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Thanks for feedback! :) That's the real problem with unpredictable results of hits, I can't solve it :/

Fog got thicker if last level has fog too and all you can see is fire on the bomb and smoke trace - sorry, that is the feature :D Probably I'll make option to change game speed later, but now I really want to release it (I've wanted it for too long :) ) Grab it now, because I should turn off the free download option soon.

Version 1.0 added.


My original idea was to make no interface outside of in-game elements, like they do in Dead Space or so. That's why enemy HP is towers and your HP is guys. But looks like I should try harder to make game info more readable, especially when bullet-hell with bunker blocks come to play. :)

As for changing weapons - it changes cross-hairs (little blue, big red and laser line) and little lamps on robot's back. And crosshairs hides when you have no Attack Points enough.

And yes, 30th level was the last, but now the game is endless. :) BTW, I've just uploaded the last version, which will go to Steam soon. And when it finally be released in steam, I must set the same price on too. So grab it until 19th, if you want :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Now I'm trying to finish and polish the game in this state (because I'm going to release it in steam next Monday). But later I'll probably try to add splitscreen PvP mode with controllers support.

Uploaded 0.94!

Uploaded 0.94 -the last version made in FFSJam time scale.

Made a lot, but still got a lot of polish to do. Hopefully, I'll finish it all till Feb 18th, because that's my release date in Steam :)

Update 0.93 is here!

Updated to 0.93:

  • When player picks up the bonus, there're no more boring numbers. Now bonus points are flying out and chasing the player :)
  • More sound design (added voices, finally)
  • Better-looking fullscreen mode
  • Experimenting with steam API

Updated to 0.92 - Made tutorial, powershield, pause menu, some sound design and lots of lesser stuff.

Update 0.92 is online!

Update 0.91 uploaded

Thanks for feedback! Yes, I want to make something like tutorial. Also, more level design and sound design work. As for mouse control, I don't know how to fix it, except that mouse is released in pause menu (in this version press Space bar, any key in next updates).

Update 0.9 uploaded

Uploaded the v0.9 update for my CastleBreak. Hoping to finish it with FFSJam. Lots of work made, but still a lot of polish to do :)