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A jam entry

Wizards of The BounceView game page »

Help the wizard defeat the evil monster which lowered the gravity on the planet of round creatures
Submitted by tom95, Christian Flach (@ChristianMFlach), KBorchar, corinnaj, ekrebs5 with 4 minutes, 28 seconds before the deadline
Rated by 10 people so far
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Your game is really nice ! Great gameplay, art and concept. The story is funny !  Awesome job !

This was a lot of fun! It looks great and is very cute!

The gameplay is very fun as well, but could use some tweaks I think.

I was getting stuck on walls often (maybe reduce friction on vertical walls). Also, trying to move sideways felt a little off. Moving sideways would kill my upward momentum which made it difficult to get up hard platforms, and I had a difficult time managing stamina when moving sideways. I kind of wish there was a way to move sideways slowly without using stamina or much less stamina so I could line myself up better, or launch myself in a better arc.

Overall, great job! Very impressive. 😄

The bouncing is a fun game mechanic and I liked seeing how high I could bounce my character into the air. The bouncing fireballs are fun, too, but I really wished I could use the bouncing to do damage to the enemies. Could be a fun idea to experiment with.


Really nice gameplay !

Sound effects, graphics, gameplay, everything is pretty !

It can be a bit frustrating when jumping on a spike because you don't have enough stamina to dodge it :(

It couldn't beat the final boss, you should add a checkpoint before the boss or at the beginning of the cave :)

Developer (Edited 2 times) (+1)

We're glad you like it! We know the final boss is quite challenging, adding a checkpoint sounds like a great idea! Those graphics were all made by the amazing Eva, Tom and Corinna.