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Robert White

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Good luck! :)

If you're talking about level one then my advice would be that every wall in a room has a purpose. The piece of paper may not help you open the safe but it may help you get something that will.

Thanks! I loved yours as well - the art was especially brilliant!

Thanks for playing!

Hey! Thanks for playing! It was my first time participating in the 1HGJ so it was indeed pretty hectic. Glad you liked it!

Nice job on the submission! Both of us chose food based games, which means we're on the same wavelength!

Hey, thanks for playing! Here's the link to my LD page:

If you full-screen the game you should be able to see them.

Very well presented and implemented art style. A good little management game. I wish there was slightly more to do other than the buying and selling (maybe some conversation options/interactions with other people). Overall a good entry.

A unique concept with a nice graphic style.

I have a lot of time for people who make audio assets using their mouth. Cute art style also.

Simple but very well linked to the theme through the aesthetics.

Loved the video - It helped me to find a couple of bugs/annoyances in the gameplay that I could quickly fix so that's great!

Yeah I wanted to make something with a bit of a creepy aesthetic and story which was very fun to do. It also gave a bit of a glimpse into my inner psyche...I may need professional help.

Thanks for checking it out!