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Uhm, okay? Works just fine over here and this was just an open source high school project. But your concerns are noted. 

:'D Thank you. Comments like yours make my day. 

A few days after I finished this game my computer got the blue screen of death and I was forced to do a factory restore inside safe mode, so I lost the project. This is quite sad, but I did manage to upload the game to gamejolt which has a feature where you can disable the context menu through gamejolt, so if you wish to play it without the context menu its here.

Would the highest possible score end up being 6 or 5? Either way really enjoyed the game. Nice work on the art and black hole shader!

Hi Steven here, sorry about the odd gamepad troubles. It auto detects how many gamepads you have to determine if you need to play with AI or not. And it's a bug with the actual gamepad drivers that think there's multiple gamepads plugged in when there really is not. There is full mouse and keyboard support with a reticle to help you aim and navigate the menu, but you have to unplug all gamepads and restart the game to have it work. I admit though that the legacy version is not user friendly at all for gamepads (with the whole B to quit to menu), but this is why I wanted to remake the game. All of the issues from lack of guns, terrible movement, cant sneak past AI, etc... is all fixed in the new version I'm trying to get greenlit.

Thanks, and more is being added. There will be an update within the next hour or so to improve performance and completely reduce lag by 4x along with some small improvements on notes I've gotten. However I'm going to try to extend the game to at least half an hour by may.

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Have you tried using a pencil to get the job of killing yourself done? But I will continue to work on improving the game in terms of indicators through more voice overs.