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Not a bad point at all. I think I took for granted that people would come to the front page first and read the "HOW TO PLAY" section before downloading. You're right, though. Something in-game would be helpful.

Really enjoying your clips. I may very well shoot you a message, but good work all the same!

I downloaded this thinking there would be a Mac option, but it's all Windows. Can you help?

This is really fun! Solid mechanics and satisfying gameplay. Only problem is I'm having a hard time figuring out how to progress in the first level. The door that's very high up above one of those "bouncy platforms" seems totally unreachable. Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't get the slime to jump high enough to reach it. Any tips?

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Just a quick note about what's in the most recent (and likely final) update:

  1. Both player and enemy character stats beefed up and balanced for faster gameplay. 
  2. Enemy AI slightly altered for more dynamic responses.
  3. Leveling system tightened to make each death and SPIRIT point more impactful.
  4. New graphic and audio elements added, as well as subtle camera FX.
  5. A few more little bugs squashed.

I think the game is in a pretty solid place now, offering enough of a challenge while also not feeling impossible to beat. That said, I've already set my sights on a couple new projects, so I think it's time to let this one sit while I start building something new. Thanks to everyone who has checked out Pendulum, and keep an eye peeled for what's coming next!

Gameplay Video:

Original game jam submission:


That did the trick! Thanks for uploading that. However, I would suggest you share this game with some friends and family, or even just with people online, so you can have them test out the game and give you feedback. As of now, I think the controls need work (I found them very hard and awkward to use), as does the difficulty balancing. 

I downloaded this game because it reminded me of Hyper Light Drifter, and I thought it might play similarly. The graphics look nice, and I'd like to see more of the world you created. But I think there are far too many enemies in the opening section, especially since they can kill me much faster than I can kill them. Consider rebalancing the difficulty and possibly remapping the keys. At this point, I find this game to be unplayable, unfortunately. 

Just paid for and downloaded this game, and it doesn't work. 

Error says the EXE file isn't a valid application. I've never had trouble running new Windows games before, so can you please let me know what I can do to fix this. Thanks.

Not a bad idea, though I did want to leave the option open for players to not spend any or all of their points. There's actually an achievement based around not ever leveling up your character.

Yeah, a very cute and enjoyable environment. The bright, approachable color palette works nicely, and I got a giggle out of shoving the robot until he floated away like a lost ballon. 

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Any chance of a Mac build? Definitely curious to play this one.

It's looking like I've made this game not very easy to understand, which is a major problem. In fact, I'm going to have to take a long look at how I implement these systems before I do any more work on this game. I might even scrap it altogether if I can't get it to make sense. For now, though, I made a video with two different playthroughs. Each one shows a different way you can win the encounter and the a few different achievements that are unlockable. Hopefully that helps it all make some sense!

Thanks again for all the feedback, everyone. It's been extremely valuable.

Appreciate that, and thanks a bunch for giving it some effort. I think the systems I put in the game are maybe not as clear as they should be. Actually uploading a video now to shed some light on all that.

And yeah, those sprites are based on some textures I created and manipulated in Photoshop to create individual assets. I wanted the graphics to have a look of being visually connected with slight variations, so I made the shapes and colors as their defining characteristics. I thought is was a fun and simple visual effect to keep the textures static as the shapes moved within them. Really glad you enjoy the look!

Happy to hear the look of the world connected with you. I wasn't feeling so confident about it, but I'm beginning to thing it turned out to be this game's strongest asset. Gives me plenty to consider next time around!

Just dropping in a quick line here to let everyone know I've updated my game. I think it's in a far better place than when I first submitted. Hopefully everyone gives it a whirl and throws some more feedback my way. I think I'm going to keep working on the project after I take a breather, so I'd really love to hear what works and doesn't work for everyone. Here's a quick rundown of what's in this new version:

  1. All character stats finely tuned and rebalanced. 
  2. Leveling system recalibrated. 
  3. New achievement system added, with 13 unlockable achievements. 
  4. Added UI capabilities. 
  5. Assorted bug fixes.


Updates have been implemented! You can read more about it in detail on the game's page. :)

Updates are now live! Here's what's different in this current version:

  1. All character stats finely tuned and rebalanced.
  2. Leveling system recalibrated.
  3. New achievement system added, with 13 unlockable achievements.
  4. Added UI capabilities.
  5. Assorted bug fixes.

That just about covers it. Hopefully now the game is more fun to play and doesn't feel unfair (even if you lose). I'm especially looking forward to seeing what achievements everyone is able to unlock. Enjoy!

Such a well-done execution of a really fun idea. You can tell a lot of time and energy went into the project, and it was worth it just for that opening cinematic alone. Looks like everyone involved had a blast working on this.

I didn't get too far into the game, though! Maybe it's because I wasn't using a controller (I'll try that later), but the controls were super touchy on my keyboard. And it took me a while to realized I needed to turn off the auto-camera option. That made it almost impossible to see where I was going in certain places. Things got much better once I turned that off, though, and I'm sure will improve even more once I used a controller. 

Regardless, great work, everyone. Love that a project of this caliber made it into the game jam.

Hey everyone! Just a heads up that there will be some balance updates coming this week for this prototype. Feel free to play the game as-is, but it's probably going to seem unbeatable at this point. 

PS. It's totally not unbeatable right now, but it is a bit unfair. I'll be fixing that ASAP.

Hey everyone! Just a heads up that there will be some balance updates coming this week for this prototype. Feel free to play the game as-is, but it's probably going to seem unbeatable at this point. 

PS. It's totally not unbeatable right now, but it is a bit unfair. I'll be fixing that ASAP.

Love the aesthetic for this and the way you characterized the presenter. The dialog seemed natural and like a real person who might just be showing off their bunker as a lark. Great job making it feel honest in that way.

My only question is I wasn't sure what to do with myself. I hit a few dead ends and didn't know where to go or what to do. I think the realistic world you've created would benefit from some kind of end game or a direction to point the player in. 

Thanks again for hosting this game jam, and congrats on your finished project.

Genuinely funny and surprising. Once I finally got the hang of how to work the bidet, I got pretty invested in trying to hit all the targets to see what dialog I could uncover. Think there's still at least a few I haven't heard yet, and I'm 100% curious what they are.

Any chance of a Mac build?

I like the idea of a bite-sized turn-based game. I'll take some strategy any way I can get it. I think this would benefit from some instructions in the game itself, as well as multiple action choices during the battles. 

I gotta say, despite this being technically unfinished, there's a whole lot to love about it. The character creation part is super fun and in-depth, and I love that you can just make a random character based on some simple parameters. The tone of the writing is really fun and engaging, to the point where I don't even care that I can't play them games. It's just fun to look over these old relics that a friend found and no one can make real sense of. 

Overall, the idea of a game based on a failed game night (we've all experience those, I'm sure) is super interesting. I know that wasn't the intention of this game, but I think it's a concept worth exploring. What happens when you set out to play a game and fail to get it together, or can't make sense of the rules, or lose interest, or what have you? Lots to explore there. 

Weird to say, but I think I might like this better if the board games are never fully operational. Great job all the same.

Well, it's after 5:30AM now and I've finally submitted my game. I'm excited to have something finished, but far FAR more tired. I just wanted to quickly drop a note to say that...

1. I switched out the title at the very end, for a number of reasons, but it is still 100% the game inspired by A Lil' Murder Never Hurt Nobody. :)

2. I currently only have a build for Mac, because I'm somehow missing some components. As soon as I wake up tomorrow  (hopefully a bit later than usual), I'm going to get a few more builds up and available to download.

In any case, this has been a blast! Really hoping those last 12 or so hours of polish and bug squashing were worth it.


Your artwork alone makes this something I'd love to play. Those card designs look so awesome! Fingers crossed you get to a point of having something playable to share.

So sorry to hear that. I wish you all the best, and look forward to your comments on the other finished projects. Like @OneGameDad said, It would be great if you still shared some of what you accomplished. I think a big part of what I've taken away from this game jam is that peer feedback and seeing how other designers work is an irreplaceable part of learning how to make games. I think we could all benefit from your experience!

This looks AWESOME. Such an evocative GIF!

This is really great in just about every aspect. For me, the most striking part is the artwork and the characters. Everything looks like a lovingly made cartoon or comic, and it's impressive how your style is visible through each character's distinct look and mannerisms. I wound up matching with Sue and it actually felt like talking to someone I'd be friend with in real life. I think that's an awesome achievement. I would have played this game for much longer to see how the relationships could develop.

As far as constructive criticism is concerned, I only have two points. I would've liked a bit more variety and consistency with the sound. When the background loop fades out during the conversations, it pulls you out of the immersion. I think it could have been good to find way of incorporating other sounds as well, maybe as feedback for a characters positive or negative reaction. Just a thought. :) Oh, and also I'm sure this was more of a time issue, but it felt unnatural to have all of the same dialogue options for each person. More variety would have helped with the immersion.

Regardless, this is really fun and slick to play. Great work!

Once again, an excellent suggestion! And bonus points for the visual aid. If I can figure out how to juggle this idea and the health system, I'm going to use it for sure. Thanks!

Well, this is just wonderful. Already in love with my devious alien pirate.

I think the effect is cool looking and will add a sense of real time to the game. When I saw the glitched image, I actually thought it looked less like wi-fi interference than, say, a hardware malfunction or some sort of internal disruption. Maybe there's a way to pivot to that, if necessary. In any case, I think the effect will be useful to communicate something is wrong to the player, regardless of which end they'd expect the glitch to be on.

Wow! Congrats on the early finish, and of course on the game itself. Gonna jump in later today!

Another week, another update, and today's is pretty major. 

Once again I've simplified my graphics. I did this mostly because, as I started adding new visual elements, I was losing control of my color scheme. Solution: a monochromatic environment that the player character will always stand out in. I think it was the right move, at least for this iteration of the project.

Perhaps even bigger is that the basic combat system is finished. The enemy AI is 100% built (save for its "death" state, which is when you beat the game), and I'm super happy with its responsiveness. I'm sure I'll tweak all of the parameters before the game jam is over, but for all intents and purposes it works great. I've included a few different clips of fight scenarios below, showing basically all of the enemy's capabilities and some simple FX. Bear in mind that the player character in this video is at what will probably be the lowest level. I wanted to show just how slow and weak you are at the game's beginning, even though you're not exactly helpless.

As for my other goals, I didn't start building the leveling system yet, but I did plan out how it will look and affect the player. I'm going to avoid the usual stats (Strength, Skill, Endurance, etc) and try to make something unique, if I have enough time to implement it properly. The sound is also slowly coming along, including original music that my friend is helping out with. That should all be in the next update!

As always, I'd love any and all feedback on this. @majugi had suggested I include something so you can tell when the characters are in range to attack, which is a good idea. I tried using shadows underneath each character, but couldn't get it to work/look quite right. I'd love it if anyone has a solution to suggest for that. Also, I'd specifically like to hear your thoughts on the health bars being attached to the characters in the game world. Do you think it works? Is there a better way I could implement it? I personally like it more than slapping a simple HUD canvas over everything, but maybe that would be simpler overall.

Until next time!

This art style is great! Can't wait to make my character

Wow, thanks for the killer feedback. I may actually have some ideas in place that deal with the potential issues you mentioned, but I still hadn't considered them directly. Your point about hitboxes is right on the money, too. I've had that kind of frustration playing a game like Mother Russia Bleeds, and seems like something that could be solved fairly easily. Thanks again!

Just from my quick once over of your ideas, this definitely seems like the kind of game you need to play to fully understand. But if I'm reading this correctly, the idea of creating a character to play a series of minigames that have greater implications/consequences sounds super fun.  Reminds me a little of how some RPGs deal with character creation. Torment: Tides of Numenera, for instance, has you interact with a number of stories in the beginning, and the decisions you make in those encounters generate who you are in the rest of the game. This seems like an interesting way of taking that concept to another level.

Happy halfway mark, #NewJamCity crew! Hopefully everyone is still feeling jazzed about their projects and is gearing up for the homestretch. 

I've actually struggled a bit myself, trying to figure out what all I can put into my game's first iteration without cutting too much content or sacrificing quality. In fact, a lot of this past week has been spent whittling down my bigger ideas into their bare essentials. I'd planned a few major gameplay states for the player to have available, but that will likely be cut to just one for now. The amount of animating each state would require takes far too much time, and I'd rather spend that time making one simple, finished game work and look as best as possible.

As of now, I've got the basic combat trees in place, the enemy AI nearly finished, and the camera movement and particle effects implemented. My goals for the next week are to get the leveling system up and running and to start work on the audio. Hopefully by next Sunday I'll have some solid video to share of all that. 

Best of luck, everyone!

Seems like a lot of us are facing some moments of truth now that we're at the jam's midpoint. Myself included. I think it's hard to gauge whether or not an idea is too big to take on until you've put some real work into it. I bet that even if we don't all get as much finished as we'd like, there will still be some cool ideas to check out by the end of the month. And if not, well, it's still been great following everyone's progress. I've had a blast, and thanks again for putting this together!