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Kara Jayne

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I am yeah, but why is that relevant :P

I think it's closer to seven now. I just really like the game, what can I say.

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O0o that's cool. I've sunk around 5 hours into the last version and haven't picked any of that up so looking forward to trying again tonight :)

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Just thought I'd ask here since there's already a thread, but is there any way to play as Aiko in the DD12 version?

Also any secrets avaliable? Maybe some hints if so? ^^

Not sure how much of that has been implimented.

Really cool tone and feel, mechanics that I tried so far are good, but the games a little broken with gamepad. Can't go through designs, sometimes fails to go through other nav trees.

Biggest problem was the end button being right next to the tools, on gamepad it's way to easy to press end while going for a tool, and that made the game so frustrating I straight up quit.

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First off cute little characters :)

The first time I played, spent about 10 minutes moving through screens and waiting to come across anything outside of the eating mechanic. Failed to find anything so closed the game.

Second time I played I spent about half of that before spotting my first character, which then resets you and places you at the start of the next week. The delay between finding characters is honestly far too long, as the only mechanic that has to get the player through 5- 15 screens in between interactions is space to eat. It makes each screen a chore, and for such a small game that's not something you want. I'd bring it down to 5 maximum, tighten the experience overall.

Got to wake 13 without fanfare, week 14 I left the bear starve to get some sort of end state. I was annoyed because I had been doing a pacifist run and not eating squirrels only to have my heart turn black randomly during an interaction. As having a fully black heart does very little except lower potential interactions, shouldn't there be a way to reduce the darkness of the heart? Once it was perma black I just left it go all the way.

Is the point that bears need to eat little cute creatures to survive? Because that isn't really something anyone was unclear about heh.

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I can't wait for the next version, really looking forward to it.

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This is such a great game, I'm really looking forward to more content.

Bugs I've found:
I've noticed that when I press the X button on the character profile on the main screen more than once, it can duplicate audio that is playing resulting in a cacophony of glitchy overlaps.

Game-breaking glitch on the Grimoire card, often when clicking read instead of burn, the next button to click and discard the card would freeze indefinitely. While this card is stuck, you can minimize it and draw a new quest card mid investigation, but this doesn't allow continued play, just an interesting side affect of the glitch.

Unlocked the Character which you need to run away from an enemy to unlock, she still however says locked when I go to choose her, and if I press accept while she is selected (to start adventure) the game crashes.

Features that would be great in the immediate:
Save/Load investigation feature very desirable.

I liked this :) I had to play as soon as I saw it because I was told incessently that chemtrails made me trans by my father, like even it was true it would somehow invalidate my existance/experience ^^ I like that you used it to shut your silly doctor down tho!

Digging this, I found it really frustrating that the cursor is hidden when it isn't highlighting something.

Nice, I really liked this, tho I miss the video and taboo content of Taboo Heatwave :P If I had to kiss my patners that much in real life before I could eat them out I'd never get laid heh, but she's cute and innoncent so I guess it's okay. If you're still working on this I'd think about adding some extra stuff like toys and kink activities tho I can't imagine how she'd take it ^^

Nice I'll check it out :) Thanks for telling me!

That's rad, will try it later tonight :)

Looking forward to the PC port :)

Is there still an English version in development?

These little puzzles turned out quite challenging. I thought it was great ^^

For those having trouble, once you download the game development tool 'Love2D' the framework will install. To start games drag the actual game folder onto the Love shortcut in the main Love directory.

This is rad <3 Why does he need so much lip balm thooo -_-

Sure, I'm running Windows 10 x64! If there's anything else I can do let me know :)

Latest build isn't booting if you set the previous game to full screen and restart. Player wasn't spawning even in windowed mode. Cannot currently play.

Heyyy, didn't realize you got back to me! I just checked and it's still doing the same thing? The client opens a new window instead of letting me download it in client?

I'm really loving this so much. The art style is great and the little mini games are a lot of fun. The game crashed twice for me though, it got caught in some sort of endless load loop between seraching the rooms of the house and the attic scene, and also did the same when [spoiler] during the following knife sequence, when a dialogue tree repeated during the first firing of the mini game and then endlessly looped.

Not that I know of, no. I didn't enable it, so unless it was enabled by default?

I think it's mostly renpy games, but at the moment I'm getting a lot of failing executables when I click launch. You can boot the exe from the parent directory, but in client I'm getting this. I'm not sure what 127 is but this seemed like the relevant segment of the log:

[2016-09-30 @ 22:04:26.840] [tasks/launch] itch 18.10.1 launching game 58824: One Night Stand
[2016-09-30 @ 22:04:26.840] [tasks/launch] looking for manifest @ [EditedPath]\Roaming\itch\apps\One Night Stand\.itch.toml"
[2016-09-30 @ 22:04:26.841] [tasks/launch] No manifest found (no '.itch.toml' file in top-level directory). Proceeding with heuristics.
[2016-09-30 @ 22:04:26.842] [tasks/launch] looking for UE4 prereq setup
[2016-09-30 @ 22:04:26.847] [tasks/launch/native] cave location: "appdata/One Night Stand"
[2016-09-30 @ 22:04:26.848] [tasks/launch/native] no manifest action picked
[2016-09-30 @ 22:04:26.848] [launch/poker] initial candidate set: [

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

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Curious about the ranking system too :)

I considered doing the same when I have something roughly playable, as long as you keep updating the version it's actually a good way to get people interested in the jam process.

Nrggg I tried that dead treee sooo many times but thanks :) I'll try again today!

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This is an awesome first game, and one of the better lewdjam games in my oppinion. The amount of work you spent in a jam game is really admirable. Brings up nostalgic memories for sure :) You might want to make it clear that Alys isn't as young as Alice in Wonderland, since you're borrowing so heavily from it, and the situations are certainly not sutiable for a twelve year old or whatever age she is in the books ^^

Okay, now for the reason of my comment. I have the skunk plant, I have dirty panties. There's ominious eyes that hurt me, the frog wants nothing to do with me and I can't use my bare hands, and Alys refuses to use the water to clean. For the life of me I can't figure out what to do. Any hints?

Awesome thanks :)

Ohhh, what I meant is it doesn't work in the Itchio client as of yet? Is that coming?

This is crashing in the itchio client. Not sure if that's on my end or yours but just a heads up :)

Can we get a windows version? :)

Thanks for looking into it. Will it stay on sale for long?

Great for a little jam game :) Art is gorgeous. I'd change how it controls tho, needing to flap or hold down up to change position seems strange in a bullet hell. Idle should have no gravity.

Hey, just a heads up. I've really wanted to take advantage of your 100% off and try this out because it looks great, but it doesn't work in the itchio client. It says 'Buy Now', and then when I click it try's to save to a folder instead of open with the client and never registers in the client as bought?

Feel free to use my games Tranxiety (RPG), Binary Distortion (VN) and Queered Static (Twine) as examples of personal games :) Thank you for the resources!

Hey, just wondering why this jam isn't appearing on the game jam calender? It's a simple little breakdown that I tend to keep open in the background and for this jam it's non-existant? This also might help with more viewers ^^

A few of my games are related to trans issues and feature trans protags, specifically Binary Distortion (VN), queered static (Text), and Tranxiety (RPG).

Some thoughts: Menus. Instructions. Sound. Music. Several polish runs. Tight refined gameplay. Testing. Player feedback. Replayability. At least an hour of play. Support.

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Love the style and gameplay of this, tight!