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Fixed! You can download new versions!

Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, I think this is a bug, try to solve it in the near future.

One of the most interesting games on this jam is in all options!
Very original theme.

I can help with testing on Linux.

It looks cool, I would like to have a Linux version.

Nice stylization. On this jam a lot of similar games and they are all good and addictive! I like it.

Now I understand, thank you.

It looks very interesting, but units do not move.

I would like more types of enemies.

So sad, why can not I leave so as not to disappoint anyone?

Perfect stylization!

the children in the USSR there were rumors: If you collect a lot of
points on the Gama&Watch, then you will be shown a cartoon (This is not true),
I checked it here ...

It would be cool to have a 'real' version of this game.

Thanks for your feedback!

Interesting idea, nice retro styling and painting and great sound :)
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Nice game, perfect graphic and gui, i would like the car to be faster.

It seemed to me not easy...

It would be nice to have a Linux version.

Nice graphics.
Error on Linux.

Interesting, such pixel hunting, but and no sound.

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Cool art! Good game.
I saw your games for Godot Community Game Jam, nice to see again with a good game.

Yes, it works on linux. Cool game.
Good luck.

Not work on linux :(

It does not work on the output text during gameplay on Linux64