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A jam entry

Can you throw my ball back please?View game page »

A ball is thrown into Jeremy's back garden. He just needs a little help to throw it back.
Submitted by Robert White (@Robthomaswhite) with 1 day, 7 hours before the deadline
Rated by 25 people so far
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I'm not really a fan of point and clicks but this one pulled me in. The story was really out there.

I love these point and click adventures, reminds me of Monkey Island.  I like how this starts off so simple then expands into more and more as you explore.  Great game!

Interesting, such pixel hunting, but and no sound.

10/10 great childhood

As a longtime point and click adventure fan, I enjoyed the concept and execution. And a couple of the puzzles definitely brought me back to that good ol' feeling of confusion and then excitement once I figured it all out. Very smart! Only thing I'd suggest is that you make a note about playing in fullscreen, because the eye puzzle room is impossible to decipher unless the game is fullscreen. Other than that, good weird fun with a strange ending!

Aaaaaand I just saw that you did make a note at the end about fullscreen. My mistake!

Very nice point and click adventure done in a month!

I'll surely come back to finish it after rating a few more games.

What a fantastic game! I love the graphics, the ideas, and the creative take on the theme. Well done, chapeau!