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Where are the virtual files stored?

A topic by Elf_Ears created Sep 12, 2018 Views: 409 Replies: 2
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I'm probably a dummy and just missed it in the Docs but I'm just wondering for Archival reasons.

Where are the virtual C: and D: drives stored on your computer?

I'm running a Windows install, is it in Program Files or Appdata or somewhere else entirely?

I expected it to just create a subfolder where the executable is located but I can't find them.

(Also just for furture reference and also anyone else reading, could I also know where they're  located on Mac and Linux?)

Either way this thing is totally rad!

Oh bother!

Turns out I missed it in my first pass through AppData/Roaming

Oh well, while I'm here I might as well add that I really like how clean everything is on the naitive filesystem. No nasty metadata files everywhere.


You can type 'appdata' or 'folder' in LIKO-12's terminal inorder to open it in your computer's file explorer.