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Thanks so much for the kind words, I know what you mean, and like you said it was partly/mostly the fact that I was under a time crunch. The psychological side of it was something I went much further into in Binary Distortion, but that's a very different style of game. Still, check it out if you're interested.

As for a more satisfying / hopeful ending, when I made this I didn't see much hope for anything, really, as sad as that might sound in retrospect, I wasn't in a place where I could see things changing for me, so the game ends where I was at, nowhere, with the crushing reality of it all sitting on my shoulders - nowhere to go and no-one to turn to. It's a slice of life and life was feelsbad, but that wasn't the end of the story and it would be nice to get a chance to explore how all that changed as time went on and transition took hold. I've considered deving about it, but it's just so exhausting honestly and a lot of that I've put behind me, it would be painful to relive it in order to flesh it out into a more cohesive narrative. 

That being said, I'm always working on stuff, and maybe if the mood strikes I'll be able to reflect on the good aspects on transition as well, because there are a lot of them when all is said and done, even if it didn't feel there ever would be. Life is long and things change and it would be satisfying to explore that in a project.  

Thanks again for the interest, it's always awesome to hear what people think of the little things I put out <3

Oh! Thanks for letting me know. I don't actually have a Mac to test it on anymore, so I'm at the whim of the compatibility of the RenPy engine. I'm happy to recompile it when I get a chance over the next few days and let you know when it's up, although I'm not sure it will solve the issue.  

That's definitely not working as intended then, maybe somehow the button prompts are breaking. I'll have a look at it next time I'm looking over the game, thanks. And thanks for saying you enjoyed it.

[Spoilers] There are two end states, one is triggered by going through the door once stickified, and the other is being sucked up by the light and following that, triggering the final state. You should get an end credit sequence and a percentage count after finishing either state, however there is a known bug with 1.1 where the load screen wont come up once you move through the door, which results in a very long load on some machines with no immediate feedback that it's loading. 

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Hi! Thanks so much for playing and giving me your feedback. I will certainly take it into consideration in the follow patch I'm working on.

1. The load option is functional, but is not used to load games. After 'trying to load', the cursor should reset  and allow you to hit the back key. How long did you give it? It shouldn't take more than a few seconds. 

2.  That sequence is a little buggy and needs to be cleaned up a bit in terms of animation restrictions, but based on your description the sequence of events happened as expected. You need to do something else in order to progress, I'm not expecting you to play to this point again, but trying to access the menu while floating should give you a clue. 

3. In terms of the flowers, I was aware that this could happen, but in my head assumed you'd be able to return later with the unlockable and retrieve them that way. Now that I'm thinking about it though, you need some of those (potentially) trapped flowers to receive that unlockable, so that is game breaking. I will have a look at preventing the lanterns from landing directly on top of them. I've never had it happen to me in my testing so never gave it much thought to be honest. 

Sorry if those elements were frustrating! 

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If you find a game-breaking bugs, please take a moment to report them below so future updates can include fixes for them where necessary.

Nice work! Thanks for playing <3 Wonder if you can get them all!!!

Thanks so much for saying so^^

Whoops, didn't mean to be vague. So after you press launch in the itch client it seems to begin the process of loading (mouse changes) before it simply dies. You never get to a window. Same result from just launching the exe. I downloaded again just to check if maybe the download corrupted but I'm getting the same behavior. 

Oh that's a shame! Thanks for trying again. I'll let you know when it has Keyboard controls if you you still wanna play it by that point ^^

I loved this ^^ Unique and quirky and simple enough so that anyone can jump in and try. The screaming when you die had me laughing every time :3 

This is interesting, would love to see it further along. I like the juxtoposition between the bright and colorful audio with how Zack is feeling. The combat took a little while to figure out, and also the lack of a health meter or bar is a little frustrating. You should mention that once yellow you need to run INTO the enemy before the bravery goes away. The interactions sometimes felt a little unresponsive but it is still early days so that is fair enough :) 

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Very real and relateable. I'm looking forward to playing more of your games. Thanks for sharing. 

I really dug the strange atmosphere, general look, and almost impenitrable language in this. Reminded me a little of Yumi Nikki. Nice work. 

I have a vague memory of this so maybe I did play it back when. I think it's coming along nicely. I can't wait for an audio pass, visual novels are much harder to get into without audio for some reason. Looking forward to future content! Also: just checking but the executible says v1.0, so just confirming that this is the updated version. 

Oh! I didn't find it all that frustrating once I realized how to deal with the area, it just had my heart pumping ^^ especially with the loud sound it makes when it does its thing and you're unprotected :) 

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Xbox controllers are fine, the button prompts just won't match up (an aesthetic choice, I actually devved it with an Xbox gamepad) . The keyboard functionality was a test while implementing the new control system and I just didn't rip it out. Originally the game would stop you from accessing the menu if you had no controller but I figured it was a better option to let people get to the main game just in case they did have something that worked with it but for whatever reason the game didn't pick up on it ^^ 

This game wouldn't boot correctly for me (x64bit, running Windows 10) - I got the splash screen and my screen settings changed to suit the game but then it CTD. I tried a few more times but no go. Not sure what the issue is.  

It wouldn't be a huge undertaking with the way I overhauled the controls for 1.1 so  I might consider throwing in keyboard support in the next week or so if I get a chance. I made the choice to keep it out to fit the general aesethic but provided that the player knows it is _best_ played via controller I don't suppose it hurts to add keyboard controls :3 

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Relateable content. I thought this was very well done, I especially love the art and the overall concept. Unfortunately it didn't run especially well for me, it was very slow at fullscreen and I found snapping the window to a tiny unplayable size sped up the game a lot but made it impossible. In the end I had to rubberneck the window between different sizes to get through it, but that being said I didn't mind much, it was a partial mechanic for me and worked well with the theme of the feeling of wrongness. I submitted a game in the FFS jam with a similar theme if you wanted to check it out :) 

This is an excellent little atmospheric experience. I loved the puzzle style and the seamless scene modification. Seriously though what the hell is that spider's problem?! 

Unfortunately this refused to run from me on a Windows 10 x64 bit pc. It might just be me, so I'll give it another shot a little later. Looks cool though so I hope I can get it to work! ^^

Obviously this is still not quite in a playable state, but the art is cute and there's something about the sliding characters that reminds me of paper dolls behind a puppet theatre which is kind of charming. Looking forward to future updates. 

I adore the style in this game and the little touches like the shadow layers really added to that. The puzzles (that I managed to complete at least xD) were well thought out and the story wasn't over-written like a lot of rpgmaker games tend to suffer from. That being said, there was a lot of content if you wanted it (via inspect, etc) which was great.

I unfortunately got stuck not knowing how to remove the hook from my locker (rubbing alchohol didn't work?) but I might go back again since I have a feeling it isn't too long and I'd like to see how it all wraps up. I think rpg maker games that are around this length are perfect :3 

Dug this heaps! Very cute style and I loved the unlockable characters, that really added a feeling of progression to the game that kept me playing. Some of the randomization imo needs tweaking - large walls of blocks are semi-regular - and although you can easily navigate them if you get a handle of the controls it is just a bit broken. I also sometimes got giant clusters of enemies which again, easy to avoid but looks silly ehe. The controls are good but a little floaty - I would consider making it a three-track runner and locking the character to tracks, this might give you a much better more polished feel and maybe increase playability. Just an idea. Great work!

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The character's are gorgeous, props to the artist, and the scarf mechanic is a cool little idea. I'd love to see this further developed. Obviously there is very little content in there to speak of as it stands, but I think it works as a proof of concept. I'd consider something like a dash ability and maybe a scarf cap that increases the more experience you have?  Those things together with a level goal of some sort and a polished UI could make for a very cool little experience. 

Oh god this game aha. It had my heart racing. The character of Anilade is certainly cool, i love her animations and design. Nice work. I would love to see her in other types of experiences as well.  My first run I couldn't figure out how to pick anything up and then finally figured it out when opening a chest I was behind, locking me forever in place xD I think having the item drop where you were captured is very frustrated if you're in the end area when you're captured. Maybe you could have a small barrel with a bunch of weapons that allows you to pick up something different every respawn. Also I found the attack delay was slow enough that most of my frantic attacks to keep her at bay missed entirely and didn't line up with my panic very well. I would love to play this with a bit more iteration/polish. 

Loved the look and feel of this, controls were smooth and polished and the aesthetic is definitely fun. The main mechanic of shuffling and deleting command blocks to get a good run happening was just frantic enough to hit flow for me. I did have issues with the placement of the delete button being on the Up key, since when I play games with directional keys up is a natural jump position, so I would often press it instinctively instead of space and end up wiping out my commands. I also found levels sometimes generated in a state where I couldn't begin, I just didn't have the right commands available to me to proceed, but that's the nature of RNG and to be honest I'm not very good at this so perhaps those levels are indeed progressable :3 Overall this is a super fun little platformer! Much enjoyed!

Naw thank you so much <3 Your post has made my week  ^^ I'm okay if not many play it, hopefully those that do have a unique and interesting experience with it :) I'm glad it worked so well for you and appreciate you posting about it ^^

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Jump(Triangle/Y) onto the rocks to reach the ledge (you can also just mash against the ledge face like a pro) and grab the first origami note sitting on the ledge <3 Thanks for the kind words ^^

This was lots of fun once I got the hang of it :3 The moveset was interesting enough that I often found my way out of tricky situations in satsifying ways. Would love to see it expanded upon further. For me some of the UI was a little confusing (for example, pressing Enter to go into Discard mode and also to Fire your cards). And I couldn't figure out how to remove a card after I had placed in my queue, but those are tiny nitpicks ^^ The UI also was tiny on my screen, so having it scale up would be nice :) 

Thanks so much for checking it out! <3

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It's been updated now :) My housemate had the same controller so I got to test it =o hopefully it works

Haha thanks. I put quite a few hours into the PS1 trying to get little things kinda of right ^^ Definitely keen to make another game in the same style^^The F310 is covered in the patch I'm working on at the moment , as well as the PS4 controller. You'll have your pick :)  Also I discovered that the DS4 audio issue is related to the controller itself. It changes your default audio device as soon as it's plugged in, which is just an absurd thing for it to do, but all you have to do is change it back over using your sound manager. 

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Ironically I built the game up around an XBOX controller despite the PSX aesthetic, so the camera is probably rotating because it's bringing in the wrong input axis aha.  I'll get a fix up over the next few days just need to wrestle away the PS4 from the housemates so I can do some debugging and testing.  I'll let you know when it's up.  For curiosities sake what was the first controller you tried to use? Also thanks for saying it looks cool I hope you get to play it! 

Downloads are now available on the main page, either online or via the itch client! Let me know if you have any issues. 

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Wow dude (also I think you meant made)