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Oops, that was an oversight (: thanks for the feedback!

Really liked the art and story!

Thank you! The game isn't quite well-balanced due to time constraints :|

Haha, I agree with you on this point - the UI certainly could have been made better!

I can test it out for you, am using one!

Will there be a MacOS version of the game? Can't wait to play it :)

Thanks :)

Thanks! I thought it would be better to still have the player and whatever they are fighting near the centre of the screen :) got to do some experiments now heheh

Thanks! The camera follows the centre of the mouse and player at all times, but if you are in a room, the main focus would be at the middle of the room. I thought it would give a more kinetic feel :)


thanks :)

Nothing prepared me for that amazing visual show! It's difficult to manoeuvre around though. Hope you'll make a gameplay video so that other people will be able to experience it!

As a few people have said, you can generally avoid most of the bullets by slowly circling the center. The beginning green wave was clever though! I think you should do more patterns that make use of the invulnerability.

Neat usage of music! Though on some screen ratios you can't see the walls on the left and right side of the game.

There's no music playing on MacOS Sierra, Safari browser.

FItting music and visuals! The controls were a bit confusing at first, but once you figure it out it's quite fun. Maybe some telegraphing (e.g. hinting where the square will be next) would help?

Oops - thanks for your feedback! I seemed to have forgotten to save the new instructions on the page. Hopefully the player's impact is clearer and easier to understand now :)

Thanks for your compliments :)

Sounds great! However could you please make the bosses move to where the 0.1  bosses were staying for the first attack rather then letting the player do multitasking while figuring out the patterns and the movement behavior?

I'm thinking of only adding movement after the first few levels - so after the player has mastered the dodging, they can attempt to handle movement and attack. Not all bosses will move though, and bosses that move will have a easier pattern depending on how difficult the movement is.

Maybe also put the payers name there?

I'm still learning the gist of the engine, so I don't quite know how to make typing inputs yet :) Player naming would be a lower priority compared to game mechanics though.

This build is actually almost too easy, I even managed to beat the last level at my first attempt (thank you, shield;-)

I am still experimenting with the new generation system, so the difficulty level might flunctuate between builds until I find that sweet spot! 0.3 is more difficult because I kind of set loose one of the variables for generation. 0.2 is easy because the system was allocating "difficulty points" for unimplemented features.

Anyway, the biggest issue is that it's auto-deletes the game.

This is a known bug - if I recall correctly, it's not deleted, but you have to restart the game for the menu to appear. I'm looking into fixing it now.

It's also funny that every attack that makes use of arms... (may we call them EXP for "EXternal sPawners"? JK, but we should eventually think of some cool names or acronyms for the game's elements) so what I wanted to say is that any attack which uses those, generated patterns which have been easier to dodge than any attack which didn't. It also messes with my head a little when I'm required to dodge something that comes from underneath me.

Be prepared for 0.3 arms then, they are harder and less restrained (but not impossible like those 0.1 ones)! They are still quite experimental at this stage though.

It would be great to have some kind of an indicator so you can see how long each of the two phases will durate so for the sake of estimating the risk of getting closer while it's not shooting. My suggestion here is to use the same visual element that's used for the shield, maybe just in the boss' or any other color than white to avoid confusion.

That's a cool idea - though I want the player to gauge and learn the boss pattern by themselves :)

Another not build-specific thing you most likely already know but I'd like to put here anyway is that the left and right sides are not really used. I'd like to see some stats there, or at least the layout of the level selection as a ~70% faded background.

I'm planning something for those sides, so stay tuned! One side will probably used as a score/completion indicator, while the other side is for flair/decoration.

Right now each level has a unique behaviour - but I'm thinking of overhaulling the layout, and make it less linear once I'm satisfied with the gameplay.

"something like that"? Okay, that's amazing that you did intend it this way, but what did I miss?

You didn't miss anything - it's just that I have not expanded the narrative properly yet, so there might be certain areas that are different in the end product.

Also what is a "3 bite-sized story log"? I can't really interpret it.

I meant that after defeating each level, you unlock 3 short stories. They can be researcher logs, AI console logs, stories, news, journals from last time.

Yes, it's something like that - glad that you can understand it!

I meant that maybe you could make portals as part of the game - bosses generate them and everything goes through. I think it would make the dodging way more interacting.

Oh, that sounds amazing! Writing it down so that I won't forget it anytime soon.

Hm, poison? I understand now what you mean but makes no sense in terms of WAKER. I'd suggest it to be energy that gets lost when the boss is shooting but it's not a physical overworld, is it?

I'm still figuring out the diegetic part - because WAKER is set in a space station's computer network, it could be that the player "injects" a line of code to destroy the boss, but it takes a long time to find it's way through.

Or actually, how much of the game will depend of one's own interpritation? I'm asking because another great thing about Undertale I haven't mentioned yet is that once you start theorizing and reading other's theories you have the feeling like many things are left up to your own interpritation but the deeper you get the more you realize how perfect (almost) everything ties together. That's why I'm trying to think of some logical explanations for how this game works but every update makes it more difficult. 

I think that's something hard to achieve for this game, what with all the procedural generation. However, there will be a narrative for the game, but in the form of logs left behind by humans and AIs. When you defeat levels, you unlock 3 bite-sized story logs to read. 

When the boss mechanics are sorted out, I'll begin to work on aesthetics and systems for the narrative/story part of WAKER!

Seems like an interesting control input! Maybe I'll consider trying it out after fleshing out the menu/settings system.

My reference belongs to the fact that the bosses may go through one wall and then appear on the other side. I'm not sure if I remember it right but I think that it's possible with top and bottom as well. That's why portals came into my mind.

This was to prevent the boss from getting stuck at the bottom, so they will warp to the opposite side :)

Speaking of whitch maybe you could add those? Though I have no Idea about it I don't think that'd be too difficult.

What do you mean?

Now that you mentioned Touhou (at least I assume you mean that) I've never played it myself but I watched  the final boss recently and it was kinda funny to see how the worst you can get from a difficult pattern in WAKER is the easiest in that fight. Anyway, how does that timer work exactly? I'm not sure how a useful implementation would look like.

Touhou is very difficult (for me, at least), so I wanted to make something more accessible. Touhou also has a lot of variety in terms of boss attacks, many of which I am attempting to implement. However, Touhou can be difficult because it's handmade, while if I made WAKER difficult without any restrictions, the generated boss may be impossible to beat. I'm thinking of raising the side levels' difficulty though, since they are optional!

For the timer, think of it as the boss having poison. So every 1 second it loses 1% of it's health, and after 100 seconds it will kill itself from the poison. The values given are arbitary, but I hope you see what I meant :)

The most important thing are the colors. I'm not sure how it works since I could't take a longer look at it but for me it seems like it just picks a random color for each level. That's exactly the thing I was talking about earlier, I was rather confused by what the new color means rather than enjoying the gameplay. Additionally the color was pretty much #0000FF so it wasn't too visible.

You are correct - it picks a random colour for each level. I'm thinking of removing pure blue colours from the list - blue does not seem to gel well with the black background. Each type of bullet should have a different colour - though it may not be the case sometimes. I'm shifting the colour selection to a more deterministic system, so that colour differences are clearer.

I never had a problem with staying at the bottom the whole time, actually I've really enjoyed almost every single pattern's visuals, like really I just sat there and didn't shoot when I could and thought like "Boi that looks awesome!" (except the ones where the arms got crazy - I had other things to cary about then), because one could just be a part of the flow. Now with the bosses jumping around it doesn't look quite as good. This opinion however might easily change when I look more into the game, maybe it'just the beginning.

So far, each boss distributes their difficulty evenly between movement and attack. It's going to change next build so that bosses have their movement/attack preferences - some might move quickly, while others don't move, etc.

Actually, what I just said isn't that important comparing to the fact that the moving bosses affect the gameplay - you cyn't really stay under the enemy if it's going to the bottom, so something should be changed about that. I'd suggest to either let the boss take only the top 33% (or max. 50%) or change the "aiming" behavior when fighting to "just survive long enough" rather than "stay under it the whole time".

I'm considering having a "death timer" - bosses naturally lose some health, so even if you are unable to stay underneath, the boss will die after a certain amount of time (like the TH series).

It feels kinda unfair that the bosses cooperate with Aperture Science while the player does not.

I don't quite get the Portal reference :)

To summerize - I like the ideas, it's just that the implementation should be changed.
I'll try to find some time in the next few days and report how the things change.

Thank you for your feedback! I hope you will be able to enjoy the current build.

Actually, now that I've seen the arms system, I honestly think that the way of implementation (I don't mean that it's buggy) but in general, I think that they should neither follow player's movements nor move on their own (this doesn't include the case if the boss itself moves).

The arms don't follow the player anymore, nor do they extend (they now have a fixed length). In the future (maybe the next small patch?) I'm thinking of resetting angles and length every time the attack is finished.

This way, the boss can execute more special moves while preventing the spawners from going to impossible places.

Extra spaces and certain invisible text that could accidentally be added could corrupt the data :)

Customizable sounds aren't quite high priority - probably only after customizable colors!

I actually prefer full-GUI settings compared to file editing because it is easier to manipulate and understand for common players. There is also no worries that the player might mess up the format. 

Is there a problem with the sound?

Haha, I'm not too sure myself - got to sit down and think about it for a while (:

I don't think custom sounds will be in the game, sorry!

The settings menu is supposed to be empty for now. Guess I should have removed it after checking how it looks like! Settings will come after I come up with a better menu system. 

Thanks for playing!

The broken weapon icon signifies your strength that is removed by enemies. Some enemies remove strength actively (once) or passively (as long as you keep it), and your weapon effectiveness decreases.

You can scroll down to see the bottom of the lane, but I think in the future the game will limit one bag to each lane.

You can only vote for it if you participated in LD39 :)

Haha, oops, might have gotten a bit too excited for the game :) this is my first time working on a long term project like this, so thanks for the reminder!

I'm thinking that the syntax may put people off, so a GUI in the settings menu could be used as an interface for color customization.

Hmm... that's actually a very useful idea! Especially for people with color blindness, or have a hard time dealing with colors. I'll try to implement it into v0.2 or v0.3 as soon as possible.

akirassasindev, gmail :)

I'm not too sure if this would gel well with procedural generation - the generated colors give the bullets a certain uniqueness compared to when they use similar colors. Thanks for the idea though - might use it for player colors instead :)

What do you mean?

Shared screen multiplayer is certainly possible, but it is not prioritized for now.

Thanks for the feedback on this build :)

1. Changing bullet directions were added to mix it up a bit, and catch the occasional player off-guard. However, I will reduce the wind-up time before changing so that it becomes apparent when you see it for the first time. In v0.2, different bullet patterns will have different colors, so you can differentiate between them (colors are randomly picked from a set of hues based on level style). Homing attacks have been toned down, so they no longer chase the player down like dogs :) they still exist though!

2. Due to popular opinion, I decreased the normal movement speed by a bit and increased the slowed-down speed by a little. I'm not sure if it's the right choice, but we'll see how others fare with it :)

3. Ah yes, the arms! It is still a buggy feature, and I regretted putting it out there before fixing it. I think I might release v0.2 today, to temporarily fix the arm problem. However, v0.2 has some difficulty issues (it is much more subdued, and easy, but has some interesting patterns).