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I have noticed the same thing. Once my city grew, everything got really slow. I've been playing in Safari, but I'll try Chrome as well. 

Nice game! Cheers

Would love to play this on the MacOS. Any chance to port it?

Wow! I'm seriously loving the gfx in this game. I only wish there was an AI enemy to play against. ;-) But this is seriously good work. Kudos!

Awesome game! Thanks for the red balls hint. :-D

That's really cool. 😎 I don't remember seeing a game like this. I also got confused by the portal thing, but playing a few levels got me going. Well done to both of you!

Cool animations, the graphics are really good. I like the dust animation detail when the player stops and the particle fx. I also had some problems with the controls. This can be improved a bit. In any case, good job! 

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Hehe, I never played the "Little Nightmares" game. Thanks for the hint. 😉

This is exactly the type of trivia game I'd like to create some day. Very well done! I do miss some sound effects and music, though.

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I played the web version. I knew I suck at cooking 🍔, but I enjoyed this game, though. Good visuals, but it took me a while to grasp how to play. Still, nicely done!

To add, the music tune fits very well. One of the most relaxing games in this jam.

Hehe, I played this game longer than I thought I will. Nice work! 😎

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Looks like a game I'd like to try, but I seriously don't know how to start it! Is it "Press O, Q or 0 to start"? Neither of those worked.

EDIT: I pressed "C" and it started. :-)

Cool game! The idea with the signs as notes on what to do is nice. I did however got stuck after the first door, wasn't sure what I'm supposed to do in the dungeon. ;) 

The game feels content rich and it seems like a lot of work has been spent on it. Good job! 👍

This is hard, but I love Arkanoid, so I kept trying. 

Great gfx, they add up to the atmosphere. I kind of wish the pad was moving more smoothly, it feels like it has some sort of inertia at the moment and that's quite hard to control. But, maybe that was the idea. 😎

I ran the executable, but I still don't get how to use it exactly. Will try to look into it again tonight.

I've got to 200K scores. 😉

I wish there was something extra apart from jumping. Maybe collect ammo and shoot the monsters. In any case good job! I also really liked the paralax scrolling.

One of the most unique jam ideas so far!

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Seems to work well in the browser. Tested with Chrome 70.0. I dig the tune and the upgrades ideas is cool. I wish there were more projectile variations (ships, different balls, etc.)

3 Levels, I destroyed them all. This was fun! 😈

Thanks a lot for playing! That's good criticism that we'll take in mind after voting is over. Sad that you didn't like the music, but so it is. 😉 

Exploding the Pacman is what the aim was, although initially we did experiment with Pacman eating the ghosts. Pacman as a walking bomb matches the theme better.

Crazy jumps! Nice atmosphere, the music really adds up to it. My only advice is to make the fall speed slower. I keep falling in those holes (unless that's intended). 😉

Kudos to your work!

Well done! I had fun playing although I played against myself 😹. I wish there was an AI implemented to play against. Do consider it after the jam is over. Good work.

Finished the game! 😎 This moment here, this thing right here, THIS THING had me seriously petrified:

Good job! 👏

Haha, great idea! I created some ugly ass beings, that's for sure. Just look at these uglies 🤣

I just wish there was some more information on what happens when you pass different foods. What exactly should be expected when it eats toilet paper and so on. So that I can steer the evolution in a given direction. It'd be also cool (maybe it is there already?) if they can fight after several iterations of evolutions using their new limbs.

In any case, very well done. Congrats! 👍

The game immerses the player in a very special atmosphere. Good idea and I just love the color palette choice. Seriously good!

X is cool, it doesn't really change much I think. As for Z, you also bind W and Y keys to the same action. A bit hacky, but solves the problem most of the times.

You bet! As someone that did exactly that for most games made, I can truly say it's indeed important.

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I like this a lot! There's so much Adult Swim potential here (like I wrote in the Slimy Quest entry).  This is more than a game, it's an art piece. Congrats on your work! Truly unique.

Very cool idea! Loved the intro and opening. 

Two things though, Z and X are not next to each other on French and German keyboards. ;) I wasn't able to kill much enemies (didn't see many being spawned?), but I still enjoyed the descent down. 

Very well done! Shoju wiped the floor with my dead body, but I managed to take down Jock The Dynamite. Loved the graphics in this one.

Pretty cool game! Congrats on your work.

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brutally murdered the wizard, but I'm sad that there was no follow up on the communist regime plans. :-D

What should I say. This game deserves to be on the Adult Swim channel. It's not top-notch on the graphics, but the gameplay was well varied, mechanics were good, writing was super, there was a story and there was an end goal. An amazing job, really! 

I previously said Grim-Cruise was my favourite, but I think SlimyQuest beats that by a lot. ;-)

Had fun, especially with the audio fx and music. Good job!

Thanks for playing. It does seem hard and balancing will be revisited again after the jam voting period ends. 

Thank you for trying it out!

Could you elaborate on the unresponsiveness of the controls a bit? Was it the movement, shooting or something else?

I just played the web version instead.

Whoa! This is a full blown game. Also that opening sfx were very well made. Congrats on your work. This is quite impressive and perhaps my favourite so far in the jam.  👍

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Thank you for playing! 

The code looks like a Christmas tree, but at least there's a game out of it. ;)

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Thanks a lot for playing! 

Did you find it too hard? There wasn't much time for balancing, so it needs a few tweaks.

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Hehe, nice! Not sure if it was meant for 2 players, I played by myself and it had my brain split. At some point the game crashes on my side with "FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'highscore.txt'".

A hint for macOS users that do not have Python3 as default. Run "pip3 install -r requirements.txt" first and then "python3". That worked for me.

Nice idea! However, I feel the camera is a little bit too close and I cannot see where I'm going.

Questo è unico nel suo genere! 

Good job! I like the music tune. It could have used some sfx though and I could not get what the end goal is, but I had fun. 

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