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Slain Jayne || RiotJayne

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I thought this was pretty well crafted actually. The porn gifs were a nice touch. Looking forward to seeing more ^^ Maybe consider a girl on girl one for those of us who... would... like... that....

Naww, I'm downloading the Save Baloo DLC!

Clean, simple, and fun ^^ The minimalist artwork is nice. The grid system works well though it can be seemingly random in how the movement range is generating per character, and also it can be confusing as to which one you're controlling if they're near each other (a little player indication / highlight may help). Sometimes I was busted without it being clear why, which may be because the AI calculates the movement and result before it plays out, perhaps you could delay the busted screen so you could see the bust occur?

This was surprisingly deep, considering the humorous tone of the writing. I really liked how many interactions and how varied each experience could be, and the reveal was excellent and unexpected. I think a narrator 'skip' button might help with playability, and I wonder if increasing the item count to three each time might work better in balancing the time explored versus narrative.

PS. The bear art around the house was rad ^^

First off, congratulations on creating such a cute game and submitting it to a gamejam :) It's lovely to see High School students involved ^^ Plenty of places to explore and the tum tum tree is super cute. I didn't get to the Jabberwocky but I'll probably replay it and get to the end! The day/night cycle was very cool. I'd love to see the poem integrated a little more, perhaps a line or two in each section as it loads up? Also, it'd be nice if each area had a second door to avoid the need to backtrack to continue forward. Otherwise, great job guys!

Replayed it. I didn't find Baloo the first time and now I'm sad.

I'm a fan of this, the artwork is interesting and the music compliments it well, and I like how you need to explore to figure out exactly how to proceed. Very cute little experience :)

Oh gawd this is cool. Sprites look awesome, movement/attacks are hella polished, and each character has a unique moveset, also, yay female option (Joan of Arc is rad). Unfortunately I don't have anyone around to play with right now, but I'll be trialing it at a friends next time I visit ^_^ Reminds me of Tower Fall (which is a good thing). Menu screen was a little bit temperamental (triggers on play seemed to sometimes fail).

If you manage to get AI in at some point, hit me up at @riotjayne and I'll play it again :)

This is cute ^^ the art is simple but effective, I love little Hook swimming for his life and collecting coins he will never spend. This explores futility well. I think the Croc could have been a little more aggressive, swimming directly toward him results in the Croc backing off, I do like the look of defeat when you stop moving though.

Why won't those blasted mermaids help me, darn it!

I thought this was a really interesting experience. I quite liked the story, the idea of celestial reincarnation of some sort, and how that played into real life concerns. The way you used Ren'Py was great as well, you found a way to fit the tone you were going for. The little star icon on the messages gave it a nice feel.

I think it could be longer, and I read both source poems and liked how you took the theme of being one with nature from The River and extended that to celestial existence. :)

I love the mood / style of this submission. The art is gorgeous, the slow melodic music fits the tone well. I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to assemble the clues, as others have mentioned, and did give up on that aspect. Reverting to mouse drag would work well I think, as well as having Shift lock the clue screen instead of having to hold it down.

Mechanically the gun seemed to only work rarely, which made the flame much more effective to have the Morlock back off. It'd be cool if the sound of a gunshot scattered them somewhat in fear. A larger area with less Morlock to deal with would work for more clue gathering, though I'm unsure if the game becomes larger once you figure out the first set of clues. I had the game lock up a few times after trying to enter clue mode, and once when I (believe) I was out of bullets. Not entirely sure why.

I really enjoyed this. I like how this works to portray the strangeness of The Double, and how the blackout mechanics accurately depict derealization, which is what I think the source material can be read as describing. The blackout mechanics also work well, since you only hear what your anxiety allows you to hear, see what your anxiety allows you to see. I would love to experience a longer version of this :)

This was so much fun :) Loved the art style on both background and character sprites, and how the Morlocks altered in size and ragdolled on death. I loved the look of the Eloi too, poor things. The physics / destructibles were fun to play with, and rolling a boulder onto a pile or Morlocks was more satisfying than expected. Having the Keys / Morlocks / Eloi change location might help with replayability if desired. I'd love to see a little extended version of this where you interact with the Eloi outside the caves before facing off against the Morlock :)

Technically, switching the camera from left to right on mouse felt a little distracting.

Thanks for the feedback stephen.gurnett. It was also always the plan to be able to enter the houses (open doors you can't enter is a huge NO-NO in game design) but unfortunately I was running out of time and had to scrap it due to the interior art.

>> Am I a bad person for expecting Aphrodite to arrive and cast Turn Undead?

YES! Evil :P

Norbez You can try the new builds, I have a 64 bit build as well, hopefully you don't get the .dll error again. The game also runs in browser in Firefox.

andyman404 Thanksss :)

I really like the juxtaposition of the old 1930's war writing and the game itself, very cool concept and it plays out well. I finished it to the end just to see how the story builds, and I like that it's slightly vague about what exactly is happening.

The art juxtapose well, the backdrop below the fog sets the mood well. I like the retro sci fi feel. Would have liked some more enemy types or (visually) or additional areas (backdrops) but these are little critiques.

Mechanically, the end timer didn't work for me, it stayed at 4:00 until the final moments. My fire button was also jammed (didn't have to press CTRL) which didn't effect the gameplay much (made it easier I suppose, though you tend to keep your weapons firing in these games anyway ^^). I think lives are a little disposable in this, as there is no penalty for dying - having a limited supply with an in game way to add lives (double health pickup, new pickup, etc) would be cool.

I love the watercolor style art and the story is nice and cute. I can see how it borrows from the source material, though you have given it your own spin/interpretation. Good job :)

Considering the source material, this game moves from macabre to comedic (after all, they're all just leaning too far! Stop it ladies!). The game is short and sweet, simple mechanics that work well. Perhaps some more context would help, a few lines from the source material etc. But it did make me go hunt the source down so :)

The splatting animations made me uncomfortable, heh.

Wow, nightmare fuel. Love it. Mechanics worked well, difficulty ramped well. Interesting mechanical concept for this story, I like it a lot :)

Unity build would be nice for Chrome users.

The polish in this project is very nice - the voice acting and music was top notch, art is high quality, and the story was integrated into the game well. Mechanically the option to use other keys would help with comfort, and having the keys moved from the side to over the main game would allow you to see more of what's happening (as you're so busy focusing on the prompts you forget to watch the story).

The ability to slightly adjust the music playback would have been a nice stretch goal, as I found it sometimes went out of sync and I occasionally had to not play along with the song but focus solely on hitting them when they crossed the input areas.

Each level took me three attempts, so the difficulty (with a little luck) was great for a game this size. All in all, one of my favourite submissions.

This is my favourite of the ones I've tried thus far. Female protag (the fact that she is a murderess is incidental :P). Mechanics are polished and well executed, the level design is good and the difficulty ramps well. Story unfolds well, and it all integrates into the source material fantastically. I'd love to see this expanded into a larger project.

I did have some technical issues - I had the game freeze up twice during hand washes, and having the checkpoints work automatically was good but also restrictive, as I missed some of the early game and wanted to replay it without the option (the game did randomly reset completely upon death in the second section once though). If you were able to iron this out, it'd be a perfect little experience.

It's very enjoyable to just jump around the jungle! Smooth jumping/movement mechanics and the music sets the mood nicely. I'd love to see this finished, and maybe even have a calm setting to just explore the jungle as well :)

I am yeah, but why is that relevant :P

I think it's closer to seven now. I just really like the game, what can I say.

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O0o that's cool. I've sunk around 5 hours into the last version and haven't picked any of that up so looking forward to trying again tonight :)

Posted in Some found bugs

Just thought I'd ask here since there's already a thread, but is there any way to play as Aiko in the DD12 version?

Also any secrets avaliable? Maybe some hints if so? ^^

Not sure how much of that has been implimented.

Really cool tone and feel, mechanics that I tried so far are good, but the games a little broken with gamepad. Can't go through designs, sometimes fails to go through other nav trees.

Biggest problem was the end button being right next to the tools, on gamepad it's way to easy to press end while going for a tool, and that made the game so frustrating I straight up quit.

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First off cute little characters :)

The first time I played, spent about 10 minutes moving through screens and waiting to come across anything outside of the eating mechanic. Failed to find anything so closed the game.

Second time I played I spent about half of that before spotting my first character, which then resets you and places you at the start of the next week. The delay between finding characters is honestly far too long, as the only mechanic that has to get the player through 5- 15 screens in between interactions is space to eat. It makes each screen a chore, and for such a small game that's not something you want. I'd bring it down to 5 maximum, tighten the experience overall.

Got to wake 13 without fanfare, week 14 I left the bear starve to get some sort of end state. I was annoyed because I had been doing a pacifist run and not eating squirrels only to have my heart turn black randomly during an interaction. As having a fully black heart does very little except lower potential interactions, shouldn't there be a way to reduce the darkness of the heart? Once it was perma black I just left it go all the way.

Is the point that bears need to eat little cute creatures to survive? Because that isn't really something anyone was unclear about heh.

Replied to panstas in Some found bugs

I can't wait for the next version, really looking forward to it.

Created a new topic Some found bugs
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This is such a great game, I'm really looking forward to more content.

Bugs I've found:
I've noticed that when I press the X button on the character profile on the main screen more than once, it can duplicate audio that is playing resulting in a cacophony of glitchy overlaps.

Game-breaking glitch on the Grimoire card, often when clicking read instead of burn, the next button to click and discard the card would freeze indefinitely. While this card is stuck, you can minimize it and draw a new quest card mid investigation, but this doesn't allow continued play, just an interesting side affect of the glitch.

Unlocked the Character which you need to run away from an enemy to unlock, she still however says locked when I go to choose her, and if I press accept while she is selected (to start adventure) the game crashes.

Features that would be great in the immediate:
Save/Load investigation feature very desirable.

I liked this :) I had to play as soon as I saw it because I was told incessently that chemtrails made me trans by my father, like even it was true it would somehow invalidate my existance/experience ^^ I like that you used it to shut your silly doctor down tho!

Digging this, I found it really frustrating that the cursor is hidden when it isn't highlighting something.

Nice, I really liked this, tho I miss the video and taboo content of Taboo Heatwave :P If I had to kiss my patners that much in real life before I could eat them out I'd never get laid heh, but she's cute and innoncent so I guess it's okay. If you're still working on this I'd think about adding some extra stuff like toys and kink activities tho I can't imagine how she'd take it ^^

Nice I'll check it out :) Thanks for telling me!

That's rad, will try it later tonight :)

Looking forward to the PC port :)

Is there still an English version in development?

These little puzzles turned out quite challenging. I thought it was great ^^

For those having trouble, once you download the game development tool 'Love2D' the framework will install. To start games drag the actual game folder onto the Love shortcut in the main Love directory.

This is rad <3 Why does he need so much lip balm thooo -_-

Sure, I'm running Windows 10 x64! If there's anything else I can do let me know :)

Latest build isn't booting if you set the previous game to full screen and restart. Player wasn't spawning even in windowed mode. Cannot currently play.