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Thank you for playing!!

Thank you! :)

Fantastic idea! I love the mechanic, and the overall feel of the game greatly complimented the gameplay. Nice work!

This was super creative and I loved the silly music :) I think it might be nice to have checkpoints prior to each level instead of forcing the player to start from the beginning again.

Great job! :)

This is superb, and wonderfully original! I was pleasantly surprised not only at how difficult the puzzles were, but also how addictive they were. Like others have said, there can be a bit of "guess and check" at certain points, but there's an odd amount of intuition that seemed to build up for me. It's already very very nice, but perhaps it could be even better with a bit of ambient background music and a few hints or guide rails for the more difficult levels.

Nice work!

Thanks a lot for playing! :) Agreed, the feedback has definitely been invaluable.

Thanks for playing! By "missing", do you mean the puzzles weren't intuitive, or something else? I know of a few specific ones that are pretty unintuitive (and I hope to fix in a post-jam version).

Thanks a lot, and thanks for playing! :D

Thanks for playing! :)

By abysm, do you mean the part where you have to jump down? To do that part, you have to trigger the button in midair so that the gate can catch you as you fall (otherwise you'll just fall in the acid).

Wow, thank you so much for the kind words! Really glad you enjoyed the game!

Good idea about demonstrating how to get through the bridge part - I added a GIF with some explanatory text in the game page!

Thanks for the kind words, and sorry about that bridge!

Thanks! :D

Thank you very much!

Oof, sorry about that bridge! Thanks for playing!

Thanks a lot! :)

Excellent game! A huge amount of polish on this, I really enjoyed playing it! :) I felt like I stumbled upon the solution in several of the earlier puzzles, which wasn't necessarily bad, but it was a much nicer feeling when I had to figure it out through deduction.

Well done! :D

Extremely well done! I love the Fire Emblem vibes, character art, and it plays super well as a puzzle! This was a really clever take on the theme, and feels like it could be easily expanded upon. :) One small suggestion would be to make it a bit more clear which piece was "moving" and which was "attacking", as I sometimes got confused thinking that I should be able to go somewhere when I actually couldn't.

Awesome game!

Amazing work! I really love the idea, and the implementation was lovely. :) Well done!

I really enjoyed this! The idea is super unique, and I loved the vibrant colors and beat - I could totally see this turn into some kind of pseudo-rhythm game. Nice work!

Super cute! Nice complete, quick experience. :) Good job!

I really liked this, and I especially thought the mood (art, music, etc) were all really cohesive. Nice work!

Nice work on this! I love the idea - it's so cool to be able to build out your own ship design, and have the game's mechanics also affect part placement. I wonder if there'd be a way to encourage shapes other than the "small and tight" one? (Seems like the more surface area you have, the harder it'd be to avoid attacks)

Awesome work! :)

The opening was super clever and fun! Overall I thought this was a super unique game, excellent job!

Nice work on this! The idea is a neat take on the "control two characters at once" pattern, the only thing I'd wish for would be a bit tighter platforming controls (the wizard took a bit long to accelerate to full speed). Well done! :D

Nice work, this was really fun! :) Very creative, and I liked the tutorial sections, nicely done! I think a little bit of music could've made it even better!

This was a wonderful experience! I absolutely loved the aesthetic and theme, and the music was also on point. The mechanic was simple yet oddly relaxing, and it overall felt very original! :D

I managed to block myself off from being able to continue climbing because I placed a larger object above my head - it might've been nice if the player were able to pick up something that they had already placed. I also might've wished for the extend-o-arms things to be just a tad quicker; I enjoyed the slow, relaxed nature of the game, but the arm-extension seemed to be just a bit too slow.

Nice work!

Awesome game! Initially I was surprised that the characters could float in midair (in similar games, usually the two entities will "de-synchronize", which is part of the interest in the mechanic), but after seeing that you couldn't directly kill the enemies, I thought it was really clever. Nice work!

Yeah, I think some kind of indication or animation would've helped!

Thanks for playing! Yeah, the bridge part was a bit steep.

Thanks for playing, yeah I should've designed the bridge a bit better...

Argh, sorry about the bridge, haha. Thanks for playing! :)

(1 edit)

Thanks for playing! Yep, the bridge could've been designed better. x_x The key "insight" is supposed to be that your Ki is a bit faster if you're already moving in the direction that you send it, but I should've made that less subtle.

Thanks! :D

Yeah, length or variation was definitely something I wish I had had more time on. There were a couple of interesting other mechanics that I didn't get time to implement.

Interesting thought about the Ki speed! I think if it were made faster, I'd also have to tighten up the controls a bit? I'd worry that the floatiness would be too frustrating otherwise.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Yeah, sorry about the two bridges puzzle - the key insight is that your spirit gains some extra speed if you're already moving when you release it, but I should've made it less subtle.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, sorry about the bridge level, the design wasn't great there. The mechanic that it was supposed to teach was that your spirit gains some extra initial speed if you're already moving when you release it - so if you just stand near the edge and release it, you won't reach the switch, but if you're already running towards the edge, you will. But unfortunately I think I made it too subtle of a boost, that players didn't actually notice it.

Glad you enjoyed it! :D Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks for playing! :) Yeah, I decided to focus on polish rather than making a larger number of unpolished levels, but there were also a couple of other mechanics that I was really interested in but didn't have time to implement... Hopefully I'll be able to do a post jam version!

Yeah, unfortunately that puzzle isn't great and seems to stump a lot of people; the key insight is that your soul has higher initial speed if you are already moving prior to releasing it, but it's pretty subtle and not at all intuitive.

Thanks for playing!

Hey, thanks a lot! :)