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Thank you for your kind words. I made this during my time in college and it still holds up. Online dating is as awful now as it was then, it's difficult to meet people organically, but dating isn't everything and the more I've focused on myself and my passions I've met some amazing people whom under the right circumstances would be a great match with me. I think it's just a matter of timing. You do you and things will fall into place. :)

Because we (devs) don't want people to play the game. Games are icky and shouldn't be played.

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It's just a wedding in VR. It's free and short enough to not really justify a trailer. It's just a gift for my sister and brother in law.


Love love love this to bits. Seriously one of the best games I've played on itch and from you two. Amazing work!

Thank you for making this. Such a beautiful game.

thank you for playing! :)

What are your PC's specs? The game isn't any more demanding hardware wise than your average Unity game. Practically everything is fairly low poly and untextured so I'm not sure why you'd experience that issue. Perhaps you were running other background programs that contributed to the crash? Maybe your drivers aren't up to date?

Shouldn't have been tresspassing... Now the old man will trap and murder you and use the Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground law to avoid charges. This is the bad ending. ;)

I don't have a mac, but as soon as I get back to school this fall I can test it there. Meanwhile, I know the windows builds works fine (albeit a bug or two, haha).

*secret ending*

secret to the developers too haha...

Thanks for the great lets play. Yeah, I'm aware of that issue, but it only appears a fraction of the time and I'm still unsure what causes it. Therefore it was something I ignored to reach the deadline for my class. However, maybe if I get free time I'll try patching it.

To be honest, I've never really thought of it like that. The breakfast dialogue was mostly me just writing how I felt while working on the game. I I really didn't intend for it to address that. Suppose I can't escape making games with depressed protagonists... :|

Not sure why you're asking, but yeah. Here are some examples of my 2D work

What is your definition of fun? What elements are always required for something to be fun?

What's your definition of a game? I'm not offended, just curious.

Perhaps... Atsi and I are both considering making a mobile and/or VR version (maybe set in a different location)

That means a lot to me! Yeah, the camera dolly I set up could use some work, it's really just a lot of parented empty gameobjects and math... I'm not great at math. However, I'm glad you got a kick out of my animations. This was a short gamejam game, and only had a week to make it, but I finally finished something  which felt great. The past few few months I haven't published anything major, so it was nice to put something out, even if it was small.


Oh, it'll just automatically, pull you in if you just get near the pc.

I submitted the game to a small expo my school puts on at the end of the semester. If it gets selected I'll finish it. This was just one level of four. I had already completed the second, but without the other two, it would have been out of place. Long story short the remaining scenes involve: a dead erect horse, a fall drive, and sentient pinball.

I had a week to make a pinball game for a class assignment. There was  more I wanted to make and I definitely wanted to polish everything a bit more, but perhaps when I get some free time I'll make an update.

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Perfection. Just kidding, I don't know either.

it's a game, as most things on this site are

Thank you! You just made my day! :')

Uhm, okay? Works just fine over here and this was just an open source high school project. But your concerns are noted. 

:'D Thank you. Comments like yours make my day. 

A few days after I finished this game my computer got the blue screen of death and I was forced to do a factory restore inside safe mode, so I lost the project. This is quite sad, but I did manage to upload the game to gamejolt which has a feature where you can disable the context menu through gamejolt, so if you wish to play it without the context menu its here.

Would the highest possible score end up being 6 or 5? Either way really enjoyed the game. Nice work on the art and black hole shader!

Thanks, and more is being added. There will be an update within the next hour or so to improve performance and completely reduce lag by 4x along with some small improvements on notes I've gotten. However I'm going to try to extend the game to at least half an hour by may.

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Have you tried using a pencil to get the job of killing yourself done? But I will continue to work on improving the game in terms of indicators through more voice overs.