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Jonnhy FiveView game page

The robot Jonnhy Five need to save the scientists
Submitted by Guilherme Orlandini — 1 day, 22 hours before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#363.5653.565

Ranked from 23 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This is the 2nd H.E.R.O. remake I've played this jam and I must say yours felt much more faithful to the original, so job well done!

Liked the music and loved the panicked scientist animation!

Only negative comment is that it is hard as hell! Gave up on level 2 after getting very close to the end and then dying to the laser.

Developer (1 edit)

The another H.E.R.O´s remakes are from my students. Once I had shown the H.E.R.O from Atari and the guys liked,
I proposed them to participate of this game jam, and in order to encourage them more, I decided to participate too....haha
I made it hard because is just 3 stages, and in another way the players would finish too fast. Maybe if I decide to keep developring this game, I will develop more stages and turn the first stages more easy.
The level 2 is harder then another ones. Passing by the laser, you´ll get the third stage, where you´ll confront the boss.
I´m happy that you enjoy!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Jonnhy Five. What a badass that guy is. 

I had tons of fun playing and the fact that there was a backstory also added to the overall gameplay. Awesome job!

Developer (1 edit)

Hey guys. Thank you very much for the comments. It´s nice hear you guys enjoyed; encourages me. It made my day. ;)


Fun game, I enjoyed playing it. It's very difficult to get through the section with red above and below you without taking damage. It also felt like it was missing a crouch or diagonal fire option. The introduction piece was well done.


Hello HangryBear.
Yes, I agree, a crouch or diagonal fire option could to be good, I will work on it.  Thanks!! ;)


Fantastic music! It's like Dangerous Dave turned into Dangerous Bender and got an upgrade of an everlasting jetpack tank.


Thanks magers!!! ;)


I can't figure out how to get past the first door/wall thing. I assume I'm supposed to use a bomb, but I can't figure out how. I tried hitting every key on the keyboard. no luck. 

It seems like it might be a fun game, but I couldn't get anywhere.

The music is really nice.

Developer (2 edits)

There is a part of the puzzle....haha
If you are talking about the grey horizontal gate, there is a key hided near a box  after the barrel of oil burning.
Let me know if you got it.


Did you got it?


I like the dificult style of this game, equal the older ones. But I think that the "problem" that you need to pay attention is the velocity of the character. The drones attack in a velocity that Jonnhy can't follow. But in the same, these helped the addiction on want to pass another and another step hahahaha


Hi LeoSantander.
That "problem" you´ve mentioned was intentional....haha...
I was considering that once is just three phases, could be more challenger be this way.
But I can think in equalize more the level of difficult on future releases.

Thanks for the feedback...;)


Arg, the sound of the jetpack is drilling my eardrums D:

A little time of invincibility after hitting something would be nice, as a wall can drain your whole healthbar within a second if you run a bit too fast :(

Except that, nice game :)


Hello Sygmei.
After the jam I will work on the sound of jetpack. And also in the time of invencibility that you´ve mentioned.
Thanks for the comments ;)


Yeah, the jetpack sound is something !

Maybe you could also add a button to skip introduction, I let the intro running and do something else when I restart the game ;)


very good, but impossible to pass the phases


Thank you for the comments.....
I just make a little bit hard because once is just threee phases, the player could finish the game too soon....
but is not a little bit of practice you will think this easy....;)


Overall, very fun. The (non stock) graphics reminded me of an old gamemaker game while the music was top notch.

The jetpack meter was FAR too small, put it on the top like the health bar!

The ground movement was too slippery, I had quite a few cheap deaths due to not being able to position my character properly.

I also didn't like how you couldn't hit the blocks on the ground without a bomb.

Otherwise good!

Developer (1 edit)

Hello my friend.

Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciated.
Yes, I agree, put the jetpack meter on top would be better....I will put it on my list.
About the movement, I had some problems to adjust the physics on time unfortunattely. Working on it....
One question.....did you played all the three stages?


Er, I couldn't get past the first stage as I kept having to restart. I'll try again in the morning lol