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Neat little game, though I feel the map is pretty large? I had to run around to look for the police.

Cool concept, figuring out what to buy in order to get robbed as little as possible, but the lack of instructions and input feedback makes it difficult to figure out what I can and cannot interact with at any moment.

I like the concept, but it is pretty difficult to escape when the chefs corner you and block you from moving.

Glad to see you're still playing the game! Sorry for the late reply - I've not logged into for a long time.

I haven't been working on WAKER for a while now, but recently I played around with it and noticed various glaring issues with it, some of which you have pointed out. Personally, I would like to polish the game, fix as many issues as I can, and give it proper closure during my next semester break, as I likely won't have the time or motivation to continue working on it after.

Stay tuned!

(Small note: one of the last things I worked on before hiatus was a daily seed mode, but I got stuck at making an online leaderboard. Most likely, I will just scrap the online stuff and make it a simple daily seed thing.)

Thanks for playing! You can actually restart by pressing R, but I think I didn’t add that in the game instructions :|

I'm guessing that the issue is due to differences in 32-bit and 64-bit. I'm not well-versed with Linux, but searching " cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" seems to yield quite a few solutions. Next version, I'll build a universal Linux build.

Thank you for letting me know, and I'm sorry that I can't help you further at this current time.

Thank you ~ 

Thank you, and yep I’m planning to do so!

Thank you (:

When you unzip the downloaded zip, you should get a folder named “WAKER - Linux 0.6_Data”. Is that folder in the same directory as the executable?

Let me know if the folder isn’t included in the downloaded zip, so I can re-upload. 

Thank you!

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Thanks for the report, may I have the full error message? Should be found at ~/.config/unity3d/akirassasin/waker/Player.log

Thank you! Yes, I plan to expand on the game ~

Thank you ~

Thanks for playing! The small diamond pointer acts as an indicator to whether you can dash. Your dash will recharge if you graze the platforms. 

Thank you! 

Ohh, oops haha I forgot to change the prompt text! Thanks you!

Thank you :)

Thank you! The grid points are just a tally of how many “stages” you got through. It’s made like that because my renderer wasn’t flexible enough to add text at the last minute :P

Thanks! Yeah, too many pixels and explosions I guess hahaha

thanks ~ the screen with the blinking rows of pixels actually is the points system, every blast you do fills up a pixel. I agree, the screenshake can be disorienting. 

Thank you (: 


Alright, I'll upload a new build for Windows (since it's the only one that enforces DX11) later today. Thanks for noticing this issue!

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I'm afraid that low-level rendering like DX11 is mostly governed by the engine I use (Unity). Let me check if it's in the export settings - what DX version and OS are you using?

Yeah, I was showing it to people and said 'this game had no goal'... then someone glitched out and in the end everyone's goal became 'how fast you can glitch out' hahaha

Nothing for now... but I have something exciting planned for it!

There is no death in this game, just a score attack :)

The major beats are metronomic but I added some extra drum layers in between to spice things up (: thanks!

72th player, took ~10 minutes to connect haha! Very fun game, reminds me of a science exhibition museum where you just move around and interact with stuff!

Liked the neon graphics! It's a little hard to guess where I would land though. Sometimes you can 'hug' the side of the platform to prevent falling down ;)

Great art and use of music! Though I agree, the movement makes it a little hard to grasp - do you move in sync with the beat?

Agreed with Itooh :)

Love the music, nice visuals! 

I recorded a playthrough, check it out ~

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Haha, glad you enjoyed it! I'm going to try to record a full playthrough later :)

That's odd, you should still be able to perform actions even when being hit by enemies? Will add a restart button soon, thanks for the feedback!

don't worry I suck at my own game too lmao

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Odd! Did the Unity loading screen appear? It's loading for me.

It's a bug I can't seem to fix, past a certain amount the rings stop working.