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Yep, agreed on all fronts. :) I had a couple of extra ideas on how to make the multiple weapons more distinct, including different effects and affinities, as well as mechanics to encourage the player to “use what you roll” for a bit before being able to switch weapons, or making weapon switches more strategic (like switching to a color by rolling through an enemy bullet of the same color, etc) - but unfortunately ran out of time during the jam.

Thanks for playing!

Super creative idea! :D I really liked the theming as well, there’s something about a space setting that always gets me. I think it might be useful to add the “height so far” somewhere in the UI, as well as maybe some special abilities to make the gameplay a bit more predictable (like maybe a “timed grab” that lets the player shuffle things around for a short period of time).

Great work overall! :)

Nice work! The overall feel and presentation was neat, and the movement mechanic felt different and unique. The randomness sometimes felt a bit irrelevant (in the early levels), and at other times felt like it was hard to control movement.

Nicely done! :)

Great game! The art and music are super charming, and progression was really fun once you got the hang of it! It did sometimes feel like you were dealt an impossible hand, especially since the platforms seem to disintegrate after a while, so it might be interesting to give the player some special abilities to use in a pinch when dealt a bad hand.

Nice job! :)

I liked the art and general feel of the game! The camera transitions made movement a bit difficult when switching between room segments - I wonder if a standard follow camera might’ve been better for this kind of game?

Nice work overall! :)

Cute game! The art was very nice in general, and the main mechanic has some interesting potential I think. Congrats on your first jam game, nice one! :D

I liked the laser effects and the potential of the stat system! I’d agree with the others that the “new stats” pause menu was a bit much and interrupted the flow of the game. It also wasn’t clear how important the different stats were overall. Good work! :)

Loved the quick and snappy controls! I often find puzzle games a bit slow, but not so with this one. The presentation was also very nice and minimalistic, so great job overall :)

I really loved the aesthetic of this one! And the voiceover in the menu was intriguing, it would’ve been interesting to keep it playing or otherwise incorporate that into the rest of the levels as well! :D

Great job!

Thanks for playing! :D

Thanks for playing! :) Just curious, what do you mean by tightening up of the controls? Which part didn’t feel good?

Thanks for your detailed thoughts! :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks! :)

I loved the overall look and feel of this! The controls worked pretty well for me, no real issues there. I found some of the early puzzles a bit too easy, as I didn’t even really need to think through the geometry of the movement, and instead just followed the “path” and managed to get the right side anyway.

Great work overall! :D

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it! :D It does have a bit of screenshake when you get damaged, but perhaps I should try out some mild screenshake when firing!

This was a superb game, the art was exceedingly good for a 48h jam! Not much to say other than well done!

Nice work on this! As others have said, the art and animations are wonderful and impressive! I liked the variety of enemies and the weakness/strength system (I used something similar in my game). It did seem like it took a while for normal attacks to do enough damage to enemies, so I wonder if speeding up the dice roll (even when not killing enemies) would make battle more dynamic?

Nicely done :)

Nice work on this! I really liked the overall atmosphere and feel of the game. :) The puzzle idea felt unique, and I liked that there was some variety around certain dice not having all the numbers, etc. The dice placement / column button was a bit finicky at times, but not too bad.

Nicely done! :D

Thanks a lot! :D

Glad you liked it! :D

Thanks for giving it a shot! :)

Thanks for playing! Yep, I agree, I would’ve loved to have had more time to make the weapons more distinct.

Thanks for playing! :) By background, do you mean the tileset, or the actual background layer? (Which is just a single color at the moment)

I tend to avoid Ctrl/Alt personally because of my keyboard setup (double-Ctrl is a hotkey for me), but yeah I agree that it might’ve been more natural. Though, I honestly feel like the game plays a lot better with a gamepad anyway. :)

Thanks for playing!

Loved this idea! Gameplay, art, and audio all felt very polished, and the camera work was really nice. At times it was a bit hard to predict exactly how the percentages were calculated - I was almost expecting the game to “move” towards the desired targets (per the gambler’s fallacy), but that didn’t always seem to happen.

Nice work!

Haha, what a great little game! The custom soundtrack was absolutely perfect, and the explosions were very satisfying. I kinda wish there was a keyboard action to pick up and throw dice, instead of having to use the mouse, as I wanted to blow them up even faster >:)

Great work!

Nice work on this, I liked the format and the art, I think this could easily be extended with some variety (for example, making the order of coin flips matter more by setting up “combos” or some such), and of course adding music / sfx could go a long way. Nicely done! :D

I really liked the entire “vibe” of this game! The art is very nice and adds a layer of atmosphere that really helps sell the “dungeon” experience super well, and the music is also very fitting! In addition to a tutorial, it might be nice to have a bit more feedback as to “what happened” after an encounter, i.e. why the player won or lost.

Nice work!

Fun idea, great start! In the dice attack mode, it might be nice to randomize the rotation of the dice just to give some more visual flair. Good work!

Very quirky and fun game, I like the messaging and the repercussions for the Earth are also fun :) A few extra gameplay layers (like more dice to make things more hectic, etc) could make this even funnier! Nice work!

Fun variation on this idea! The slide adds a good amount of depth, and the art and stylization is great too. :) Great work!

Great game, so full of charm! I loved the theming and overall feel, and it was a great feeling getting those grubby hands out of there. At times I got a bit lost around what the unit "hp" (?) meant, if it was just an effectiveness thing or if they wouldn't function without it, as well as why they were in that state (is that how they start, or did they lose energy...?).

Overall, great work!

Wow, this was such an interesting idea! I only wish there was a bit more feedback when switching dimensions, as otherwise I sometimes lost track of where I came from.

Awesome work!

Nice work! Fun take on the theme, and defending the coop was super satisfying :D

I loved this idea, and the game's polish level was super high!

I might suggest turning up the movement speed just a tad. Great work!

Holy moly, I loved this! The art is wonderful, and the characters are adorable. I could see this extended very easily. Great job!

Very neat game! The visuals are really slick and satisfying, and I liked the suspense of seeing which bullet emitters would show up. I kinda wish there was something more active for the player to do as well, like maybe a limited "boost" function, or some kind of gun or shield to defend against some of the bullets.

Nice work!

Loved this one! I was surprised to find that the simple yet clever mechanic led to a nontrivial amount of strategy (it sometimes felt like I was "dueling" the enemies!). Great work on this! :D

I really liked the set-up and the music! I wonder if it might've been interesting to offer a bit more choice to the player, for example different "attack" dice that either e.g. had more chance to trigger an elemental attack, vs doing more base damage.

Nice work!