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Thanks for your feedback. We are still thinking about how to make it more player-friendly, i.e. less punishing. Shorter level, easier level, easier controls (not to have to slow down during a jump might be too hard?) etc. But we so far think that those changes would all destroy the overall concept of the game. A mid-way checkpoint could be a great idea though. So maybe if you don't make it all the way to the end of the level, you and your doppelganger get respawned mid-way, if you (or him) have already been there and if that's still to hard you get incrementally respawned closer to the end of the level, automatically "saving" every successful jump you make? :-)

Fantastic! We're very happy that someone made it through the level. Thank you for your feedback and your bug report. We agree it's too punishing, as islemaster also mentioned, the doppelganger should always be there once he's unleashed. We are trying to reproduce the bug, but it seems like the doppelganger alter ego just has stronger suicidal tendencies than the player ego. I've also watched a friend play and how his doppelganger half-heartedly suddenly hopped into the abyss. Did that bug always happen in your case or did the doppelganger mainly run through the entire level?

Extremely well executed. Reminds me of Death Really which I played until my arrow keys caught fire.

Nice plane engine sound effects. Maybe some sounds for the guns would be enhancing the feeling of "Ah! He's shooting already and I'm still on the ground!"? I like that my plane drops if I haven't gained enough speed before take off.

Thanks. We thought about parallaxing trees but that might have made it too slow to play on older mobiles like the iPhone 5SE, so we thought best to get it to run on as many devices as possible for the game jam. But thanks for your suggestion, should definitely be included in the next version.

You think respawn checkpoints like islemaster suggested would do the trick as well? Maybe a minimap might intrude the aesthetics a bit too much.

Fantastic music! It's like Dangerous Dave turned into Dangerous Bender and got an upgrade of an everlasting jetpack tank.

Great, thanks! I'm not so keen on scores, level-ups and collecting coins on question mark boxes myself, but I get your point. I personally thought making the doppelganger fade a bit more every time he reappears would give a hint that something is advancing in some direction. Maybe it would even bring up the question what would happen if the doppelganger fades away entirely? :-) But so far most feedback we got was that people didn't even get to see the doppeganger once because the level is too hard. We are aiming to fix that.

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Cool. I loved Dungeon Master II and Lands of Lore back in the days. It's interesting to have the same gameplay feeling but with texture normal maps on the walls and particle torch flames dynamically lighting the lair.

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Nice! Finally a game completely without violence. It's beautiful. I think there is a lot of potential in the genetic pairing aspect. Maybe the children of the children could also cross their genes, without it being incestuously weird of course? :-) Maybe with some Conway's Game of Life aspect to it and the player trying to cultivate the perfect genetically pure flower arrangement, without it having a weird Nazi-esque touch with social-Darwinistic flavour of course? I'm all game for the Game of Life implementations, here is my go on it for the iPhone:

PS: I just had a look at your code and I also like a lot that it's all SVG generated graphics, endlessly scalable and basically no loading time at all and still very charming aesthetics.

Thanks for the detailed feedback! Waypoints sound like the way to go re punishment. We are very happy that you made it to the doppelganger though, even twice! We are also thrilled that you would like to know more about the doppelganger, why it's there etc. We thought it might be way to philosophical already, but now we're all encouraged to unleash our Tom Hall sort of guy in our Romero, Carmack, Hall wannabe triumvirate. :-)

Nice. Very satisfying to hit the fireballs, especially with the camera shake. Like the Sam-Urai character as well.

Thanks. Yes, maybe we've made it too hard. It's only one level though. We've also just added a gameplay trailer which includes more details about the controls. Maybe that makes things easier?

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