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I'm afraid I don't have the time to go into as much detail as you're asking for here. But what I can say is just from clicking on your link and looking over your game's page, I have no idea what the game is actually about. I looked at the images, and from a glance the game seemed to have to do with space and resources, but I still don't know what to expect if I were to download it.

I'm not a MAJOR card game fan, but I do enjoy quite a few of them and have been playing them since I was a child. Your page seems to only explain the reasons why you wanted to make this game, and none of the reasons why I should be interested in playing this game. So in that sense, you sort of solved at least one of your problems already, meaning you understood you should make a trailer (AKA figure out how to excite players about what the game is and get them curious to try it out on their own). What I would want to know before trying out this game is:

  • Who am I in the game world?
  • What am I trying to accomplish?
  • What is my opponent trying to accomplish?
  • How am I going to accomplish this goal?
  • What else is special about this game and how it is played?

Looks like you have a big project on yours hands, and that you're still feeling passionate about it. If that's true, maybe your #2 option is the best. Come up with a snazzy title, work on developing your marketing materials, and try to "re-launch" the project and attract more testers. And I'd say if all of that goes well, try to continue your work on balancing and polishing what you have. Maybe look for help in areas you don't feel confident with. Hope that's all helpful, and best of luck to you!

Wow! So fascinating to see all these numbers and stats together in one place. I'm extremely happy to be a part of this thriving and diverse community, and to see it continue to inspire and help people fulfill their creativity. Can't wait to see what itch.io brings in 2018. Happy new year!

Along with finishing a handful of various items, power-ups, and movement mechanics, I've also began piecing together an upgrade system and interface. There's a persistent "currency" in the game, which I'm currently referring to as gems and will be used to upgrade your character's ship. I'm also thinking I may take a Souls-esque approach to the currency, having you drop the gems where you "die" (technically, there's no death in this game) and forcing you to retrieve them on your next run or lose them forever. We'll see if I have time for that.

Anyway, the mechanics of these upgrades are still being fleshed out (the names are placeholders in the meantime), and will likely be finished when I post another update. Should have something more like a video or GIF to share next time. 

Hope everyone else is making great progress with their projects as well!

Those are some pretty on-point references, especially Hoplite! I'm trying to pull from a number of different roguelike/dungeon crawler games while giving it a unique setting, some fresh mechanics, and a fully fleshed-out story. Basically, I've got my work cut out for me. 

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Gonna kick off this thread with a little screenshot of my prototype's current state. It's not much, but I'm very excited for what I have in store.

I'm building a turn-based, "dungeon crawler"-type game with a bunch of roguelike elements, as well as a major focus on character progression, narrative, and randomization. My primary focus right now is building the game mechanics and core gameplay loop, which is why there's no artwork yet. But if I have enough time during this jam, I'll implement as much art as I can after the rest of the game's structure is finished. 

Can't wait to see what everyone else is working on!

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a killer time with this game jam, and got some really good feedback on your work. I'm pretty pleased with the results myself, and I just want to shout out a massive congratulations to all the top voted games. I think everyone is extremely deserving of the praise and attention. I feel extremely lucky to have been included in GitHub's Staff Picks for this year.

With all the voting and what-not behind us, I decided to take some time to write down my thoughts about the experience. I focus mostly on the creation of my game, but I also offer some thoughts on the game jam itself. I cover a bit of ground in this post, so it may take a little time to read. But if you're interested in the development process and why I think itch.io should change how game jam voting works, it just might be worth a look. :)


Thanks, everyone. Can't wait to see what awesome stuff we make next year.

You're off to a nice start, but the current version of this game is nearly impossible to play. There's substantial lag and frame dropping on my system. It seems you have a solid idea, but need to work on making this more manageable for run-of-the-mill computers to play. At this point, I don't feel I've been able to even experience enough of the game to give it a proper rating. That said, I see an interesting idea and visual aesthetic here that I think you should spend more time developing and polishing. Good luck!

Got a pretty scary warning from my browser when I downloaded this, so I won't be able to play and rate the game. Maybe consider making it available to play in browser?

Really see the potential in this game, and I was almost to a point of getting somewhere with it. Main issue was the control scheme took a LOT of getting used to. And once I tried to re-bind the controls, it became so convoluted and frustrating that I had to step away for a while. I'd suggest simplifying that aspect of the game. Otherwise, this is really well done!

Can't get this to unzip on Mac

I'll have to look into that. Since I don't have a machine running Linux, I have no way of play testing the game before I upload it. I'll see if I can find a way around that.

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You definitely know your stuff! ;)

Thanks for playing, and glad you enjoyed it. I sort of see what you're saying about the art for the "keys", but their appearance is actually 100% intentional. Along with the rest of the game's colorful aesthetic, they're meant to be a little "wink wink, nudge nudge" reference, which I don't expect everyone (or maybe anyone) to get. Maybe ask yourself what a white square with a smiley face on it reminds you of. :)

This is awesome! Your high score is up on the leaderboard now, along with someone who just knocked me out of top ranking with a 795(!). Oh yeah, I'm gonna check out your game today as well. Super excited.

Much appreciated, Matt. Looks like you got a new high score on the board! I just updated the leaderboard with your entry.

Thanks a bunch! The game really works best with an external mouse, especially now that I've updated the game to make the controls more sensitive and accurate. Definitely check out the new build if you're interested. :)

Just updated the game with increased mouse sensitivity, and it's been such an improvement. Thanks for such useful feedback!

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Gonna make sure I've played and rated all the games in this list ASAP. At this point, I don't think there are very many I haven't played. In the meantime, here's a link to download and review my game. Would be awesome if you left a comment as well!


Oh, and here's a new gameplay video I made today. Thanks for giving it a look!

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Hey everyone! A quick heads up that BAD VIBES just got a fairly sizable update. A new enemy was added, some control tweaks were made, and I added a persistent high scores system, both to the game and to a global leaderboard. My highest is currently 725, and I'm dying to see if anyone else can figure out how to kick me out of the top. 

That's awesome! Would love to check out your game.

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The look of this game is impeccable, and I feel like its core ideas and mechanics are well thought out. All of it makes me think of classic GameBoy-type RPGs and the like. That said, I did start to feel like I had so few choices to make from moment to moment. Like I could only press a button and watch what happened. I think this could be a really good game if you gave the player more agency and abilities. Really strong start, though!

I played your game and voted on it, but didn't have time for full feedback. Let me fix that now. 

In the meantime, I'd love it if you returned the favor. :)


You are absolutely right about updating the info, which I've done on the page now. My only issue was with the motivation/intention of the person who posted the comment, not the fact that the sprite was apparently from another source. That was my mistake, and hopefully I've now provided proper attribution.

As explained on my game page, my game is explicitly inspired by a number of different 90s FPS games. And of course I used freely available assets. I assume that the majority of entries used a fair number of free assets for their projects, some even more than the few that are in my game. It's part of how game jams often work. I have no problem with that. I have problems with someone stealing an entire game, making ZERO alterations to it, and calling it their own. If you look at the source code of the game I pointed out, it even has the name of the original game still in its files. That's ridiculous, if you ask me.


FWIW, I've never seen this mod you linked to, let alone played it. You can obviously see that the two are extremely different aside from one graphic element, which I only found as a random and free animation asset. So would you mind explaining your point, and why you decided to create a new account solely to make this useless comment?

I played this one on a Mac OS.

Thanks! So happy you enjoyed playing. The controller is essentially the default asset provided by Unity along with a fair number of my own modifications. And yeah, I know having the different ammo isn't as obvious as I'd hoped. But the latest update of this game includes information about the different ammo types, such as how many there are and what each one does differently. I also added a dynamic crosshair you can toggle on and off for convenience. 

This is the third game project I've ever "completed" and made available to download, but there are a couple more that I've had in the works for a little while. I started teaching myself how to code and create games since about spring of this year. But for what it's worth, I've essentially put all of my time into learning everything I can. My plan is to release my first full, premium game by summer 2018.

Created a new topic Problem with fake entries

Hey everyone!

Hope you all have been having a blast playing, voting, and commenting on all these great games. I know I have. It's pretty inspiring to see such a large group of people share so many good ideas and feedback.

That said, I've notice an issue, and maybe some of you have as well. Because of the nature of the game jam's theme, lots of games seem to pull from old ideas and take inspiration from their favorite classics. I think that's awesome, and has been such a fun nostalgia trip for me. Some people, however, are just stealing games entirely and presenting them as their own work. I would wager that's against a whole bunch of rules, and not just for the game jam itself.

How should we approach this issue? To be more specific, I found the entry below to be a wholesale plagiarism of a game made in 2015, called Heroine Dusk.


I assume they should be flagged for removal and taken out of the game jam, but maybe that's something for the moderator to decide.

Thanks again, everyone, and happy gaming!

Really love the aesthetic of this game. Has a cohesive look that's nostalgic and nice. Only problem was that I really wanted to move while I shot at the same time. Was it a decision not to allow that?

Screenshots look interesting, but where is the game?

This is so good. Hardest I've ever laughed and tried to impress my dad at the same time.

Takes a while to get used to the controls, but afterwards there's a lot of potential to get creative and have fun figuring out a strategy. I found myself a bit overwhelmed, to be honest. Like, I almost wished there was one less thing I had to do at a time. But maybe it just takes some getting used to. Great work!

Nice graphics and presentation! Definitely a cool interpretation of the theme. Only issue for me was the audio, which was often too distorted and loud. I eventually had to turn the sound off because it was so harsh. :( Good stuff, otherwise!

The bouncing is a fun game mechanic and I liked seeing how high I could bounce my character into the air. The bouncing fireballs are fun, too, but I really wished I could use the bouncing to do damage to the enemies. Could be a fun idea to experiment with.

Thanks for this really good idea. That optional crosshair is now in the game, and I think it'll really help everyone get through the level. Cheers!

Totally get that. I had a similar experience, but now I definitely want to update my game with some "ease-of-use" conveniences.

Definitely a well-presented game, though I was never totally sure what I was supposed to do. Maybe it helps to have played these kinds of games in the past, which I never did. Hoping more mechanics will be introduced down the line!

Well, I think it just comes down to presentation and what I've heard many game devs call "juice".  The way the game is now, everything is perfectly functional, but I'm not sure it gets at the themes of what the game is about. Nor does it embellish the feelings you get while you play.

For instance: "Vengeance" is such a serious word for a sort of abstract shooter/puzzle game. But if you're going to go that route, I want to feel like I'm enacting revenge or somehow outsmarting my opponent, which is, I guess, myself. For me, that could mean more vicious color schemes, maybe more "intense" music, more satisfying or gruesome death animations, more interesting player avatars, etc. When I look at the sort of logo image on your game page, or when I read the description, it doesn't really say much about what this game will be like. I would've had no idea it was as much fun, or as challenging, as it actually is. If I can be perfectly honest, I'm not sure I would have played it if hadn't been a part of this game jam. I hope that's helpful, and I hope to see more happen with your game!

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I thought there might be. ;)

If you were a youngster in the '90s and had any inclination towards computers and the games they ran, chances are you experienced the golden era of first-person shooters. I remember playing Wolfenstein 3D for the first time at a friend's house and being amazed at the graphics, the same as I remember thinking DOOM was WAY too scary for me to play. (I still tried, of course.) Recently, GitHub's huge Game Off game jam announced its theme would be "throwback," which immediately made my mind go to those early experiences I had with FPS games. I immediately started researching that era of computer games, and found myself playing a couple that had passed me by at the time. I was inspired, and so I decided to make my own homage to those bad-ass games as best I could. Thus: BAD VIBES.

This is my love letter (albeit a fairly rushed one) to '90s-era first-person shooters, as well as the cultural zeitgeist they inhabited. You're in a strange maze on some psychedelic alien world, where you have to run around finding keys and vaporizing the bad vibes before they wipe you out. The longer you survive, the more baddies you crush, the higher your score. And all of this is set to archival hip-hop and jungle music actually made in the '90s. I think any of you that lived through or appreciate that era will get a kick out of it. Or at least I hope you will. :P

You can play BAD VIBES for free on Mac or Windows. Thanks for reading!

That's awesome to hear, and thanks for that constructive feedback. I'll need to think up a way to show there are multiple ammo types available. Much appreciated!