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Thanks! That was it, I got confused that the yellow area is where I was supposed to build. Btw, I just wiped two AIs out. Nice!

This game has a LOT of potential should you choose to continue working on it. Kudos for the efforts invested!

That being said I don't seem to be able to build a power building. I'm stuck at the beginning having harvesters collect stuff, but not being able to build anything because power always stays at 0. I can't add a Power Building as well.

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Jonnhy Five. What a badass that guy is. 

I had tons of fun playing and the fact that there was a backstory also added to the overall gameplay. Awesome job!

One of my favourite games in GGO so far! Gameplay is top-notch, I could barely score in Hard mode. The web version is indeed somehow unresponsive, but the desktop version works perfect. Great job!

This game is so inspiring! Felt awesome when I fired up the GB emulator.

I might have cheated a bit. I noticed that staying in the top left or top right corner keeps me safe for the most time. :-P

Digger and Dig Dug were some of my favourites as a kid. What an awesome game you made here!

Sweeeeet! Thanks a lot for making that video. I don't seem to be able to view it right now (?), but in any case thanks a bunch for playing!

I like Tic Tac Toe! Unless the computer wins that is. Then I'm all madness.

Good job!

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Well, I got my share of pathetic high score of 890. But it's cool, I got this orange juice here, right beside me. It's gonna be allllright.

Kudos for having an in-house game engine for this game! It's a rarity nowadays.

Not bad at all. I've got a few things if you don't mind:

  • The music in the menu is quite a good fit for in-game as well.
  • If you plan on continuing this, I'd recommend also putting some sfx in key scenes. I always wanted to see that in a text-based game.
  • I wish there is an option to toggle on/off the typewriter style of displaying text. It was a bit annoying to me. I wanted to concentrate on the story and I had to keep pressing ESC for every new line.

Short, fun and to the point. Well done!!

Sorry for the delayed answer. I got stuck in the 2nd circle of hell. 

Playing on a Mac using a mouse. Yeah, an optional crosshair would have been nice, perhaps in the menu settings. 

Anyway, after your hint I am now able to slaughter those hideous creatures and wipe my feet with their bodies. Yay!

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I had this dream last night that I ride a unicorn and there were rainbows, and the clouds were made out of candy, and the Care Bares where there offering me popsicles, and my heart almost bursts with joy. 

But, your comment ericlee. Your comment beats all of that!

Thanks a lot for playing! Looks like you've had tons of fun and that makes all of us extremely happy.

Oh, I almost forgot. About the large groups of enemies hits. Yes, well you know what they say - One man's bug is another man's feature.  :)

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Trippy, trippy, trippy, sooo trippy. The artwork in this game is amazing. It really brings this feeling of being immersed in another world. 

To be honest, I couldn't figure out how to kill enemies. I stand there, right in front of them attacking, but nothing happens. They just shoot me in the face, laughing afterwards (Ok, I might have imagined the laughing part). Some hints would be great.

Good point Sygmei! Balancing a fighting game turns out to be harder than it looks. 

Notes taken and we'll have to improve that.  We can't let those kicks go to waste. :-D

Thank you for playing Guilherme! :-)

In order to go to Act 3 (The Roof Fight), you need to enter the last door you see on Act 2. It will get open as soon as all enemies are defeated.

But yes, this definitely needs to be improved in the game. Thanks for pointing that out!

We hope you had fun and thank you for playing! :)

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Galaxy was/is one of my favourites. I had tons of fun playing Galaxeroids. Good job!

Great writing and a neat idea. Well done! 

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Hi Charliiee! 

Awesome! Can you ping me on the Game-Off-2017 Discord server? Send a message to @nopepper and I'll give you all the details then.

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We are Team Kickpunch and we want to make a retro Beat'em up game . We are looking for people to join our gig.

  • Level editor guy. You'll have to work with Tiled.  GIMP/Photoshop skills would be great, but not a must!
  • Sound effects guy. Crafting punches, kicks, music and all the sfx goodies.
  • Javascript programmer. We are using Phaser, but if you generally are a JS coder, you are welcome as well. 

Our current time zones are UTC-2, +0, +1, +3, but it shouldn't matter where you are. Like many others we got daytime jobs, so we are trying to have some fun here. :)

Drop your contacts here or message @nopepper on  Discord.