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Hey, nice looking game! I enjoyed the atmosphere and humor.
The waiting time between petitioners felt a bit to long for me (Could have polished  some medals I guess :)). Also, sometimes I would get the same answer twice.

Hey, I had fun playing your game!
Would be great if there was a way to speed up dialogues.
Also, I didn't really know what to look for when fighting the boss.
Cool game!

Hey all, thanks a lot for your feedback! 

I agree, right now, there is not much the player can do. Hopefully some of my future projects will be more exciting to play.
As for the meta aspect, the initial idea behind the prototype was to visualize the grind of leveling up some values. During the translation from idea to prototype things might have got skewed a little, ha!

Wow, nice game and it was quite long too :O
Very nice graphics! (the water reflections don't match so well with the pixel look of the rest of the game imho). Some combinations felt a little frustrating for to me (like ladder + arrow trap). I liked the narrative scenes very much, and would have liked if there were even more of them.
Very cool, congrats on this entry!

Interesting game. Sadly I could't finish the code, ha!
Got really difficult with low energy, with the snippets being practically invisible.

Thanks for checking it out!
I agree about sound missing, will try to implement sound in future projects! Need to train this :)