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Robert White

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Thanks! I loved yours as well - the art was especially brilliant!

Thanks for playing! Yeah I was going to add a "slow down time" bar that depletes when you hold down RMB and slowly regens. I was running a but low on time near the end so I decided to give it a miss.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for playing! I don't tend to make action based games so it was quite refreshing to take that on. Haha, I did wonder what people would think that that enemy is because it's not very clear; it's a seed but it could definitely be a slice of burnt pizza.

I played your game as well, it's a great concept. Reminds me of Lance-a-lot.  I love that everything is controlled via the mouse, it makes you have to think about your positioning a lot more.  Would be a fun multiplayer game (though understandable that it isn't due to jam time limits).

Thanks for playing! I had a lot of fun creating the sounds for this one - don't usually put as much time into it but I think it ended up working quite well.

A really cool game, well done! Wonderful attention to detail, great soundtrack and sfx. The level design was also quite good and imparted just the right amount of rage when I repeatedly lost! The only issue I can find with the game is that there's a slight collision issue when you're right next to a wall but that wasn't really much of a problem.

Cool game! Loved the visual aesthetic of it. There was a good amount of decent puzzle design there too. I would probably add a penalty to missing the timing though because you can just hammer the button until the rhythm hits in. Maybe lose RAM if you make a mistake.

Great character design. It took a moment to get the directional movement down but after that it was plain sailing. I assumed that you used a pixel shader/image effect for the game - it made me go and try and scrape one together myself for a future project. Good job on the game!

Really great looking game! I kept smacking into the spikes in the middle of the tracks so it's safe to say that I sucked at the game, so the AI could do with being a bit easier - or the controls tightened up a bit to make it less floaty (or I could, how they say, "get gud"). Good job overall!

I always have a soft spot for mouth-based sound effects - so good job on that accord. The controls are a bit too floaty though, could do with being a bit snappier.

The second track is quite difficult when you get to thinner parts of the road - the jumps especially. A good looking game though, very retro in style -  and I like how the skittles you've eaten change the colour of the fumes coming out of your car.

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A clean looking game, well modelled and laid out. The racing element is implemented well. I'd probably bounce the player back from the wall a bit on collision to reduce the chances of them hitting it again. Good job!

Love the idea of having the speed boost tied to the skittle and lane colours - it makes you want to smash the other players out of your lane. Music was also very nice but very loud when it started (could do with a volume slider).

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you managed to reach the end, balancing is always a bit of a gamble in these game jams.

A very well made game and an amusing take on the criteria! l especially loved the art style. Good job on the chip-tune music as well - I really need to work on that area.

Thanks for playing!

Hey! Thanks for playing! It was my first time participating in the 1HGJ so it was indeed pretty hectic. Glad you liked it!

Nice job on the submission! Both of us chose food based games, which means we're on the same wavelength!

Hey, thanks for playing! Here's the link to my LD page:

If you full-screen the game you should be able to see them.

Very well presented and implemented art style. A good little management game. I wish there was slightly more to do other than the buying and selling (maybe some conversation options/interactions with other people). Overall a good entry.

A unique concept with a nice graphic style.

I have a lot of time for people who make audio assets using their mouth. Cute art style also.

Simple but very well linked to the theme through the aesthetics.

Loved the video - It helped me to find a couple of bugs/annoyances in the gameplay that I could quickly fix so that's great!

Yeah I wanted to make something with a bit of a creepy aesthetic and story which was very fun to do. It also gave a bit of a glimpse into my inner psyche...I may need professional help.

Thanks for checking it out!