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Can you not make this actually playable in browser? Or at least downloadable?

It's not totally clear to me how all of these mechanics work together, but it looks very well made and plays smoothly!

Fun idea! Is it just me or does the AI move faster than the player?

I don't know how to run this game.

Just an all around fun and clever experience. You had me smiling the whole time, and laughing out loud throughout the ending. Only wish that the tutorial lead into more than the final PONG match, as those mechanics were super interesting, but as we learn at the end, a month is far too short a time to make a full game. :)

This is a shockingly well-crafted game! Probably my favorite I've played in this game jam so far, even though I think it could use some work.

I had tons of fun running around the caves and learning all the systems you put together. The UI is implemented so seamlessly, and the simple animations are perfect. It's a game that's just very easy to sink long periods of time into. And I actually enjoy the simple "bumping" combat quite a bit. It reminds me of a game called Loot Rascals, which I'd highly recommend checking out if you haven't already.

I do have a couple questions. The biggest one is what is the point of using the pick axe to remove the walls? Since gold is the main currency here, I figured you could somehow find gold by "mining" in the cave, but it never happened for me that I could tell. Also, is it just me or do the equipment and health potions seem ridiculously expensive? For the tiny amounts of gold I was picking up off of enemies, I couldn't imagine affording even the cheapest of armor. Lastly, I couldn't tell if there was a "goal" to this game. Am I trying to reach a certain depth in the cave? Am I looking for something? Trying to kill something? It would be great to know where I'm going and why.

The more I like something, the more feedback I tend to have for it. :) I hope you keep working on this game!

Love this idea and would like to see how it could develop. I think building in a sense of progression and strategy could go a long way in making the simple mechanics feel more robust. At this point, it seems like losing and winning both have the same outcome (more skeletons). Rewarding a long streak of breaking blocks or certain kinds of attack combos would be a nice touch. Hope to see more in the future! :)

Thank you! That's an interesting bug, I'll have to check it out. What browser were you using?

It's the latest version, but I'll have to check for the Java Runtime Environment. Thanks

Thanks for playing! If you don't mind, could you let me know what was hard about it for you?

I can't seem to get this to work on my Mac or my PC. Is there something wrong with the downloads?

Really clever idea, and a fantastically crafted game. Great work!

Only thing I'd ask for, maybe just in the beginning, is a trajectory line for the ball so I can get a stronger idea of the game's physics without too much hassle. Just a thought :)

Very well made game with some good ideas. I think any of my feedback has already been covered in the posts below, especially what @thesambasador said about what not being able to plan ahead because of the camera. If that's a core design element, I would suggest you try refining it a bit. Great work all the same!

Great idea!

Just FYI, trying to run your browser version in Chrome on my Mac laptop and it's extremely glitchy/buggy. You may want to check that out. I won't submit a rating until I play the download version, though. :)

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If it's anything like last year, only participants do the actual voting. But they did have "Staff Picks" last year as well, so there's that possibility.

You're right to an extent that browser playable games often get the most votes, simply for ease of use. I made my entry browser playable this year for that reason, though last year I did eventually get a decent number of votes (19). From what I can tell, it all just takes a lot of time for people to go through all of these games. I try to rate as many as possible, regardless of my personal biases or opinions on how the game may look, but even still there's no way I can rate every single entry. What I've learned is that being active in rating other games and leaving comments is very important, as is posting about your game wherever you can (like this forum, or the Discord channel). 

In any case, I'll be checking out your game tonight. I used to play Lemmings as a kid, so this looks very interesting!

So glad you enjoyed it, and I appreciate the feedback. I'll definitely be refining the randomization of platforms and items as I continue development.

Appreciate that!

That would be great!

Was really intrigued by this game because it does a few similar things to my game in terms of button combos and tricky platforming.

I really really like the idea of swapping between "dimensions" as part of the puzzle, but holy hell was it frustrating to pull off. The controls just aren't ideal for the button combos needed to pull off some of this complicated platforming. For instance, I found wall jumps almost impossible without using two hands on my arrow keys. But with some polish this could really shine! 

Well, this is absolutely adorable! Makes me want to try something like this with my niece and nephew. Fantastic art and a fun puzzle game!

Could see myself losing some real time to this if it was on my phone. Nice lil casual game. Great work!

Looking forward to it!

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Wow! Incredible artwork and UI design. I am sincerely jealous of this games presentation. Easily the best I've seen in this jam so far. Congrats on that!

Someone already mentioned this below, so I won't belabor the point, but I do think the second level needs some work to make clear what we're supposed to do. It goes from being very simple and straightforward at the start to being a complete mystery the next day. I started randomly putting tapes into each slot just hoping something random might click. (It didn't.) I only say this because this is absolutely a game I would pay money for if it was polished a bit more on the puzzle end of things. I'll be looking forward to updates! 

Just spent some time with your game and it's great you've taken a stab at making a moody puzzle-platformer like INSIDE. Those kinds of games are some of my favorite, and you've got a nice starting point here.

Like someone commented on your page, I think the key to making these games work is having a reliable controller. I found myself wrestling a bit with input lag for moving and jumping. Also, I'd love to see a new setting for your game, as this reminded almost too much of INSIDE. You have an interesting original mechanic (switching body types), so maybe there's another kind of setting/theme/story that plays directly into that mechanic. Just a suggestion, as I'd love to see more unique games likes this :)

Glad you enjoyed the mechanic even though it was hard. I'm going to work to make sure the challenge is balanced better in the future.

Will check out your entry tonight!

Thanks so much for the encouragement! I'll definitely keep working on this, and will be checking out your game tonight :)

Yep, I'm hoping to fix the "infinite" problem. Because there's no real ramp in difficulty and all of the spawning is totally random, it can get too easy to just keep going, especially if you're not worried about score. I'm going to have to focus more on scaling the difficulty and finding an end game in future updates.

Appreciate the feedback!

Much appreciated :)

Yeah, it's extremely random. I was hoping to polishing the various spawning scripts, but didn't have time. Will make sure to do that in a future update!

That's a really good idea about having a character of some kind explain the cards and rules in the beginning. I'm definitely going to add that in a future update. Thanks!

Thank you! Really appreciate that

I think something that I missed was the "bullet hell" element in your design, which makes the ranged attacking more necessary. I was definitely just trying to adhere to your average RL combat method, so that's my bad for not full understanding the game's structure. In any case, I'd love to know if this gets anymore updates.

I couldn't reach it :(

You've got the start an interesting card game here. I'd encourage you to try to work more on it if you can! Something about the suit comparisons and the numbers make this seem like it could work almost as a sort of solo battling game. Good luck!

Great artwork! Would love to be able to remap the controls in the future.

Nicely made. Hope you get to finish it!

Hm... Is there maybe a setting I can change to make it work properly? Like I said, never had this problem before regardless of system requirements.

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Congratulations! Even if you guys don't win the game jam, you've already won my heart.

Game's like this make it a crime there isn't a "Story" category to vote on. 5 STARS!!

Clever idea!