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A jam entry

Don't Disappoint Your DadView game page »

Submitted by shurelia with 3 days, 15 hours before the deadline
Rated by 30 people so far
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Hilarious!!! And too hard, its really like trying to impress my dad!

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Dad left :(

The rain was a nice touch, heh. Well made!

So sad, why can not I leave so as not to disappoint anyone?

This is so good. Hardest I've ever laughed and tried to impress my dad at the same time.

DAD!! I have to say, this really had me laughing, fun concept for a game, simple and enjoyable. Good job!

I never failed... to disappoint my father! XD nice game man.

10/10 meirl

So far this is the game I've played the longest.  It's simple but challenging enough that I want to keep trying.  I'm curious if there is a way to not disappoint dad but I doubt I'll ever get good enough to find out. 

My only minor complaint is the ball/square hit detection.  I wish it would still count if any part of the ball wound up in the dark square instead of needing the center of the ball to be in that square.

This game is hilarious, with great style and theme interpretation. The gameplay is simple, which is fine, but it just felt too difficult to me. It was like being in one of those dreams where you have to fight, but every time you throw a punch it feels like your arm is underwater. I suspect the game is impossible to win, and that might be the point. Either way, great job.

I thoroughly enjoyed this

No dad ! Don't leave, I can do it !

Great writing and a neat idea. Well done! 

Daddy is not happy!