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What a funny game! This reminded me of a flash game I worked on long time ago, where you shoot a penguin through a whale's nose.

Nice fun interesting puzzles. I think the tiles could be made a bit clearer though, because it's a bit confusing to guess what does what.

Totally worthwile.

Interesting game. I didn't quite understand everything though. Some mines I stepped on caused me to lose, others don't activate. Is that random?

Thanks, yeah I'm working on adding the combat system.

I've made several attempts at making 3d dungeons, and this seems like the best iteration so far. My previous attempt was in "Where in space is Baby Hitler". That game is a bit more complete.

Thanks. Both the dungeon and over world are part of the game I'm getting inspired from. (Phantasy star).

I checked out some of your work. Tiny Astronauts have some nice graphics, but I couldn't figure out how to play it. It's still in development?

Thanks, I'll try to work a bit more on it.

Nice combat system and pretty fun to play, having to alternate between blocking and dodging.

I was hoping something else after defeating the knight though.

I like the environment, but I think the parallax scrolling would benefit from being more "pixel" by "pixel" snappy, because it makes the background a bit distracting when moving.

Nice idle game, with hidden elements that unlock over time. The UI also looks pretty clean.

Nice and slow idle game.

It took me a while to figure out that the main focus is really to maximize diggers, since all upgrades are capped by dirt.

I think the look and variety could be improved.

You'll need to solve a 2 equation formula. Here's a simpler example.

  • 2x + 3y = 7
  • x + 2y = 4

First you need to make it so both equation has the same number of y's:

  • 4x + 6y = 14
  • 3x + 6y = 12

Then subtract both equations

  • (4 - 3)x + (6 - 6)y = (14 - 12)

Which means

  • x = 2

I'll give you a hint. In the same run, take two screenshots of the math formula. In very rare occasion you might need 3 screenshots.

It is a hard moral decision. For some the choice is obvious, for others not.

(perhaps you might be satisfied with the space ending. There's also a sequel of this game based on that ending).

Great insight. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

Great insight. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

Oh crap, I didn't realize the speech synthesizer is device specific. I have no idea how it'll sound like on other computers..

Yeah, I thought it was obvious this game had 4 endings. If you get tired of it, you can look at the solution in the "Dev log".

If not... well good luck. One of the ending was originally thought as an easter egg, so it's kinda hard to reach.

Actually, there are two endings where you survive.

What a neat idea

Hey, sorry for the glitch. I think this happens on all Windows machine. Should work fine on Mac.

you can shoot diagonally if you time it right

That's what you call emergent gameplay!

Pretty ingenious way to use  Bitsy!

That works in real life?

Lovely game with a cute art style. It's a bit short. Maybe with a bit of story added it'd be nice.

A very solid shoot-em up with many different weapons and even boss battles! I found once you get the triple green weapon, you can just chill at the bottom and dodge missiles.

I got to 2nd level, don't know how far it goes but looks pretty cool so far.

I really like the concept, but the game was  a bit confusing. I think if controls were a bit simpler, it would help (like don't mix mouse and keyboard, and perhaps, switching to the creature view can be done by going to a location rather than pressing a key.)

Thanks.  I believe a fun game should also have fun death scenes :-)

By the way the game is designed not to get you stuck, so you probably didn't screwed before.

I really like the gameplay and graphics overall.

Now the enemy encounter are too frequent. They got very annoying. But with a little bit less of that and some more story elements, this could be a great RPG.

Great graphics and music. The gameplay is fine but the controls should be a bit more accessible. You should have keyboard keys for the attacks.

The effects are pretty cool. I just wished the sprites were a bit less blurry or had more contrasts, and the text is hard to read.

It's a smart game, yet very simple to grasp. It has interesting gameplay.

Good job on it.

It's a smart game, yet very simple to grasp. It has interesting gameplay.

Good job on it.


With PiskelApp, I can pump out assets like mad!


The prequel already exists, this game is the sequel to Kill Baby Hitler!

It might be more obvious once the game is finished.

Thanks. I hope you can try the game again when it's complete. I'll try to add a map.

Thanks for playing. Yeah I wanted to make the solution short but not obvious.

Yeah, Phantasy Star was my inspiration for the dungeons.

What a nice little gem, with a great world to explore.

I ran into a bug though. If you die against the bee and go back to the checkpoint, the boss music overlays with the cave music so that becomes a bit annoying.

Nice work though, fun game.