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The Academy: Window of OpportunityView game page

Plagues, Puzzles, and Feeling Absolutely Nothing
Submitted by Strung Up Starlight — 1 day, 14 hours before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
VISUALS | Did this game have nice graphics, art or design?#84.2504.250
MOOD | Did this game have atmosphere, or did it make you feel something?#93.7503.750
FUN | Was this game satisfying to play or did it bring you joy?#133.5003.500
AUDIO | Did this game have great music or sound design?#163.5003.500
IDEA | Was this game innovative, or did it use interesting mechanics?#482.7502.750

Ranked from 4 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Let people know how long has this project been going, or share a bit of its history.
Released back in September and stuck in a state of limbo ever since, the full version of The Academy is finally finished.

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I adore the style in this game and the little touches like the shadow layers really added to that. The puzzles (that I managed to complete at least xD) were well thought out and the story wasn't over-written like a lot of rpgmaker games tend to suffer from. That being said, there was a lot of content if you wanted it (via inspect, etc) which was great.

I unfortunately got stuck not knowing how to remove the hook from my locker (rubbing alchohol didn't work?) but I might go back again since I have a feeling it isn't too long and I'd like to see how it all wraps up. I think rpg maker games that are around this length are perfect :3 


(Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far!)

(As for the locker hook puzzle, rubbing alcohol should have removed the hook, but I'm guessing you haven't clicked on a hint that would have allowed you to use it. This was an attempt on my part to combat meta gaming, but it was a poor decision looking back. The good news is this is the only part of the game that has this issue, as it's a holdover from when I first started making puzzles. Try checking the poster in the janitor's closet.)

(Regardless, I hope you enjoy the rest of the game. Thank you for playing!)


Well done and congrats creating a fully complete game!  The art may have been simple but it was also really easily recognizable what things were and the cohesive style goes a long way.  I will say I would have liked more variety in silhouettes of the npcs, I had a hard time remembering who was who. Overall the presentation was good, lot's of attention to detail too.  Impressive how many objects had descriptions, and I like mix of direct dialog and overheard-summarization.   The puzzles actually presented a challenge but weren't convoluted or impossible (figuring out the passcode for me was a bit time consuming because I had to keep rechecking objects that had multiple steps to get to the info I kept forgetting though).   The action sequences did a good job of creating tension and a change of pace too.


(Hi! Thank you for playing, and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the project! I'm new to this whole 'game dev' thing, so your feedback is much appreciated. I'll be sure to keep the silhouettes in mind for my next project!)


Very good artwork!


(Hey, thanks!)