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Excited for the progress! Already a ton of fun. When do we get to the pegging tho uwu

Thanks for replaying! Don't forget to rate <3

I was curious how world 2 would treat you! Maybe the game should be called death is inevitable! Thanks for the uploaddd and dont call yourself dumbbb silly its meant to be difficultt asjdjasdk borpaSpin

I want a fancy glass award

Wonderful to see it played, thanks for sharing! You did so well, you only had 3 hearts to go!

Thanks! Yeah the wall jump can take a bit to get used to, if I were to continue the project I'd likely throw in a tutorial and not have the difficulty spike so quickly <3

Heck yeah. I feel bad for crushing your time so soon but Version 004, Controller. Sub 25. Forgive meeeee, I feel like Sub20 will be the real hard get? We're still working out strats

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Version 004. Controller.

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Version 0.04 Changelog

Post-processing added
Rain system tweaked
Separation of Camera into Main/UI Cameras
UI Rebuild
Collision root motion drag issue fixed
Pause functionality
Restart functionality
Quit functionality
Waves refactored to allow for better future waves and some small bug fixes
"Grab Tree" mechanic now added
Enemy health and attack strength adjusted for new mechanic
Audio ducking added for redeems and rain
Harpy AI tweaked
8 additional video redeems (4 silent for the moment)
Tree heal player feedback
game+ timer implimented
clearcount implimented
other minor tweaks and fixes

If you would like to submit your best run times please screenshot and post to the discord under the Hellmouth channel.

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Version 0.03 Changelog
Major fix:
Final fix for softlock issues after lengthy sessions.

Minor changes: 
Audio levels adjusted
Audio frequency tweaked
Enemy timings tweaked
Rain damage tweaked
Fix for Winstate position
Stream SFX Randomizer tweaks
1 additional game only video redeem
Harpy skins tweaked
Some additional custom skins given to several community saved members via RNG so default is less common.
All enemy code refactored and streamlined

Thanks so much for playing <3

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Version 0.02 Changelog
Major fix:
Potential fix for the softlock when fighting later wave enemies. Let me know if issues still come up.

Minor changes: 
Stream save file from NYE stream added.
Fix for Audio repeating.
Fix for Winstate transparency.
Limiters applied to Candy spawns.
Capture state changed from Mash to Hold.
Miniscule health and stamina increase when interacting with rain objects.
Stream SFX Randomizer added.
2 additional game only video redeems.
Fix for issues with enemy physics on death.
Minor collision box tweaks.
Minor audio distance tweaks.
Some changes to BGM timings.
Some fixes with passthrough mouse collision with main stream engine functionality.

Glad I didn't know where this game was going before we started it on stream! That reveal got me good! Thanks for the awesome games! Looking forward to your future work

Was raging in my stream earlier because everything is fucking amazing but there was no fullscreen toggle so I couldnt see chat or do any stream specific things. Thank you for adding one so quickly, looking forward to streaming it again in the future

Thank you so much moemoe, means the world  <3 

I'm glad it was helpful in some way. I've gone seeking content about BPD a lot, and when I came up empty I figured it was important to try and share some of my own experiences, even if the lens is fairly limited in regards to romantic relationships in particular. Glad it resonated, and that you finally have a diagnosis so can start piecing together how it impacts your life and move towards recovery. Thanks for sharing, it means a lot. Best of luck with everything <3

If you have any additional notes not covered in the scope of the survey form, please consider leaving a comment below. 

Wonderful artwork, love the animations and style <3

Super cute! Love the a e s t h e t i c~ looking forward to future content or whatever comes next :3 

Plays pretty well, great proof of concept, gets super difficulty toward the end there xD


Thanks so much! My goal is certainly to try to emulate some of those nostalgic feels while creating my own content so I'm glad it seemed to work for you! Feel free to subscribe so you get notifications when the next update releases :) 

For me it implied you were going to feed yourself to the creature, because there wasn't enough food? 

Thanks so much for playing! Looking forward to giving it a watch later to learn how to improve the design <3 

No problem! Looking forward to hearing what you think <3 

Heya! New patch is live if you're still around! Hopefully this should fix the black screen issue you were having, it turns out to be a common issue on specific hardware due to the render engine! Let me know if it still doesn't work with the new update! :) 

Heya! New patch is live! Hopefully this should fix the black screen issue you were having, it turns out to be a common issue on specific hardware due to the render engine! Let me know if it still doesn't work with the new update! Hope you enjoy <3

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Love the concept, authentic visuals and the main character is awesome - the mechanics are still a bit rough. Could really use a run button, maybe a way to push ghosts back with a secondary power? The walk animation itself is also a little slow. Looking forward to where this goes for sure, gimmi them tank controls. 

Thanks so much for playing! Loved watching the play through, impressed that you almost found all the secrets, will have to jiggle some stuff around based on your gameplay for sure. Hope you'll come back for more once the next story update is released :) 

This is really cool, I wasn't expecting such a nice blend of Shadow Tower / Soulsborne gameplay, pleasant surprise. It really invokes that feeling very well, while ditching the clunky cameras of ol'. I notice there has been some talk of the stamina, I found it occasionally glitched for no real reason, couldn't pinpoint what was happening really, but occasionally it would bottom out and having to wait for full recovery before use again I feel is a little much, but somebody else mentioned that so I assume you're set on that design. 

Also couldn't really work out how to defend correctly? I was trying for different attack timings to parry like a souls game or stagger the enemy without taking damage but alas. If you could add additional damage for back attacks to replicate the souls style instant kills, that would be pretty great. 

Some things I think would instantly improve the overall experience, that wouldn't be too difficult, is enemy SFX and an ambient soundscape for each area. It's a very sparse silent game, and there is just something about dead silence that isn't very appealing. You do have great SFX on gates and attack hits and stuff though. I also noticed item descriptions in the menu would remain even after an item was used, so that's a little bug you could probably fix pretty quickly. I also second having the notification/text prompts fade over time, and I really think you should throw some extra healing items around - having every loot find be armor, while useful, made me feel a little disheartened, and I never found enemies dropping loot really happened beyond the first enemy you fight, not sure if that was just bad RNG on my part. 

Mostly nitpicks to fill out, amplify the experience. I really loved this, and am excited to see where it goes. Hoping it's still in development. 

Hey Queenfaith! Found out what was causing the issue, and the next patch to fix it should drop by the end of the week-ish hopefully. Just curious, can I know what video card / GPU you're running? 

Heya! So this is a bug I've had reported by another user as well, but I've been unable to replicate it and/or pinpoint what would be causing it, since UI elements show up but the Render Pipeline seems to be not rendering correctly? Have you had issues with any of the other games in the jam? Since quite a few use the same render pipeline. If I can pin it down I'll try to patch it during the next update. 

Thanks so much for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :) You revealed a few little bugs there toward the end that I have a few ideas about fixing so thanks for uploading the playthrough as well! 

Thanks so much! I don't have a mac or linux to test on but I might release builds for them in the next release anyway, play at your own peril! Glad you enjoyed it so much! 

Unfortunately can't get past the first text window, but art is rad, looking forward to being able to play this :) 

Gaming Tip: Goatboy can suck it! 

This is very cool, really like the style and how the story unfolds. If only Early had some extra medkits on him though, that last boss is a doozy. Nice work! 

The art style and animations and excellent in this, and the hiding mechanic works great. Unfortunately the levels feel a little sparse and so a lot of it feels like wandering through empty dungeon levels, I'm sure that can be tightened up tho!  Great atmosphere! 

The style is just wicked, can't wait to see more. I may be *gulp* in love with k-karla 

I liked the world-building a lot, and the creepy spooks! Poor uncle dan. Not sure if this is a bug, but I chopped down all the trees and it turned the frogs gay!