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This is the 2nd H.E.R.O. remake I've played this jam and I must say yours felt much more faithful to the original, so job well done!

Liked the music and loved the panicked scientist animation!

Only negative comment is that it is hard as hell! Gave up on level 2 after getting very close to the end and then dying to the laser.

Excellent idea! I'll probably go to town on the stats system once I finish rewriting the crew system.

Glad you liked it! :)

Very well done! Cool theme song! I managed to get 8 pizzas delivered with only 1 fail on my 2nd try.

Only thing that could've made it better would've been if the unhappy customers threw the pizza back at me, but it was pretty hilarious as it is too.

Awesome game - loved it! Would love to play against a human...

I think this would be brilliant with 4 or more players on controllers each controlling a wizard / wizards (like console football games).

A very unique entry! Well done.

I suspect I accidentally skipped over a sentence of dialogue once or twice even though I only clicked once, but other than that no problems.

Cool - it worked  great for that. It might be a tad too powerful for running with indefinitely - got to around 20 000 score once I figured I could just hold it nearly indefinitely! ':D

Perhaps it should slip from your grip after a few seconds or have some other drawback...

Very nice entry! :D

The catch and throw-back mechanic was quite innovative. Was the ability to hold on to a can for slow motion intentional? Even if not it made it quite strategic to try and catch and hold until one of the aerial bison was about to strike, then throw it.

Good effort and I loved the music!

I think I spent too many childhood hours playing H.E.R.O. on the MSX, so your version just felt slightly off to me - the mechanics are similar, but there's just too many differences for it to evoke quite the same feeling as the original.

Cool, glad some of it was useful! :)

Good luck with your exams and your post jam version!

Well done - you've really made something beautiful! Sharing your feelings is hard, but thanks, the feelings show through in the result.

Only complaint is that it only barely qualifies as a game, but then I recently made a rock simulator for #1GAM ( - so I guess I can't protest too much.

Loved that song! Would pay to get it on my phone...

I made it through day 1, but stopped receiving instructions after that?

Thanks for the kind words! :)

Just left you a rating and some comments as well.

A good effort! Kudos on getting such nicely polished mobile interface out in a jam time-frame! We tried doing a Unity UI driven mobile game the weekend after this jam for Ludum Dare 40 and ended up giving up about 2/3s in (UI wasn't the killer problem, but it did take an extremely large amount of our time in that jam).

I agree with other reviewers' comments against the count-down timer... for a puzzle game it would be nicer to have a bit of time to think. Perhaps a better system in this case might be to rather give the player as much time as they want, but give them a star rating from 1 - 3 stars for each level based on how long they took (for eg. in 10 seconds = 3*, within 25s = 2*, longer than that = 1*)? That might also give some incentive to go back and replay old puzzles to get 3 stars.

I also found the difficulty curve a bit weird - it was easy going until I got to Swing (which I still haven't solved after 3 tries), then easy again on the larger ones, because they all seemed to use the same preset pattern for laying out the tiles.

Thanks, that's a huge compliment! I've found quite a few good ones here:

We've already started doing a bit of work on a post-jam version.

Great game! I really enjoyed how much more powerful I could get from collecting all the power ups!

It was just a bit frustrating that a single hit lost it all and then usually so far into the game that it was then just a matter of time until inevitable death... Got as far as what looked like star destroyers last time before dying.

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Amazing entry!!

I'm nearly finished I think (into the font files now), but I've gotta run now... will come back a bit later and finish it.

Scrolling windows as a mechanic was very interesting and often adds greatly to the challenge of a level.

Edit: Finished it this morning - very well done and an amazing number of levels!

Edit 2: I forgot to mention - I started playing the web version and ran into performance issues once I hit the first of the larger levels (so slow that it was unplayable). I then downloaded the desktop version and restarted with that and it was fine... so the performance issue is probably just on the web version.

Great entry! Gameplay, art and audio all working very well together to really take you back to ye olde shooters of yore.

We're also struggling to get reviews for our remake of Paratrooper (1983) - only 2 so far:

I'll start taking this list from the bottom up  now to  help out other people who want a bit more feedback on their games.

May I ask what version of Linux you are running on and what graphics card you've got in there?

My colleague had a very different problem (game wouldn't even start for him), so I think I'm rather going to pull the Linux version for now until I get time to setup a test machine where I can troubleshoot.

Don't let me take away from the fact that you made a really amazing first game! Just trying to give credit where credit is due... I've been dabbling in game development for around 10 years and your first entry is much better than probably about 90% of  the prototypes I made in the first 8 years of dabbling... only starting to get half-decent at game design now. So keep learning - I expect to see great things from you in future jams! :)

I stick to 2D for the same reason (not fast enough or good enough to do 3D in the time given for jams). Until about a year ago I couldn't even reliably make decent 2D programmer art on jam timescales, so I used to use pre-made free assets in jams. Jams like Ludum Dare usually let you mark a category as N/A to indicate that you didn't create that part of the game, but I don't think Itch has that option.

A very amusing entry and probably the most fun game of hot potato I've ever played! I was giggling like a mad-man while running away from grenades and laughed out loud the first time I got to the the game over screen!

I made it to 6 waves remaining with a score of 4415. I liked the escalation of difficulty and the gradual adding of more obstacles and mechanics to keep it interesting. A GUI indicator that I'm close enough and pointed in the right direction to grab a grenade might be a nice touch - sometimes they were just out of reach.

My ratings for graphics and audio are low only because it's not clear what you made yourself and what was existing free content that you used - the overall effect and atmosphere was great.

Good job for a first entry and hope you keep on making games!

Very nice entry! Definitely one of the best looking and sounding ones of the jam I've played thus far. Love the Norse afterlife theme and the platforming mechanics are nicely polished.

My only gripe was that Portobeyo was too tough, but then I noticed the game page mentioning the Hub so I went looking for it and was able to defeat it with the first set of upgrades I chose. A bit more guidance there might be nice...

Very promising game - keep at it!

Sorry about that!

I don't currently have access to a Linux machine, so I was hoping Unity's Linux build would work without any fiddling on my part. I'll try to get my colleague at work to run it for me to see if I can reproduce the issue and let you know if I can find a fix.

A decent space invaders clone. Going to second Gumball's comment on the movement... as I recall one of the key strategies in Space Invaders was trimming invaders off the sides to slow down how quickly they advance. I also think there was a greater limit on the number of shots in flight, so there was much more incentive to not miss, otherwise you had to wait for your next shot. In your game I could just hold down shoot and move around dodging incoming fire, so it was more about dodging than shooting.

The special attack was an awesome surprise - really liked that!

Here's my scores:

It doesn't get much more hardcore than writing a game for a computer from my childhood, so 5 stars for theme interpretation, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working very well on the Windows version of FUSE, so I couldn't rate anything else... send me a message if you can fix it then I'll try again and update my rating.

A dim memory from the past helped me guess that I had to issue the RUN command after the .tap file loaded, got instructions and a level was generated, but as soon as I make a move my character disappears then all the enemies slowly disappear one by one and then finally an error gets logged (see screenshot).

I liked the feel of the plane (felt like climbing / diving not just moving up and down) and the graphics! Reminded me of Time Pilot a bit...

Shooting felt a bit weak with the limited ammo and lack of targeting assistance (might've been cool to have homing missiles in the 1st age and progressively make weapons worse the longer the player survives). Would allow the player to survive a bit deeper into the game - I only ever got to seen the 2nd age.

I think there might be a bug... I don't get any buttons to spawn workers.

Running with LOVE installed on Windows.

Nicely done - quite cool that you have such a big level and even some powerups - just bloody hard!

Excellent work! Definitely the best entry of the jam!

Quite fun! Just needed a bit of animation to show when kick is happening and if it's ready again.

Multiplayer! Laggy input, but still, multiplayer - cool!! :D

Well done on having a boss and various enemies / ways of dying!

Very buggy jump makes it brutally hard though...

Very cool that you got network multiplayer working in such a short time and with all that polish as well!

Fun, very polished and a good laugh! Well done!

Nice and juicy!

Good effort, was a bit too hard, but kinda fun trying to survive through the mayhem!

Very cool concept! Just hard as hell to control!

Struggled a bit with the controls, hence the low fun score.