can try the game again when it's complete. I'll try to add a map.

Thanks for playing. Yeah I wanted to make the solution short but not obvious.

Yeah, Phantasy Star was my inspiration for the dungeons.

What a nice little gem, with a great world to explore.

I ran into a bug though. If you die against the bee and go back to the checkpoint, the boss music overlays with the cave music so that becomes a bit annoying.

Nice work though, fun game.

Thanks. Wish me luck! I'm trying to make the sequel for

Great play! Thanks for doing this. BTW, you nearly beat the game!

I spent so much time trying to fix that shooting through wall issue. I'll give another crack at it at some point.

Good suggestion, i didn't think about that

The art is gorgeous!

Glad you found it fun.

About that space ending, well to be honest I just wanted a nice ending :-P, but still, here are a few theories that could explains what happens:

  • First of all, pulling the trigger is what makes you travel back to the future. So after killing Hitler, you would be landing in a reality that no longer exists, while in the second case you're just existing in your new reality.
  • If you're still not convinced by the first explanation, I got another one ;-). For now, you just kidnapped Hitler, but until you kill him, there's no confirmation that his rise to power would not happen. What if you decided to drop Hitler back in Germany a few years later?... (I can't imagine what a Hitler with alien knowledge could do!...)
  • Ok, that second one is pretty weak. But here's the last theory:  Perhaps your existence was never linked to Hitler's rise to power, but just to the fact that Hitler grew up to adulthood. You can draw your own conclusions from there...

One of those explanations is the one I had in mind when I made this game, but feel free to come up with your own ;-)

I'm glad you liked it. As far as I'm concerned, there's no really a wrong choice in this game. Aside from the space ending which is more like easter egg, the three main decisions would be to kill, not kill, and refuse the mission. All have bad consequences, but it's up to the player to decide what's they would choose.

Good idea mixing words and the home theme, to convey a story and have some platforming gameplay. Now I know ascii platformers have to be rigid because the pixel size is pretty much a whole ASCII character, but I would really love for someone to make an ascii game with a smooth gameplay.

Thanks, I liked your commentaries. This game is more of a test of morality, and there's no real right and wrong answers, but just different consequences to what you do. There are a few more endings possible though, in case you're interested...

I drew each letter to show dialogs in game, but realized a bit late that I can't really fit that many letters on the screen...

But oh well, just rolled with it. ;-P I just can't use any long words.

I picked 64x64 because that seems like a good middle ground between graphics quality, and the amount of work I have to put to draw something nice. (At 128x128, it'd be very painful.). But I then realized one caveat.

I wanted the size 480x480, but later realized it makes each pixels 7.5x7.5 squares, which isn't right. The only dimensions with multiple of 10 I can get is 320x320, too small, and 640x640, too big.

so I ended up making the size 512x512, which isn't a nice multiple of 10 but the size's ok.

4, but I'm in the process of making one of them a bit easier to discover, because it's tedious and forces you to repeat stuff.

Hint: The third ending happens before time travel.

Nice job. By the way, there are two extra endings, but they're a bit difficult to get :-P