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I wonder if it works in browsers other than Chrome, I thought Unity Webplayer was supported in Firefox? I actually jumped on this page to try and test it as well after I messaged you and found even after installing the prev. version of Unity webplayer it wouldn't fire. This game might be gone for good in that case, since the only thing that survived uni was a copy of the web file xD 

Thanks for the feedback Harlekin, I do think the tweaks you mentioned would improve the narration of this little experience, but I don't really have any motivation to delve back into the place I was in when I made this, as it was a quick outlet that helped me get past a particularly hard moment. Not sure I even have the files heh. Since making it I have thought of lots of little ways to improve if I were to ever remake old ideas I had (same with another project I made called Needle which I think could benefit from a slick redo, that one deals with suicide as well but gives the player a way to avoid it). I'll keep it up if you feel it's educational (or at least partially insightful). 

I know that feel :3

Heh I'm glad we can both agree, sorry it made me super frustrated xD is 0.0.40 pay only or is there a public version incoming once you finish the following version after it?

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How the hell do you do the minigame? 2 hours and no closer, why does a pretty odd porn game suddenly turn into a mind-numbing math game? Are you trying to deconstruct the genre? If you are I think it's interesting but my fear is that it just might be the worst, least though out, minigame in existence. The game has a lot of problems but that random math game is the literal worst. It made me want to set me computer on fire. So if that was your aim as a designer, good work. 

Thought this was really cool, art style was great and the gameplay would be lots of fun after a bit of polish. <3 

Wow, the game loop in this is stupidly addictive and fun. Gameplay is pretty polished and balanced and their's enough content and variety that I was happy to play for over an hour even with it lacking most of it's art. Nice work. 

This game really deals with the nuances of the trans experience in a great way, and has a super cute art style to boot. I almost died when the phone beeped heh. <3 Awesome work. 

Cute! What's the other game she's in?

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The battles are a bit long winded and frequent (because the battles take so long I forget what I was even doing in the dungeon and retred ground and end up in a new battle xD) but this is super pretty and the story is silly and fun! I enjoyed it. 

Refuses to load in browser or client, freezes out on 163/163

Wow, is this game pretty. Gorgeous level of polish, shame there's no audio. Looking forward to future updates. 

Wondering, is there more than the single awakening atm?

Super cute and relatable! Good work :) Looking forward to possible future installments ^^

I understand what you're saying, it just initially sounded like feedback was unimportant because it was designed to be frustrating (which you must admit is a bad design position to start off with.) I'll try the game again today keeping in mind you went for weird positions (such as impaled in the wall) and see if I have better luck now that I understand how the matches work as well. 

The mouse issue may be a mixture of hardware and game balance or something else entirely. If the dont move segments are supposed to be the hardest thing in the game by a mile, then it works, but on my setup it is particulalry dreadful. I can't think of anything else in the game that is anywhere near as frustrating, but from memory that was the only real minigame. Defending in the other sections is a simple drag and drop weapon movement. Anyway, I'm running win10 64 bit, sensitivity set to just under half, razer deathadder elite. Any info that might help beyond that let me know. 

Couldn't find much to do in this version, is there any locations outside of one room in the purple house? 


I appreciate the response. I was aware that the items were randomized, my point was the item stumped me for 20+ minutes in both playthroughs that followed the first playthrough. That's no good. Are you using heatmaps to determine the best spots to place items? Are you watching playthroughs to see where players most often get stuck? Although the game is slick and pretty, the placement could use some work (also whilst I could barely, if ever find the key items, weapons were almost too numerous - all three playthroughs ended with me carrying an arsenal of weapons but no key item). If you want the game to be as hard as it sounds like you do, the game needs to be balanced one way or the other. 

Secondly, the matches lasting longer depending on how you use them is a pretty neat mechanic, and I didn't see it mentioned anywhere? I might have missed it but if it isn't mentioned, it should be, since it's a mechanic I don't think many players intuite. If you have to tell ever single youtuber than I'd recommend maybe explaining that in game. Thirdly, I tried the Dont Move section on both Easy and Normal, and yes the bounding box becomes larger, but I don't think it makes the actual movement mechanic in that area easier outside of the fact you have more of a chance to mess up. My mouse sensitivity made it so I literally could only slightly nudge the mouse a fraction to try and complete it, and most of the time it would simply shoot out of the box. I'm sorry, that's not good design, and it's certainly not balanced correctly against the difficulty curve of the rest of the game.  

I'll try again tomorrow since I quite liked the style, I think it has plenty going for it, but don't shy away from fixing things that need to be fixed if player testing goes against what you believe. I'm just one player so I might be an outlier, but all feedback should make you at least reconsider if things need adjusting. 

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This game is the cutest! I adorrrrre ittttt <3 Must pet all doggosssss! Most relatable game in existance. 

Looking forward to the larger experience, but works well as it is. Took me 16 blocks to avoid all the dudes, so not completely unrealistic >.>

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One of the few "H" games I've played that I think is actually deserving of being funded xD Awesome stuff. Can't wait for more interactions, and music, and other updates! I wish you could sleep without needing to play an event because then you could just keep playing and making money so you can buy everything (I wouldddd). Btw are their any other ways to make money other than the pilory and occasionally in the club restrooms? Also, any plans to add cis femme and/or masc expressing romance branches? Just wondering :3 

Ohhh no, I was hooked and then it ended! I didn't realize this was a demo, but I'd happily pay to play this down the line. I thought it was fantastic, atmospheric, creepy and gorgeously unique. Can't wait for more! A weird glitch I noticed is when trying to overwrite a previous save, the date of the save would not update (no idea if the save itself was failing to update as well, but I didn't want to die just to check). A dash button would also be nice for those occasional moments when you have to trek all the way to the beggining of the train :) 

I didn't realize you could go past the lightpost at the bottom of the screen toward the end so kept trying to get her to follow me around to the back of the house to confront her demons with the papers! Silly me. Loved the game <3 

Woooow, looks super prettty <3 

Super cute, I really liked it! My only criticism would be the lack of music, I think something nice and playful in the background might add a lot! Looking forward to future games :) 

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The art's pretty cool (those little USB things were soooo cute), would be down to play more softwar battles^^

*sigh* I wish life had a hamburger mode

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This was great :) I really enjoyed it. Just letting you know of a strange gamebug I had while playing in fullscreen. Every single time a screen re/loaded (either from death or from moving off a previous screen) the fullscreen would reduce in size, and a small sliver of my desktop would appear along the bottom of the game. Each new load added more desktop, till I realized I was doing these tense little sections with half of the screen missing xD not sure what would be causing that but just a heads up.

Also curious as to what the wolf symbolized.  

A little laggy on my machine, which is probably due to all the cute petals and stuff. Also she moved a bit fast in points so it felt strange. This was suchhhhh a cute game so, I absolutly loved it. The character design was uber pret and it was well written! 

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I liked this a lot! Hit me right in the feels <3 

When trying to launch in the itch client I get the error "Cannot create subdirectory in temporary directory !" but it launches fine if I show local files and play the exe. I liked the game a lot, very creepy with cool little mechanics. I went to save it at one point by pressing escape to bring up the menu and it killed the whole game so I didn't finish it but I'll get back to it later today since it's apparently quite short. 

I really like the atmosphere and style of this, and would have loved to finish it (I love SH so this scratchs and itch) but I couldn't proceed, either I hit an inventory/item glitch or the item was hidden so well I just couldn't find it. The first playthrough ended randomly after being hit by spector/ghost things a bunch while looking for the code (or whatever came next) with the UV light/matches. The screwdriver was in the gate at the furthest end, during this playthrough. Then second playthrough I could not find the screwdriver in the gate, or indeed, anywhere. I thought it was just super well hidden this time around and I was being dumb, but I reloaded again and same diff. So I only really got to play it properly the first time I suppose. 

Matches are super annoying. You'll be a quater through exploring a frame and have to relight, and each match has a light animation so it only lasts a very brief window at full light before you have to light a new one. 

You need a mouse sensitivity setting, because with the hardest part of the game for me was the scene at the beginning with the mouse box. It was almost impossible to get through it, and I had to try three or four times every playthough just to get through the first segment. The game also chidded me at one point for not being able to do it, which almost made be quit, because you can't poorly design something and then blame the player for it. Maybe as a developer you should 'get gud' lmao

Other than that I loved it, minus the fact that I legit couldn't find one of the items I needed to proceed after checking every screen three or four times with my ever-dying matches. 

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I adore the style of this game, the illustrations are gorgeous and it's such an interesting world. It's a shame the english translation is so difficult to decipher at times. I'd be happy to help correct the english script if you have it typed up somewhere or if you'd like to send me the game files.  Email me

Very cute! Mouse is a bit too sensitive and the motion blur is a little too high for my liking. I couldn't finish it because when the game prompted me to do something I missed what I was supposed to do and then it just started looping the same message, so I replayed to see what I was supposed to do and this time it didn't error? 

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This is really cool! Super nostalgic! Can't wait to play when there's more content! 

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Jump needs some heavy retweaking, I found it almost untenable on gamepad. Pretty tho <3 

This game is so pretty and well written. Would love a Katie ending <3 

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Really loved this :) 

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Thanks for replying! I actually went back an hour later and realized the game ended two frames after where I had died in my best run, so you're right about it being short enough that the FMV's don't overstay their welcome too much. I think it was more frustrating early game because exit frames weren't marked and I felt I didn't have the time to explore a frame to find the exit points without dying (And you hide the cursor during FMV so I couldn't even prepare my cursor in advance), so I died a lot (and watched the intro sequence each time as well since I didn't realize ESC skipped the intro, since it didnt work on the others).  But honestly that might be the experience you want to sell, and it was overall good so I guess these are just some thoughts heh ^_^ 

I think you could basically leave the game unchanged by simple putting a watched/unwatched flag on each FMV and let the player jump to the next idle frame only if they've watched it AND died (including the death scene for that location).Then pixel hunting the exits is fine, and dying is just part of it, because you can quickly make up your lost progress. I know you want the game to be longer but I think the player would get more satisfaction out of expanded gameplay itself and not artifically inflating it with inconvenince.  Since it's all already been shot, simply having more items per room to interact with would be a neat idea, provided I can skip to idle,  since this would increase the fenetic pace by looking for the right one. Giving in game achievements for finding every death is another idea, because then at least you feel like you're still moving toward the end of the game even in death. 

But the other option if skipping to idle is a no go, is to clear up the exit sweet spots (maybe just make them a little larger) and extend the idle (I'd consider adding enough time to hit each item and sweet spot at least once if you know where they are, plus a little bonus inventory time, before death state fires - that way if the player comes in to a frame fresh, they can use that inventory time for more exploration, and if they know what they're after, they have enough time to mix). You might have already done this but some players are slower than others so extending a little can help, just knowing you might overstay your welcome and hit the death state is enough to keep that pace up, even if it's a little more chill in how quickly it fires. For me an extra second would have made a huge difference, at least reflectivly that's how it feels, but it's hard to say. You could also have the first death fire at the same rate and each additional death scene/ location takes a little longer, so the player still feels like IT COULD HAPPEN AT ANY MOMENT. Another idea is for every death each death idle extends by a second, so that the game curves you down to finish it, the longer you player. The illusion of random times would also increase the panic. 

With the internal monologues, I misinterprete both sections because of it - I did actually get an item from the darkened area but didn't realize because there isnt any player feedback on it (that I remember) so maybe just adding a rolldown effect on the inventory after you get an item, so the player can see they've picked up something, would be good. Also, with the door FMV I'd just do a dumb 'it's locked' msg which I think fits the homage angle and also lets the player know what they're looking for to finish the game. I was kind of just stumbling blind even with the final item, thinking maybe I'd use the kitchen item by clicking during the death state xD

Sorry for the essay, I really dig the game and look forward to potentially more in the same vein, playing some good horror FMV games sounds like a dream come true ^_^ 

This could really use a guide/tutorial write up. How do I destroy the 'heart eaters', how am I supposed to battle the monsters that constantly heal? Looking forward to trying again in the future when it makes more sense :)