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Is there an escape sequence for changing the text color of print mid string or would I have to queue multiple prints?

Oh bother!

Turns out I missed it in my first pass through AppData/Roaming

Oh well, while I'm here I might as well add that I really like how clean everything is on the naitive filesystem. No nasty metadata files everywhere.

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I'm probably a dummy and just missed it in the Docs but I'm just wondering for Archival reasons.

Where are the virtual C: and D: drives stored on your computer?

I'm running a Windows install, is it in Program Files or Appdata or somewhere else entirely?

I expected it to just create a subfolder where the executable is located but I can't find them.

(Also just for furture reference and also anyone else reading, could I also know where they're  located on Mac and Linux?)

Either way this thing is totally rad!

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Yeah. Tight deadlines killed the sound. If all goes to plan though I will be releasing an update with sound and music included.

Either way, thanks for checking it out!

Lazonyx is an arcade style one room enemy killing platformer.

It's pretty retro and I was getting some serious bubble bobble vibes.

To earn points you must turn the triangles into balls and drop them down the hole at the bottom. Sounds simple but with penalties and twisting platforms it can become very hard.

I'd like to see this idea more fleshed out!

Er, I couldn't get past the first stage as I kept having to restart. I'll try again in the morning lol

Overall, very fun. The (non stock) graphics reminded me of an old gamemaker game while the music was top notch.

The jetpack meter was FAR too small, put it on the top like the health bar!

The ground movement was too slippery, I had quite a few cheap deaths due to not being able to position my character properly.

I also didn't like how you couldn't hit the blocks on the ground without a bomb.

Otherwise good!

ZZT meets Stick RPG meets Total Distortion!
A really fun game (and also a bloody hard one). My only gripe is that every time you die you have to watch the LONG intro to play again

The game is also FAR too hard and the stats vs rewards for enemies is a little wierd. I fought super hard dudes who gave me around $50 whereas i instakilled some pushover who gave me $150!

Your first weapon (the first battlebot??) is FAR too expensive. You just feel like you are pushing against the ocean.

No saving either...

Otherwise, great game! I can see that a lot of effort went into this.

WOW, that was awesome! I especially loved the vector-esque art style that made it remeniscent of mid 2000s games like world of goo. The music was superb and the shader effects were amazing.

Good, although the controls were a little bit fiddly

The graphics and music were nice but there were some problems.

Your hitbox is a bit vague with your ghostly form and some of the jumps were unforgiving.

I had several instances of enemies going through walls but there is a bigger problem

The controls aren't mentiones anywhere, I had to fumble about to find that A was the action key and I suspect most players wouldn't figure out that you can curve the motion of your sword with up and down.

Otherwise really good!

pretty cool! (although the shurikens are a little glitch and if you shoot them when  moving you get bounced a bit)

I especially liked the BG pattern!

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Tratel64 is a geme HEAVILY inspired by Killer7, however knowledge of said game is not required.

The concept was very interesting.
A man who adds a number to his name every time he kills somebody is VERY Suda51
(although the fact he became an assasin because being an artist isn't very well paid and extremely competative i felt was a bit too self referential)

The characters were interesting and well designed and the humour had me laughing quite regularly.

However, the gameplay was kinda a letdown:
overall the game is just too slow.
Dialogue is automated and is not manually advancable meaning I was staring at dialogue I had already read for a few seconds,
I understand that most dialogue is in video format so this can't be easily rectified but a lot was rendered in-engine so I think at least some of it could be fixed.
The walking speed also needs to be upped and yes, I know that's part of the gag thanks to the "run" button but when the jokes start interfering with the game you get frog fractions 2
also, I feel more gameplay is needed, even if it's just really lazy shooting yellow blocks moddeled in 5 seconds from your front at those dancing sillohettes for enemies.

Something more than just walking and driving would be appreciated.

I also managed to get stuck behind the parade float after killing my first guy, meaning I had to restart the game and sit through tons of unskippable dialogue.
More continue points are needed incase of stuff like this!

(The game also randomly quit when i pressed E to not die from the bullet being fired at me, not sure if it was my fault though)

The puzzle and twist at the end was pretty cool, not going to spoil, play it yourself.

I really enjoyed all the original music, the royalty free stuff was ear grating however due to the millions of times i've heard them before

I also enjoyed how uwilmod packed cool extras into the zip the game came in, that's attention to detail you don't get with most developers.

Despite all the negatives, Tratel64 is genuinely funny at times and I still played through the entire thing.

What is the game referencing when the background turns black, the font turns pixellated and the music and images become bitcrushed?
My first instincts would say UNDERTALE but I assume that's not uwilmod's style  so my second guess would be Shin Megami Tensei with the image size and dialogue formatting.
(My third guess would be twilight syndrome, another Suda51 title)

probably some leftover files from the actual ND console lol, I saw tonnes of files for the game selection menu and it's background