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A sandbox marble run game where you draw colored shapes that deflect the marble and create sounds and music.
Submitted by Sacha Holsnyder (@cawawac), rugvedk, CaptainProton42 (@CaptainProton42), Underpul — 2 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
I Want More!#14.4234.423
Game Feel#24.1924.192
Use of Diversifiers#33.8083.808
Polish & Juiciness#33.8853.885
Fits the Theme#143.0773.077

Ranked from 26 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How to Play
Draw shapes to deflect the ball. Grab the littles notes and reach the goal if you're playing in level mode!

Also don't forget to high-five at the Devs-
1. John: Game Programmer
2. Rugved: Game Designer
3. Lucas- Game Art
4. Sacha- Sound Designer


Used Diversifiers
Universal, Taking notes (and maybe TL;DR and Clear view)

Known Issues
Sometimes a weird glitchy sound bug. Rarely, notes do not respawn.

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It is soooo satisfying to play it! This game has a somewhat soothing effect on me; I can play it for a long time just for the sake of playing even without progressing through levels.

What would make the game even more satisfying is the ability to create long rectangular shapes (for some reason the long triangles are created instead). I wanted to block the death walls just to experiment with the music by placing some random shapes in the center to get a lot of bounces


Thanks for playing our game. 
Yes the shape detection and drawing mechanics need a bit more polishing.  The outcome of drawn shapes is not always what we intend to.
But that's something we will work on in the future!

Thanks for your feedback. 


Hey Rugved!
I still love marbelous and finally found some time to actually play it!
First of all: incredible level of polish, that you have here. The Game play smooth, it does what I want it to and with a little bit of skill we can even become Musicians...first time I ever played an instrument and thought it actually sounded okay :D

I also like the use of assets, mostly how clean it all is and how much you guys managed to get out of such a small amount of available Assets.

I still had a few moments when I wanted to draw a triangle, and got a ball, because I suck at drawing triangles... or when I thought "man, it would be incredibly great to just draw a line and get a shape. I guess that could make the game to easy, but the one thing I really would like marbelous to do a bit more is keeping me in the flow. All to early the ball either gets destroyed or ends up in the finish, making for a weird combination of success and sadness, for it to be already over.
I know that little problem is neatly solved by the Free play... but I still think the level could have used a little more substance to have the player play longer and more fluidly.

Still a fantastic entry and for me personally, the winner of the GameJam.



Thanks for your feedback! And yes thanks to my teammates for the collective effort we put in this game!

Yes, the shape detection and drawing mechanic is not 100% accurate and requires some polishing. We will surely work on that in the future!

And I hope the awaken musician inside you wins an Emmy or something ; )


It is very entertaining! Congrats! 


Such a brilliant entry! I utterly enjoyed playing through this, especially given how many possible approaches there are to solving the level =)


Super well polished and creative simple machanic, just a perfect Jam game, congratz!


i can stare and listen to sandbox for hours. mesmerizing…


Ohh yes! Even now, I can spend hours in the sandbox, relaxing.
It is one of the best things. Thanks to my teammates for the idea. :)


This was a great toy and I definitely would've loved more levels! Very juicy and satisfying to play with!

My only criticism is that I don't see any connection with the theme.


Thanks a lot!

I think our initial train of thought was something along the lines of building an instrument from essentials. But yeah, we derailed that train a bit :D


This was fun, wanted to continue playing after completing the level :-D Also the sound is very nice!


This is a really hard game to play! but I love the creativity ! good work guys!