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Nicely done! The look of this is super elegant and cool, and it was genuinely fun to unlock the different animations. Between the camera movement and the all-white ball, I had some trouble losing track of what was happening sometimes, but thankfully there was no restarting or penalty from what I could tell. All in all, you made me actually enjoy a digital pinball machine for maybe the first time ever. Thanks for that! 


That means a lot to me! Yeah, the camera dolly I set up could use some work, it's really just a lot of parented empty gameobjects and math... I'm not great at math. However, I'm glad you got a kick out of my animations. This was a short gamejam game, and only had a week to make it, but I finally finished something  which felt great. The past few few months I haven't published anything major, so it was nice to put something out, even if it was small.