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Of Hope and ChakramsView game page

Unfinished project for Github Game Off 2017.
Submitted by akirassasin (@akirassasin_dev) — 12 days, 7 hours before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#763.0483.048

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Looks great! Can't wait to see what you do with it.


The game looks great! If there was some fighting aspect or something like super meat boy it would be a cool game!


The animations were pretty good and the overall style was really good! i hope you can work further on this.


Yes, nice game boy classic type look. The main character moves nicely and I like his outlined look. I'd recommend go twin stick shooter style on this (or mouse to to as you've done could work) and get some enemies and it could be a lot of fun!


This game makes me feel good, and I don't know exactly why. The movement feels good, I had fun just throwing the chakram around and the graphics are nice and simple. 

I also remember you posted video of the enemies just running at the player when they got close enough. Seeing them all flock with the tiny animation of tilting back and forth just made me happy. I can't explain why.


I agree this is a nice game engine, and i like the sharp black and white look too.


Very interested in what a finished version of this game might be like. Hope you put more work into it!


Clearly unfinished; nevertheless, I actually had fun just running around throwing the ring thing and making it ricochet off tombstones. The art style is nice, and what mechanics you do have work really well. I hope you do decide to flesh this concept out some more.


I think this is an interesting start of a potential game.  The particle effects on the chakram help sell its slowing momentum as it hits things.

I do have to agree with heckx2's comments on the camera.  I think the snap of the camera to the rooms would feel better without the movement of the camera based on the mouse movement.


Thanks! I thought it would be better to still have the player and whatever they are fighting near the centre of the screen :) got to do some experiments now heheh

(1 edit) (+2)

Nice graphics and overall in-game atmosphere. Character movement is smooth and it is pretty enjoyable just to walk around these dungeons.

The camera movement seemed a bit strange to me. I guess that is because of the dungeons being split into "rooms" and when the character transitions from one room to another, the camera readjusts itself. I would expect that the camera is either in a full control of the player for the entire map or the rooms themselves have clear borders, so me as a player would be ready for camera to move.

I liked the idea of this ring-weapon which bounces of the walls, you can create some nice plays around it like killing multiple enemies, activating something and so on. What is also cool about it is that you have to go and pick it up, after you've used it - it will motivate the player to use it wisely. I shoot it once and then could not find it anywhere :-)

Good job!


Thanks! The camera follows the centre of the mouse and player at all times, but if you are in a room, the main focus would be at the middle of the room. I thought it would give a more kinetic feel :)