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A jam entry

Restart Your MealView game page »

Survive on a desert island. Desert ? Or maybe not. Ghosts may come bother you in your search for food
Submitted by nsobczak with 1 day, 1 hour before the deadline
Rated by 5 people so far
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A decent effort. There were few problems here and there but they can be improved with little more time on development. 
  • Boundary between grass planes when standing on higher plane not distinguishable
  • I died and completed the level at same time
  • Graphics can be improved 
  • Player movement was kinda bulky
Some feedback ;)
  • The sky looks too desaturated. It might be nice to have a couple of polygonal clouds far away.
  • At later levels add a monkey who moves the bananas from place to place, maybe also some time-stealing seagulls.

As co-creator of this game I'm really glad to see these positive comments :)


Very elegant graphics and cool waves :-)

Sometimes it's difficult to understand where the grass from an higher plane ends due to the flat shading. Texturing would help, but it would break the elegance... Maybe you can try to enable "screen space ambient occlusion" if unity supports it.


Thanks for the tip, I appreciate it. I'll try to do that if I can !


Liked it, you should put more enemies to make it a little bit hard,  cool sounds btw :) 


Use ARROWS or ZQSD to move. You can change it to use WASD in input tab in the first window.

Use SPACE to jump, SPACE AGAIN to double jump.