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Wow, well, I think I can say with total confidence that this is the most complete and actually "finished" game that I've played for this jam so far.

The idea of taking Breakout/Pong style mechanics and making it a battle game is very clever in and of itself. But the whole power-up and progression system you've added (and the polish you've undoubtedly put into everything) really makes it shine. This is not my kind of game, and even I got hooked after a couple rounds. If you were able to make this a multiplayer game, I think it could do even better.

If I had any feedback, it's a couple minor things. Mostly I found the mouse sensitivity to be too much, and the speed that the bombs would bounce seemed crazy high, at least at first. If it could fit into your dev schedule, I could see a big benefit making those settings available to players. Even just a selection like "Normal / Fast / Ultra-Fast" for the bomb speed would be great. Lastly, I think a variety of music could go a long way. Whether it's something the player changes themselves, or something that changes as you progress, I personally could see that adding to the experience.

In any case, congratulations! You've made a fantastic and fun game.


Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Now I'm trying to finish and polish the game in this state (because I'm going to release it in steam next Monday). But later I'll probably try to add splitscreen PvP mode with controllers support.