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A jam entry

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Throw back and dodge fireballs with Sam, the samurai, in this endless runner
Submitted by smax (@_stephanmax) with 2 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline
Rated by 21 people so far
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The screen shake is VERY juicy. I just wish there was some sound to go along with it. A little bit of refining and this thing is ready to go up on the app store. Good work.


Thanks a lot, that's very nice of you to say! Sound is missing, indeed :/ I will include some sfx and music in the next post-jam release, though :)


Nice. Very satisfying to hit the fireballs, especially with the camera shake. Like the Sam-Urai character as well.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Thanks a mill, magers. Happy you mentioned "satisfying", I was going for that effect. Hopefully, I can make it even better by adding some SFX in the next iteration ;)


My first fifteen or so seconds of playing was trying to figure out how to swing in the air. It took me a bit to realize the stomp was the only option. Once I realized that, I enjoyed playing. I could definitely imagine downloading this on a mobile app store one day.


Great feedback, very kind of you, AiriKarin. Yeah, I had quite some back and forth with the stomp attack vs normal swing in the air. The idea behind was that the stomp attack also lets you "cancel" a jump to give you more freedom.
Thanks again!


So addictive. I dont know if u gonna continue this project, but u should.. put some bg, good music, some "boost" and skins.. it will be a success. oh and a restart button on keyboard would be good . gratz man


Thanks a mill for this awesome feedback, Renatomad. I will definitely continue working on this!


Definitely challenging and fun.

(Edited 3 times) (+1)

It is great for mobile devices, one of those time-killers, when you find yourself restarting the game over and over again. 

When I first started the game a was trying to avoid the fire, maybe it instinctively  reminded me of the Bowser fire from Super Mario Bros. Going on after some time jumping and avoiding the fire I was not sure why I had an attack action available and why my score was not going up. Then I went back to game description and saw an attached GIF to find out that you are supposed to attack the fire! Maybe I am just dumb :-)

I was playing on desktop and it would be great if "Restart" button can be initiated via keyboard, maybe by pressing on a jump or attack button (or both), because I had to reach over my mouse to press restart every time I died.

Not sure if it the final version or if you are going to improve it, but I think if you add some nice scenery on the background and decorate the ground blocks, plus some light music, it will be much more enjoyable to play. The overall gameplay is great and I don't think you need to add anything else. Good job!

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Thanks a lot for the in-depth comment, heckx2. Ah the Bowser fire, good times :) I see where the confusion is coming from, I tried to make the description of the controls a bit more explicit. Thanks a lot for pointing that out and also for your nice comments on the gameplay. Time-killer and restarting over and over again is exactly what I was aiming for :)

The final version will indeed include music and background, both had to suffer because of time constraints. You are also not the first one to demand a REPLAY trigger via keyboard.

Again, thanks for your valuable feedback and thanks for playing!


I like this game, it's interesting and simple. I had a bit of a hard time using controls on desktop but that's because it is primarily for mobile devices. The game play is simple and a bit addictive, I kept finding myself restarting over and over again trying to beat my previous score.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Great to hear it is a bit addictive. Please note, that on desktop you can also use the up key for jumping and the space bar for attacking. It is written on the start page, but I guess it is easy to miss — maybe now you can get your high score even higher ;) Thanks for playing!