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Thank you for the feature, Jupiter. Unfortunately you didn't play long enough to showcase most of the game's features.  

Thanks again for the exposure.

The animation is really nice. The sound effects and music are nice as well. I like the take on the theme. All around, this is a great submission. My only nitpicks are that it wasn't immediately apparent what, if any, benefit the candy provides; and the stage exits look just like the platforms. Great work, guys.

Glad you liked it! There's a ton of much better games than this you an play on itch. Check out some of the other entries to the Big Festive Game Jam.

Yeah I did notice the item pickup problem. I could probably just increase the collider size on them a bit to make it work better. Thanks for the feedback.

I would be most grateful if I could get a few more ratings on my game. Comments are always welcome as well.

and here's a gameplay video if you don't have time to play:

Very simple and unpolished, but there could be a fun game there with some further refining. Good job putting something out there.

Fun fact about the sound effects - The "bone-breaking" sound that happens when you kill a zombie was created by cracking an egg next to a microphone. The helmet "ding" sound when you shoot the helmet guys in the head was created by tapping a pint glass with a fork.

Really fun game. I was scared out of my pants. I like the art style. Very innovative concept. Great job.

A lot of style, and seems like it could be a cool game. Unfortunately, I have no idea what is going on. 

An interesting take on the theme. I like it. I like the art style a lot. The player animation is really nice. The music has the right feel for a cutesy mining vibe, even if the loop is only about 3 seconds long. This game has a lot of potential - throw some enemies in there, maybe some powerups, and this could be a lot of fun.

This is an all-around well-made, fun, and juicy game. I hope you continue to refine this. There is a lot of potential here.

My only complaint is that sometimes the "dangers" take up too much of the screen. It's hard to avoid the water when you are coming from the lowest part of the screen.

The graphics are really nice, and I applaud you on the original soundtrack. I have a couple of issues with the game though. For one, it does not perform well in the browser (at least for me). Also, the shifting perspective just confused me; imo, it doesn't work well in this type of game (but that's just one man's opinion). Overall, great work.

Matches the theme well. This game has a lot of style. The sound effects are a nice touch, and the music fits well with the overall aesthetic. The gameplay isn't anything groundbreaking, but it is an interesting take on the PacMan concept. Good job.

Ah ok. I figured it was something along those lines. Just wanted to make sure before I rate anything. Thanks.

What does this rating category even mean?

Unique concept and nice graphics. I can't for the life of me figure out how to beat the fouth (I think it was) level, where the present is off to the far right side. Good job!

Can I participate in this jam without a team?

Awesome game. Best theme interpretation I've seen so far. Cool graphics and nice soundtrack. 

I can't figure out how to get past the first door/wall thing. I assume I'm supposed to use a bomb, but I can't figure out how. I tried hitting every key on the keyboard. no luck. 

It seems like it might be a fun game, but I couldn't get anywhere.

The music is really nice.

Very stylish. The graphics and audio are superb. The gameplay is fun as well. Great work, guys. I enjoyed it.

The screen shake is VERY juicy. I just wish there was some sound to go along with it. A little bit of refining and this thing is ready to go up on the app store. Good work.

The theme song is incredible. I did not expect that.

The concept of the game is fine. There is potential there for a lot of fun. The problem is that there is not enough time to throw more than maybe 4 pizzas (if you are really fast).

What an experience! Did you create a custom character controller for this? It really feels nice. The audio, graphics, and all around ambiance are amazing.

I did not realize there is more than one ammo type until I read the comments. I kept "running out of ammo" and dying.

How long have you been making games? This is very impressive for 1 month of work.

This deserves more exposure. The concept is unique and fits the theme perfectly. The music and graphics are awesome. I really feel like I'm playing an og gameboy game. The only thing the game needs is a bit more clarity/description on the mechanics and on the game itself. What did you use to make this?

This game does a great job of capturing that pre-gameboy handheld aesthetic. This is definitely the type of game I would want to play but wouldn't get a chance to because my brother wouldn't share. 

My only complaint is that the game is a bit difficult right off the bat.

Fun game. It glitched out on me the first time I played (boat kept going downward no matter what I do), so I had to refresh to get it working again. Maybe the problem was on my end, and it wasn't even a glitch. Idk. 

Once I got to play, I did enjoy the game. The narrative is charming, and the game is just overall fun. My only complaint is that sometimes there is too much going on on the screen and it is hard to make sense of it all. 

I love the color palette. This game takes a unique twist on the classic snake concept, and I like the result. It is a bit too difficult I think, but a little bit of balancing could fix that.

Great job on this one. I wouldn't be surprised if this game wins the jam. The level design is terrific as well as the audio. Also, you get points for the completeness of the game. Of course, I do have some nitpicking comments. 

  • The controls are not very tight. Everything seems to move in fast-forward, and it makes the platforming artificially difficult.
  • The graphics are good for what they are, but since they are mostly copied from Mario, I can not give a high rating. The main character model and some others are nice though.

Btw, whoever decided to make the guy explode into gory bits whenever you lose a life, I commend you.

It's a decent brick-breaker clone. The mechanics seem to work, but it would be nice to have some cool bonus powers. Also, I need to hear a "dink dink" sound to enjoy brick breaking. Not a bad game. Good job.

There isn't much to it, but sometimes when you do a game jam that's what you end up with. The art is nice. I just wish I could do a kickflip.

It's a Space Invaders clone. For what it is, not bad. The enemy missiles are hard to see. Also, I feel like the game is more fast pace than the original, not that there is anything wrong with that. 

Clearly unfinished; nevertheless, I actually had fun just running around throwing the ring thing and making it ricochet off tombstones. The art style is nice, and what mechanics you do have work really well. I hope you do decide to flesh this concept out some more.

If you're going to accept late submissions then they should receive an automatic penalty to their rating. 

The music is really good. I might have to check this Pico 8 thing out, even if only for the music editor. The gameplay works well for what it is. I didn't encounter any bugs. My only complaint is that there is no sound effect as you move through the dirt. Great work.

Is that Chicago on the title screen?

The game isn't bad. It's pinball, so it is what it is. The graphics and audio are nice. The physics aren't quite right; for example, the flippers hit the ball with too much force. Either way, this is a solid game. Who doesn't like pinball?

Simple. Fun. Addicting. Clever interpretation of the theme. The sound effects are perfect.

Just like a Tiger Electronics game. This is really well done. The gameplay is a bit boring, so I wouldn't play this for long unless I was a kid and it was the only game my grandparents had at their house and I had to stay at their house for 3 days in a row over Thanksgiving ; but that's what these old handheld games were like.  I think, thematically, you have executed your aims wonderfully. Great work.

This game is hilarious, with great style and theme interpretation. The gameplay is simple, which is fine, but it just felt too difficult to me. It was like being in one of those dreams where you have to fight, but every time you throw a punch it feels like your arm is underwater. I suspect the game is impossible to win, and that might be the point. Either way, great job.

This game is awesome. The difficulty and length of the game seemed just right for this type of game. What did you use to make the music?

The graphics and audio are great and really make me want to play the game. With that said, there are some gameplay issues. It took me forever to realize you are supposed to keep clicking rapidly in order to keep walking and build up energy. Also, I was never able to get any higher than 14 energy no matter how fast I clicked. 

Overall, I really like the concept and the presentation, but the gameplay needs some balancing and/or better explanation.