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Jack Le Hamster

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I'm the one behind the game, not behind the mask :-P

What a fun clever game!

Great homage to the original E.T game

I actually played a minute of your game in my last #metagamajam let's play video:

Nice art fitting the game and the story. This is a game with an interesting philosophy.

Your game is one of the mystery games in my last #metagamajam let's play video:

This is quite promising, I like the art style in that last part. I hope you get to develop this further!

Check out the video I made on it.

Interesting concept. I got stumped for a while on that last puzzle! You should make sure the game is resizable, because I was playing on a very tiny screen. Still very enjoyable!

Check out the video!

Unique retro art style, nice humor and tons of minigames. What can you ask for?

Check out the Le'ts play video I made!

Great game with funny dialogs! Too bad I got stuck at the end, so you might want to check that out.

Watch the video!

Great game, made me very nostalgic of that particular 80's game, but this was even cooler because Daisy could shoot while jumping, and turn into a banana :-P

Please check out the let's play video here:

Nice collection of mini-game in a portable device emulator.

Check out your game in my let's play video!

Very nice graphics and funny voices.

Check out your game in this video.

Who can beat my high score of 300 clicks before giving up?!

Your game is in my Let's Play video. Please check it out!

Here are my videos, featuring:

3-Cartridge Mega Pack (
Code vs Sleep (
Platformer Mixtape 2010 (
Destiny (
Waiting System (

The chosen one (
DD Game (
Meta Machine (
Frail Divinity (
Open Source (
quicktimeboy (

Stay tuned, there's more to come!

Very interesting. I was pretty exhausted when doing this Let's Play, so I'm glad I was able to reach the end. The quick time camera effects worked out well.

Your game is part of my Let's Play video. Check it out!

Very nice idea. I feel I want to use that idea as a debugging tool for my game next time. Would have liked to be able to hack the game a bit more, and do fun stuff like giving myself superpowers or something.

Your game is part of my Let's Play video. Check it out!

Very funny game. I was surprised to gain karma after letting humans mate with pelicans. How revolting!

Your game is part of my Let's Play video. Check it out!

Oh wow, I couldn't understand this game at all. Was that the point? :-) I liked playing around with the controls though, it'd be nice if something changes when you interact with them.

Your game is part of my Let's Play video. Check it out!

Nice game! But can you actually defeat the dragon? I couldn't figure out, and it kept mocking me!

Your game is part of my Let's Play video. Check it out!

Nice game, made me wait forever for it to load!

Your game is part of my let's play video. Check it out!

A solid platform game you got there, with nice graphics. I think I would have liked the jumps to feel a bit heavier, it felt a bit floaty.

Your game is part of my let's play video. Check it out!

Very cool game! Really got that Super Meat Boy feeling, with all that splattered blood sticking around. Also, it's fine to discover new mechanics as you play.

Your game is part of my let's play video. Check it out!

Hey there, nice game, reminded me of those sleepless nights trying to make a game for GGJ.

Your game is part of my let's play video. Check it out!

Interesting concept, having 3 games in one screen. I like that each game has its own laws of physics.

Your game is part of my let's play video. Check it out!

No worries, I'm sure you can find other streamers with Windows

Hello, there.

I'm a brand new YouTuber, and plan to make some videos of your games. If you'd like me to play your game, please fill out the form below:

Link here:

And feel free to check out my channel:

Thank you!

"Whohoo, heard that J?, we're going to make some dough", says Oozie while dancing the Macarena.

Regaining conscienceness after not smoking for 15 min, J realizes he just wanted to relax with Oozie and did not sign up to do more work, jumps out the window emmiting a Wilhelm scream.

"Oh no! J jumped out and plunged to his death", exclaimed Oozie, forgetting that they were standing on the first floor, and becoming now in charge of doing design despite having no experience and being slightly high.

"A game you say?" ponders the friend who entered with the bag of weed, named Oozie, carressing his goatie and contemplating his options.

Oozie then decides to introduce his friend, brought back from GDC, an expert in sound design.

He also asks for a 50% cut on the money made from the game to buy some weed, which LJ agrees to, hoping that Oozie doesn't catch on the fact that $0 x 50% =$0.

Now, sitting at the desk, it's time to concentrate and focus 100% of your energy on building your game, without any distraction, in the perfect environment for working productively,

All of the sudden, the roommate storms in the room without notice, back from a GDC, entering your peaceful environment without notice, and bringing à group of friends along.

He also brought along you guess what, the perfect distraction and killer of productivity: a new game or movie? of course not, worst than that, a bag full of weed.

Thanks Jupi!

Glad you had to check it out. I should have warned you that the intro is nearly 10 min long to get to the game, so you might not have reached the actual game yet :-P
But it's ok. I did spend 90% of my time working on the intro, so I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Yeah I did rush the ending a bit because I wanted to be done with the game... although I think my original idea would have been weirder....

Wow, after many years, this game's still giving me troubles.

I'm glad someone's still playing it. I'll see what I can do.

Thanks. I realize after your play I should try to add better indications.

After meeting Yoda, you learned force jump!

Release the Midi-Chlorians

If you don't know what a midi-chlorian is, click the link and play the game to find out! The game depicts a scene from the Last Jedi. If you have not watched the movie, this game contains SPOILERS. The game is mainly a plat-former, with a very long intro that has voice acting for every line of dialog. I actually spent more time on the intro than the actual game, but I hope you still find it fun.

I chose The Last Jedi for the jam, not just because I love that movie, but also because of the huge backlash the movie got from fans of the Star Wars franchise. The game does play around with that idea. I hope you did like the movie, and if not, I hope you enjoy the game!

Please feel free to vote here! This game was produced for #MovieGameJam

Stur Wurs: Release the Midi-Chlorians

I still made one for Bitsy Jam

merci! Non c’est pas du pure code! J’ai utilisé Bitsy ( Mais si vous avez d’autre game jams français, je vous coderai bien un p’tit jeu de A à Z   ;-).   C’est là première fois que je créé un jeu avec Bitsy

Salut et merci! Ah faut que je précise quand même,  ce n’est pas du pure code. J’ai utilisé un outil qui s’appelle Bitsy (  D’habitude, je code direct, mais j’ai voulu essayer autre chose cette fois ci. Merci d’avoir répondu! Je développe des jeux pour plusieurs game jams, mais j’ai toujours voulue participer dans un jam français. J’espère en trouver d’autres.

Please say hi or leave us any comments you have about this game collection!

Dobuki Game Anthology

Hello everyone,

Check out this new game anthology of nearly all Dobuki Flash Games produced from 2013 to 2017! All compiled into one downloadable.

There's pretty much any genre:

  • Adventure
  • RPG
  • Puzzle
  • Sports
  • Platform
  • RTS
  • Even multiplayer games

That's 29 games to choose from. Check it out, and please let me know what's your favorite. Mine is, without a doubt, "Dobuki's Epic Journey". But I also have a soft spot for "World of Turtle" which is one of my first games.

All Dobuki Games!