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How does one download this game?


Downloads are now available on the main page, either online or via the itch client! Let me know if you have any issues. 

Thank you! Downloaded and fired it up, but it wasn't compatible with my gamepad. I grabbed my PS4 controller and hooked that up, but for some reason it turned off all of the game's sound? Haha... Oh, and the camera was constantly rotating, and it seemed like my buttons weren't properly aligned with the prompts you have on screen.

Sorry to drop all that on you, it looks like you've put a ton of great work into this game. I love the whole look and style of it, so I hope the controller issues can get sorted out. :)

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Ironically I built the game up around an XBOX controller despite the PSX aesthetic, so the camera is probably rotating because it's bringing in the wrong input axis aha.  I'll get a fix up over the next few days just need to wrestle away the PS4 from the housemates so I can do some debugging and testing.  I'll let you know when it's up.  For curiosities sake what was the first controller you tried to use? Also thanks for saying it looks cool I hope you get to play it! 

Glad you're gonna find time to update it! Looking forward to that. I'm very much interested in making a project with the same aesthetic of this (been watching loads of videos about classic JRPGs lately), so I was thrilled to see someone nailing it. Gives me hope I can pull it off in the future. :)

My first controller I tired to use was a Logitech Gamepad F310, which is pretty ancient at this point. It usually works fine, but thankfully I've got the PS4 I can steal from in the other room.


Haha thanks. I put quite a few hours into the PS1 trying to get little things kinda of right ^^ Definitely keen to make another game in the same style^^The F310 is covered in the patch I'm working on at the moment , as well as the PS4 controller. You'll have your pick :)  Also I discovered that the DS4 audio issue is related to the controller itself. It changes your default audio device as soon as it's plugged in, which is just an absurd thing for it to do, but all you have to do is change it back over using your sound manager. 

Ah, that's great to know! Appreciate the update, and looking forward to that new build :)

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It's been updated now :) My housemate had the same controller so I got to test it =o hopefully it works

Perfect! I'll start a new thread after I get a chance to play today :)