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A jam entry

Lukaten Match RushView game page »

Help Roku make his way through Akaten Forest
Submitted by asixjin (@AsentrixStudios) with 1 day, 12 hours before the deadline
Rated by 12 people so far
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Hey! I thought the input battle system was a cool/unique idea. I know someone posted that they found out how to beat the battles in 4 turns and that's true. Maybe if you reuse the concept again you could either include more inputs or have inputs associated with a specific attack. I wish there was more!

The look, sound, and feel are perfect! I wish there was more!

It would be nice if there was a better transition for the movement in the overworld, and the combat (which is a neat idea!) could use some more fleshing out. I just  used one direction for all inputs each turn and could beat each monster in 4 turns.


Glad you enjoyed it! I was hoping no one figured out the "secret" to the battle system. I figured you could do the four turn input while testing, but it was a bit late in development so I just ran with it. It made testing a breeze lol.

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The look of this game is impeccable, and I feel like its core ideas and mechanics are well thought out. All of it makes me think of classic GameBoy-type RPGs and the like. That said, I did start to feel like I had so few choices to make from moment to moment. Like I could only press a button and watch what happened. I think this could be a really good game if you gave the player more agency and abilities. Really strong start, though!

This deserves more exposure. The concept is unique and fits the theme perfectly. The music and graphics are awesome. I really feel like I'm playing an og gameboy game. The only thing the game needs is a bit more clarity/description on the mechanics and on the game itself. What did you use to make this?


Thank you so much for the compliment! This was my first game using Love2D.