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A jam entry

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Blast from the Past!
Submitted by huszy (@huszy) with 19 hours, 29 minutes before the deadline
Rated by 30 people so far
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Extremely well executed. Reminds me of Death Really which I played until my arrow keys caught fire.

Very stylish. The graphics and audio are superb. The gameplay is fun as well. Great work, guys. I enjoyed it.


Thanks for the feedback to everyone, i’ve got a long list of features/bugfixes, working on it, but i am going to wait with the next release until the voting ends, just to be fair with everyone. Until that please keep posting bugs/feature requests. Thanks!


Great graphics, really felt like Spyhunter or similar. Car behaviour could benefit from slight tweaks and missing an animation when you collect a coin. Overall, pretty good.


Nice game. Feels arcadeish and the cars behave in most cases as you would expect (minus the other cars and collision detection)

It reminds me a game called Road Fight, from Nintendo.

Maybe you could add a item as gasoline...;)

Good job!

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

Nice game, perfect graphic and gui, i would like the car to be faster.


Very cool game man, From the raging school bus drivers to the random volcanoes that spawn on the road :D 

Yeah, school bus are very annoying !!


Thanks :) The raging truck driver is coming soon :)

The graphics and sounds are awesome!!! Really well made!!!

Nice game :) I tried to make the other cars explode but I couldn't :'(

Nice game man. Music and graphics reminded me a lot of hotline miami. Love it :)

Cool graphics, but I didn't understand how I died... :-/


Thanks! Maybe you run out of time.... In each stage you got 30 seconds to advance.