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The controls are a bit difficult to grasp for a person used to SPACE as jump, but otherwise a very great game!

Interesting combat system for a roguelike! The ricocheting sounds are super epic :)

Timer's a bit too fast :)

Very polished, made me wish there was more to do in the game :)

Fun culture/tribe simulation! Wished that I could undo trade paths though, or add more paths to the same area. I ran out of places to connect with other prominent tribes :)

The player movement is too fast for this kind of platformer. The colors are also a bit wrong? Some invulnerability frames would help.

The player also spawns instantly on top of enemies and take damage.

You go to the jam site https://itch.io/jam/cga-jam, and find the Submit button. You can submit games from the beginning of the jam till the end. Hope that helps!

This is an example using another jam:

If you have not join the jam yet - http://imgur.com/ATz8pVQ

If you have already joined the jam, submit here - http://imgur.com/o9NLxu9

Replied to narF in ⃟ comments

Hmm... the top bar (energy bar) has two lines at each end, that is your health. If it runs out it resets; though it may be a bug on the game's part.

You're correct! This was a last minute addition so only #2 was used to test different node types. If I had more time, I might be able to find symbols that better represent what they mean (or just scrap the "cryptic" style altogether).

Thanks for your support! Unfortunately things are getting buggier I'm working on enemy AI, the next build will introduce patrolling mode for enemies (they move slower and look around) until they see you. Also turning off flashlights for avoiding detection :)

Replied to iVAN2002 in Speck comments

Trust me, it was not supposed to be like this... :P working on it though!

Replied to premek in Speck comments

working on it! some settings were wrong

0.2 released!

To get the ball rolling!