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This is fantastic! I feel like this could easily get extended into a full game - I'd certainly pay for it! :D

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, that level was a bit unfair - I'll work on fixing that for a future version.

Fun concept! Controlling the ship with commands was interesting. I agree with others that the FWD/BWD controls were introduced with a bit too little time to react (at first I didn't even notice "FWD"), so extending that time slot would be nice. It may also be interesting to introduce more "program-like" command sequences, for example, `mm & wait(1) & sht`. Overall, nice work!

This is really fun! The idea is quite interesting and I loved the art XD. As for potential improvements, sometimes it was unclear how close the robots needed to be for me to take over, so some kind of visual indicator or "range" would have been nice. Overall, great job!

Thanks for the encouragement! :D I'll see if I can keep working on this...

Thanks for checking it out! :)

Thanks for the good feedback and kind words! :)

Thanks for playing! :D

Thanks for the feedback - yeah, the friction was a problem that I'll be trying to correct for a future version.

Thanks for playing!

Yep, I did realize that powerups already existed, I was just suggesting some others that could help change up the action a bit more. :)

Cool idea! I found it a bit hard to predict which pieces I'd have next, which made it difficult to react in time to the bullets without feeling like I was just randomly placing tiles. Perhaps a two-phase "build then fight" process might be interesting to explore? Overall, well done! :)

I really like this concept - specifically, the bit about ramming enemies! I feel like that could be extended, with power ups that grant more momentum, or add a shield that does light damage. I would maybe suggest giving the player more health, as dying from a single bullet is a bit rough. The game was otherwise pretty solid and cohesive. Nice work!

Love the aesthetic! Cool concept and executed well. To improve upon it, I wonder if it may be interesting to extend it by adding more power ups that affect the player's abilities - perhaps making them smaller, granting temporary invincibility, or allowing them to "smash" into the enemies. It may also be interesting to add multiple levels with goal-based progression, instead of just a survival mode.

Overall, really well made! Nice work! :)

Thanks! Yes, there is quite a difficulty cliff on level 4. I'll try to improve that! :>

Really neat concept! I really loved the opening art (love the style!), and the mechanic feels like it has a lot of room to grow. The overall gameplay was interesting, but a bit slow and frustrating at times (especially when some of the boxes block your way). Increasing the speed of rotation and perhaps adding other effects, like an area-based "push", might give more options to the player. Nice work overall! :)

This is pretty hilarious and the gameplay is awesome, good job! :D A few potential improvements could include: toning down the sound effects volume so that the music is more audible (or changing the music so it's more noticeable), improving the "rotate to get out of tight spots" mechanic (it was a bit too touchy, so I found myself spinning out of control often), and perhaps increase the field of view or decreasing speed somewhat so that the newspaper gun could be used to smack things out of the way so that you don't hit them, for an added challenge.

Overall, really well done!

This is really cute and cohesive! The visual style is really pleasing. I think if it were polished up with some music and direction, it would really stand out. Nice work! :)

Really neat design and idea! The art was nice and the decisions felt interesting (although somewhat hard to keep track of). It'd be cool to see this fleshed out even more!

This was a really nice concept! The different powers really helped keep the gameplay interesting. The only thing I could suggest is to try to make the ball movement more fluid / apparent (perhaps by adding more animations to the rest of the pinball pieces). Nice work! :)

Thanks for the great feedback! Yeah, the push/pull powers are a bit difficult to predict - especially because, in practice, the push can often completely overwhelm the pull depending on orientation (since gravity will end up effectively "helping" the push). I've thought about perhaps changing the strength of the push/pull based on proximity, or maybe adding future power-ups that allow you to have a stronger push/pull or even a distance-preserving power (closer to an actual rope, spider-man style).

Aim assist is an interesting idea! I'll keep it in mind. :) Thanks for playing!

Super fun game! :D The art is really cute and well designed, the music is on-point, the sound effects are adorable. This is excellent! The only issue was that I seemed to sometimes hit a bug when sliding on the wet surfaces - sometimes I would keep sliding on all other surfaces I landed on (and this usually led me to my death).

Overall, superb job!

Really nice gamefeel! The movement was smooth, and while it was a bit hard to control the gravity well with keyboard, it wasn't terrible and I could definitely see it working better with an actual gamepad. Felt like some kind of awesome space-telekinesis user. :D To improve it, I think I'd suggest focusing a bit on making it aesthetically consistent and thematic (right now the polygons somewhat conflict with the gravity well and other effects).

Overall, really nice job!

Really well made and polished! It's certainly difficult and brain-wracking, but I think that's kind of the point with something like this. One thing that could potentially improve the gameplay would be having more clear indicators on what the actual goal is. Overall, excellent job! :)

This is actually really fun, and I think it could easily be extended! Adding a bit of music and sound effects could make this into a really nice and complete game. Well done! :)

Super fun and hilarious! I didn't notice the color station until the end of my run, so it might help to place that before the plate. Overall, really well done! :)

Cool concept! Feels very thematic and consistent. :) I think the gameplay could have been streamlined if the buttons were replaced with e.g. hotkeys or something (as is, they tend to conflict with the scrolling).

Nice theme, art, music, and gameplay! Really well made! :D This felt very reminiscent of Undertale's Undyne fight. As for improvements, perhaps some reasonable particle effects or screen animations would help make the game feel more intense. Also, I noticed that at one point the tentacles seemed to pop into existence (without any animation) and shoot a large volley of bullet, which felt a bit jarring since up to that point there was some anticipation in the animation. Overall, well done!

Really cool idea! The visuals are gorgeous, and overall gamefeel is really nice and juicy. I wonder if it can be extended with e.g. larger enemy "ships" that are composed of more letter, like a word, etc. Well done! :)

This game feels super well made for 48 hours. The art is really nice, everything feels stylized and cohesive. As for improvements, it'd be nice if the dialogue could get fast-forwarded, perhaps by pressing the "interact" key, and it may be nicer if the combat was streamlined a bit (perhaps allowing "overriding" the lasers, and remote execution?). Overall, though, fantastic work! :D

Really cool concept! Would love to see it more polished and extended.

Nice work on this! The minimal art really suits it, and feels nice and clean. I think some music, even if mild / ambient, would have enhanced the game a bit.

Very cool idea! It makes me wonder what other genres could have something like this. Besides that, though, I thought that the camera was and checkpointing was really well done! Good job! :)

Fun idea! I feel like this could be interesting if expanded.

Really cool concept! Overall the game's design was really great - good art and mechanics, and great theme. A bit of music would have helped set the feel, I think, and I also found the spinning blades a bit frustrating to interact with. Perhaps adding more variety of enemies would help keep rooms interesting. Overall, excellent work! :D

Super fun and entertaining! :D I was really wanting to see where the story went next, ha. Excellent work - would love to see more!

So pretty! The aesthetic is extremely impressive for a 48 hour jam. Both the visuals and the music play really well together, and the idea feels like it has room to grow. To improve it even more, I might suggest trying to extend the piece-based physics mechanic a bit more, perhaps offering maps with other goals (besides just a chess board with some barriers). Overall, very nicely done!

This is really neat! The core concept is fun and versatile (and is actually pretty similar, though not identical, to my entry). The visuals are top notch. The only improvement I might suggest is adding some music (the ambient background noise was nice, but felt a bit empty). Great job!

Nicely crafted game with a really impressive intro and story art! The multiple weapons were fun to time and use. Perhaps adding some level of weapon choice (if not picking individual weapons, at least choosing when they fire) would make the game a bit more tactical. Overall, well done!