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Thank you for your feedback!

Je t'invite à consulter la page du jeu pour avoir des explications. Je les incluerai directement dans le jeu par la suite ;)

Les lapins sont là pour t'empêcher d'atteindre la sortie 🐰 Le hud sera ajouté dans la suite du développement ;)

Merci pour ton retour très complet !

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J'ai aussi constaté qu'il fallait ajuster les collisions.

Merci pour les lapins ! 🐰

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Je paufinerai le low-poly par la suite, ce sont les 1eres versions des personnages ;)

Merci d'avoir joué ! 🐰

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Je n'ai pas eu le temps d'ajouter les menus avec les controles, mais ils sont dispos dans la description de la page du jeu ;)

Merci pour le retour ! 🐰

Les contrôles sont disponibles dans la description de la page du jeu :

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Oui, je n'ai réalisé que le prototype du gameplay. Le jeu sera complété après la fin de la jam ;)

Merci de l'avoir testé ! 🐰

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Hey, funny video! I'm really glad to see that! It will help to tweak things for the next update (like the lighting). Hope you had a nice time playing the game :D  Thanks for the support and keep up the good work with your videos!!

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Yeah, you have to handle them wisely! Physics may be improved with the upcoming update, it's on its way but no release date is planned though.

Try to go to the balcony ;)

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Dad left :(

Gameplay is really smooth, it's impressive. Good arcade game !

Beautiful art ! That could indeed make a good puzzle game.

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Inventive game!
Voices are funny :)

Original concept, the game is well done !

I want to beat my highscore !

Your game is really nice ! Great gameplay, art and concept. The story is funny !  Awesome job !

Nice game! You should think to add non qwerty keyboards support, it really is a pain to move when you don't have WASD set correctly.

Your game's files seem to have been suspended

Thanks for the tip, I appreciate it. I'll try to do that if I can !

Cool game !

I didn't understand immediatly what "good moves" were in the dance part. I had to train my dancing moves :)

Dogs hitboxes are indeed too big, I encountered cases where the snake couldn't go to next place because of that.

Apart from that, the game is great !

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It's awesome to be able to play octocat, that's a dream coming true !

Hi, I tried it today and it worked fine for me ;)

It's awesome to be able to play octocat, that's a dream coming true :D

As it was already said, increasing difficulty could make the game generate more fun ;)

Yum ! Rabbits !

You may try to increase difficulty along with the score.

You can check mine here: :)

Are non qwerty keyboards supported ? I had to play it with controller, it works pretty well though ;)

Yeah, that's what I did, it works well with a controller ;)

Great game, had a good time playing it on my phone !

I encoutered some strange cases though, here are the screenshots :

Funny game, good graphics and sounds. Bach will reach the roof !

Yeah, the jetpack sound is something !

Maybe you could also add a button to skip introduction, I let the intro running and do something else when I restart the game ;)

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If you can, you should try to add arrow keys support for non qwerty keyboards ;)

Really great game with awesome music !

Really great game with awesome music !

However it seems to be broken on my firefox, I had to run it with chrome.

You should try to display score, it would be easier to compete with friends ;)

Good graphics ! Is there a way to remap buttons for non qwerty keyboards ?

What did you use for the game physics ? Did you do it in javascript ?

I run into the same issue, 14 seems to be the limit for normal human. But indeed concept and graphics are great !

Nice arcade game, easy to play and understand. Arrows part is welcome, it's really effective !