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If Flash isn't what you usually use then I'd stop now.  I struggled to find a device/browser that would even play it.

You can only do one action at once, which limits game play.  Being able to attack in the air would help with that 2nd baddie! And i cant hit the dinosaur.

I liked that the large sword is slower, so the skill is swinging it earlier.

Is that multiplayer matching?  nice.  But the signing up for an account is a bit much for a simple game.

I like the graphics of the cards, etc, but it feels to me like the wrong interface choice for rock, paper scissors.  I was expecting to see animations of two people doing the hand gestures.

The six cards was a bit confusing at first, playing one game at a time might be better?

When you play this with a human, there's an element of skill, in that you look in the eyes of the other person and predict what they'll pick, based on what they choose last time.  It would be good to mimic that somehow. 

I like the texts 'CRT' look, adds atmosphere.  There are some grammatical errors, and each sentence starts a new paragraph?  I can read quicker than it auto types, faster pace would be better.  Some ambient music might be nice too?

I tried pulling the git repo  locally to run it, but there's loads of images and map files missing.

Could do with some instructions.   The Go button when selecting a faction could be bigger too.  I'm playing in Chrome browser, pressing B appears to build a building, but hangs the game.  Shame, as this reminds me of a Command & Conquer style game which I'd love a web version of.

I like the variety in the levels

I agree this is a nice game engine, and i like the sharp black and white look too.

I like the grey eerie woodland style.   Parallax scrolling trees, and maybe some mist would add to this nicely.  I found the difficulty level just right, and the controls are responsive.

I love these point and click adventures, reminds me of Monkey Island.  I like how this starts off so simple then expands into more and more as you explore.  Great game!

The physics of swinging your bone and hitting baddies could do with work, I often wasn't sure who when winning over who.  The flying bird also pushed me off the platform even as i was hitting him.  Otherwise levels are well stocked with different challenges, and it's entertaining.

I hoped the engine noise would give some feedback that you've stalled (you'll need sound on).  You can recover a stall by pointing straight down. I was trying to mimic the original Amiga version which was equally tricky to takeoff.

Starts nice and quick and easy controls.  But the angle of the ball is always the same 45 degrees.  This should change depending how the player hits the ball on the bat, so they can aim.

I like the nebula backgrounds, but i couldn't find a fire button, some instructions would be helpful.

Good start. 

You have to climb at a light angle, not too steep.