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Thank you! The grid points are just a tally of how many “stages” you got through. It’s made like that because my renderer wasn’t flexible enough to add text at the last minute :P

Thanks! Yeah, too many pixels and explosions I guess hahaha

thanks ~ the screen with the blinking rows of pixels actually is the points system, every blast you do fills up a pixel. I agree, the screenshake can be disorienting. 

Thank you (: 


Alright, I'll upload a new build for Windows (since it's the only one that enforces DX11) later today. Thanks for noticing this issue!

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I'm afraid that low-level rendering like DX11 is mostly governed by the engine I use (Unity). Let me check if it's in the export settings - what DX version and OS are you using?

Yeah, I was showing it to people and said 'this game had no goal'... then someone glitched out and in the end everyone's goal became 'how fast you can glitch out' hahaha

Nothing for now... but I have something exciting planned for it!

There is no death in this game, just a score attack :)

The major beats are metronomic but I added some extra drum layers in between to spice things up (: thanks!

72th player, took ~10 minutes to connect haha! Very fun game, reminds me of a science exhibition museum where you just move around and interact with stuff!

Liked the neon graphics! It's a little hard to guess where I would land though. Sometimes you can 'hug' the side of the platform to prevent falling down ;)

Great art and use of music! Though I agree, the movement makes it a little hard to grasp - do you move in sync with the beat?

Agreed with Itooh :)

Love the music, nice visuals! 

I recorded a playthrough, check it out ~

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Haha, glad you enjoyed it! I'm going to try to record a full playthrough later :)

That's odd, you should still be able to perform actions even when being hit by enemies? Will add a restart button soon, thanks for the feedback!

don't worry I suck at my own game too lmao

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Odd! Did the Unity loading screen appear? It's loading for me.

It's a bug I can't seem to fix, past a certain amount the rings stop working.

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Oops, that was an oversight (: thanks for the feedback!

Really liked the art and story!

Thank you! The game isn't quite well-balanced due to time constraints :|

Haha, I agree with you on this point - the UI certainly could have been made better!

I can test it out for you, am using one!

Will there be a MacOS version of the game? Can't wait to play it :)

Thanks :)

Thanks! I thought it would be better to still have the player and whatever they are fighting near the centre of the screen :) got to do some experiments now heheh

Thanks! The camera follows the centre of the mouse and player at all times, but if you are in a room, the main focus would be at the middle of the room. I thought it would give a more kinetic feel :)


thanks :)

Nothing prepared me for that amazing visual show! It's difficult to manoeuvre around though. Hope you'll make a gameplay video so that other people will be able to experience it!

As a few people have said, you can generally avoid most of the bullets by slowly circling the center. The beginning green wave was clever though! I think you should do more patterns that make use of the invulnerability.

Neat usage of music! Though on some screen ratios you can't see the walls on the left and right side of the game.

There's no music playing on MacOS Sierra, Safari browser.

FItting music and visuals! The controls were a bit confusing at first, but once you figure it out it's quite fun. Maybe some telegraphing (e.g. hinting where the square will be next) would help?

Oops - thanks for your feedback! I seemed to have forgotten to save the new instructions on the page. Hopefully the player's impact is clearer and easier to understand now :)

Thanks for your compliments :)